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AWL: The Trials of Colt Hill 1 (Part 2)

Round Three

Andy’s still on his knees as I flex. He asks, “Why’d you stop playing football, kid? Right knee injury, wasn’t it?” Before I know it, Andy dives at my right knee. ARGH! My knee collapses from the hit and I’m rocked with pain. As I’m writhing on the mat, Andy gets up and says, “You stupid piece of shit.”

Andy stomps on my knee multiple times; I lose count as to how many. I grab at my knee, but the burly heel kicks my hands away.

Andy lets up on the stomps. He grabs my right foot and lifts my leg, wrapping it around his. He twists my leg, putting more pressure on my knee. I'm in agony. I manage to lift my left leg up and kick him off. I scramble to get to my feet. I'm pissed. When Andy and get close, I keep my right leg back and away from Andy.

We lock up and I get him in a standing headlock. I squeeze tightly, keeping my right leg stretched out. I figure that as long as he can't reach my right knee, I'm safe. I know I can power out a couple more quick submissions, but Andy has other plans. He grabs at my left leg, lifting it up. Using his strength, he manages to lift me up and bring me crashing down on my left knee.

It hurts, but worse, I end up putting all my weight on my right leg. I fall to the ground, with Andy landing on top of me. His weight drives the air from me. Andy rolls over and pins my right leg to the mat. He drops his knee into mine repeatedly. I cry out in pain. I try to roll up and grab him, but every time he drops his knee, it sends me back, writhing in pain.

Andy gets up and delivers another couple of stomps to my knee. He forces me onto my stomach. He places his foot on the back of my right knee, lifts and drives it down into the mat. WHAM! I buck wildly from the pain, but I'm in no position to stop him. Andy does it again. WHAM! The beefy veteran wraps my feet behind his calves. He leans back and bridges over my back. Now I'm screaming, as the pain shoots through me.

I'm in pure agony. I slam my elbows into him.  Try to push up and turn him off me, but nothing works. I have no choice.

"I GIVE! I GIVE! I GIVE!" I scream.

Andy releases the hold, but I know my knee is gone. He gets up and kneels beside my head. He grabs my hair and lifts my face off the mat. He asks, "You want to go again?"

I steel my will. He found my weakness, but I'm still stronger and younger. I say, "Oh yeah. This isn't over, yet."

Andy says, "Yes it is. You're just too dumb to realize it." He drops my face to the mat and backs away, letting me get set for the next fall.

Round Four

I roll over and hop up to my feet. I hobble around the mat, trying to stretch out my leg and get my knee going again. I want more time, but Andy isn't going to do me any special favors. He dives at my knee. I bend over to block him, which is exactly what he wants. He grabs me around the head in a front facelock and pulls forward bringing me to the mat. Andy’s 250-lbs easily pull me off my feet and my forehead crashes hard, stunning me.

The heel rolls on top of my back and grabs under my chin, pulling up hard. I resist this and actually manage to push up, with him on top of me. Andy plants his feet and slams his butt into the small of my back, sending me back to the mat. Andy lets go of my chin and rolls back. He applies an ankle lock that twists my leg right down to the knee. I pound the mat in frustration and pain.

When I refuse to submit, Andy lets go. I roll onto my back determined to rise, but he attacks my abs. This time, I can't flex them in time, I don't have the concentration, so he breaks through my defenses with three elbow drops and a series of rapid fire knee drops. I feel my stomach muscles softening and Andy does, too.

With me distracted, he goes back to my leg, this time stepping under it and positioning it over his neck and shoulders. He squats up, lifting everything but my head and hands off the mat. Most of my weight is now hanging off my knee. I try to brace with my hands, but Andy walks the mat, stopping me from getting a good plant. I try thrashing, but all that does is apply more pressure to my knee.

My own 290-lbs is doing the work for him and I have no choice.

“OH GOD! GIVE! GIVE! LET ME DOWN!” Andy drops me to the mat and I quiver in pain.

It's two all, but momentum is clearly not on my side. Andy doesn't ask me if I want to go again. I realize (after the fact) that he is feeling really confident and wants to punish me more. He won’t ask me to end this again. I’ll have to finally and totally submit on my own. But as he said, I’m too dumb to do it now.

Andy circles for another round and I try to rise to the challenge.

The Next Rounds

Andy says, "Here's a move from home for you, kid." He grabs my legs and lifts them up. He bends my legs, with my left shin behind my right knee. He locks my right ankle under his armpit and sticks his arm through, locking his hands. I try to sit up, grabbing and hitting at his ass and back, but he's too far away, I can't get any impact on the blows. At one point, I grab the waistband of his trunks and try to pull him, but all I do is expose his ass.

Ignoring his bare ass, Andy has the power (and I lack the ability to recognize what he's doing and defend myself) to flip me over into a Texas cloverleaf, which combines leg and back punishment - think figure four plus Boston crab. My ankle is locked under his arm and my knee is stretched over his forearm. He cranks back, increasing the pressure until I feel like my knee will pop.

"GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!" Andy releases my leg again.

Andy lets go again and I grab my knee again. He circles me like a lion. Andy doesn't bother to pull his trunks back up. He just looks down at me and says, "Kid, if you want the trunks to come off, you could've just asked."

With that, Andy grabs my trunks and pulls them off, exposing my flaccid cock and huge balls. Even soft, I'm big. Andy pulls his trunks off and tosses them aside. Like most guys, he's smaller than me. At least I won something today.

Andy doesn't even bother letting me rise. Once he's naked, he gets to work. Andy grabs my arms and folds them up my back. I powered out of these easily before, but I'm slower and less aware now. He pushes my arms high up my back, but I still have the strength to resist this becoming a submission hold. Unluckily for me, this is only part of Andy's plan. He rolls me onto my back, my arms wedged under me. He plants his foot on my abs and steps over me, like I'm his new bearskin rug. He kicks my legs together and drops down, straddling me. I try to pull my arms free, but he plants his hands on either side of me, locking them under my torso.

Andy lifts one of his hands, grabs my cock and points it up to my navel. He leans forward and grinds his cock into mine. We both start to get hard as I moan in pleasure for the first time. I should know better, because as this is happening, Andy slides his feet under my knees. With a sudden and painful move, he pulls my legs apart, stretching my groin. ARGH! GRAPEVINE! My groin hurts immediately as Andy forces my legs wider and wider. His feet are locked and my right leg is so weak that this move hurts it. All the while, he just keeps grinding our growing cocks.

"I GIVE! I GIVE! I GIVE!" I scream once again.

Andy rolls off me and I close my legs.

After what feels like mere seconds, I feel my leg being lifted. I look up and Andy is stepping over me in a spinning toehold. I move to kick him off with my free leg, but I'm too slow and my bare foot just slides off his sweaty naked ass as he turns. He grabs my other leg and folds them into a four. When he does this, his head is down and I take a swing, but I miss and just glance his head. He looks at me in the eye and waves his fingers at me in a 'bye-bye' motion.


Andy falls back and I'm in the worst pain of my life. FIGURE FOUR! I submit immediately. "OH GOD! I GIVE! PLEASE! I GIVE!" Andy releases, and I curl into a naked ball of broken muscle, clutching my knee tightly.

Through my pain, I see Andy stretching his naked body, getting loose for the next round. All I can do is lie here and suffer. It’s not long before Andy says, “Next round!”

I feel Andy grabbing hold of my right shin. He rolls me onto my back. I start moving to pull my leg free. I’m not sure what he’s about to do, but I know I can’t take another leg hold. Andy stomps my lower abdomen hard with his bare foot to quell any opposition. He wraps his legs around my raised right leg and falls back into a simple kneebar! Well, nothing is simple for me. I scream immediately as he twists and pulls on my leg, hyperextending my knee.

I find myself immediately submitting for the sixth time in a row. Tears stream down my face as I beg for mercy. “PLEASE ! PLEASE! GIVE! GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!”

Andy releases me and says, derisively, “Wow, you lasted a whole ten seconds that time.” Adding insult to injury, as he unwraps our legs, he casually gives my dangling cock and balls a light kick with his foot. He gets up and starts circling. Naked and sweaty, he looks majestic, while I know I look pathetic.

I know that if we keep going, I won’t win. I know it. He has known it since the first time I submitted. If he goes after my knee again, I may not walk normally again. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I need to check my ego and live to fight another day.

I meekly say, “Please, I’m done. No more. You win.”

Andy drops to his knees and gets right in my face. The dominant heel says, “I won the minute you challenged me, pussy. Now it’s time to pay up, bitch.”

Colt Pays Up

I’m lying on my back, awaiting the inevitable. Andy slithers around me and between my legs over my crotch until he’s sitting on top of me. I look up at him, not bothering to fight. It’s over and I gave in.

Andy says, “Now, lets talk about stakes. What did we agree to, again?”

I don’t say anything. Andy says, “No, really. Tell me what we agreed to. I want to hear you say it.”

I still don’t say anything. Andy says, “Okay, I guess we go again.” He starts to rise.

I panic and say, “No, wait. Okay, okay … let me remember.”

Andy sits back down on my stomach. He stares at me. I say, “Okay, okay. Um, you wanted to give me an ass kicking and you did. That was all you wanted.”

Andy looks pissed. “I’m done playing. Maybe another figure four will jog your memory.” I protest, but Andy’s had it with me. He grabs my foot and steps over.

“Please, please, please. Don’t. Seriously, I get it. I’m sorry I didn’t give you the respect you deserve.” Andy looked at me with contempt.

AAARRRGGHHHH! Andy locks on a figure four for a second time. He says, “I’ll let go after you recite our fucking stakes.”

“Please … oh god no … please …”


“Vic … match control … OH GOD … sucking … UNH … oh god … fucking … ARGH … OH GOD, PLEASE!”

“You’re my permanent fucking sex toy, aren’t you?”

“YES … YES … please …”

Andy releases the hold. I grab my knee and curl into a ball, while he stands up. Tears are streaming down my face. Andy pulls me up to a sitting position by my curly hair. The beefy heel uses my hair to guide my face to his cock. I learn that Andy’s a grower … his cock keeps expanding to a stacked 8”. Now I’m afraid of what’s to come.

I open my mouth and suck it as best I can, but I’m still blinded by pain. I’ve actually been told I’m good at oral, but that’s in entirely different situations. I try my best, but Andy slides out after less than a minute. He says, “You better learn to do better than that, pansy. You’re lucky you’re going to get lots of practice.”

I immediately apologize. “Sorry, sir …” The word ‘sir’ rolls off my tongue easier than I thought it would. At this point, he’s pretty much my master and I’m his toy. I’m afraid he’s going to lock on another hold, because I can’t suck well enough to fulfill our deal.

Andy pushes me back onto the mat in disgust. He forces me onto my stomach. I feel Andy mount me and slide back and forth. Andy’s cock slides over my virgin asshole. Andy’s thick 8” cock is not the one you want for your first time. I’ve fucked lots of guys and even the experienced ones need help with my 9” monster. Well, Andy’s not that much smaller. He pushes it in, but I resist. Big mistake. He says, “Relax, kid, and it’ll hurt a hell of a lot less. Man, you’re tight. This makes up for your mouth.”

Andy fucks me slowly and I relax, but it still is painful. At least the pain takes my mind off the long-term implications of this morning’s loss. Oh, I feel him pick up speed as I loosen up. Andy gets moving faster and my high pain tolerance helps me get through it. I just lie there and take it like a man. I refuse to think about the fact that this will become a regular occurrence. Or that my career is probably over before it ever really began.

“Oh fuck yeah. Fuck I love your tight pussy. Oh yeah, feel that cock.” Andy keeps going and finally, I hear his breathing speed up. “Oh yeah, oh yeah … FUCK …” Andy cums in my ass, filling it. He slides out and I can feel the cum seeping out of my now broken hole.

Andy climbs on top of my back, he wet cock dragging up my back. He gets close to my ear and says, “Fuck yeah. Don’t ever think of going back on our deal. If you do, I’ll fucking cripple you. Got it, fuck toy?”

I whimper, “Yeah, I got it. Please, no more.”

Andy reaches under my throat and locks on a real sleeper, knocking me out within seconds and leaving me with a cruel reminder of how dominant he was.

After the Match

The next thing I know, two guys from the crew are asking me if I’m okay. I open my eyes to see a couple of the set up crew standing over me. I’m naked, and they’re asking me questions, but I just grab my trunks, pull them on and hobble to the locker room as fast as I can on only one leg. People see me along the way, but I ignore them.

In the locker room, I grab my clothes and get dressed. I hear a couple of others guys enter. They see me, but no one approaches me. I wonder, do they know? Does everyone know? Changing, walking and driving are all challenges with my right knee, but I manage. When I get home, I strip down and head to the shower. I sit my huge body in the tiny 5’ tub in my apartment, just letting the hot water cascade down onto to me as I sit there, crushed by what has happened. As I sit there in the shower, I realize the weight of what has happened. I realize I brought this on myself. Andy did to me what I planned to do to him. I finally suck it up and realize that I need to move. I wash Andy’s scent off me then take care of my knee.

My knee hasn’t completely recovered by Wednesday’s house show, but it doesn’t matter. I have enough willpower and painkillers to get to the ring normally then Andy immediately goes after my knee, explaining my limp. On the TV show, they show a clip and all is explained for the marks in the crowd and at home. I don’t need to be mobile right now, because Andy and Vic have worked out new plans for me. The next two weeks of house and TV shows feature me being manhandled and beaten clean by Andy, getting pinned after he delivers his still perfect piledriver. The crowds still cheer me and my stuff still sells. In fact, some seem to like me better this way, but I find it embarrassing.

After that, I’m done with the Doomsday Crew in the ring. If you can’t get through the enforcer, you can’t wrestle the champ. Backstage, rumors continue to swirl about what really happened. Vic apologizes for pushing me too far, too fast and building my ego. He’s stopping my push and giving me more time to get more seasoned and earn my stripes. I know he’s heard things and doesn’t respect me any more. He’d probably drop me, but the money he’s making is just too good.

Outside the ring, I still see Andy. He fucks me whenever and wherever he wants – in the shower at the arena, in his big ass Lincoln, in my motel room on the road. One time, after he fucks me, I ask him how long he was going to continue to punish me. The only response I get is a punch to the gut.

I decide to keep at it. I won’t let this break me. After my football injury, I became self-destructive. Wrestling saved me. I won’t go down that path again. I will just endure and wait for my next opportunity. The crowds keep cheering, Vic keeps putting me on TV and I’m still earning decent money.

I’ll just keep waiting and hoping for another big break.

The End

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