Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Cave 2: Ryan's Song (Part 1)

My name is Ryan and Im kinda pissed right now, so forgive me if Im not at my most coherent.

Ryan (me)

I started a little gay-interest wrestling site called The Cave with my best friend Cody. We started it mainly to feed his incredible narcissism and my passion for wrestling. He is the talent, wrestling as The Bat while I use (waste?) my intellect doing everything else to operate and maintain the site, both commerce and function. I'm the tech guy, the booker, the coach, promoter and even a cameraman during matches.

I'm waiting outside one of the two locker rooms at the ring facility we use for our tapings. Weve just wrapped up the last match for the day. It featured Cody, in his secret identity as The Bat, being sandbagged by a new guy, Mr. Riddle, who turned out to be bigger and more skilled than advertised. Cody totally underestimated him and suffered a tough beating as a result. Still, The Bat actually managed to eke out a win. It was all accidentally broadcast live over the web for subscribers to The Cave, who almost saw The Bat's first loss on the website (The Bat has lost once off the website, but we didn't post the match  again, Cody is a narcissist).

I'm waiting alone to have a talk with Mr. Riddle. An aching, but surprisingly victorious Cody is in the other locker room cleaning up, leaving me to settle up with his opponent. Cody did offer to stay with me while I paid Riddle for his time, but I told him others were around if this guy wanted trouble. Others aren't around. I just want some privacy. I have some unfinished business in the visitor's locker room.

When I'm sure no one is around, I march into the locker room, locking the door behind me. The muscle stud who wrestled as Mr. Riddle is sitting on the bench, wearing a pair of red shorts and black wrestling boots. Hes rubbing his sore abs and stretching out his cramping knees. The villain has stripped off the green mask, trunks and boot covers that I gave him and tossed it into the small garbage can at the end of the bench.

Mr. Riddles real name is Josh. Josh is a very handsome man. Even now, after a beating, his body is still ripped. He's tall (6'2"), big (220-lbs) and not used to losing, especially when losing means getting fucked by a dick as big as Cody's.

Needless to say, Josh is not a happy camper when I walk in. He stares at me with hard cruel eyes. Finally, he says, "What the fuck do you want?"

I'm normally shy, having lived my life as an obese gay man in Codys gorgeous shadow. But today, Im not my usual self. As I said, I'm pissed. I've only been this angry and frustrated once before in my entire life. It's like I'm having an out of body experience, because my adrenaline is running so high. My anger consumes me, like someone else is driving. Once, I would've shied away from a muscle stud like Josh, but my will is surprisingly strong right now (and thats not the only surprisingly strong part of me any more).

I say in an eerily calm voice. "What I want is pretty simple, Josh. I want my money back. I paid you to crush and humiliate The Bat. You were supposed to whip his ass. Instead, you lost yours."

Josh continues to just stare at me with hard, cold eyes. I see his nostrils flare. In a loud, threatening tone, he replies, "Get the fuck out of here! Now, dude! I swear I might just fucking kill you if you don't."

I respond, maintaining my eerie calm, "Josh. Do you even realize how much you screwed up? I hired you, because you said you were tough. The toughest. I set The Bat up with the accidental live feed against the perfect opponent, a muscular novice. I lied about your size and experience so you could get the drop on him. I got him to underestimate you. I made him let up on his submission holds during the match. But you still couldn't fucking win. You were supposed to fuck him. You were supposed to unmask him. You promised to totally humiliate him in exchange for $2,000. Thats a lot of money. You failed. You owe me a refund. And I'm going to get one. In full."

Josh aka Mr. Riddle
Josh gets up slowly, rising to his full height. He rolls his shoulders and bends his head from side-to-side. He adjusts his sizable bulge and bounces his beefy pecs. He even strips off his red shorts, pulling them off over the boots. Hes letting me get a good look at his huge dick, showing me what a big man he is. Finally, he slaps his fist in his other hand in front of him.

I know that Josh thinks I'm a fat wimp, which I understand. Standing here, covered in my black sweat suit, I do look like I have a huge gut. When I approached him, I was meek about it. So I get it. But it doesnt mean Im going to back down.

Josh is used to intimidating other guys. He has the stare down pat. If I wasn't so angry, I might care about all this, but I don't. I just let him do his thing and enjoy the view. My cock stirs as I watch this very handsome man put on a muscle show for me. He veins throb, muscles pop and mouth snarls. Very hot. However, not the least bit scary to me at this particular moment.

When he thinks that his point is made, the stunningly muscular, naked wrestler says, "I'm not giving you shit, you fat piece of crap." See, I told you that's how he sees me.

Josh is still talking, "I did whip that motherfuckers ass. I could've beaten him any time, if you let me. But you kept signaling me to stretch it out.  When you hired me, you said, 'Make the match last, he's just a spoiled brat'. Fuck that noise, he's a fucking tough son of a bitch, the kind you need to put away fast and hard. You and your fucking plan screwed me over and got me fucked by his monster dick. I'm thinking you might've set me up."

Josh lashes out, attacking me. He shoves me back then points his finger in my face. His voice drops to a deeper register as he yells at me, "Now get the fuck out of here before I get angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm anNNNN-AHHHHHH!"

Before Josh even knows it, I grab his finger and bend it back, controlling him. I twist his finger, forcing his arm behind his back. I slam him face first into the locker. I keep Josh's arm pinned with the finger hold and put my elbow on the back of his head, forcing him to taste metal. I press in close, pinning him with my weight.

I whisper, "You shouldnt have attacked me. You shouldnt fuck with me, Josh. Where's. My. Money?" For the first time, Josh takes me seriously. And he should.

Josh doesn't respond, other than an expletive and a grunt of pain. I tell him, "If I have to ask again, you're going home with at least a broken finger."

Finally Josh responds, "Shit. Okay, okay. It's in my bag. Outer pocket."

I let him go then reach for the bag. As I expect, the idiot charges me. I grab him around the shoulder, flipping him over my hip to the tile floor. He hits hard, momentarily stunned. With Josh sprawled out on the floor, I stomp on him, as I quickly strip off my baggy sweatshirt, freeing my broad shoulders and bulging, cut arms. Taking off the baggy shirt also exposes a padded upper body suit that covers my torso. I unclasp the suit and toss it to the side, revealing my ripped, muscular torso. I told you there was another surprisingly strong part of me.

Surprise, loser - I've got muscles
Im only wearing my loose track pants and sneakers now as I focus on the task at hand. Josh has scrambled up to his feet, but from behind I knock him down with a double axe handle and a leg sweep. While he's down, I kick Josh hard in the side. He starts to crawl away, but I follow, stalking my helpless prey.

I taunt him, "C'mon, Josh. You're the big stud. You're the guy with all the talk. Get up."

Josh growls, Im gonna fuck you up then Im gonna fuck you. Im gonna do to you what I shoulda done to that bitch, The Bat!

I laugh, Sounds like stakes. Youre on. Loser gets fucked up then fucked.

Josh keeps trying to rise, but I keep kicking him down. He crawls to the shower area, which is still wet from the guys cleaning up after the live matches. Josh slips even more as I play with him. Josh finally does something - he kicks out at me, but I dodge effortlessly. He reaches a wall and climbs up to his feet. I hammer Josh with two hard kidney punches. He spins with a left hook. It connects and staggers me for a moment. Josh senses an opening and connects with two body blows. I move back to regroup. He presses his advantage, but I dodge his next fist and catch him by the wrist on his follow up.

I twist Josh's wrist hard and fast, bringing it behind him. I plant my foot behind his knee and force him down. His knee lands hard on the wet tile floor. I land a rabbit punch to the back of his head and send him sprawling onto the floor. I quickly jump on top of him, keeping him down. He squirms under me, but I slap on a perfect chokehold. Josh writhes on the tile floor, but he can't get free. I tighten the choke enough to scare him. He taps and I release. As he lies there coughing, I realize that he probably needs another lesson, so I slip off my shoes and peel my sweat pants off. Like the rest of me, my legs are thick and ripped.

Now that we're both naked, except for his boots, I wait for him to rise. His face is red. When he looks at me, I can tell he's furious, but also confused. For the first time, Josh looks me over. I'm suddenly 6'4" of muscle. Josh doesn't understand my transformation from fat nerd to naked muscle stud, but he's too angry to care. He says, "You're dead, motherfucker." I smile at his arrogance. Josh charges again, grabbing me around the waist in a tackle, but I spin him so he lands hard on his back with my 250-lbs of muscle on top of him. The tile floor is unforgiving, driving the air from Josh.

I mount Josh and playfully slap his head, taunting him. "C'mon muscle man. You're such a stud. Let's go." Josh rolls and throws me off. We face each other kneeling in the shower area. I'm smiling, but his face is red with fury. Josh springs at me and we lock hands in a contest of strength. We press our bodies together, sliding on our knees on the hard wet floor. Josh pushes me back until my feet are braced against the wall. With his adrenaline flowing, the muscle heel forces my hands back against the wall. We continue to struggle as my arms knock the flow control. Temperature controlled warm water pours down on us from the chrome rain shower above, but we don't break our grip.

Josh is super-pumped and has me pinned, but I'm not helpless. I push off the wall hard, slamming my knee into his naked crotch. He moans and I push off again, toppling him back onto the floor. We wrestle for top under the rain shower, until I manage to get on top of him again and force his hands flat. I pin his biceps with my knees and slam the backs of his hands onto the tile hard.

Josh tries to headbutt my dangling balls, but fortunately his angle is wrong. He lifts his knees and slams them into my back, but he can't get much impact. I release my fingers from his and reach for the wet leather boots. I grab the green spandex covers and they gather up at his knees. I smile and these make the perfect handles to fold his knees forward. I bring his knees forward and bend them up. Josh is flexible for a big guy, but with my weight on his shoulders, I bend him until he cries out from the pressure on his neck. I keep holding, but I stop pulling him forward. I keep him like this, as he begs me to let go. I know Josh is a snake, which is one of the reasons I hired him, so when I do release him, I keep up my advantage.

Josh's legs and the wet boots slam down hard to the floor. I slide back and grab hold of his ankle. Josh's match with Cody left him with softened abs and aching knees. I lift his leg and flip him into a single leg crab. I bend his wounded knee over my forearm, applying pressure to the aching joint. With my bare ass on the small of his back, I sit back and bend his spine until he cries out in pain. I don't ask Josh to submit. This isn't a match, this is an asskicking. Again, he begs for mercy, but I'm not in a giving mood. I ease up on his knee, but only to slap his hanging balls around. "No, no, no" is all Josh can mutter between pained groans.

I get bored, so I drop his leg and mount him from behind. I force his legs up and under me, while bending his arms up into a double chicken wing. I secure him with my body and one hand. With my free hand, I smack the back of his head, daring him to challenge me. His knees ache and this hold won't help. He struggles, but he's going nowhere. Josh cries out again, but instead of releasing him, I push his face hard into the wet tile. I smoosh his handsome features into the ceramic floor, forcing him to kiss the ground where so many wrestlers have walked today.

I release Josh and slide back to my feet. I circle him as he tries to regain his composure. I decide to speed things along. I grab Josh by the hair and force him to his feet. Josh elbows my gut and pushes me off him. He again swings a fist at me, but I'm ready. When he misses, I slide in behind him and lock on a full nelson. I slam Josh face first into the wall. I shove my hips into his and hold him firm. He struggles, but I'm too strong for him.

I crank the full nelson hard until I hear him moan. I pull Josh off the wall and move under the running shower. I pull back and drop Josh over my knee in a stiff backbreaker. He cries out as he hits hard. The water pours down on us as I hold him over my knee, helplessly. Josh starts begging, but I don't care. I'm not in control. I like beating this asshole. I wish it was Cody, but Josh is a fine stand in.

Finally, I push Josh off me when his begging reaches a fever pitch. Josh is unmoving on the floor, under the rain shower. I mount him, and bend his arm up. He offers no more resistance. I say, "Come at me again and you'll wake up at County General, because that's where I'll dump your fucking body after I break your arm and knock you out cold." I let up on the arm hold and let him lie there. He doesn't move, just sobs a little.

I roll Josh over and pound two hard right fists into his abs. He grunts in pain, but doesn't resist me. I move up his body, mounting him again. As I sit on his chest, I lean down and lift my ankle across his throat. I grab the back of his head and lift it up. The pressure over Josh's throat is sudden and intense. He cant speak to submit, so he taps furiously as his trachea is crushed. I release his head and move my leg. He can breathe again, but he coughs as I arrogantly straddle his chest.

I just sit back and wait. Again he doesn't make a move against me, so I figure I've made my point. I slide off him, watching him carefully. When I'm sure he's compliant, I grab him by the hair and drag him back to the locker area. His wet body slides over the tiles until we're back on dry tile. I force him up and over the bench. He moves, but a tight ball grab ends that.

You offered fuck stakes, remember? You going back on that?

I grab a condom from my nearby sweat pants pocket and slide it on. Josh starts to move again, but I push him down with one finger on his back. He complies like a good boy. Josh just hangs there, draped over the bench, frozen in fear. I guess I can be quite convincing when I want to be.

Josh grunts, Just fucking do it!

I force my sheathed cock into his ass crack. His ass is still lubed and stretched from Cody's fucking, so I slide easily into his hole. Josh moans as he gets fucked for the second time today. I fuck him rough and mercilessly until I'm ready to explode. When I feel like cumming, I slide out and cover his wet back with my cum, marking him as my bitch.

When I'm done, I get up and walk to his bag. Josh doesn't move. I find my money in his wallet, counting it out slowly in front of him.

Josh just watches, the fear subsiding and his natural arrogance coming back. Still, he seems to realize just how serious I am and the mistake he made by failing me. I love it, seeing this perfect muscleman helpless and scared at my feet. For the first time in my life, I feel real control over another man. And I like it. I smile a cold, evil smile at him and toss his wallet to him.

Josh just sits on the floor, cowering as I towel off. I pull on my padded body suit, baggy track clothes and shoes, disguising my body again. I unlock the locker room door, sit down on a bench and wait. I watch as Josh scrambles to strip off the boots we gave him. Thirty seconds later, Josh flies out of the locker room, wearing just unbuttoned jeans and flip flops, carrying his bag. I laugh as I see that he doesn't even bother toweling off or throwing on a shirt over his cum-stained torso.

Alone, I feel empty and tired. I'm still so fucking pissed, but my adrenaline is going down. Obviously, I tried to set Cody up. However, I failed. I tried to have him beaten, fucked, unmasked and humiliated live. Instead, today turned into a triumph and, worst of all, Cody's antenna is up. He'll be on the lookout for other guys who try the same tricks. He definitely won't take a hard match again for a while. And he'll never believe that I could screw up twice, so even if he does lose, it won't go out live. Damn, this sucks.

You may be wondering why Cody's best friend would do this. See, I'm usually loyal to a fault. Cody, on the other hand, is a self-absorbed asshole. Last year, I was with a great guy, Mark. Like always, it didn't work out. But what I learned (from stalking Mark until he finally broke down and confessed) is that Cody was the reason it didn't work out. I went back through all my relationships and uncovered Cody's handiwork in their demise - bribes, threats, seductions and lies. I loved and trusted him, but it turns out that he is keeping me alone. I was crushed, but then, like today, something came over me.

Since the moment I woke up to the truth of the ultimate betrayal, my life has changed. I have transformed myself completely, inside and out, but kept it all a secret while I tried to figure out what to do. I know I won't be a sucker any longer, that's for sure. I've been obsessively working out non-stop for a year, eating perfectly and taking supplements (not steroids, just over-the-counter supplements). Ive even had a little plastic surgery to tidy up some of the loose skin.

Now, I'm solid and strong, even stronger than Cody. I've carefully kept my body hidden from him under baggy clothes and selective padding I borrowed from a friend (one of the benefits of living in LA  friends in costuming) until I figure out the best time to reveal myself. Of course Cody is so narcissistic, he has barely even noticed a change in me or wondered why I'm fully dressed all the time.

Most importantly, I've been secretly training with a local wrestling coach. I've wrestled with Cody since we were 14. I know all his moves and now, I know things he's never even thought of before.

I didn't want to get directly involved in the wrestling revenge, but that seems unavoidable. I guess I was afraid to be linked to it all. But I need to accept that when this is done, Cody and I are done, too. I mean, it's not like we're real friends. To him, I'm a pet dog or an unpaid servant. Obviously I can't trust other guys to do my dirty work. Cody must be taught a lesson and if that means doing it myself, so be it.

Beating up Josh has my juices flowing. I know I can take the fight to Cody and win, but I want to be 100% sure. I need the ultimate test ....

To be continued 

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