Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Cave 2: Ryan's Song (Part 2)

Ryan's Test

As I expected, Cody is taking some time off. And when he's not wrestling, he doesn't give a shit about The Cave. So I can do what I want, however I want. I decide to use the time wisely. When Cody is ready to wrestle again, I need to be ready for him. My body is in peak shape and I've honed my skill, but practice is different than the real thing.

I decide to measure myself against a tough opponent. I realize that the obvious choice is to wrestle Max. Unknown to most, The Bat has actually lost once - to a stud named Max who was undefeated in six matches at The Cave before he stopped wrestling with us when he moved up to Cupertino for a job opportunity and has been too busy to come down for another match. Of course the match with The Bat didn't get posted, because of Cody's humungous ego, but it happened.

Max is a rock solid tough guy - 6'1" and 205-lbs of raw fighting power. He is strong, flexible and smart. Max can take a ton of abuse, as Cody learned when he refused to submit to any of his holds. I reach out to Max with a challenge and he immediately agrees to wrestle me. Dude loves to wrestle and dominate bigger guys. The best part is that Max and Cody don't talk, so I feel safe wrestling him, regardless of the outcome. Whatever happens, Cody won't know about it.

I drive up to San Francisco the day before my match and hang out, seeing the sites. I don't go out - I've never been a nightlife kinda guy, so I'm well-rested for my match with Max. However, I sense my nerves kicking up and I get a little anxious. Talk and plans are cool, but this is reality.

When I arrive at Max's place, he opens the door already wearing tiny black trunks and black boots. Guy probably sleeps in them. We shake and move to his garage, which is more like a barn. It houses a pretty nice 16' x 16' ring that sits about a foot off the concrete floor and is surrounded by mats. As I walk in, I see a wall of trunks and masks hanging from hooks with names and dates attached.

Max, my big test
Max follows my stare and says, "Just a little trophy wall. So, I'se surprised y'all called me, dude. I don't mind throwin' ya 'round the mats, but I ne'er thought ya liked the rough stuff, Ry-guy." Max has a deep voice and a mixed up accent, the result of being an army brat and a brilliant, adaptable human sponge. He often switches from Southern to Aussie to Brit to Midwest mid-sentence, depending entirely on the words. It adds to his long list of incredible charms. Other than Cody and Josh, I've never even touched anyone as hot as Max. My cock is swelling and my voice goes missing as the shy, insecure me, the one I've been my whole life, takes hold for a moment, preventing me from answering.

When I just shrug and don't say anything, Max says, "So, show me whatcha got fer me today. Let's see what's goin' up on the wall."

I smile, but stay silent as I strip down to a pair of white speedos. Max is visibly surprised. He says, "Damn, Ry-guy, y'all lookin' good. Why you be hidin' all that muscle under them baggy clothes? A body like that gotta be free."

In my white trunks
I shrug again, but I do finally find my voice. I respond nonchalantly, "I just like to be comfortable, Max."

"Damn shame, Ry. You'da been first on me list at The Cave if I'da known. Can't wait to make up for lost time."

The fact that Max is impressed brings my confidence back. While Max watches, I pull on my white boots, lacing them carefully. I stand up, adjust my package in my speedo and start to stretch. Max comes in close and feels my body as I move through my pre-match routine. It feels nice to have this hot man rub my muscles all over as I bend, twist and turn. A wet spot appears on the front of my white speedos. Of course, Max isn't shy, so he rubs the spot and smells his hand. Fuck, I can't believe I'm doing this. Max's hands go everywhere, squeezing and feeling. I try to regain my swagger, the confidence that I will need to face and overcome my equally hot best friend. The confidence that enabled me to crush Josh. Finally, Max backs up and nods approvingly. When I bend over to start some seated stretches, Max grabs my shoulder and pushes me back up.

"Dude, I think you're plenty warmed up. Let's get this started." Max looks me in the eye and smiles. I melt in his eyes a little.

WHAM! Max suddenly slugs my stomach hard. OOF! I take his punch and it wakes me up. My fire is back. Max immediately tries another punch, but I grab his wrist before he can follow through into my hard abs. We struggle for a minute, eyes locked. Finally, Max smiles and nods as he backs off. He circles me, checking me out one last time.

Max slaps my ass and says, "Nice, dude. So maybe this not gonna be so easy, eh?"

"No, Max, I promise this won't be easy. For you." Max smiles and winks at my bravado. Damn, he's hot. Damn, I need to forget about that.

We circle the mats carefully. I move in first. Max ducks and lunges with the speed of a snake, striking my stomach again, harder this time. I look down at the red fist print. My first mistake. Max doesn't back off. He uses my lack of focus to move behind me and hammer two fists into my kidneys. I turn into a hard scoop slam down onto the mat. As I scramble up, Max grabs me again, slamming me down even harder.

Max moves to drop an elbow, but I roll out of the way. We both get to our feet and face each other. Max dances on the balls of his feet like a boxer. I move in again and we lock up. I force Max back into the corner. As I lift my hands to break, Max dives forward and tackles me. He mounts my chest and pins my arms with his knees.

Max says, "No ref here, man. You shouldn't have done a break." Max playfully swats my head. My cock grows even bigger as this hot stud sits on top of me, seriously tenting my white trunks.

Instead of resisting, I just smile and respond, "Point taken. By the way, your arms look great." Max obliges with a double bicep flex. I swing my legs up and under his arms, pulling him back off me, fast and hard into a pin. "One." Pause. "Two." Max rolls out of the pin. As he rolls over, I hop up to a crouch. When he rises, I tackle him back to the corner. I slam my shoulder into his abs three times then fire a forearm into the side of his head. With Max stunned, I jump onto his thighs, grabbing his head. Seconds later, I'm rolling back, executing a monkey flip. Max sails over me and flies across the ring, landing hard on his sternum.

I rise first, driving the sole of my white boot into the small of his back. Max moves forward and crawls up in the corner facing outside the ring. I charge fast, leaping and driving a knee between his shoulder blades, crushing him into the corner. I bounce off then charge my shoulder into the small of his back, slamming it in several times. Max sags on the top rope. I grab the waistband of his trunks and pull him out of the corner. I drop a shoulder and hoist the muscle stud onto my shoulders.

With Max draped over my shoulders in a perfect backbreaker, I pace around the ring, cranking it hard. Max moans, but doesn't submit. Damn, he's a tough bastard. Max reaches around to claw my face, but I shake him hard, preventing him from countering. As I walk around the ring, trying to decide what to do, I feel opposing tension. I realize too late that I've moved too close to the ropes. Max has grabbed the top rope with one hand. He pulls hard and kicks his feet. Before I can stop him, Max slides off my shoulders and rolls outside the ring.

I don't want to lose my advantage, so I quickly leap over the top rope. I land beside a rising Max, only to be met with a hard forearm to my lower abdomen and a shoulder under my chin. I fall back against the garage wall. Max charges, landing a knee to my abs. He slams hard, fast fists into my abs. I manage to push Max off me. My abs are red and sore.

I can see Max's strategy - abs and back. Weaken the core, weaken the body. Max and I circle the narrow space outside the ring. He is still smiling, but I'm done letting his hotness distract me. When he kicks at my abs, I see it coming. I grab his black boot and spin him around. I reach around his waist for a reverse bearhug, but Max launches back, pushing me against the wall. My back hits hard and I release my grip.

I'm winded and stunned as Max turns into me. He quickly wraps his arms around my waist. He lifts and spins me around, slamming me down onto the mats. Max lands on top of me and grabs my leg. He lifts and spins me over into a single leg crab. I moan in pain as he cranks back on the hold.

Max keeps up the pressure. I let myself go limp then suddenly push up and kick back. I catch Max off guard and he flies off me. I turn on the mat then rise to avoid being ambushed. When I reach my feet, Max moves in fast. I scoop him up, but he swings his feet up and wraps his legs around my head and neck. Max tries to roll me down, but I hold his torso tightly. The handsome muscle stud dangles from around my neck for a moment, unwilling to give up his scissors grip. We spin as he hangs and I try to throw him off.

Suddenly, Max release his scissors around my head, letting his feet fall. As he does this, he uses his momentum to pull me down, sliding behind me and forcing me flat on the mat with an armbar. He plants his forearm on my shoulder and cranks the hold. I feel pain as he forces my arm up and my face into the mat. I kick my feet in vain as 205-lbs of muscle man works my shoulder over. Max keeps my arm locked, but I'm not submitting. Despite the pain, I hold out. With a twist, turn and push, I manage to roll under him and topple him, face first onto the mat. I scramble on top of him, planting all my weight on him.

I slam a fist across his broad back. It doesn't hurt, but it does distract. I grab Max's wrists and pin them against his body with my legs. I reach up and lock on a nerve hold, digging my fingers into Max's rock hard trapezius muscles. Ah. Ah. The trapped stud moans, but I don't feel the muscles giving at all. I release one of his traps and fire a series of fists into his other shoulder. SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! I hear real grunts of pain this time. UNHHHHHHH!

Max squirms under me, but my weight advantage keeps him pinned as I punish his shoulder with a combination of claw and fists. I let up and grab one of his arms, freeing it. I bring it back and straight up. I hear Max's feet kicking the mat in pain and frustration. My shoulder work has paid dividends, as I stretch him out. Still, no submission, so I roll up and pull him to his feet by his arm. Max tries to push me off, but I move up and under his arm, flipping him over me and back to the mat. I move in behind the seated Max and lock on a headlock.

Max plants his feet and pushes back, forcing us to our feet. I transition the headlock to a sleeper, but Max reaches back and grabs my head before I can lock it on. He drops down and my chin slams against his shoulder. I can only sit on the mat, stunned. Max wastes no time, spinning and grabbing my ankle. He lifts my leg and spins over me. I react fast, kicking his perfect ass as he steps over. Max flies forward, back into the ring. I slowly get up, holding my chin. As Max rises in the ring, I leap over the top rope to face him again.

Back in the ring, I circle Max warily. I've more than held my own, but this guy is tough. We've been wrestling for over 30 minutes in and out of the ring. We're both sweaty, but neither of us are that tired. I'm impressed by Max's conditioning. I mean, I've basically lived in the gym for a year, but he maintains a full-time job AND this amazing body. We trade headlocks, standing armbars, flips, forearms and stomps. Neither one of us can maintain an advantage. I should be annoyed, but I'm actually impressed with myself being an equal with Max and being able to counter him for minute after minute of fast-paced ring action.

Max moves in again for a lockup and I meet him again. No tricks as we push man versus man. It's a heavyweight test of strength as we push back and forth, each trying to drive the other into the corner and demonstrate our superiority. Despite my size and strength advantage, Max stymies me with weight and grip shifts.

I decide to just let loose. I charge forward with all the strength I can muster. Max moves back, but as we approach the corner, he uses my momentum against me. Max drops and turns. I trip forward, my face slamming into the turnbuckle hard. Max grabs me around the chest and shoulder and pulls back hard. I crash back onto the mat, Max on top of me.

Max pins my wrists to the mat then springs up into a handstand on my wrists. Before I can react, he comes down, knees first into my abs. WHOOF! My abs nearly collapse from the weight. Shit that hurt, but my abs did hold, barely. Max lifts up again, but I'm ready this time. I sweep my arms out, shifting his hands. Max falls down awkwardly. He lands, butt on the mat, his back on top of my chest, but not with much force. He is surprised and takes a moment too long to recover.

I roll up behind Max and slide my hands under his arms, locking on a full nelson. I lift my hips up and press down. As he sits on the mat, I force Max's face between his legs, my weight pressing down as I fold Max in half. I hear a moan, which always gives me great satisfaction, but no submission.

I'm not ready to give up on the full nelson yet. I move back and lift Max up to his feet, maintaining the hold. I lean back, pulling his feet off the mat. More moaning, but nothing more. I move into the corner. When we get close, Max pushes back, slamming my back into the corner, but I refuse to release the hold. I plant my right foot on the bottom rope then my left. With all my new power, I lift and lean back over the turnbuckle. Max is lifted up, suspended by the full nelson. He dangles as I use his weight and the corner to steady myself. Max kicks his feet, but I keep leaning back to counter his weight shift.

Max lets out a small, high pitched cry that I've not heard before. I realize that for all his moaning, this is the sound I really need. With my super hot opponent now crying in pain for real, I step up my game. I shake Max back and forth. He doesn't give, but I feel his resistance lessening. I can't keep him suspended any longer, I'm sweating and tiring, keeping his 205-lbs up in the air. I lower Max's feet to the ground and hop off the rope.

I force Max into the middle of the ring. He has been in the full nelson for a long time, but he won't submit. I decide to move on, knowing I've weakened him. Instead of just letting go, I start spinning. Max's feet can't keep up. They end up straight out as I spin him from his shoulders - the force is incredible and I hear his high pitched cry again. After a few revolutions, I let go. Max flies across the ring, landing hard on his sternum. He falls into the corner, arms hanging limply from his weakened shoulders.

I take a minute to gather myself. The spinning hurt Max, but it has also made me dizzy. Max is seated, rubbing his shoulder. I move in behind, planting a boot onto the aching joint. Max tries to climb the corner and spin to face me, but I'm faster. I grab his arm ad fling him across the ring into the opposite corner. WHAM! Max hits hard, back first. He bounces off and I scoop him up for another slam. SLAM! I flip Max over and plant him on his back. Two stomps to his abs and a elbow drop has him curled up. I use the opportunity to drive three knees into his side and lower back. With Max now flat on his stomach, I punish his lower back with two quick elbows. I plant my foot in his back, grab his wrist and ankle and sit back. I pull hard, bending Max back, stretching him out against my foot. I work to fold Max back. He tries to pull against the hold, but I have leverage and power. I feel less resistance than I expect, so I must be weakening him.

I really crank on his back, but eventually, after no submission comes, I move my foot. I keep hold of his ankle as I move forward, positioning my knees in his back. I grab under Max's chin and roll back into a bow and arrow. Max hangs over my knees, head and feet touching the ring. I again hear the high pitched whine for him, but again, he refuses to give to me.

I roll Max off me. We're both sweaty and breathing hard. His body is red and he is moving slowly. We've been at this for over an hour now. The long submission holds have taken their toll. I knew Max would be resilient, but I'm surprised I haven't been able to get a submission. I'm a little frustrated as I get up and force Max to his knees. I feel in complete control, as I lift him up by his arm and sore shoulder, but also confused about what to do next. As I pull him up, Max isn't confused. He dives for my abs. He slams me into the corner, back first. With the tables turned, he whips me across the ring. I crash hard into the opposite turnbuckle. Max flies into me with a cross body block. I shake my head to catch my wits, but Max doesn't give me any time. He whips me across again. I slam hard and bounce off, right into a clothesline that sends me to the ring floor.

Max is back in control. He stomps on my bicep then my abs. I roll to the side, but he grabs my hair and pulls me up. Max throws me into the ropes. When I bounce off, he is waiting with a dropkick to my chin that flattens me. I'm dazed and confused as Max grabs my feet into a full Boston crab. He really cranks it and I feel shooting pain. It's my turn to cry out now. I'm tired, even though I've been dishing out most of the pain. I can't throw him off, all I can do is suffer.

I cry out as Max continues to fold me in half. I make the mistake of trying to go for his ankles. Max grabs my wrists and holds my arms tight. With my ankle wedged under his arms and now my arms trapped, there's really not much I can do. I steel my will. If Max can hold out, so can I. I refuse to submit again and again. Eventually, I free my wrists. With all my might, I press up and pull with my legs. I manage to topple Max and he has no choice but to release my legs as he falls.

I'm so sore and tired that I can't move immediately, but so is Max. The Boston crab was hard for him, too. He is finally showing the results of my long submission punishment on him. We both stagger to our feet and fall into our corners. Across the ring, I can see Max smiling. I smile back. Our chests are heaving; our muscled bodies red. We move out together into the middle of the ring. I extend a handshake and Max accepts. Not surprisingly, we both try to use it to our advantage. I pull Max into a forearm smash while he lifts a boot. I connect first, his foot hitting harmlessly on my thigh. With Max staggered, I reach under him and scoop him across my chest.

I drop Max across my knee. He cries out. I power him back up and drop him again. Louder, longer cry. With all the power I can still muster, I power him up for a third time and drop him harder still. Really loud cry. I bend him over my knee in a backbreaker. Max moans and struggles, but he can't get free. I'm cranking hard, holding his neck and knees to steady him. His 205-lbs of muscle hangs limply. I hear his tortured cries and feel the resistance leaving him.

Max holds out for a long time, but I learn that even he has limits.

"DAMN, I GIVE, MAN." Max finally submits.

I release the hold, letting him fall to the mat. I fall back, seated and exhausted. Finally, I move to the corner and grab a seat on the top turnbuckle. I feel great. Tired, exhausted and sore, but still, I know if Max submits to me, Cody will, too.

After the Match

I can't help but look at Max as he lies there. He is simply stunning in defeat. We're both drenched in sweat. I keep silently watching Max as he finally sits up. He rubs his back and tries to stretch it out. I could watch him all day as he twists and contorts his torso.

I finally break the silence. "Max. That was awesome. Thank you. Wanna go again?"

"Naw, man. Let's take a break. Woo. You got yourself some stamina, Ry-guy. I'se impressed. Definitely impressed. Not too many guys who can wear me down and get me to give." Stamina. I like that.

Max crawls over to me as I sit on the turnbuckle. He stands up and comes in close, between my legs. I watch as he strips out of his black trunks, revealing his beautiful manhood. I have to work not to shoot in my white trunks as he hands me his black ones. I pull them up to my face and sniff them. God, they smell amazing. I tuck them in the waistband of my trunks. Max climbs up the ropes, standing on the middle turnbuckle. He leans in and kisses me on the lips. It is a long, delicious kiss. Surprisingly soft and tender. I get lost in it. I'm not the most experienced guy when it comes to sex, I have to admit, but it was an awesome kiss. I'm surprised, though. I say, "I thought you didn't do this. You know, sex stakes stuff."

Max says, "That wasn't about stakes, Ry-guy. That was about respect, admiration ... attraction. That was about kissing the hottest man who's ever been in this ring, man."

"Oh." I blush and don't know what to say. When you've been overweight and second fiddle to a stud like Cody your whole life, it's tough to accept compliments and believe them. Max tenderly caresses my face and it drives me wild. We kiss again and I almost topple off the turnbuckle to the floor.

Max hops down to the mat. He starts rubbing my legs. He leans in and looks up at me. I am overwhelmed and lean forward, kissing him again. Max moves his hands up my torso, caressing me. He kisses my chest, spending time sucking on my nipples. Max runs his fingers across my abs and lats to the waistband of my tenting white trunks. He pushes me up, so I'm standing on the second rope. He kisses my bulge then slides my trunks off me. I convulse when Max wraps his lips around my already hard cock. He is the hottest man I've ever been with, hotter even than most of my fantasies. Stakes or not, the fact that he is servicing me after I defeated him is hotter than anything I've ever imagined. I struggle not to shoot in his mouth right then and there. Sensing my impending explosion, Max slows down, releasing my cock and sucking my balls. I sit back down, I'm too excited to balance. I can only moan in intense pleasure as he plays with my body. Finally, Max moves back to my cock and sucks a load out of me in seconds. I warn him it's coming, but he doesn't withdraw, he just deftly swallows my entire load.

Max moves up the ropes and kisses me again. He smiles and asks, "Got plans tonight?" I shake my head and hop down off the turnbuckle. I spend the most incredible night of my life with Max. We wrestle and fuck until dawn. Max gives me tips on how I could be more aggressive and better combine moves for faster submissions. I catch a little sleep in his bed and promise to come back soon. I'm on cloud nine the entire drive back to L.A.

I know now that I can actually beat my traitorous best friend. The only question is when and how.

Ryan Is Ready

After defeating Max, I return home, confident and totally ready to finish things with Cody myself. I lie low, avoiding Cody as much as I can. I claim to be swamped at work and testing new equipment for The Cave. While I could confront Cody and wrestle him as Ryan, betrayed best friend, I have a better idea. I decide to wrestle The Bat anonymously as a masked wrestler. I decide that I can do more than just crush Cody. I can also put an end to his alter ego, The Bat. I can embarrass and expose him, just like I planned for the incompetent Mr. Riddle to do to him.

Cody, my soon-to-be ex-best friend
Cody always says he's saving the Bane character for a real challenge, but no guy is ever big enough or skilled enough. Well, I'm four inches taller, 45 pounds heavier and now I know that I'm a good fighter. I decide that Cody doesn't get to keep stalling. The Bat doesn't know it yet, but Bane is coming for him. And he won't have a clue until it's too late.

My name is Bane and one day, soon, I'm going to destroy The Bat.

The End


  1. Alex R:

    Going a little inspirational here, its interesting how Ryan reacts to Cody's betrayal. He might be sneaky but at least he is confronting him. He is standing up for himself. Thats admirable. Even though they have a business together, he still comes first. Cody messed with the wrong guy!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Ryan did originally try to use Mr. Riddle to settle the score. It took Josh's failure before he finally accepted he'd have to do it himself. I do think he probably got much more closure and satisfaction out of doing it himself.