Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Cave 3: Grudge Match (Part 1)

My name is Cody and Im a wrestle-aholic. Its been almost two months since my last competitive match, but not because Im trying to kick the habit. No, I miss wrestling. Sure, Ive rolled around in pro-fantasy matches lately with some willing jobbers, but I miss a real challenge. I miss being in the ring, testing my skills, wrestling for dominance. Its not like I cant find anyone to wrestle. Im young (28), fit (60/205-lbs of muscle), talented (14 years wrestling experience) and I live in a major metropolitan area.

Cody (me)
Hell, I actually have more offers than I know what to do with and more are piling up every day. No, Im not wrestling because Ive been recovering from my last big match against a guy who did a lot of damage to my right arm and my confidence. Even though I won in the end, hold after hold of punishment really took its toll. Im back lifting at full strength, having gained back all my lost muscle during my hiatus. Everything seems good, but if Im being honest, Im a little gun shy about really testing my arm.

My best friend Ryan has been encouraging me to fight someone new, but I keep telling him Im not ready. Together, we run a small online wrestling video company called "The Cave". Im the main talent and best source of recruiting. Guys want to wrestle with me. He does everything else, but without The Bat (my alter ego), the site isnt the same.

Ryans been insanely busy lately with his day job and keeping the site active and live, while I convalesce. Hes done a great job as weve fielded a live streaming event, plus posted at least one other match every week since I fought Mr. Riddle. I think its even helped him lose weight. Ryan, who has been a big fat guy since he was a teen, looks better than he ever has. Hes probably only 50 or 60 pounds overweight, all weirdly around his torso.

Ryan, my best friend
Still, were losing some of the momentum we gained after my match with Mr. Riddle. The bloggers raved about it. We sold more downloads than the last bunch combined. A lot of guys joined the site after they heard about it and are wondering where I am. Yes, The Bat has definitely taken too much time off. Ryan is definitely glad to see me wanting to fight competitively again. When I tell him, he immediately recommends a new opponent, a guy who calls himself Spoiler. Nice. I actually think that he has picked out a good option. Spoiler has wrestled competitively three times in The Cave recently and he has won once, lost twice. I've watched his matches and I'm impressed with his body, if not his skill.

Spoiler, my next opponent
In fact, Spoilers body is amah-zing. He's the tallest guy we have and one of the heaviest. He is around Ryan's height, 6'4" tall, but unlike Ryan, he's fit and muscular. In his three matches so far, Spoiler has worn red trunks, a red full-face mask and red boots. Spoiler can definitely overpower his opponents, but his other skills aren't totally there yet. According to Ryan, the fan mail is pouring in to see more and the guy is willing to do a sexual stakes match, even though he hasnt as of yet.

Im actually excited to face this dude. The Bat versus Spoiler in his sex stakes debut should be really hot. Yes, he's bigger than me  taller by 4 and 35 pounds heavier at 250-lbs, but that just makes him a real challenge, which is exactly what I need. Unlike the duplicitous Mr. Riddle, though, Ive actually seen what Spoiler can do. Ive beaten all three of the guys hes faced, so I feel confident.

When I finally agree, Ryan smiles broadly and eagerly sets up the match. Ryan suggests a competitive 60-minute Iron Man match - most falls during the hour wins, with the loser's ass as the ultimate prize for the winner. I've wrestled this type of match before and it kicks major ass. It's a popular format among the fans and it's unique. My only concern is Spoilers conditioning. He looks super fit, but can he wrestle 60 minutes? If the guy tires out then the match could be a complete dud. Never having met the guy, I just have to trust that he and Ryan know what they're doing.

The Bat vs. Spoiler

I get ready in the back, eager to face my next challenge. My cock is actually throbbing in anticipation. It has been a long time. When the bat signal comes on my iPhone, I know that its Ryan telling me everything is set  the cameras are running and he has filmed my opponents introduction.

I emerge from the back, dramatically moving through the black curtain. Ryan, in his all black gear, is waiting, camera in hand. As always, there isn't an inch of him uncovered. He is too shy and insecure about his body to appear as more than an amorphous black blob on the stationary cameras. I dont really even pay attention to him any more.

Im wearing a long shiny Batman cape that covers my body. I hold my pose and build the anticipation for my fans viewing at home. Suddenly, I lift my arms and throw off my cape, flexing my biceps confidently. Ryan films my flex, side to side before moving down my body, which will give the Internet fans another look at my perfect gym-built form if we end up broadcasting this match. As The Bat, I wear skimpy black trunks with a red bat symbol on them, a black mask styled after Batman only with shorter ears, and black patent leather boots that have a red bat symbol on the side. I have gone through a similar routine every match I have wrestled, but it's still popular. I flex for my fans again and bounce my pecs before finally starting my walk to the ring, winking into the camera. Ryan follows me to the ring, swinging behind me, getting a shot of my bubble butt, which my trunks struggle to cover.

The Bat (me) back in the ring 
My very hot opponent is waiting in the ring. I see that he has opted for black gear today. He is facing away from me, but his back is muscular with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. He looks flexible as he stretches in the corner. Im excited. I should be able to bend his 64 body into all kinds of shapes.

I leap up onto the apron, grab the top rope and vault into the ring. I flex for the cameraman again then turn to face my opponent who is still facing away from me.

I say, "Welcome to the big time, Spoiler. Cmon, time to face me. You really think you're ready to face the champion of The Cave?"

Spoiler rises up, rolls his shoulders back, but he still doesnt turn around. He says, in a deep, raspy voice, "I've never been more ready. You're going down hard." The voice is clearly affected  its sultry, but also familiar.

Finally, he turns around.


What? Spoiler is really Bane!
I blurt this out as I see that his mask is a near replica of the comic book villain. Bane marches up to me. He towers over me. I instinctively take a step back, which makes me look weak, but Im just that shocked at the sight. Im more than a little confused. This is the first time Ive wrestled someone whose face is completely covered, even his eyes. I can't see his expression or know what hes thinking at all. The mystery is exciting and kind of sexy.

Bane says, Glad you recognize your new master, Batboy. Im going to completely destroy you for the next hour. His pecs heave and the veins in his arms are throbbing.

I turn to Ryan to ask what the hell is going on, but before I can give it another thought, Ryan defiantly rings the bell. The timer starts and the match begins. Im not focused, so Im surprised when Bane grabs my throat. In a smooth motion, he lifts me up and plants me hard on my back. I arch up, as my back spasms from the unexpected slam.

Bane holds me on the mat by my throat. He says, Your cameraman wont help you. He works for me. Now you have a choice. Wrestle or submit.

In response, I swing my legs up and grab him around the throat. Bane falls back in my scissors, but he rolls out and rises to a crouch. I cant see his face, but I sense he is smiling. We both get to our feet. Bane walks up to me and flexes his mighty body. I follow suit. We hold our flexes and move into the center of the ring, slamming torsos. I nod and smile a cocky smirk. He actually dwarfs me. Im over my initial shock. Even though Ryan has pissed me off by giving this guy the Bane outfit, its still obviously Spoiler. The body is the same. Ive seen what he can do and I know Im better than he is, so I'm excited for this challenge.

To be continued ...

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