Monday, March 9, 2015

The Cave 4: Big Trouble (Part 2)

The big dude said, "C'mon, I got lots more for you, jobber punk!"

Forced back on my feet, Pete maneuvered me into position on the ropes again. He delivered another forearm to my chest before he forced me across the ring with another whip. This time, I turned right into Pete full on as he charged at me. OOF! I felt like I ran into a brick wall, if a brick wall could move at you. We collided chest-to-chest, belly-to-belly. It was no contest. I went down immediately, landing on my shoulders and head.

Pete knelt down and lied down across my chest. The mighty mountain of man counted the pin, knowing I was never going to move his 300-lbs. When he reached two, Pete yanked me up by sitting up and pulling on my hair. He brought my face right into his sweaty Bane-mask crotch, rubbing my face on his tenting manhood.

The big man moved behind me and locked on a chin lock. I struggled unsuccessfully to free myself as Bane's henchman controlled me. I fought to pry his arm off me. To stop me, Pete moved up and leaned forward with the chin lock, forcing my face between my knees. I had to take my hands from his arm and brace them on the mat, struggling to support Pete's weight on my back. It wouldnt normally have been a problem, but I was super-tired, not even close to being recovered from my beatings by Ryan or this ginormous beast.

Pete released the hold, grabbing my hair and powering my head back into the canvas. I was whipped back, knocked almost unconscious by the impact. With just his hands pressing down on my chest and his crotch planted on my face, Pete pinned me.

From outside the ring, Ryan counted. ONE. Oh yeah, youre the man, buddy. TWO. Youre the stud. Hes nothing. THREE. I figured it was done, but Pete must have been a fan of King Kong Bundy.

Pete said to Ryan, FIVE! Count to five!

Ryan eagerly said, FOUR. Dude, I could count to a hundred. Youre way too much man for him. FIVE.

I could do nothing but moan and wait for Pete to make me fulfill the match stakes. This wasnt really even a match; it was a pro wrestling muscle squash - the pretty muscle boy (me) as a plaything for the portly mega-heel (Pete). I was Jim Powers to his Big John Studd. Petes bulk crushed my muscle. It was time to pay the price, except Pete had other ideas.

This heel would decide when the match was done and he had a lot more punishment he wanted to dish out. After the pin, he got up, leaving me lying there, still stunned from the abuse I had endured. I just lied there, not moving, until I heard stomps and felt the ring shaking.

I opened my eyes just in time to see a big white blob coming right at me. Great. Pete had run across the ring, bounced off the ropes and leapt in the air. He landed across my torso, crushing me with the huge splash. WHOMP! My face showed the pain of the move as my eyes bugged it of my head.

I just lied there, waiting for Pete to count me out, but instead, he stood up. Bane's henchman engaged in more showing off for his boss. I had to suffer more taunting from the big dominator. At Ryan's urging, he grabbed my wrist and dragged my carcass to the corner. When we got there, Pete mounted the corner, climbing to the second rope. The big man bounced up and down, leaping off for a Banzai drop, driving his huge ass down onto my chest. I tried to cough and breathe, but it was hard to do either. Pete just sat there, flexing for Ryan.

Ryan hopped up on the ring apron, leaned through the ropes and kissed his henchman on the lips. I looked up, watching the two men making out over me, my chest still being crushed by Pete's enormous ass. They kissed for what seemed like hours, but it was probably seconds. When 300-lbs are resting on your chest, its hard to keep track of time.

Finally, Ryan slid down then counted another pin for his henchman. I didn't move at all as the two of them mocked me.

"Man, can I get some competition around here? Youre pathetic!"

Pete stood up and stomped me again for good measure then backed off. I rolled to my side, holding my chest.

Pete said, "Ding, ding, ding. We're going again. I'm not done with you yet, jobber punk. Not by a long shot!" When Pete made his bell sound, I realized that meant it was time for another round.

I said softly, "Please, guys, no more. Cmon, you win." They both just laughed at my plea.

The big man grabbed my hair and dragged me up. He pushed me into the corner, where he forced my legs over the middle turnbuckle and my arms over the top. With me helpless, Pete moved across the ring, sized me up and ran full speed. WHAM! Again, he splashed into me and once again, I was crushed. Pete grabbed my hair and pulled my head up. He fired a fist into my forehead then backed off, letting me hang there, head slumped, completely defeated.

The beefy heel put his hand behind my head and pushed me to the canvas. Pete grabbed my white trunks and dragged me into the center of the ring. He stood over me and pulled my trunks down and over my boots, exposing my butt.

Pete bent over and slapped my ass, taunting me, "Get up, jobber punk."

When I didn't move, Pete grabbed my boots and flipped me over onto my back. He lifted my legs up and finished stripping my trunks off. He brought his boot between my legs. I put my hands up, pleading with him not to bring it down. WHOMP! Pete's boot crashed into my lower abs. He forced the sole of his boot into my flesh as I cried out in pain. WHOMP! Another boot then he stepped through my legs and turned, planting his ass on my face and his shins over my shoulders. As he did that, he brought my legs down under his armpits. Pete folded me in half as he sat on my face. I was pinned and smothered. I kicked my feet, but of course I couldn't move him at all.

Pete took advantage of my position by spanking my bare ass, making sure that I understood that I didn't deserve any respect as a man. When my ass was bright red, he demanded that I submit to his spanking, "GIVE!"

"I SUBMIT!" I cried into his ample ass that covered my face. Between the mound of ass on my face, the pressure on my neck from having 300-lbs pressing down on my folded body and the earlier punishment, I could have been submitting for any number of reasons. However, it felt like I was submitting to a spanking, which was more than humiliating.

"Poor baby, can't take a spanking? You're the most pathetic wimp I've ever wrestled."

Pete released my legs, but stayed seated on my face. He leaned forward and grabbed my cock and balls. He squeezed my manhood, causing me to yell and thrash under him. The beefy henchman manhandled me as he and Ryan laughed. When he finally let go, he punched my cock before rolling off me.

I curled into a ball as he trotted around me, posing, mocking me and laying a few boots on my shoulder, hip and leg. I had taken a ton of big punishment, but Pete was not done. He gripped my hair again (I worried that I would end up bald). Back to my feet and into the corner again, Pete started throwing punches at my torso.

Pete flexed then charged the corner with a clothesline. He backed off and I stumbled forward, only to be grabbed by into a bearhug. Pete shook me in the hold as I suffered like a rag doll, moaning the entire time. The massive monster was like a true bear playing with a man. He squeezed the little remaining life I had left from me. I slumped in his arms, not even able to fight back.

Pete held it for a long time, really punishing me. He again demanded a submission, "GIVE IT UP, JOBBER!"

I again obliged, meekly muttering, "I give!" Pete tossed me down like I was garbage, planted a boot on my face as Ryan counted to ten this time.

I hoped that a ten-count after being stripped was the end of things. We had been at this for a while, especially when you consider the time Bane spent beating on me. It was time for Pete to take his prize. Right? Wrong. Pete STILL wasn't done with me.

Pete grabbed my wrist (yay, not my hair) and pulled me to my feet. He whipped me to the ropes and leveled me with another shoulder block. Even now, his power remained while whatever I had was long gone. He dragged me up again, only to pick me up and slam me down on my back with a body slam. I lifted my hips to ease the pressure.

Pete stomped my elevated abs then dragged me up again. He forced me into a reverse bearhug, the perfect move with a naked opponent. There was no doubt about who was in control here. He was wearing his trunks, mine were long gone. Pete's tenting spandex was right at my bare ass, showing me who was in the power position. As he shook me, my manhood flopped around, as weak and helpless as I was. I moaned and tried to break the hold, but I couldn't.

"I GIVE!" I submitted without even being asked. Pete let go of the hold only to force his hands up into a full nelson! He locked it on and shook me, forcing my head down, forcing me to look down at my battered, weak body.

"I GIVE!" Again, I submitted, but Pete was a little slower to release the full nelson than he was the bearhug. He really cranked it and I faded under his power. I dropped to my knees then went completely limp, overpowered by his mighty masterlock. With me limp, Pete finally let go and sent me crashing onto my side. I rolled onto my back, destroyed and unmoving.

This naked submission to his full nelson turned out to be the final one. Pete had had enough, clearly showing that my gym-built muscle was no match for his weight and skill. I got some recovery time as he posed and flexed over me, taunting my pathetic body, declaring victory to Ryan, who applauded. Pete stood over my head as he peeled off his tight black trunks. He dropped them over my face and I heard him stomp around me.

I thought it was time for the victor to enjoy the spoils, but Pete surprised me again.

After the Match

Pete pulled me up to his naked crotch. I opened my mouth, ready to accept his fat, stubby cock, but he pulled my head back. The big man said, "You're not even worth it. I want a man to fuck, not a piece of crap like you." With that, Pete pushed me down and stomped a boot to my chest.

I was shocked and humiliated. Not that I wanted to suck Pete's dick or be fucked by him, but for me to be rejected by him was devastating to my already shattered ego.

From outside the ring, Ryan said, "If you're not taking your stakes, pass the jobber here. I've got an idea. Grab the camera and follow us."

Pete reached down and picked me up across his chest. He walked to the ring rope and effortlessly held me there, waiting for his boss. Ryan stripped off his athletic shorts then moved to grab his Bane mask. He pulled it on then put his arms out. Pete lifted me over the top rope and dropped me into Bane's waiting arms. Bane shifted me over his shoulder, carrying me to the back, with Pete following.

In the locker room, Bane carried me into the shower area. He turned on the shower, pushed me under it, against the wall and stood in front of me. I didn't resist at all as he pushed me down, feeling so weak, so guilty and so sore. Without a word, I leaned into him. I knelt there and opened my mouth, taking his erect cock in my hand, guiding it to my mouth. As warm water rained down on my head, I sucked him in the shower as he loomed over me silently.

As wrong as it might sound, it wasn't horrible. Ryan had become a hot stud and the mask was hot. Bane having his way with Batman was one of my all-time fantasies, which Ryan, as my (former) best friend knew. My cock was hard as I knelt there on the hard tile floor.

My head moved back-and-forth over his hard-as-steel cock. I pulled up and lavished attention on the head of his cock. I do this suck-spin move that can draw cum out fast. Bane moaned as I worked the head of his dick, suddenly bringing him close to orgasm. The villain pushed me off his cock and stepped back. I watched him hunch, trying to avoid cumming.

I knew that the only reason he would resist is because he wanted to cum in another way. I saw that Pete had put a condom on the tiled half-wall that bordered the showers. I crawled over and rose up on my knees, fetching it. Without a word, I unwrapped the condom and slid it over Bane's cock, which hadn't softened at all. Bane grabbed my hair and forced me up and over the half-wall between showers.

I gritted my teeth as my master, Bane, put his hands on my hips. He thrust his cock inside me, taking me, right there in the shower. I noticed that his chubby henchman was still filming with one hand and jerking his dick with the other.

I should have tried to stop this, but all I could think about was the muscular villain taking me in the shower. Bane fucked me hard and long, punishing my ass more now than he had in the ring. I moaned as he rode my ass, the victorious villain taking his prize (again) from the helpless hero.

Pete, acting as cameraman, moved in closer, getting all the action. At Ryan's direction, he propped the camera up on the wall across the way and moved into the scene. I could tell he was reluctant, but Pete was a loyal henchman and obeyed Ryan. He got down on the tile floor. As Bane fucked me, I felt the big guy reach up and grab my huge erect dick with his rough hand. At first, he just held it firmly, letting Bane's fucking move it back-and-forth then he started to move his hand. He applied a lot of pressure, but my big dick could withstand it. My breathing became short as his rough hand tightly worked my cock.

I cried out as I felt the cum rising up. Suddenly, Bane's henchman moved in, wrapping his lips over my cock head. He took my cum as Bane took my ass, swallowing my entire load as he leaned in under me. Pete sucked me dry then slid out and moved in front of me. The henchman grabbed my hair and bent my face up. He kissed me deeply, forcing me to taste my own cum.

As he did this, Bane's breathing accelerated. Seeing his henchman manhandle me was too much for him. He moaned and grunted, his voice rising an octave. "OH YEAH!" Bane shot his load inside me, filling the condom, as his lackey pulled away, having filled my mouth with my own cum. Bane fucked me until he was soft, only pulling out when he was drained. I slipped to the floor, exhausted, destroyed and helpless.

Bane lifted his mask to expose his mouth. He and Pete kissed again. Without another word, they left the shower room, taking the camera with them. I sat there for a while and thought about what would come next.

Cody (me) 
The Next Chapter

A week later and I'm once again standing naked in front of the mirror in the locker room, checking myself out. I'm getting ready for my next official, filmed match for The Cave, my first since Bane destroyed The Bat.

I'm nervous and reluctant, but I need to do this. I need to prove I can suppress my ego for once. I need to talk to Ryan, to break down his anger and that will only happen here, with him in control. Call it penance, call it remorse, whatever. I need to see this through. But I don't move to get dressed for another few minutes. I breathe in deeply, practicing my bio-feedback.

I finally tell myself, "Suck it up, Cody."

It's time to start my new chapter in The Cave.

The End

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