Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Cave 9: Three's Company (Part 2)

Two-on-One: The Bigger They Are

With Ryan pulling on Ben in a bow and arrow, I move around the ring. Ryan loses track of me, looking down at Bens suffering body, his spectacular muscles stretched out. I slide into the ring behind Ryan. I run past him and ricochet off the ropes. By the time Ryan sees me, Im almost flying at him. I slam into him with a hard shoulder block. The force of the impact sends him off Ben and into the ropes. The top rope sags as Ryan hangs off it, stunned for a moment.

I run up and quickly tie Ryan up in the ropes, pulling the middle rope up and over his thick arms. With Ryan immobilized, I turn to help Ben to his feet. Ben bends over, recovering from the killer back hold. He stands up and stretches back. I can tell I came in just in time. Ryans a master of back torture, as I learned the hard way just a couple of weeks ago.

Ben says, Nice of you to join us, Cody. Did you enjoy yourself?

I smile and say, What do you think? I grab my big bulge and shake it up and down, showing him my erection and the wet spot. Ben playfully hits me then we turn back to Ryan.

WHOMP! Ben and I turn right into a double clothesline that sends us down fast onto the mat. We land hard on our upper backs. Ryan immediately goes after me, as the fresher man. The big man stomps me three times then grabs my hair and drags me to my feet. I'm whipped into the corner, back first, bouncing off into a big boot to my abs.

Ryan pushes me into the corner. He delivers three hard chops across my pecs. More are coming, but Ben is up to his feet. Ryan quickly grabs my wrist and whips me right at him. Ben and I collide, with him taking the brunt of the impact. He drops back to the mat, I manage to to keep my feet. Ryan's on me in seconds, though. He drives his boot right into my lower back then moves in for a torture rack.

When I feel Ryan's arm slipping between my legs, I push off, moving to the corner. As I expect, Ryan's charging in. I lift my leg and he runs right into my boot. It stops his momentum cold. I hop onto the second rope then leap off, hitting him with a cross body across the chest.

The big man recovers enough to catch me. It's not a good position for me, but I'm not worried. I expected to be caught. I hang there for less than a second, because while Ryan has me, Ben has Ryan. The smaller stud clips Ryan's left knee, toppling him back with me on top of him. Ryan goes down hard, stunned by having his feet taken out from under him.

Ben and I rise to our feet. We move in together, dropping twin knees to Ryan's big body.  We bounce up and drop twin elbows. We scramble up then start stomping him hard as he struggles to rise. When Ryan is subdued, I reach for his right leg. I pull it up in the air. Ben takes the hint and grabs Ryan's left leg. We look at each other with evil grins then down at our oversized victim.

The big man looks up then holds his hands up. He says, "Whoa, guys ..." but it's too late. We each yank hard, stretching out his groin. Ryan reaches for his inner thighs, his handsome face showing the effects of our move. Ben stomps Ryan's body as I run back into the ropes. I ricochet off, running then leaping. I come down across Ryan's chest with a splash. I may be lighter, but 215-lbs crashing down on you still packs a punch.

I roll over Ryan's face then grab his arms. He's compliant, the wind knocked out off him for the moment. I move his arms up then straddle his face, planting my shins over his shoulders and my ass on his forehead. I pepper in some pec shots as Ben bounces off the ropes for a knee drop right into the muscleman's wide-open abs.

We abuse Ryan's amazing body with claws, stomps and pinches, softening him up. He's grunting under me, trying to to throw me off, but getting weaker by the minute. We can sense his resistance fading. Ben runs backs then drops a leg across Ryan's abs. He moves back, grabs Ryan's left wrist and ankle and plants his feet in Ryan's left side. I roll off the big dude's face, taking a similar position on his right side.

Together, Ben and I stretch Ryan out as he moans on the mat. He's spreadeagle on his back, crushed between our feet, immobilized as we stretch his groin out. We hold Ryan like this, enjoying his moans and cries as we crank on the pressure. The big man is enjoying it, too, because Ryan's packed black trunks are tenting up, rising high as we punish him.

Ryan's big bulge is too much for Ben. He releases Ryan's limbs and moves in between the muscleman's legs. I roll back to Ryan's head and wrap on a figure four head scissors. Ryan's arms reach up for my legs, but he can't break the hold. Meanwhile, Ben is massaging Ryan's hard dick. The smaller stud punches Ryan's lower abs then wraps his right hand on Ryan's member, squeezing it in a claw. Ryan thrashes as Ben applies the pressure. The 250-lbs slab of beef really goes nuts when Ben moves his left hand into a crushing claw over his balls, which are perfectly encased in his black spandex trunks.

I keep the figure four tight, but not choking. I'm not looking to knock Ryan out, just keep him under control while Ben enjoys his domination. Ryan's enjoying it, too, based on his grunts, cries and ever-growing cock. The tip of his cock breaks free of the waistband, as his black trunks can't contain the big man's excitement.

Ben expertly manipulates the claws for utmost effect - hard and punishing, but not submission- or emission-inducing. Ryan suffers for minutes until he finally manages to lift his knees up. He kicks Ben back then rolls over, slipping out of my head scissors. Ryan reaches down and puts his cock back inside his trunks. Just as his manhood is back in place, Ryan is sent down again. Ben kicks him between his shoulder blades, sending him down face first.

I vault onto Ryan's back. I pull his chest off the mat and lock on a camel clutch. With the big man under control again, Ben struts in front of him. He kisses Ryan as I hold the big man in place. Ryan moans in pleasure and pain as Ben's tongue probes his mouth while I lean back on the camel clutch. When Ben's done, he circles behind me. Ben stands with his butt over my shoulder. He grabs Ryan's ankles and lifts. I drop Ryan out of the camel clutch, letting Ben get in position for a Boston crab.

Ryan cries out loudly as his back is immediately transitioned from the camel to the crab. The thick muscles of his back are really feeling the punishment. I move to the side. I pull Ben's hair back and deep throat kiss him as he tortures Ryan. I move behind him, feeling the smaller stud's mighty muscles as he dominates the big beefcake. I rub my hands on his shoulders, back, chest and arms.

Ben loves every minute of it, as I worship his muscles. Finally, Ben tells me to grab a leg. I gladly get in on the act, grabbing Ryan's left leg. We get in position for a double crab, amping up the impact dramatically. Ryan swears as he feeling the added 215-lbs of muscle pulling on him.

With one hand free, Ben reaches down for Ryans big bulge. He rubs it slowly, getting back to tormenting Ryans balls. The smaller stud tugs at the big mans black trunks, manhandling Ryans package with impunity. Ryan is groaning loudly, filling the arena with the sounds of his suffering. Ben kneads Ryans pouch like its a black spandex stress ball.

Ben and I crank back on the Boston crab, devastating Ryans back with our dual hold. The big mans holding out Ryan is stubborn, but its only a matter of time until we decide to lean back enough to get a submission. Or at least, thats what I think. Ben shifts then drops Ryans leg. I dont quite know what happened did Ryan power out somehow? Did Ben lose his grip? I quickly learn that he did not. Ben leaps over at me then wraps his arm around my neck. He drives me forward and down in a bulldog type move, slamming me into the mat.

I lie there on Ryan's leg, dazed and confused as Ben moves in. Damn, is all I can think as he grabs my hair and pulls my head up.

Ben says, This is for watching instead of wrestling, stud. I think it's time you had your turn on the bottom.

One-on-One: Here We Go Again

I roll onto my back, holding my head. Ben stands over me then drops down, driving an elbow into my chest. My shoulders and head come off the mat as I grab my chest. Ben spins around and positions my head on his package as he wraps his legs around my head. He locks his feet and I'm trapped in a wicked head scissors. My neck is stretched as my head is forced forward in the killer hold.

Ben squeezes hard, his powerful thigh muscles crushing my temples. I moan with the extra pressure on my head, which was already aching from the bulldog. As I suffer, Ben just sits there extending his legs for the ultimate squeeze. Ben's crossed feet rest on my abs and my head is so wedged between his thick legs I can barely think. Ben puts all hes got into it and I have to say, its a lot.

I hold his legs, trying to withstand the pressure, but that turns out to be a mistake, because Ben grabs my wrists. He pulls my arms up, leans back and stretches them as hard as he can. My head is squeezed, my neck is stretched and now my shoulders are straining against the force of Bens fury. I moan in pain as I feel the stress and strain tearing into me.

Beside us, Ryan is finally back to his feet, leaning against the ropes. Taking advantage of the moment, Ryan stomps my abs around Ben's boots repeatedly. As if I need one more thing done to me. Ryan sits at my feet. He grabs my ankles and slides his boot between my legs. I feel the sole of his black boot resting just below my balls inside the pouch of my red thong.

Ryan pulls on my ankles, stretching my legs, but the main pressure is on my manhood, as Ryan is pulling me onto his boot. I'm stretched and helpless. The two of them stretch me and squeeze me for minutes, savoring my moans and cries of pain. I don't submit, but I'm not how much more of this twin punishment I can stand.

To escape, I try kicking my feet. At first, I can only move Ryan's hands, but then I actually free one of my legs. I kick Ryan in the chest, sending him back and off me. The big stud takes his time and stands up. He steps forward and bends down to grab one of my boots, but I'm able to kick him off again. I connect with his head, actually sending him back and through the ropes to the floor below. I can't be sure if he wanted out of the ring or not, but either way, at least I'm only facing one muscle stud now.

Ben's still crushing me, but my adrenaline is flowing. He's sweating profusely from the effort, as am I. I yank my arms down. Bens hands slip off my wrists. I plant my hands under his thighs then bridge my slips. As I push Bens legs, my head slips free. He rolls to the right as I roll to the left. I rise to a crouch, resting on one knee, shaking out the cobwebs.

My new buddy wastes no time in closing the gap between us. He moves in, confident in his dominant position. Maybe too confident, because I push up, ramming my shoulder into his abs. He bends over, giving me the opportunity to grab his shins and lift. Ben flips over me, crashing on his back. I push up, staggering to the corner where I feel safer and can rest. Ryans still on the floor outside the ring, which gives me hope I can turn this around.

I rise up to full height, trying to look strong and ready. I puff out my chest and wait. Ben is up to his feet fast, but he doesnt charge into the corner. I can tell hes being cautious, but that plays into my hands. Maybe my posturing is working. Im definitely the weaker one right now, after all the sustained abuse Ive taken, but he doesnt seem to realize it. I step out of the corner, but stay against the ropes.

Ben moves in fast. I kick up, but he grabs my boot. I hop off the ropes on one foot, trying to bounce enough to deliver a side kick, but Ben is faster. He drops down, twisting my leg and pulling me over top in a leg takedown. The move not only topples me, but it wrenches my hip and knee. I fall hard and roll, grabbing for my leg. Ben stomps on my leg, sensing my pain.

I roll to the side and grab the bottom rope. Ben stalks me, but doesnt move in immediately. As I reach the bottom rope, I come face to face with Ryan. He smiles at me then brings his forearm right across my temple. Im stunned as Ryan drags me under the bottom rope. My head hangs over the ring apron as the big man sizes me up. Ryan drops an elbow across my chest then another. He backs off as Ben grabs my ankles.

Ben lifts my legs and hips off the mat. He falls back and slingshots me up into the bottom rope. The hard cable cuts across my chest and bounces me back onto the canvas hard. Ben drags me back into the ring. He grabs my hair, backs me into the ropes opposite Ryan and slams two karate chops high on my red pecs, exactly where the ring rope just hit me.

Ben whips me across the ring, but I counter the move. I turn and spin, sending him into the opposite ropes. Ryan reaches into the ring and trips Ben to the ground as he bounces off. Ben falls face first to the ground, thanks to Ryans sneaky move. Unfortunately for me, I wasnt expecting that. I had backed into the opposite ropes and come leaping off for a cross body. I cant react in time, so I fly over a falling Ben and land on the mat right in front of Ryan.

Ryan laughs at both of us as we struggle to get up from our missed moves. Im sure hes proud of the surprise two-for-one deal he got. Ben gets up before me. He forces me to my feet then backs me up into the ropes. Another round of deadly chops has me reeling. Im sitting on the middle rope, hanging onto the top rope by one outstretched arm. Im trying to get my bearings when Ryan reaches up and slaps my bare ass in my red thong.

Ben tires of beating on me, so he whips me across the ring into the ropes again. I duck his clothesline, but I manage to stop short and spin around. I put my hands on Bens back and run him towards the corner. Ben hits, amazing torso first, into the corner turnbuckle. He goes limp, giving me the chance to throw him down to the canvas onto his ripped stomach.

I can tell hes stunned, but I know it wont last. I leap onto his back, driving my butt down hard. I grab his shoulder and drag him up into a camel clutch. Ben moans as I bring him up, but hes not submitting, even when I yank back hard. I decide I need more, so I force my arms under his and draw my hands together behind his head into another full nelson.

Ben moans loudly as the pain goes up astronomically. Im barely able to hold this, but I know I can get a submission before I lose the hold. I grunt as I strain to keep Ben locked up in a full nelson and camel clutch combination. Its a powerful submission hold that I know hell submit to any second. I bend Ben up and back. He moans in pain, but holds out for longer than I thought he could. While Im completely focused on getting Bens submission, Ryans watching carefully from behind me, outside the ring. Unknown to me, the big man quietly rolls under the bottom rope.

Ryan stands, moves in then drives his foot into the middle of my back, breaking up my hold and sending me forward over Ben. As Ryan moves over Ben to grab me, I fire a fist up into his abs. Ryan staggers back and I roll away. Ryan and I rise, ignoring Ben, whos not exactly racing to join us.

One-on-One: It Had to Happen

Even though Ben didnt submit to the full nelson/camel clutch, hes still done for the moment. He rolls to the corner and props himself up on the bottom turnbuckle. His chest is heaving and hes drenched in sweat. Ben rubs his back and regroups as he watches Ryan and I go at it. His white trunks are tenting and he starts rubbing his cock as he recuperates.

I have to admit, I forget Bens even there as I struggle with Ryan. Weve only wrestled once before this and that was a miserable experience for me. It was a total squash and not because I didnt try. He outclassed me, outwrestled me and humiliated me. Ryan beat me in every way one man can beat another, punishing every body part until I willingly gave up my pride and identity. I dont know what Ryans thinking about, but that match has run through my mind many times. Here I am again, one-on-one with my ex-best friend.

I wish I was fresher. I wish I was the one just re-entering the ring after a lengthy break. But wishes dont win matches. And wishing wont keep Ryan from destroying me again. We circle the ring. Ryan looks strong and confident, his 4-inch height and 35-lbs weight advantage on clear display. As Ryan move in for a lockup, I dart underneath his outstretched arms. I grab his left leg and topple him up and back.

I keep a tight grip on his left leg as I step over and around. I bend it over his right knee and fall back, lifting my leg over his right foot. With the figure four leglock applied, I lean back and crank. Ryan cries out from the devastating maneuver, perfect to take a big man down. He thrashes his arms as I painfully hyperextend his knee. Ryan beat me with quick submissions, lets see how he likes it!

Ryan tries rolling, but I keep him flat on his back. I can tell he wants to give, so I press up with my hands, lifting my butt off the ground. The pressure just goes up as he moans helplessly. Ryan lifts his torso to try and free his leg, but Im locked in. I press up again, watching the pain on the big mans face, knowing this is working.

The big man screams out. He thrusts his arms back and grabs the rope. I have no intentions of breaking, but thats not what he wants. Using the ropes, he pulls us a couple of feet closer to the edge. All the while, hes screaming in pain. Im still trying to get the submission, but Ryans plan finally makes sense. He uses the ropes for leverage, turning onto his side. With the pressure relieved, I lift my leg and release the hold before he can reverse the hold.

I scramble up. Ryan is resting on the bottom rope, face down, chest on the rope, arms hanging outside the ring. I leap onto his shoulders, grab the top rope for support then ride him. I bounce on his shoulders, driving his chest into the unforgiving rope. I hop off, bringing my butt across his lower back. When I stand up, Ryan rolls over. I can see the red line of the rope cutting across his magnificent pecs. I lift my boot and plant it on his sore chest. I again grab the top rope for support as I lean into the move, pressing all my weight onto Ryans heaving muscles.

I back off, leaving Ryan to clutch his chest. I grab his ankle and drag him back into the center of the ring. I lift his leg then jump, driving my elbow into the inside of his leg. I hold his leg down then pull up on his ankle, damaging his knee. He moans in pain as I apply the hold. Ryan swings up and grabs my hair, pulling my head back. I keep my grip on his leg and he has to let go.

Ryan swings up again, this time clubbing my head with his forearm. This is much more effective, sending me toppling over his leg. He backs up and struggles to his feet. Im up first, but I run right into a fist to my abs. When Ryan tries again, I grab his wrist and twist. Ryan kneels in the middle of the ring, as I twist his arm, punishing his thick shoulder. He moans. I see him making a fist with his free hand, but I stay to the side, out of reach.

The big man pushes up to standing. I kick the side of his hip and he drops back to one knee. Again Ryan stands up. He reaches over and slaps his own shoulder. We circle the ring slowly, me keeping the pressure on while staying out of reach. I lift my boot and kick Ryan in the lower back. He grunts, but also uses my one-footed stance to snap his arm, making me stumble and pulling his arm free.

I charge Ryan and slam into him with a shoulder block. He doesnt topple. I back up into the ropes and bounce off, hitting him again. He staggers and backs up, only a foot from the ropes, but doesnt fall. Damn it. I race all the way back to the far ropes and bounce off, hoping to build up more momentum. Unfortunately, Ryans tired of playing shoulder block. As I come off the ropes, Ryan lifts his big boot.

I cant stop as the big man lifts his foot. I run square into the sole with my chest. My feet fly out as my body stops dead. I fall, landing on my back with a thud. The big man saunters around me, his confidence returning with my mistake. Ryan grabs my hair and drags me to a seated position. He steps over my shoulders, nestling the back of my head against his bulge. The muscle stud reaches down and grabs my right leg. He lifts my leg up, bringing my knee to my face in a stump puller. I feel my hamstring tightening as he folds me in half.

I suffer in the killer submission hold, helpless to escape. I bounce my head back, trying to smash his pouch. Either that works or he gets bored, because he finally lets my leg go. I clutch the back of my leg for a moment, until Ryan forces me up to my feet. He grabs me by the throat and lifts me off the mat, holding me up with a hand on my butt. I expect a choke slam, but instead Im thrown into the corner. I fly back, slamming into the padded (thank god) turnbuckle.

I bounce out of the corner, stumbling forward, holding my back. Ryan grabs my inner thigh in his right hand and my chest with his left. Im shocked as he squats down, pulls me forward then presses up. The big man actually lifts me up over his head. I brace myself with my hands on his broad shoulder, desperate not to fall. My stomach rests on the top of his head, my body balancing in his grip. Suddenly, he thrusts up, completing the move, pressing me up and straightening his arms. I look down at the mat in shock and fear, over 8 feet below me, as Ryan holds me up. I clutch his thick forearm for dear life as he steadies me overhead.

Im unsure what to do, but it doesnt matter. Ryan moves before I do. He lowers his left arm and turns me. I flip and fall to the canvas, landing with a ring-shaking bang. I roll onto my side then my stomach, arching my back, my face wracked with pain. I whimper as I struggle to overcome the huge slam.

Ryan peels me off the mat. Im wrecked now, as he brings me to my feet using a tight grip on the back of my thong and head.  I feel Ryan behind me, but it doesnt help. I flail my arms, hoping to hit something, but I dont. Ryan slips his right hand between my legs and his left hand over my shoulder. He lifts with his right hand, using my balls as his bracing point. I cry out as he forces me off my feet and across his broad shoulders.

Ryan wrenches down, applying a lot of pressure to my damaged back. I can only hang limply over Ryans shoulders in the torture rack. I resist the urge to submit, but its not easy. Ryan keeps demanding my submission, but I keep refusing. I feel the pain shooting through my back as he circles the ring. Im stretched to my breaking point across his broad shoulders. Damn, I didnt want to be the first to give. Damn okay, I think that Ive got to submit.

Give, Cody! Cmon, give! I can crank this even harder! To prove it, Ryan pulls down while bouncing me up and down.

I –“

As Ryans about to finish me off, Ben races out of the corner. He delivers a standing drop kick to Ryans abs. Ryan grunts and drops me behind him. I roll to the corner as Ben rises from the mat. While Ben is back in the game, Ryan sees him rising. With surprising speed, the big muscleman lifts his leg and kicks Ben hard in the abs! Ben staggers and Ryan follows up with a killer clothesline. Ben goes down hard, his feet flying up and his shoulders slamming down. Ben goes limp as he is flattened in the center of the ring.

Ryan lies on Ben for a few seconds then turns towards me in the corner. I try to mimic him, thrusting my foot up, but Ryans ready. He grabs my foot and twists. I flip up and spin 360, hitting my head on the middle turnbuckle before crashing to the mat hard. Ryan grabs my hair, pulls me up then grabs me around the throat. In one quick move, he choke slams me down to the mat. I go limp, my legs and arms sprawled apart.

Ryan could count the pin on both Ben and I, but he doesnt. Instead, he grabs my hair again and pulls my powerless body to a seated position. He reaches between my legs and under my arm. Ryan lifts me up in his arms then hoists me up across his chest. He tosses me up and down, getting me in the right grip for whatever he has planned next. I dangle in his arms as he circles Bens magnificent, but abused, body.

I weakly kick my feet, but the big man isnt going to be toppled. Ryan steps over the unmoving Ben. He straddles Bens trim waist, taking his time. Ryan lifts me up a little higher then slams me down across Bens torso. My back lands across Bens abs, driving out whatever air was left in them. I moan as I lie there, abs elevated, head and feet on the mat.

I don't move as I lie across Ben, my lower back resting on his stomach, my back arched uncomfortably. Ryan stomps my abs, landing his boots deep into my battered flesh. Under me, Ben grunts and convulses, but hes not moving my 215-lbs. Ryan confidently steps over us. The giant stud plants himself on my stomach hard, slamming his ass into my abs. He positions his boots carefully and shifts his ass to get comfortable.

Ryan uses our faces as footrests, turning our heads and placing the soles of his boots over our ears and temples. Thats all he needs to hold both of us down on the mat. The big man starts counting, taking his time and inserting a long pause between numbers.


Ryan gets all the way to ten without interruption from Ben or me, as we accept his victory. The big man gets up and plants his foot on my elevated pouch. He flexes as Ben and I watch him through exhausted eyes. Our cocks power up in our trunks as we see the big man run through a series of poses. He moves his foot from my pouch, to Ben's, to my abs then Ben's chest.

Ryan's smile is huge as he shows off for us. Ben and I enjoy the show until Ryan finishes up and moves off to the corner to wait for us to honor him in victory.

Two-on-One: Paying Tribute to the Winner

I finally roll off Ben. Not that I normally wouldn't love to lie on top of him, but he's moaning for me to move and I'm arched uncomfortably. My body is sore as I move to hands and knees. Ben stirs on the mat. Hes still moaning as he sits up. I look for Ryan, whos sitting on one of the turnbuckles, waiting for us.

As we finally rise, Ryan points at our crotches. We don't need to be told twice. The two of us peel off our trunks, releasing our big cocks as we slide the spandex down our legs. We toss them aside then await further instructions. Ryan points down and we both willingly drop to our knees in the center of the ring. I peek at Ben, his dick is raging and he looks excited. He looks at me and sees the same feelings. He winks at me and I smile. We look back to Ryan in anticipation.

Ryan hops down and saunters over, moving around us arrogantly. He runs his hands through our hair as he inspects his prizes. Ben moans as Ryan runs a light finger over his shoulders. Finally, Ryan moves between us. The big man reaches down, grabs our heads and pulls us into him. Ben and I reach up and grab Ryans trunks. We work them down together, as he rubs our heads and runs his hands through our hair and over our ears. He caresses us as we strip him down to his boots. Like our cocks, Ryans manhood is dark and engorged, standing out at full mast and screaming for attention. Ben and I move in and start worshipping it from either side.

Ryan towers over us as we service the winner of the match. Ben slides in to engulf Ryans purple head as I move under and suck his balls. Together, Ben and I move around, caressing Ryans leg as we pay tribute to his manhood. Ryan looks down, watching us show our respect for his mighty power. Both Ben and I are hard as rocks. Ryan orders me to give Ben some love. I happily pull Bens mouth off Ryans cock and kiss him deeply. Ryan moans as he watches us kissing as we kneel before him.

I move to Bens nipples, caressing them, as Ben returns to his primary task, sucking Ryans big dick. I move to the mat and take Bens throbbing cock in my mouth. I suck his rod and run my hands over his inner thighs. Ryan grabs Bens head and pulls him up. He kisses Ben as I kneel between them. I move both their heads against my mouth. They understand the hint, turning their hips, enabling me to take both their heads in my mouth.

Ryan and Ben watch me as I struggle with their dicks. They caress each other as they have a swordfight in my mouth. I do my best before they finally withdraw from my mouth. They each grab under my arms and pull me to my feet. The three of us kiss and fondle each other. We take turns, watching the other two kiss then join in. I move behind Ryan, reaching around and fondling Ryans nipples, licking the back of his neck. Ben moves from Ryans mouth to the side of his neck, sucking it hard.

Ryans head falls back in ecstasy as we pleasure him. Ben pushes Ryans arms up. The big man takes the cue. He flexes his huge arms as Ben and I each suck and lick his bulging biceps. Our hands never stop moving on Ryans body. He quivers when we touch his nipples and torso. When were done with his arms, Ben moves to his abs. He traces Ryans six-pack with his tongue as my mouth returns to the back of Ryans neck and my hands to his chest.

Ben starts jerking Ryan then lies back. Ben lifts his legs and spreads his ass. Its an open invitation and not one Ryan will turn down. He pulls a condom out of his boot. I take it from him and unwrap it. I kneel over Bens head and slide the latex cover over Ryans dick. The big man drops down and positions himself to take Bens hole.

As Ryan slides into Ben, I lean in and kiss Ryan. We make out over Ben, who takes my smooth balls in his mouth. Im startled, but excited as he polishes my dangling orbs with his talented tongue. Ryan starts fucking Ben, riding him slowly at first then picking up speed. Ben moans as hes penetrated. He lets go of my balls and I move off him. As Ryan fucks Ben, I slide beside Ben and jerk him, kissing his mouth, neck and nipples. Its not long before Ben is going crazy.

I move back above Bens head. I lean forward until my lips are at Bens cock. I put it in my mouth, letting it slide in and out with the rhythm of Ryans pumping hips. Ben takes my cock head in his mouth as I stretch over him. He grabs my ass for support then announces hes about to release his manjuice. Hot white cum fills my mouth, as I suck it all down my throat. I drink every drop Ben can shoot before I pull off and roll back.

Its Ryans turn as his eyes roll back and he fires off in Bens ass. I start jerking, but Ben reaches up and stops me. My cock aches for relief as I watch Ryan spasming and convulsing, unleashing his load inside Bens ass. Ryans finally done. He slips his soft cock out and tosses the full condom aside.

Ben spins around on his back, our sweat making the mat slick. He presents his ass to me, looking back at Ryan. The big man takes the cue. He pulls out another condom and slides it over my dick. I dont need any more direction. I slide inside Bens primed ass, stretching it out even wider than Ryan, causing Ben to groan with delight. Ryan leans over Ben and kisses me. I ask him to kiss Ben. Ryan slides down and starts making out with a more than willing Ben.

I watch the two of them frenching and it sends me over the edge. I explode as I fuck Ben, my entire body shaking from the release. I fall back, exhausted and excited. Ben and Ryan keep kissing for another few minutes and my dick powers up again. I start stroking it and shoot a small load onto the mat.

Ryan and Ben break up the kiss and the three of us just sit there, smiling, laughing and breathing hard. Ben starts the conversation then we all decide its time for a shower. We enjoy a communal shower, washing each other down. When we return to the ring, we reluctantly get dressed. Ben packs his stuff, kisses both of us goodbye and we walk him out. Im surprised when Ryan says that the three of us should meet up on Bens turf in New York. Ben eagerly agrees, vowing to redeem himself after two decisive losses.

One-on-One: Redemption

Ben drives off, leaving Ryan and I alone outside the warehouse. We head inside without talking. I tell Ryan that Ill clean up. He offers to help. We make small talk as we clean, which evolves into big talk. Ill spare you all of that, except for the end.

I bluntly ask Ryan, So, are you ever going to forgive me? Be honest.

Cody, do you realize that from the time we were ten years old, you made every important decision in my life? And you made most of the unimportant ones, too. I always followed your lead. Think about it, I let you decide what I ate, what I wore, where I went and who I hung out with for almost 18 years. You came out, so I came out. You decided to go to LA for college. I followed. You decided to stay out here. I stayed, too. You decided to start The Cave. I joined in. Which apartment, which car the list goes on and on. You described us as Batman and Alfred, but we were more Spike and Chester.


You know, the dogs from the Sylvester cartoons? The big tough dog and little bouncy dog who admires him? He hops around, talking about how great the big dog is. Oh cmon. You know the ones.

Oh yeah, those guys. I never really liked Sylvester. I liked Bugs.

I know you did, but not the point.

I nod. Yeah, I know. Okay. Wow, Im sorry. Ry, I never really --

Ryan interrupts me. He says, No, its my fault. Its my life. Thats why I forgive you. Its pretty arbitrary for me to be a submissive sponge for almost two-thirds of our lives then whine because you made decisions I didnt like. I gave you license to mess with my life. And you did. Itll never happen again, but, I forgive you.

So, you forgive me?

I do.

I nod, understanding. We dont talk much for another half hour until were ready to leave. We hug before both moving on with our days. Things are different between Ryan and me, but its all good. Were not Batman and Alfred any more. Were not Batman and Robin. And were not Batman and Bane, thank god.

Were Batman and Superman, a relationship of equals, built on mutual respect (and the knowledge that one of us can always beat the shit out of the other if he steps out of line again).

The End

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