Friday, January 8, 2016

Review: Jersey vs. Viggo (Thunder’s Arena)

Jersey vs. Viggo is the seventh Jersey match I’ve reviewed. There are only eight available on Thunder's Arena, but I haven't bought or watched Jersey vs. Frey 2 (in the pool). Maybe the completionist in me will kick in one day, but until it does, this is likely my last go-around for Jersey content.

Jersey: "It's all about the cannons"

I obviously like this guy, but so do many of you. My reviews of his matches have earned a lot of views and comments even without any link or support from another site. Not only did he win my 2015 Cavey Award for Favorite New Wrestler, but fellow blogger Bodyslammer just awarded him Newcomer of the Year. As well, his videos are big sellers based on the Thunder's Arena monthly rankings they were doing. So Jersey has definitely caught our collective attentions.

Now, that's all nice, but the question is, what did I think of THIS match?

In this case, I thought the match was good. I’m glad I bought and watched it. In broader terms, I'd put it in the second tier of Jersey matches (there are only two tiers - great and good).

What worked? There are some great moments, the guys are hot and they have chemistry. This is my first time seeing Viggo, who I see is now also at BGEast. He looks good in his tiny red posers, while Jersey wears blue trunks. I prefer Jersey in posers (see Frey 1 and Tak), but they work.

Hot guys

Good gear

Jersey vs. Viggo was very typical of the other Jersey matches I’ve reviewed. In fact, it is very similar to Jersey/Luke in the moves used and plot points. Obviously Luke is a young rookie, while Viggo is an older Thunder’s veteran. That difference makes this a little more serious, but other than that, though, it felt the same.

The action starts immediately as we actually join them in the middle of some grappling. They're rolling around the mat then break for the requisite flexing and banter. Jersey’s lack of a big chest is mocked again (poor Jersey's chest), but he proudly shows off his ‘cannons’.

The guys start on the mat

Grappling for top

Similar to Jersey/Luke, there’s some ‘bean bag’ action here. Viggo starts in with a little ball abuse, which is then matched by Jersey. It’s done for fun, not because the guys can’t wrestle and it’s not a huge focus of the match. When Viggo adds in one spank we see the return of Jersey’s whiny side, which I first I pointed out in his match against Kai.

The standard Thunder’s moves are here and several are repeated – flexing, chokes, sleepers, nelsons, backbreakers, pins and scissors.

Every Thunder's match needs a full nelson

An over-the-knee backbreaker with something extra

Viggo sells the scissors while Jersey flexes

So now that my Jersey reviews are pretty much done, I can say that I’m still a big fan of my 2015 Cavey Award-winning Favorite New Wrestler. Even though I'd recommend all his matches for Jersey fans, my top tier (great) were (in alphabetical order): DozerFrey 1 and Tak. The remaining four are tier 2.

If you’re on the fence about this one or short on cash, my advice would be to choose one of Jersey/Luke and Jersey/Viggo based on which opponent you’re more interested in. Jersey fans might want both, but more casual fans could invest in one and spend their money elsewhere (like a Thunder's Arena ring match).

As always, comments are welcome and encouraged. I love reading what you guys think and appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.



  1. Alex R:

    Jeez, these GIFS are extremely hot. That next to last one is perfect. The look on the guys face when his groin is crushed while in a backbreaker....priceless.
    Good Stuff

    1. Thanks! Yes, Jersey is very GIF-worthy. :) A ton of flexing and very expressive suffering.

  2. I just can't believe this is your first go around w/Viggo!! Wow...he's been in a lot of matches so he has a good number of misses, but I really like the following:
    Viggo v. Marco: Marco's first match! :)
    Viggo v. Dominic: one of Dom's last matches for TA :(
    Viggo v. Impact: one of Impact's last matches for TA :(
    Viggo v. Shane: muscleman kicking sand in weakling face :)
    Viggo v. Flaco: ditto

    1. Thanks for the recommendations! I don't know why, but he just never really caught my eye. I was tempted to VOD his BGE match, but maybe I'll start with one of his Thunder's matches. I like the sound of the first three ... Marco, Dom or Impact.