Monday, January 25, 2016

Review: Ty Alexander vs Chace LaChance (Wrestler4Hire)

After a lengthy break, Cameron Matthews is back with more videos, releasing a number of interesting looking matches featuring a great combination of hot indie pros and homoerotic wrestling studs. I've already bought three - two with Maverick and the Lane Hartley/Kelly King double-teaming Barry Burke video. Reviews to come.

Today, though, I'm looking back to an older release. This match is actually titled "Wedgie Wars". I bought it a while ago, but it kind of fell down my list. I bought it for the two wrestlers. I like both of them, but somehow the title made me feel like it was a novelty match. I figured I needed to be in the right mood.

While there are many wedgies and trunk pulls, this is actually a really good match on its own. The first wedgie doesn't even happen until you're more than a third of the way through this 20-minute match. As proof of that, I only pulled one of the titular moves, opting to feature the non-wedgie action.

The only wedgie I'm highlighting (JPG)

Once again, Ty Alexander sheds his 2015-Cavey-Award-winning jobber persona, bringing out his inner heel. He does suffer in the back-and-forth match, but Ty controls more of the match than Chace. Ty looks adorably hot here. There's something about a cute boyish heel going after a hairy muscle hunk that's so hot.

Ty is the man (JPG)

Punishing the hot, hairy hunk

Ty embraces dominance

Chace LaChance looks great here. He's ripped, hairy and wearing an orange speedo that stretches nicely. The guy is really one of the sexiest men in homoerotic wrestling. He accepts his role and suffers beautifully, thrusting, moaning and moving while he's being punished.

See, it's not a squash, in spite of my pics (JPG)

But Chace just looks better like this (JPG)

Beyond the wedgies, you're going to see classics like a backbreaker, claws, punches, dragon sleepers and a knockout finish.

A backbreaker with something extra (GIF)

Chace in trouble (GIF)

Chace in control (GIF)

One of the great things about "Ty the Heel" is that he appreciates his opponents. Rather than methodically wrecking the hot hunk, he pauses to feel up his foe. I love seeing someone who enjoys his work, rather than acting like he doesn't appreciate the sexiness of his victim.

Who could resist that chest? (GIF)

Pausing for a rub (GIF)

Ty understands the importance of fan service (GIF)

As an aside, the match I'm reviewing on 2/5 also has two dragon sleepers in it, so this is a trend that I fully support.

Overall, this was a fun, flirty match starring two top studs. They've faced off before over at BGEast (and gone a lot further), but their chemistry is strong here, too. I do enjoy this side of Ty as a balance for his feisty jobber BGEast persona. And Chace works for many companies, but I don't own a ton of his stuff, so it was cool seeing more of him here.

What are other bloggers saying?

I have a feeling that this is a match that didn't get as much notice as it deserves, maybe because of the title. Any thoughts about it?



  1. when is this one going to be on the cameronwrestler website to buy and also when is the new website going to go on line???

    1. I can't help you on the new website, but this match is available. I always try to put a link in the reviews, but you can use this one ... and it should take you right to it. Enjoy!