Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Quick Hit: #290 Diesel vs. Harper (UCW)

Wow. This was intense. It's Nick Diesel vs. Quinn Harper, the soon-to-be UCW champion, in a crazy rope match that results in one guy being completely wrecked in the end.

WARNING: I'm going to spoil the match, because there's no way to talk about this video without doing that. I don't think it impacts enjoyment. In fact, I think it heightens it in this case as you watch it all unfold.

Diesel's wild ride

I liked this video, but I made this a "Quick Hit" because there isn't a lot to say. The guys, setting and atmosphere are all familiar, but the UCW chaos dialed up to 11. You either like this kind of thing or you don't. I did enjoy it, watching it in smaller chunks over a few days.

Now, Harper is no stranger to playing the jobber role. He let himself be squashed by the mighty Marcus Ares, but this is an entirely different experience. Diesel has his ropes at hand and they get used a lot. This isn't a total squash, as Harper dominates early and has his moments throughout, but in the end, he gets manhandled and thoroughly destroyed far worse than anything he accomplishes.

Quinn goes low

Quinn controls Diesel

Quinn tries to match Diesel tactics

The last third of this video is one of the biggest beatings I've seen anyone take. It stops being a wrestling match, instead switching over to BDSM territories. The ropes are creatively used, the chair comes into play and Harper is completely helpless as he's punched, stomped and abused.

Diesel knocks Quinn out

When Diesel gets you tied up, nothing is off limits

Diesel hangs Quinn out to dry

Diesel's ... rope crab?

If you're looking for more extreme domination than the usual match, I think you'll like this. Diesel just gets sexier every time I watch him. And Harper is a good sport, going with his role and really enabling Diesel to showcase his ... talents. 

Diesel seems to think that Quinn's ass looks thirsty

Quinn helpless - bound, gagged and slapped

Quinn all wrapped up

Thanks to my Anonymous commenter. I can see why Diesel vs. Axel felt a little soft compared to this match, although I remain a fan. These rope matches are a nice break from the routine, so if you're curious, I'd say check one out!



  1. wow, this is amazing. harper is often the one in control and exercising the abuse. the spider caught in his own web. the hunter becomes the game.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Diesel is an awesome bad boy.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. yeah, very muscled and handy with the ropes. love watching quinn on the receiving end. he may need to add some muscle to back up his bad boy image. looking a little ma nourished next to diesel and in his last match against derrick cole.