Friday, May 6, 2016

Review: Lon Dumont vs. Nicholas Rush (BGEast)

I got this BGEast match as part of Demolition 19 with Ty/Guido and Chace/Jayden. I figure it's like a bonus match. I had no expectations for it at all for a couple of reasons. I've never seen either of these guys in action before. In fact, I don't know much about either of them, in terms of personalities or wrestling ability.

Lon Dumont has been around awhile. I've mostly seen him featured on Bard's blog, as well as a few catalogue descriptions. I have nothing against the guy, he's just never really inspired me to plunk down my hard-earned money to watch him in action. Still, that's more than I can say about his opponent. I'd actually never even seen Nicholas Rush before. If you told me he was making his first appearance, I would've believed you.

Lon wants to outshine his former tag partner

In Lon Dumont vs. Nicholas Rush, there's a bit of a back story. Apparently they were a tag team (vs. Jake Jenkins and Austin Cooper). Dumont is the older, more experienced one. Rush is his young, enthusiastic partner. We start with Rush modeling a new shiny black and purple robe to go with his perfect trunks. He's quite proud of his pro look and I agree. It looks good.

The robe completes the look

Dumont disagrees with both of us. In fact, he doesn't seem sure that Rush is even good enough to be his partner. He wants a match for Rush to prove he's worthy. The young guy is more than willing. He's about a foot taller than his partner, but lanky, lean and less ripped. Dumont is trim, but chiseled. So this isn't a catchweight or anything and could believably go either way.

Okay, I get it. Nice idea. Tag partner feuds are always fun and the added veteran experience vs. youthful exuberance is played out throughout the video.

Both guys look good in the ring in their pro gear. Dumont is in blue and white, including pads and trunks. The match starts fairly quickly, with a series of tests of strength. Rush uses his height advantage to get control, but the older wrestler uses his experience to reverse then dominate. It's very back and forth for most of the match.

The guys strain in a 5+ minute series of tests of strength

Rush uses his leverage to dominate

While I enjoyed the match, I do think it's in the wrong spot. The action (if not the wrestlers) is more Fantasymen than Demolition, with both guys winning falls. The younger stud shows tenacity and talent, matching the older wrestler move for move and submission for submission. If you're looking for a squash, this isn't one.

After the test of strength, the match is pretty quick with action.

Rush is helpless in the hangman variation

Nice counter into a swinging neckbreaker

I always say, target the legs on tall/big guys

There's a nice nelson from Rush with Dumont's legs on the top ropes. It'd be perfect for some post-match stakes, but this isn't that kind of match. That leads to another cool submission move, like a dragon sleeper, but with the older guy's legs hanging on the top ropes.

See? Wouldn't that be perfect for some fun?

Rush keeps Lon hanging on

The older stud's abs have limits ... "I quit!"

In the end, experience wins out with multiple sleepers. He gets to model his cape before he leaves the room victorious leaving the younger stud dazed and confused.

Lon puts an end to the rookie

Lon is a tease ... like I said, it's not that kind of match

So I ended up enjoying this match. The story and action are solid and the guys give a good performance. But enough about my thoughts, what about yours?



  1. I enjoy the fact that thefirst post after your gear post, both combatants are wearing robes!
    Anyways, as this was your first introduction to Mr. Dumont (and I have yet to se this particular match) but is he talkative and keeping an ongoing dialogue while the action goes on? Lon is by far one of my favorite "talkers" during a match.

    1. Thanks! I enjoy when folks appreciate the little things.

      Lon is a talker in this match, mainly putting down his former partner. I don't remember how constant it is, but he definitely talks throughout.