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I tweeted about this on Thursday (follow me @AlexWrestler68), but I decided I'd post on it, too. Until midnight tonight, Rock Hard Wrestling is offering every Dash Decker download for only $13.95.

Check it out here!

If there are any Dash matches that you don't own, this is a great time to complete your collection. Dash is simply amazing and he only did 13 videos for Rock Hard Wrestling. And he's done none for anyone else. Yes, some are better than others, but I think my least favorite Dash matches (KOTR4 and Josh Steel) are still buyable. Especially at that price.

If you've never bought any Dash matches, you probably aren't looking to spend $181.35 on every match. So here are a few suggestions on where to start.

KOTR2: Dash Decker vs. Alex Waters

I've said many times that this is my favorite RHW match ever. It's simply fantastic. This match is what RHW is all about and it stars their two greatest proprietary talents. Unlike Jake, Austin, Z-Man or Ethan, these two are 100% pure RHW.

It has compelling tension, beautiful studs in their prime, great back-and-forth action and five falls that give fans hot, re-watchable moments.

KOTR3: Dash Decker vs. Ethan Andrews

I really enjoyed this one, too. Ethan excels at manhandling big men. Dash excels at both dominating skinny guys and suffering when he's being punished. In fact, as I talked about in my review of his match against Chad Daniels, I think he's likely under-appreciated for his selling ability.

It's another five-fall extravaganza, so it's incredible value for the money.

Dash Decker vs. Gage Cardona

I actually am covering this match on 6/21 as my RHW 1.0 match for the month, so I obviously enjoyed it.

Maybe you're not that interested in back-and-forth. Maybe you want to see Dash use all that muscle and strut like the stud he is. While Gage gets a couple of moments, Dash dominates the cocky rookie for most of the match. Gage proves to be a great jobber who doesn't knows he's a jobber, which just makes his punishment all the sweeter.

Dash Decker vs. Colt Stevens

I've talked about this match before. It's similar to Dash vs. Gage, but there are two differences. Dash is the Terminator here. He's quiet and cruel, silently destroying his unsuspecting prey for reasons that we're not privy to.

This match is also great because of the gear choice. Dash wears a Superman t-shirt, the start of several RHW matches with a superhero-bent. Mainly, it is the only one where Dash wears his famous trunks. They're tight, tiny and spectacular. Dash's ass is awesome (and the front isn't bad, either) and it's never looked better.

Dash Decker/Alex Waters vs. Ethan Andrews/Gage Cardona

If you're looking to see Dash suffer, this tag match is the closest you'll really come. The KOTR4 is low energy, so I don't count it. This match features Ethan in full heel mode and it has a real grudge match feeling. The big menace upended by the cocky skinny tag team. In the end, no one ever did a better job of using and abusing the big guy.

Happy watching!


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