Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Review: Jake Jenkins vs. Frey (Thunders Arena)

Frey: "Aw hell no!" 
Jake: "Austin Cooper?" 
Frey: "No, no, no. Not here. It's Frey." 
Jake: "Frey? What're you afraid of?"

Jake doesn't get the name change and I feel the same way. I've never really understood why Austin is Frey. Yes, Frey is a Norse god, but he's neither famous in pop culture nor connected with strength or combat as far as I remember. Anyway, it doesn't really matter. A rose by any other name, yadda, yadda, yadda. I just found it an entertaining beginning to a great video.

Jake vs. Frey ... just feels right

It's Jake Jenkins vs. Austin Cooper Frey for a third time in a third different company. The first two were great and earned positive reviews from me (RHW and BGE), so how does this one work out? Thunders Arena might be late to this combination, but these two still have their amazing chemistry. The action, storyline and setting all create a unique match that works on all levels.

The surprise and delight on their faces when they meet up is fantastic. Jake is always a natural actor. Seeing these two together again feels like a reunion of old friends. They take a long time to get to wrestling (over 4 minutes), but surprisingly I actually didn't mind. It was fun to see them pose and trashtalk. They play so well off each other that I had a smile on my face while it all played out.

The guys look great. Frey has obviously changed a lot, adding muscle and bulk, while Jake is probably a little slimmer in the waist and broader in the shoulders. Jake questions whether all the new bulk is really muscle and Frey mocks the new tattoo (both guys are right in this case). Fans of smaller gear should be happy. Jake is in tiny posers and Frey wears blue briefs.

Jake wears his poser well

It's a lot of mat work at the start, but there are power moves and submission holds throughout, as well. Jake's famous high-pitched whimpering takes some time to come out, but it's here, even getting mocked by Frey. Both these guys are experts in selling and applying holds, so I was engrossed the entire time.

We see classic action and new variations, all well done with maybe one exception. Frey sells being held aloft by Jake under his ass like it's a bearhug. Not a big deal, but I found it amusing. Sell, sell, sell and the fans will buy, buy, buy.

Frey's a lot more man than Jake remembers

Frey makes his gorilla press count

It might look like a bearhug, but it's not

The action intensifies as the video progresses, moving from mat to living room and back to the mat before it ends with the two studs in the swimming pool. It's back and forth, but one guy does take more control as it goes along. By the end, the eventual loser gets manhandled into the shower, thrown in the pool then put to sleep. The winner walks off mocking the loser with a spectator in tow.

They go at it hard

Frey puts Jake on display

Jake bends the beefy muscleman

During the bout, we see Steel and Travis watching, so it's all starting to come together. We know from Jake's two matches that Marco, Steel, Travis, Frey and Jake were all together. It'll be interesting to see if we get all those combinations playing out. We've already had several. Hopefully Marco, Steel and Travis were taking notes, really appreciating and understanding what makes an all-time great.

Frey loves punishing his rival

Jake works the dragon

Jake's still bendy

Frey has Jake right where we want him

In the end, this was a huge winner for me. I loved it from start to super-hot finish. Even though I own this combination from two other companies, I absolutely recommend adding this to your collection. I waited to watch it, even choosing Jake/Steel over it, and that was a mistake. This is a watch now kind of video.

Hopefully Jake doesn't take another hiatus. After two matches, I like how Thunders is using him and there are plenty of great opponents waiting in the wings. Literally.

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