Friday, August 19, 2016

Review: Jet vs. Talon 1 (Thunders Arena)

More Jet today. This match I'm covering should not be confused with the new Custom Series Jet vs. Talon match. I'll be talking about it tomorrow, but I just wanted to make sure everyone understands that this is the first Jet/Talon encounter (labeled Special Edition).

Jet vs. Talon was thoroughly and lovingly covered by Bard in his May 2016 Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month post (posted here). I thought about just doing two Jet posts and skipping this one, because there isn't much to add and he pulled a ton of the best moments for his post. However, I hate wasting my work, so I re-ordered things and here we are.

Jet might be outmatched in this one

While Bard focused on Talon (and he certainly deserves the love and attention), I'll instead talk about the rookie, Jet. Talon is, of course, as handsome, dominant and simply as spectacular as ever, but visit Bard's blog for more on him. These first three weeks of August are all about the Thunders rookies. Now there's no way to show the match without featuring Talon, but c'est la vie.

Talon is the star of this match and he knows it

Yeah, you're a star

This is the third of the four Jet matches I have watched. I pretty much knew how it was going to go, I just didn't know how it would get there. For rookies, I'm sure it's never easy to start out against established, experienced talent, especially booked in a squash. Talon is comfortable and confident, having done this before. I'd be a little nervous, too.

Jet expresses this same idea as he seems surprised and wary that he's to fight Talon, who assures him it won't be much of a fight. However, the smaller muscleman is up to the challenge and he gets his game face on. The rookie is an adorably handsome muscleman, but noticeably smaller than Talon. Yet another disadvantage.

Both guys start in shorts. Jet wears gym shorts, but Talon is oddly in too tight dress shorts. Either way, Jet's are stripped within seconds and Talon's soon follow. Jet looks great in his blue squarecuts. They're the kind with the pouch thrust out, creating a sexy triangle every time Jet turns sideways. They could hug his ass a little better, but he looks really good.

Jet's adorable: "So that's what you're into?"

Jet hair pulled and fish hooked

The rookie suffers in the big bearhug

Jet starts out competitive for one hold then it's downhill from there. The rookie is a plaything, just there to let Talon show off. The bigger hunk is hair pulling and using a fish hook early on, setting the tone for the complete domination. It appears that Jet's only job is to get dragged, manhandled and crushed. I might've liked to see a little more fight in him, but that's not the story. Fortunately he's pretty good at selling, which keeps you engaged.

In terms of action, expect leg work, scissors, bearhugs and a very nice over-the-shoulder backbreaker. Jet remains defiant, refusing to give and even taunting Talon. That defiance doesn't result in any kind of offense, however. Jet the jobber can only try to withstand the onslaught. With the match being so one-sided, it's a brief one, with 11 minutes of action after 2 minutes of setup.

Mmm, Jet looks great writhing on the floor

A classic Talon move has Jet on his knees

Helpless and hung ... out to dry

Two hot studs in a hot match

In the end, I thought this was good, but if you're looking for this kind of video for Talon, I prefer Talon-Tak if you haven't seen it yet. Better gear, more variety and longer action. As for Jet, he's really an accessory in this match, so we don't get to enjoy him as much as in the other matches I watched, but he's still reasonably good.

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