Sunday, November 6, 2016

Review: Steel vs. Tank (Thunders Arena)

Nobody does muscle on muscle like Thunders Arena and Steel vs. Tank certainly qualifies. They're both big guys, but that's where the similarities stop. Among the many appealing things that made me interested in this video, there are contrasts in their age, size and gear that create inherent and engaging storylines.

This video has two surprises, one of which I liked
and one I really didn't, but overall, I liked it

Steel always looks great. Here, he's in tiny and shiny blue-gold trunks, previously worn by beauties like Big Sexy, Tak and Eagle. I like his attitude, impressed by his commitment to the story. Unlike some guys at Thunders, Steel consistently puts on a great wrestling show, never sloppy, never unselling the action and flexing just the right amount.

Steel is awesome looking and a good wrestler

Looks just as good receiving as he does giving

The appropriately-named Tank is short, but incredibly thick and powerful. He has a muscle bear-vibe, although he's completely smooth. Tank starts out in a red-black singlet, but loses it as the match progresses, getting down to white underwear. The muscle monster turns bright red-purple while wrestling and tires quickly, but there are cuts that seem designed to let him catch his breath.

Tank is a big man

It's not all fun and games - Tank gets controlled

The action is surprising here. Steel actually dominates most of it. I fully expected this to be a tale of the young bodybuilder being crushed by the older muscle monster. That's not what happens at all. Steel shows great skills, while Tank shows power and resilience.

I'm really impressed at how Steel manages to move and control the big muscleman. Even as Tank proves to be literally musclebound, unable to bend with the holds, the younger stud powers through and does a great job of working him. He applies MMA-style arm holds in addition to solid pro and submission wrestling holds. And Steel even strips Tank of his singlet in a humiliating domination move.

It's not completely one-sided. Tank does have his moments and they're good, but they feel brief in comparison to Steel's. He gets bearhugs, scissors and even a gorilla press on the young bodybuilder. Tank laughs at Steel after tripping for him, but it looks kind of silly, given he's immediately controlled again.

The head scissors is one of Tank's best moves

Steel shows off his own power - lifting the muscle beast

Steel gets squeezed

I do have to warn you that there's no winner here. There is a surprise twist that I won't spoil, because the surprise and randomness of it does have entertainment value. However, it is ultimately unsatisfying to see this match end this way. These huge musclemen battle hard, but we don't know if Steel's skill and strength can overcome Tank's bulk and power.

Tank might be the only one who can do this to Steel

Steel impresses by getting
Tank into an OTK backbreaker

In the end, I enjoyed this encounter. The unspoken contrasts between the wrestlers make a powerful narrative for the viewer, while Steel does a good job with his holds and moves, even with the limitation of moving someone as thick and inflexible as Tank. Young muscle dominating bigger and older is hot.

The lack of closure is the only downside. The ending is fun and uniquely Thunders, but it's not hot and it completely took me out of the video.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. What a hot couple of guys. The match was indeed surprising! Steel mostly dominating took me completely off track, specially since Tank looks so much like a beastly machine. Still I found it so awesome when Tank lifted Steel high up in the air like he weighed 50 pounds. Very impressive. But really it was Steel the surprise. He handled Tank rather easily. What about Tanks purple body? Now the ending was totally poopoo. Like you said, it killed the whole vibe. So ill forget about it. Kudos to Steel for a great performance

    1. Thanks for the comment. I can't believe I forgot to mention Tank's purple body, but I definitely noticed it, especially against Steel's pale flesh.

  2. Beauty vs Beast. I too was surprised by Steel's domination of Tank. But he was awesome. Tank is really quite spectacular in his own right, but Steel is beautiful. I hope Thunders does a rematch because the end was quite unsatisfying.

    1. Appreciate the comment. Agreed on all counts, except I'm not sure if I'm in for a rematch. If one happens, I'll have to see how it looks.