Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Review: Chet Chastain vs. Tristan Baldwin (Wrestler4Hire)

I was going to talk about Wrestler4Hire's Garrett Thomas vs. Joey Angel, but Bard beat me to it (reviewed here). He covered it all and highlighted the same things I would have. Since I hadn't pulled any images or written anything down yet, I opted to leave a comment on his post then go in a different direction for this review.

I wanted to stick with Wrestler4Hire, so I picked Chet Chastain vs. Tristan Baldwin because of the talent and unpredictability of it. I really liked Flash LaCash vs. Alex Oliver and might talk about it in January (the rest of my December schedule is complete), but let's face it, you know how that one goes. If you like awesome heel Flash and stunning jobber Alex, you should be watching that video.

Chet vs. Tristan had immediate appeal

Anyway, so what about Chet vs. Tristan? Yes, I liked it, too. It's a fun and feisty back-and-forth basement match. It's sold as a "My Nuts, Bro" video, but fortunately the low blows don't overwhelm the rest of the action. There's a lot of other stuff to love here, especially the charisma of the studs and the chemistry between them.

I will add that it took me to my basement wrestling days with the setting, characters and roleplay. Opening on Chet's boots coming down the stairs while Tristan paces on the mats got me in a good mood right away. It's the same opening to a match as in my Encounters: Flag vs. Flag story and very much the feel of my ideal pro-fantasy personals match. It's kind of what I'd imagine if you hired one of these guys for a private match.

When Chet enters the basement ...

... this is waiting for him

We've got two hot heel-jobbers, but that's where the similarity ends. Chet is a real pro, decked out in boots, pads and trunks. He's changed his appearance, sporting pale skin, light green hair and a few more pounds than his younger days. Of course, Chet maintains his arrogant attitude, looking to kick some cocky wannabe muscleman ass.

Note how Chet's leg is trapped ... nice move

Opposite him, we've got the popular porn wrestling guy, Tristan Baldwin. I've liked Tristan since the beginning. Physically, he's changed a ton over the years, but his attitude remains. Wearing only a tiny speedo, Tristan has packed on bodybuilder muscle, which he loves to show off. He's got the heel-jobber attitude on lockdown. Win-or-lose on the mats, the guy is a winner to me.

It's dragon sleeper dominance

Action-wise, both guys dominate and both guys suffer. There's a clear winner at the end, but I think this is a good showcase for both guys. It's not really pro vs. joe, since Tristan is much more experienced than a joe. With his BGEast and Can-Am time, he has the moves and knows how to work a guy. And so, the wrestling is non-stop, smooth and entertaining.

I did mention that this is a "My Nuts, Bro" video, right?

Tristan's not going out that easy, Chet

Boots > Bare Feet

Tristan's a pro at working a guy's package 

As I said, it's part of the "My Nuts, Bro" series. The low blows often act as the transition, so you should expect that it will be open season down low. However, there are also crabs, camel, dragon and other holds. There's a really nice gut punching series with Tristan holding on for dear life as his rock hard six-pack is pummeled. I think it's a good mix, as I'm not really into low blows.

Like a baby

Just a fraction of Chet's relentless ab abuse 

That's a lot of power pulling on Chet

In the end, these two put on an entertaining match. Their arrogance drives the match while their skills make it all come together.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Loved this one; it was an easy purchase for me. Tristan still looks great after all of these years and I was very happy with who won in the end. :) Looking forward to more matches with him at W4H.

    Great gifs, Alex!

    1. Mike, good to hear from someone who liked the match, too. Thanks for the compliment on the GIFs. They take a little more effort than screenshots, so I'm glad they're worth it.