Friday, January 6, 2017

Review: Jonny Firestorm vs. Calvin Haynes (BGEast)

Jonny Firestorm vs. Calvin Haynes from BGEast attracted my attention right away. I always consider Jonny matches, but it was his opponent that made this a must-buy. Surprising, since his debut was in a pool match, which normally doesn't interest me at all. I didn't even take notice of hunky Calvin Haynes, but fortunately, Bard wrote a great post about his debut ("Come with Me Big Boy"). I took the plunge, so to speak, and ended up liking the video and the rookie.

As fun as that was, I was more interested to see what the handsome hunk could do in a ring or on the mats. After watching this, I can say he does very well. This is a great ring debut for one of BGEast's hottest rookies of 2016. Hopefully BGEast has Calvin locked up for long time.

Calvin brings the hunk and Jonny brings the bash

I like Jonny Firestorm a lot and have since he was a fresh-faced young rookie. All grown up, he looks amazing here as a thick and powerful man. His arms and legs are chiseled and his black spandex pouch is tenting. Jonny is more aroused than I've seen him, expressing in words and actions his desire to have his way with the rookie stud.

Jonny loves three things in this match ...

... his muscles, his bulge and
dominating hot hunk Calvin Haynes

Rookie Calvin is in the ring and he's still hot as fuck. I love his look, his attitude and his ability. The handsome powerhouse impresses in shiny red trunks and a black jock. And I love that Jonny puts his attraction to Calvin right out there and Calvin reciprocates. The beefcake is all-in for whatever Jonny has planned.

I'm a big fan of pro trunks, but I must admit that Calvin's ass look so much better out of them. No wonder Jonny's so worked up during this match.

Calvin is a powerhouse ...

... but nothing is going to come between
Jonny and his Calvins

The two studs admire each other. Right away, Jonny has hungry eyes for Calvin, who doesn't flinch from the attention. It's clear from the beginning that there's chemistry here. Jonny can't stop playing with his own pouch in anticipation of getting the ultimate prize.

The action is fast and furious, with the rookie falling for the oldest trick in the ring. Rookies, right? Anyway, Jonny is relentless as he breaks down the bigger hunk. He starts with the arms, but everything gets worked over during the 30-minutes of wrestling. Of course, big Calvin isn't giving up. He gets three short rallies, but come on, this is a Hunkbash video.

Calvin's not a pushover

But he's completely outclassed

Okay, that's called owning a hunk

There are way too many holds to call out here, but I've made no secret of my love of piledrivers. Jonny gives us two great ones. There's a lot of stiff stomps and punches. The arm punishment is creative and perfect to breaking down the bigger rookie. And there's extra humiliation added throughout.

Calvin's gorilla press and bearhug are impressive, too. However, his main job as the hunk is selling the brutal bashing and he's good at it. He seems to really get it and delivers a balanced performance that suits his look.

I love piledrivers so much

And Jonny gives us two! Yum!

In the end, you should expect one-sided domination, but if that's what you're into, I think you'll be happy. It's classic Jonny Firestorm with added chemistry and sexual attraction. I'm really enjoying Calvin Haynes so far with two completely different but equally hot performances so far. The guys are beefy, hairy, and just plain hot with a look that's unique to BGEast and I love them for bringing us these men.

Jonny gets his way and a nice prize

So that's my take. What's yours?


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