Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review: KARN vs. Joey Angel (Wrestler4Hire)

With so many matches available on Wrestler4Hire at any one time, plus my limited viewing windows, I'm never quite sure which ones to watch, much less review.

I picked KARN vs. Joey Angel. I missed reviewing the similar Joey Angel vs. Garrett Thomas, due to my busy holidays. However, if you're interested in that one, check out Bard's post on it here. It's really good, too.

Anyway, the main reason I chose this is that I like both these guys and they're somewhat unique to Wrestler4Hire, at least in this type of action. This whole video is very W4H from the talent to the action to the fact that there's a story here. So I figured, what the heck, let's talk this one.

Karn shows Joey what a pro can do

Joey Angel is a fireplug, looking great in a white singlet and eventually in small blue and yellow trunks. He's adorable with a cute face and powerful muscles, like some kind of superhero. The total package is a stud who is believably competitive against almost anyone, even a big pro wrestler like KARN.

Joey's got the power and surprising skill.

Joey looks great in anything

One of the tropes in comics is that unstoppable villains become suddenly weaker when they become heroes. Magneto, Rogue and Namor are all great examples of this. So when a big, tough heel like KARN dons pink trunks and a more subdued attitude, it's time to strike. The cliche holds true, as KARN is uniquely vulnerable here to the pint-sized powerhouse.

Now, no matter what he wears, KARN is still hot as hell. The stunning pro wrestler is handsome, lean and ripped. He wears his pink trunks well and his smooth skin looks great, especially when put on display.

Is he waving? Hi, KARN! Yes, we see you, big guy!

Long and sleek, KARN suffers well

This is a light, back-and-forth match. The story is driven by pro wrestler KARN expecting an easy time with muscleman novice Joey Angel as he shows him the ropes, literally and figuratively. The bigger man underestimates his trainee/opponent and things get feisty fast. The novice has the power and the drive to win, testing big KARN throughout.

Nice leg spread

KARN's still a pro

Another big leg spread

Of course Joey isn't the novice he pretends to be, but we learn this along with KARN. The handsome hunk is still the pro, so he takes control, but often loses it, as well. It shares some beats with the aforementioned Garrett vs. Joey, but it's not a copy. The personalities, action and tone are unique. I won't say if the ending is the same or not, but I was highly satisfied at the conclusion of this.

Does the pro takeover this training session?

Joey's got the chops ... can he win?

In the end, KARN vs. Joey Angel works on many levels. The guys are charming and sexy. The action is light, but well-executed. And the story really works between the two.

So that's my take. What's yours?


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