Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Review: #510 Marcus Ares vs Quinn Harper (UCW)

This Marcus Ares vs. Quinn Harper rematch is a UCW "Lost Video". That means it's an Elseworlds encounter where anything can happen. The last time these two battled (reviewed here), the mighty Ares crushed the former champ. From the start, you know it's going to be a totally different story, filmed in a parallel universe where our match never happened.

Muscles and youth mean nothing in Ares v Quinn,
an Elseworlds-style UCW "Lost Match" 

I'm very happy that UCW's handsome hunk Marcus Ares returns in this newly released video, even if it might not be newly filmed. The gear is disappointing ... there are hot body-hugging singlets and then there are body-suppressing singlets. Unfortunately, alternate universe Ares is hidden in the latter for the entire video until the final seconds, but any Ares is better than no Ares.

Ares is magnificent no matter what
universe he's from

Jobber Ares gets punished, suffering nicely

Quinn sports a nice white singlet, proving my earlier point. It's a much nicer choice. In recent matches, Quinn has been looking especially thin, but here he seems to have a little more meat on his bones. Of course no matter what he wears or looks like, Quinn has his amazing heel attitude. The former UCW champ really gets to show his bad boy side in this video.

Evil Quinn is creative and fun

Quinn know what to do with
a gorgeous muscle-jobber

So this is clearly set in a parallel universe. In this world, Ares is young and brash, but not the powerhouse he is in our world. He mocks this Quinn as an old man, but this handsome hunk is poorly prepared for the brutality of any universe's UCW action. He gets taken down fast and hard with cheap shots then manhandled like he was a 98-lbs weakling.

If you've read an old wrestling story called Squash Job (which I linked to HERE), this match has a very similar feel to start. Not in the action - this is UCW, after all - but Ares reminds me of the big, macho, more attractive stud in college gear, while Quinn brings to mind the skinny, surprisingly skilled Professor Pain.

Quinn's thumb goes exploring

The big jobber gets mauled by the sinister heel

SPLAT! Evil Quinn gets creative in his
demolition of Jobber Ares

This alternate universe Quinn savors the control that our world's Quinn never got to enjoy. He knows not only how to take a big, strong man down, but what to do to keep him down. There's a pure, malevolent joy in Quinn's control. He goes low and cheap a lot. Expect a very-UCW squash job and only you know if you like this kind of action.

In the end, Jobber Marcus' muscle means nothing

Only at the end do we get to see
more of this Marcus

In the end, this match is definitely unique in the Ares catalog. It's your call whether you want to see him wrecked or not. I did and I enjoyed it, for sure. I would've loved a more flattering singlet and for it to come down earlier, but that's a minor complaint. Everything else worked in this parallel universe (re-)match.

So that's my take. What's yours?


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