Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Review: Bryan vs. Dante Rosetti (BGEast)

We're stepping into the wayback machine on this one from BGEast. Bryan vs. Dante Rosetti is a wonderful pro vs. joe video that is a classic, in my opinion. A friend only told me about this video fairly recently, but it's one that I have subsequently VOD'ed and really, really like.

I will be SPOILING this video. There's simply no way to talk about it without SPOILING the outcome.

Wait, why is big Dante trapped?

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

Dante Rosetti is a classic heel that I really like. It's kind of surprising he'd be a favorite, since all of his videos were released before I even started buying BGEast videos. However, his 12th and final released match was a destruction of Brad Rochelle and Brad is the man who got me to risk buying a wrestling video from a random company when both e-commerce and I were still young. So because I loved Brad, I bought Brad Rochelle vs. Dante Rosetti, which made me a Dante fan.

The dark-haired heel is handsome with a flawlessly smooth, majorly muscled body. He's listed at 5'11"/210-lbs, but so many guys are short in our world that he played a big, nasty heel really, really well. The guy was one of the baddest, toughest monsters I encountered when I first started watching videos.

Simply gorgeous.

Ooh, that backside is beautiful, too.

Conversely, Bryan is not a guy I ever checked out. No one ever showed me one of his videos. He's never gotten blog coverage that I can remember. And so, he was a mystery to me. I do know (or think I know) that Bryan was a working pro wrestling for BGEast long before it was a thing to do. And I always thought that he was a jobber. That was all I knew.

Solid and strong, Bryan's body is a reflection of his hard work to build a pro wrestler's body. In classic black, it makes a nice contrast to Dante's gym-built look. And that contrast helps set the "pro vs. joe" storyline here. Dante is a guy who looks like a powerful badass. Bryan is a guy who is a powerful badass.

I love this hold.

Bryan: "What do you say? I wanna hear it!"
Dante: "I give!"

As you've figured out, this match is a 99% squash. I expected that. However, this match is also the exact opposite of what I expected. See, Bryan squashes Dante. And fairly easily, too. Dante only gets a couple of very short-lived rallies. The pro wrestler takes the handsome heel down and keeps him down. He submits him and pins him, treating him like a chump.

Bryan is relentless in his assault.

Even the cameraman is treating the helpless and
humbled heel like a pathetic jobber.


How does Bryan flip the script? This is what makes it such a classic. Bryan methodically takes out Dante's legs. The assault is relentless and brutally effective. I love watching the pro humble the big man by breaking him down slowly and surely. There's just something about it that's so smart and hot. Too many matches jump around randomly, but this match has a clear inner logic and flow to it.

With this kind of match, you don't just watch it. You get immersed into it.

Pro > Joe

Big Dante's still presenting that ass for us

In the end, this is a brilliant breakdown of a nasty, macho, gorgeous muscleman by a more experienced, more talented pro wrestler. You just don't expect to see a brute like Dante whimpering and suffering like this. Using a focused, targeted attack, Bryan exposes Dante as a fraud and it's just incredibly hot.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Watching that sexy stud Dante being destroyed - -it has NO EQUAL!!

    1. Thanks for the comment. It's definitely really, really hot.