Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Review: Beast vs. Kid Dynamite (Thunders Arena)

Full disclosure: This video was provided to me by Thunders Arena.

I'm back with Kid Dynamite's second match with Thunders Arena. Beast vs. Kid Dynamite gives us another chance to see if the new bodybuilder is for real. He did well in the ring against Eagle, but now he's on the mats facing one of the toughest studs there is. How does it go?

Look at those tummies ... two musclemen
taking a flex break.

Beast just keeps getting better. The guy has added muscle and kept that beefcake look. The dusting of fur is still there. And we see more of his personality. I love how easy he is in front of the camera. The blue squarecuts are painted on and really suit his body.

Big and beautiful Beast...
now with added fur and even more beef.

Kid Dynamite is back in the same shiny squarecuts that I loved so much in his debut. They really compliment his body. Physically, he's big and pumped, bringing a bodybuilder look to the mats. The guy is arrogant, but not heel-ish. He's just worked hard to build his physique and knows he's got power and skill. I like how he won't back down and doesn't give up.

The talented rookie makes a credible foe for big Beast

There's a storyline here. Yes, it's big men battling. It's pro vs. muscular joe. But it's also competing trends. With his sculpted muscles, smooth body and overly-coiffed style, Kid Dynamite is hanging onto the metrosexual vibe, while hairy, hunky Beast is in step with the current lumbersexual craze.

We open on Beast trash talking guys like Kid Dynamite. When the rookie gets his chance, he responds thusly ...

I hear The Beast is talking trash about me. He's jealous of my $50 haircut and my perfect beard. He should be more worried about those douchebag tribal tattoos he's had since high school.

Ooh, snap.

And so, the battle is on and it's great. It's back-and-forth, with Kid Dynamite being much more competitive than I expected. He's strong and resilient, but also quick to throw down and grapple. I like how he reverses things with legitimate takedowns. I assumed Beast would dominate, but he doesn't. Once it got going, I really didn't know who would win until the end.

Beast is awesome, but the news continues to be how he is proving to be one of the best action-sellers among the powerhouses. It's impressive how he sells his opponent's moves and works to make the rookie look great. And just as impressive is how Kid Dynamite manages to alternate between being arrogant and vulnerable at just the right times. It's an excellent performance. The bodybuilder is a natural or has acting experience I don't know about.

Butt slam!


The action is awesome. There's mat grappling, big takedowns, headlocks and leg holds. There are battling bearhugs, full nelsons, and scissors. With just the second move in the match, Dynamite locks on a 60-second full nelson that has Beast red, writhing and moaning. Beast's added muscle has him breathing hard and sweating fast.

I've said it before, but Beast knows
how to make a headlock exciting.

60 glorious seconds.

Can Beast match the rookie's power?

Among my favorite holds, Beast unloads three over-the-knee backbreakers in a row, finally keeping the bodybuilder suspended for added punishment. I love that he uses one of my favorite holds, a dragon sleeper that shows off the rookie while dominating him. And adding squats to the lengthy hangman couldn't be better.

I need a whole paragraph for Kid Dynamite's camel clutch. The rookie locks on one of the best ones I've seen beefy musclemen do in a long while. It lasts 30 glorious seconds. Beast deserves credit for going with it beautifully, letting his body go limp and be bent up and back. Too often the big guys default to the phony baloney "Steiner Recliner" style where the victim could easily free himself. It's a terrible version. Not here. This one is great to see, especially when Dynamite leans in and demands Beast tap. Just brilliant.

Beast goes next level.

You can never go wrong with a dragon.

Now this is a camel clutch.

In the end, this was another winner for me. Beast looks great, his hotness only accentuated by his added muscle, body hair, and sweatiness. Kid Dynamite cements his rising star status, holding his own against one of Thunders' Arena's current best. The long-held holds are perfection, especially the camel clutch, which is actually done right.

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  1. Yes. Finally able to see this one. Oh wow. KD was somehow even better here. I say that, with a lot of thought. The reason? I prefer the ring matches. Mat matches are for me a hit or miss, mostly misses. The guys are more tentative, and careful and less active. Of course the first two probably has a lot to do with not wanting to get hurt, and it makes complete sense. The third reason, I don't know why. But these two amazing performers made it work. No. THEY ROCKED IT. KD brings that amazing attitude and gear, and body. BEast, was a Beast. He brought the A+ game. These two had chemistry. Ill be honest, for a couple of moments, KD had a little twinkle in his eyes showing or appearing to have real dislike for Beast. Its almost like he really wants to go harder but its holding back. I saw it also with Eagle but here, specially with the antagonistic aspect of the storyline it was even more pronounced. And BEast looks sexy sexy sexy. He doesn't just bow to KD in the hot body contest. The video is actually better than the pics and gifs, and that doesn't happen always. BEast displays KD's super sexy muscle bpdy multiple times. ITs really hot. Its well executed.
    The camera action and the sound was ON POINT. You can hear KD's beautiful moans while dominating and being dominated. He wins the Cavey for moans of the year!
    Anyways this was awesome to watch. Just plain awesome. My wrestling blog I guess will be about Thunders until some of the muscle boys are shown in other productions. This one will be features soon. HOT HOT HOT.

    1. Thanks for the comment. It's a little early for Caveys, but Thunders is definitely taking an early lead with a ton of great entries.

    2. HAHA. It is early. Well I just gave you an idea for a category, best moaning! LOL