Saturday, April 22, 2017

Review: Superman/Mark Muscle vs. Robin/Will Favero (Wrestler4Hire)

Mark Muscle as Superman against Will Favero as Robin is another video that jumped the queue. Probably not surprising. I love superheroes and I like these wrestlers. Wrestler4Hire has been doing a good job with wrestlers in costumes. And the casting is just cool. So I watched it, pulled the images and here we are. So what did I think?

Uh, Robin, point that finger somewhere else.

Mark Muscle obviously makes a great Superman. There's nothing "boy" about him, costume notwithstanding. The guy is huge with comic book hero proportions. He even has the over-confidence I like to see in super-strong heroes. I think he'd actually be perfect for Captain Marvel - the DC/Shazam one, not any of the various Marvel ones. However, I'll take him in  a Super-suit any day.

Mark makes a superior hero.

I really like Will Favero. He's cute and fun with a hot little body. I prefer him in his tiny trunks than this body-hiding costume, but he's still cute. He's good at playing the heel, so this role as an evil Robin suits him. For this video, Will does use a strange voice, which is a little distracting and confusing. I just can't quite describe it.

Robin and his great equalizer

After getting manhandled by Chet Chastain's Superman (reviewed here), Favero tries his hand against an even bigger Kryptonian. In this video, he's Robin, but not the nice guy sidekick. No, he's a devious little punk. This time, he comes prepared with the great equalizer - Kryptonite. There's a little confusion on its effect on Superman (who kind of forgets/ignores that it exists), but it eventually takes a toll, bringing the big man down hard.

Yeah, Robin vs. Superman? Easy squash.

Robin says he has Kryptonite,
but he hasn't proven it, yet.

You are getting sleepy ... thanks to
Kryptonite-infused soap-on-a-rope

Cameron said that the wrestlers have fun as superheroes and that is the case here. This is a fun, spoof style match. It's silly and strange at times, especially when 'Robin' talks. Actually, both studs ham it up, overacting to a ridiculous degree. You can even hear giggling off-camera. In fact, Mark really lets loose on certain occasions, selling the Kryptonite later in the match.  He also sells a series of little pinches that Robin unleashes on him like he was being stabbed.

Robin owns Superman.

You will believe a pinch can hurt.

Mark Muscle really hams it up.

In the end, this is a fun video that is goofy and strange, fun and playful. If seeing a massive Superman taken down is your thing, you will find lots to love here. Just don't expect it feel life-and-death. I do like how Mark Muscle really went with it. Will makes a nice little nasty villain.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. cool post! i'm big into super hero vs villain and cosplay. great sppof- sexy fun.