Friday, May 19, 2017

Review: Jonny Firestorm vs. Christian Taylor (BGEast)

I finally got to the third match from the latest Backyard Brawl video from BGEast. So far, the compilation has been outstanding. In April, I reviewed Carter/Kirk and Karisma/Chace, both matches delivering all I wanted from sexy superstars on the outdoor mats.

So how'd this one go? Is Backyard Brawls 9 a rare trifecta of awesomeness? I think I spoiled that in an earlier review, but if I didn't, the answer is simple. Yes.

Jonny vs. Christian outside on the mats.

Jonny Firestorm is one of the most prolific wrestlers in the business, but also one of the most versatile. He's simply outstanding no matter the role, setting or style. Here, he's hairy and hunky, looking hot in simple white briefs (once the shorts and t-shirt come off). Jonny has his heel attitude and he starts out in his role as a guy who helps keep BGEast going. My story fans know this idea has inspired a similar character in BIGBeast, so I'm all in right from the beginning.

Hairy and beefy Jonny. Yummy.

Just as great on the receiving end. 

Christian Taylor has his own share of videos and I've been liking him lately. Last year's match with beefy Calvin Haynes was especially fun. He has a lean and long look that's pretty unique in BGEast and looks great in his blue briefs. Christian also knows how to wrestle, so I like his confident attitude as he mocks and challenges Jonny to a mat match.

Tall, ripped and lean.

Christian hung out to dry.

This is a feisty mat match, so the action is consistent with that. In other circumstances, this could be a squash, but it's not. Christian puts up a good fight against the uber-heel, so expect back-and-forth. Jonny's working around the yard. Christian's chilling. There's some chatter and in no time, the guys are going at each other hard in shorts and shirts. Of course, they quickly get stripped down to underwear for most of this multi-fall video.

It all starts with some stripping.

The boys quickly get down to business.

A little something for the foot fetishists :)

There's a lot of mat work, grappling and body-displaying moves. I love seeing Jonny locked in a a-ladle, since he's so often the one applying it. Nice twist there. The guys have a good rapport and chemistry that keeps the viewer engaged and enjoying the show regardless of who's dominating and who's suffering.

Long and lean is perfect for an OTK backbreaker.

A reversal of fortune - Jonny's usually on
the other side of a sexy spladle.

In the end, these two stars work well together and deliver a really good match. I liked the action, the guys and the chemistry. This is the only compilation I've VOD'ed from catalogue 118, but it was a really good one.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Jonny always delivered, but I was really impressed by Christian! Might have to check out both of their matches against Calvin. Would have enjoyed just a tad more trash talk and some more high impact moves, but I think the outdoor setting took away from that. All in all, a very enjoyable match

    1. Glad to hear another vote for this one. I think the setting does influence the vibe and they work together. If these two had a rematch in the ring, I think that'd be awesome.