Monday, May 1, 2017

The Cave Unleashed 2: Beau vs. Blake

This story is based on a reader commission

Big Bam's Gym, Harrisburg, PA

"What the fuck? Don't touch my fuckin’ shit! Put it down!"

I'm across the gym when I see Blake, a 33-year old thickly muscled bear-ish badass, quickly move from his bench he's usin' to the one where he set his bag down. The 6'2"/240-lbs beefy, local muscleman never stops starin’ down a younger 6'1"/235-lbs blond bodybuilder from Texas. The younger Texan just happens to be my younger brother, Beau.


Beau is a cocky cowboy, so he just holds the gym bag in the air over the weight bench. Blake sticks out his big tattooed left arm then points his finger down. The silent staredown is intense and electric. My bro doesn't take shit and Blake's a beast. We've only been comin’ here a couple of weeks, but I've met Blake and I know he runs the show 'round here.


With the entire gym full of guys now stopped and watchin’, my 22-year old bro just moves the bag from over the bench to in front of Blake then dramatically opens his hand, droppin' it from shoulder height. PLOP! Ooh, boy. The older bull looks down at his bag on the floor then at Beau. He just nods then glares at the younger muscle. The two men stare each other down.

My name's Toby. Normally I'm the one causin' shit and Beau is the calm one. I'm still the one causin' shit, but not directly this time. I gotta admit that I pushed Beau and Blake into this. See, we picked this gym because it's all muscle guys. No chicks or families. Just raw, basic and filled with testosterone. I knew there'd be a king like Blake here. It's only taken a week for me to set the two of them on a collision course and now I get to sit back and watch.

Me (Toby)

Don't get me wrong. I love my bro, but he needs to be taken down a peg every so often. Even though he's younger, he got the monster genes in our family. I'm normal-size, strong and good lookin’, but he's freaky big. Beau treats me like I'm the kid brother and it's annoyin’ at times. Plantin’ the challenge in his and Blake's heads was easy enough. They're both cocky big boys with egos the size of Texas. Where the fuck is my popcorn?

Blake pulls off his headphones as he orders, "Put it back where you found it, apologize then step away."

My blond bodybuilder bro stares back. He answers simply, "No."

"Did you just say 'no' to me, kid?"

Beau stays calm. He says in his Texas drawl, "Yeah, I did. I'm gonna use this bench and your bag was sittin' on it."

Beefy Blake snarls, "You can wait like everyone else, kid. I'll tell you when I'm done."

Mm, Beau ain't takin' that. He shakes his head, "See, everyone else here might put up with your shit, but I ain't gonna do it. I've been comin' here for two weeks now. You don't rack your weights. You don't even wear a fuckin’ shirt half the time and you don't wipe off the benches. From what I've seen, you don't do any of the shit a man should do. This gym ain't your personal pig sty."

Blake scoffs, "Aw, you afraid of touchin’ some real man sweat? You should drink it up, kid. Maybe it'll put some hair on your tits. What's your name, cowboy?"


The beefy hunk snorts at my brother, "Figures. I'm Blake, but you can call me ‘King’. See, you're confused. This is a man's gym. And it's whatever the fuck I want it to be, newbie. You don't like it? Find another one."

Blake bends down to grab his bag. As he rises, he casually whips his bag out, slammin’ the end of it into Beau's big bulge. ARGH! The big blond bodybuilder reaches for his unprotected manhood, bendin’ forward. Blake lifts his bag up fast and hard, connectin’ with Beau's face. WHACK! The cowboy falls back onto the floor, holdin’ his nose.

I call out, "Beau!" then make a move to help, but not too fast. Blake nods and three of the regulars move to block me. I make a show of callin’ out and tryin’ to move past them, but I don’t really mean it and these guys can tell. I smirk, “Just try and hold me back.” They turn, grabbing my arms and one guy hugs me around the waist. We settle in to see where this goes.

As my bro climbs up, the beefy hunk jumps on his back. He locks on a sleeper. Before Beau can even react, the big blond bodybuilder's muscled arms start to sag. Blake looks around at the assembled group of guys knowin’ what he has to do to keep their respect. He squeezes tighter as Beau starts to fight the hold. I try half-heartedly to push my way past Blake's buddies whenever his eyes turn my way, but they’re glassy at this point.

Within a few seconds, the 'fight' is over. Blake drops the unconscious stud. He signals for three more guys to come over. They know better than to refuse. The three of them grab the big man, two on each of Beau's arms and the third under his armpits. They struggle to lift his dead weight up. Blake pulls down Beau's shorts and jock, exposin’ my bro's large cock and balls. Another area he got lucky over me.

Blake uses his phone to snap some pics then moves in to inspect the merchandise. He slaps it around, even waggin’ the soft cock. That draws a laugh from the assembled crowd. They've obviously seen this before. Rookie mistake from my cowboy bro. Folks told me that no one here messes with Blake, the king of this gym. Everyone said that he does what he wants, when he wants and everyone, even the owners, long ago accepted that.

When he's done, the king squirts some cold water at Beau's danglin' meat, wakin' him up. The older muscleman smirks then orders the trainers, "Help this boy to the locker room to get his shit then escort him out." The beefy hunk grabs the woozy Beau's face, "Your membership is hereby revoked."

I follow to the locker room, but only after makin’ a date with the guy who was hugging me. I could feel his cock getting’ hard. I can't hide my smirk. As I pass, Blake gives me a nod. He gets it.

Unfinished Business

"I don't give a shit, Toby. That fucker cheapshotted me. He fuckin' put me out then took pics of -"

I interrupt, "Beau, you just gotta let it go. They brought us up to Harrisburg to help out on security for their project, not to get in a war with some asshole at a gym. We got more important things to worry about than this Blake guy."

Beau replies exactly like I expect, "Look, I 'preciate the words, bro, but you're wrong. There ain't nothin' more important than a man's pride. Nothin'. But don't worry. It won't stop me from doin' what I need to do. I'll do this on my own time."

I hide my smile and shake my head, "Okay, I know I can't stop you once your mind is made up. But I'm gonna be there to watch your back, baby bro." Beau argues, but I didn't do this to hear 'bout an ass-kickin'. I wanna see if this Blake guy can take my bodybuilder bro. I ain't never seen a broken Beau before, but you know what they say, "Ain't no horse that couldn't be rode, ain't no rider that couldn't be throwed."

The Challenge

The clock says 12:08pm when we pull up outside the gym in our rental car. I insist on goin’ inside alone so things don't get out of hand. I love my bro, but I'm not takin’ on a gym full of muscle guys for him. He agrees when I assure Beau that I understand his message.

When I enter, things go quiet. I march up to Blake. He smirks, "Some guys are gluttons for punishment." I give him Beau's message and I get an invitation in response. I nod, acceptin’ on my bro's behalf. When I tell Blake I'll be comin’ along, too, he looks me up and down, "Dangerous game, Tobe."

I keep cool, "What does that mean?"

Blake smirks, "You know what I mean. It's cool, I like games. You can come along if you wanna join in."

"Like a 2-on-1?"

"Which side would you be on?” I don’t answer, so Blake goes, “No, not a 2-on-1. More like you're the prize, too."

I shake my head, "You don't wanna do that."

Blake raises an eyebrow, "Why not? Your ass doesn't look that flat."

"No. You don't wanna give my brother something to fight for. He's really good."

"So. You want him to win, right?" I don't answer. Blake nods, "Like I said, dangerous game. Just don't tell him. He’ll be sleepin’ while I take your ass, anyway."

I look Blake up and down. I reach out and feel his bulge. He doesn't stop me. Nice. I breathe in then decide to go for it. Losin’ my ass to this beast is worth the risk to see my little brother humbled. "Okay, I'm in."

"See you two tonight." As I turn away, I hear Blake say to an employee, "Looks like it's your lucky night, Zeb. Gimme your keys. I'll be closin’ for you tonight."

The Battle

Ten hours later, we're back. Through the window, I can see Blake in the empty gym, watchin’ my big bodybuilder brother step out of the car. His eyes never leave Beau as we enter the gym. I lock the doors behind me as Beau moves to the back of the cavernous space. In a dark corner out of sight, Beau strips down to simple black briefs, revealin’ his massive muscular body.

My brother is oversized everywhere from his pumped muscles to his big feet and giant hands. While that is all impressive, I smile as Blake focuses on the prominent bulge and plump ass. He's gettin’ hard already as he thinks about breakin’ in this big cowboy bitch. I'm gettin’ hard, too. No matter who wins, I'm gonna be happy.

Of course, the beefy muscleman is no slouch in those departments either, with a huge meaty ass and nice-sized cock. It's one of the reasons I agreed to the stakes. I could handle bein’ fucked by Blake. Of course I didn't tell Beau. If he loses, he won't care, but I'll just say I didn't wanna put any pressure on him and was sure he'd win. If he wins, it'll never come up.

Blake adjusts his black trunks as he watches Beau from the other side of the gym. The tattooed hunk’s big muscles are pumped and ready. He knows he's got the goods to really punish and humiliate the young buck. The beefy bear shuts off the main lights, creatin’ a wall of darkness before he silently moves to the bright mat room.

Blake growls as he paces the mat, psychin’ himself up. Beau showin’ up means he accepts everything - a rough mat match followed by a fuckin’ the loser (and maybe me) will never forget. When all is said and done, the older bull figures he'll have a new muscle toy to play with and he can't wait. I know what he's thinkin’: bodybuilders are all the same, muscle only gets you so far. He figures it's skill that wins in the end. I hope he heard me when I warned him that Beau has skill, too.

From what guys told me while I was checkin’ things out, Blake is normally a casual fighter, able to have fun with any size of guys. They said he has a good reputation on the wrestlin’ sites, even from the huge number of guys he's squashed. It's why I worked to make this match personal.

I'm pretty proud of how I got Blake to antagonize Beau into a confrontation then Beau to get in Blake's face. Beau thinks Blake is an asshole and bully. Blake thinks Beau is a young punk who needs to be taught a lesson about respect. You don't come into a new place and try to change the rules. You don't challenge the king in his castle.

Thanks to me, the young cowboy can't wait to dethrone Blake and the older bear can't wait to bring the young musclestud down. And they both wanna breed each other's ass until the other guy begs for mercy. Sweet.

The Match

Round 1

The two studs circle the huge mat, both adjustin’ themselves in their tight black spandex briefs. They bend forward then start handslappin’ as they look for an openin’. Suddenly, they both charge in, lockin’ up fast. They strain and struggle as they push against each other. Beau is clearly stronger, but Blake is a lot of beef to move. He shifts and adjusts, blockin’ the younger stud from gettin’ in on him.

Beau drops then powers forward, goin’ low for a takedown. My brother lifts the bear, topplin’ him. The blond bodybuilder dives on top, but the hairy hunk twists and slides free. The younger muscle stud charges in, but Blake grabs him around the shoulders. He twists and plants Beau on his back. WHAM! The big bear forces Beau's big arm beside his head then pins it with a headlock.

Blake squeezes tight as he presses down with all his weight. The two beasts battle with their legs as the hairy hunk manages to get his feet inside the bodybuilder's thighs. He pulls out, openin’ Beau's legs and stretchin’ his groin with the grapevine. Beau pounds the beefy hunk's side with his free fist, tryin’ to dislodge him. THUD! THUD! THUD!

With Beau's face buried between his pecs, Blake taunts, "Lick that fur, boy! Get a taste of a real man's chest."

Beau growls as he powers his legs closed then bridges to throw Blake over onto his back. The blond bodybuilder rolls with the momentum, mountin’ the hairy hunk. They hand fight for control, swattin’ each other as they look for an openin’. The big bear drives his knee up into the younger stud's back. WHACK! He then bucks his hips up, topplin’ Beau to the side.

The two big musclemen roll up to their knees then face off. Both are breathin’ hard already and sweat is formin’ on their powerful bodies. Beau surprises Blake, burstin’ forward with all his weight and power. My brother barrels through the older hunk, drivin’ him to the mat. The two huge beasts grapple on the mat for control.

Beau remains on top, but Blake works his defenses. He blocks and twists to frustrate the massive cowboy. The big bear grabs the blond bodybuilder's arm, but he powers out. The younger stud grabs a leg, but Blake twists and locks on a body scissors. Beau breaks that then pushes forward, foldin’ Blake in half, but the hairy hunk slips and escapes.

This goes on and on for minutes. Chokes. Armlocks. Headlocks. Scissors. Both musclemen are sweatin’ and breathin’ hard, their intensity only risin’ as they silently battle for dominance. They grunt and growl, cursin’ at every reversal. They break and roll away, restin’ on a knee and facin’ each other. Normally respect would be developed, but not here. The only things that've grown are their throbbin’ cocks and their desire for a dominatin’ and humiliatin’ victory.

Blake pushes off, divin’ at Beau, tryin’ to surprise him. The young bodybuilder is ready. He dodges, lettin’ the hairy hunk land hard on his stomach. SPLAT! The blond cowboy leaps on his back then locks on a full nelson. He presses down, smearin’ Blake's handsome face across the sweaty mat as he grinds his bulge into the bear's meaty ass.

The powerful young stud mocks, "You like sweat so much, lick it up, bitch!"

Blake groans, but he works his knee up under him. With a huge push he flips their 470-lbs of beef over, slammin’ Beau onto his back. WHAM! The blond bodybuilder keeps the nelson and tries for a body scissors, but the hairy hunk bridges then slams his huge ass down onto the cowboy's big package. SQUISH! The impact is enough to allow him to power out of the nelson.

The big bear spins to mount Beau, but the cowboy has his legs up. My brother reaches up and grabs Blake's head, forcin’ it down between the thick tree trunks. The hairy hunk's face is pressed into the younger wrestler's oversized manhood as his mighty legs close up for a killer head scissors. Blake cries out as he feels his head bein’ crushed in the powerful vice.

Blake lies on the mat, his neck bent back as his head is crushed. He smells the young cowboy's crotch musk with every breath, his mouth gettin’ a taste of the huge spandex-wrapped balls. The hairy hunk can't pry the legs apart. He reaches for the prominent pouch in front of his face, but my brother slaps his hands away, defendin’ his manhood.

Beau squeezes harder. We can both see Blake's red forehead, veins throbbin’ from the pressure. He knows Blake can't escape his scissors without a cheap shot. No man ever has. The blond bodybuilder focuses and increases the pressure, knowin’ he can win this fall. The hairy hunk tries to get his knees under him, but the weight and power of the powerful young stud keeps him down. FUCK!

Blake taps the thick thigh, signalin’ his surrender. Beau opens his legs and the older hunk rolls onto his back, eyes openin’ and closin’. He curses then sits up. The cowboy spreads his legs then rubs his package.

Beau says, "You like that, bitch? You're gonna be suckin’ on it again real soon."

"Fuck you, you little shit."

My brother laughs, "Naw, I'll be the one doin’ the fuckin’. There's a new king in town."

Score: Beau 1 - Blake 0

Round 2

The two studs circle the mat again. Both guys look more focused. I get it. Beau wants to end this in three rounds and really humiliate the big bear, while Blake wants to get back on track. He wants the young bodybuilder to pay for comin’ into his house and tryin’ to dethrone the king. The older hunk smirks as he sees the big cock tentin’ Beau's trunks and his bull balls wrapped up tight. If push comes to shove, there's always a way for a guy like Blake to bring a muscle stud to his knees.

The blond bodybuilder follows the big bear's eyes. He remembers last fall, havin’ to protect his manhood. Beau warns, "Don't even try it, you dirty bastard."

Blake snorts, "Grow up, boy. This is a man's fight. You can't handle it, just surrender now."

The blond bodybuilder starts to respond, but Blake uses the openin’ to dive in. He spears Beau into the wall. WHAM! The thickly muscled hunk backs up then drives his foot into my bro's ripped abs. THUD! The blond bodybuilder bends forward, allowin’ Blake to get Beau in a front facelock. He squeezes then lifts, wrenchin’ the cowboy's thick neck. ARGH!

The handsome bear pulls and turns, flippin’ Beau to the mat. WHAM! The tattooed hunk lands on top, crushin’ the cowboy under his 240-lbs of beef. OOF! Blake mounts the chiseled muscleman, wrenchin’ up on his neck with the facelock. Tryin’ to counter, the younger stud pounds on Blake's body. THUD! THUD! THUD! The force is enough to distract Blake. Beau pulls his head free then throws the big bear off him.

Blake kicks out, hittin’ Beau in the abs. THUD! The cowboy ignores the shot, chargin’ in. The hairy hunk dodges, twistin’ to the side around the divin’ stud. He grabs a leg as he mounts the bodybuilder's broad back. The older hunk pulls up, lockin’ on a single leg crab. He sits back, usin’ his 240-lbs of beef to control the muscular blond stud.

Beau groans as his back is tested, but he uses his incredible power to push up while kickin’ out. Blake is thrown forward, stumblin’ onto his knees. The two studs rise and turn then dive at each other, smashin’ their massively muscled bodies together. BOOM! They fight for control, lockin’ hands. They grunt as they struggle for dominance.

The test of strength has their muscles poppin’ and the sweat buildin’. The younger muscleman starts to dominate, overpowerin’ the beefy bear. Blake senses it, but he manages to slip his leg behind Beau's and push forward with his 240-lbs of manly muscle. The blond bodybuilder is slammed down, winded as the hairy hunk splashes down on top of him. WHAM! SPLAT!

With Beau momentarily stunned, Blake reaches down and grabs hold of the giant balls. He squeezes and tugs on them, "You're in my house, boy. I do what the fuck I want. These are mine. I fuckin’ own them, just like I own you."

The cowboy muscleman growls then throws the beefy bear off him. He rolls to attack, but Blake is out of reach. They rise slowly, starin’ each other down. The older muscleman is smirkin’ as my bro shows his anger and frustration. They lock up fast. Beau quickly shows his power, tacklin’ the hairy hunk down onto his back with authority. WHAM!

Beau moves in on top, so Blake wraps his legs around the younger stud in a defensive move. He squeezes as Beau fights to lock on an armbar. The older hunk uses the blond bodybuilder's grip to pull himself up and Beau forward. He throws his free arm behind the cowboy's head, pullin’ his head down into a front headlock.

Blake hammers Beau's broad back with his forearm over and over. THUD! THUD! THUD! The big blond bodybuilder takes the blows as he plants his hands on the beefy bear's sides. He powers out, pullin’ his head free. The cowboy fires a series of fists into Blake's stomach, poundin’ it hard until the scissors breaks. POW! POW! POW!

The hairy hunk brings his foot up, usin’ his leg to push Beau off him. He reaches out and grabs Beau's leg, lockin’ his opponent's ankle under his arm. The younger stud groans as his leg is wrenched in the powerful hold. He manages to kick with his other leg, breakin’ free. The cowboy rolls to his hands and knees, losin’ sight of Blake for a moment.

From behind, the hairy hunk seizes the opportunity. He moves in behind Beau then yanks down the black briefs to the knees. The blond bodybuilder is startled, givin’ Blake the chance to spank his magnificent ass. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The cowboy immediately spins, but he wobbles as his legs are locked in the tight black spandex wrapped around his thighs.

Blake dives forward, clotheslinin’ Beau to the mat. The beefy bear mounts the cowboy facin’ down his body. He pins his shoulders with his shins, sittin’ on the young stud's handsome face and diggin’ his huge gluteus down. The hairy hunk unleashes heavy fists, poundin’ on the huge pecs. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Beau tries to throw him off, but the beefy bear responds with a stiff slap to his exposed cock. WHACK! The cowboy bucks, but his legs are still trapped by the black briefs. Blake unleashes some stiff punches to the ripped abs. POW! THUD! POW! Every time the younger muscleman tries to get free, his cock is assaulted with hard and humiliatin’ slaps. WHACK! WHACK!

Blake notices the cock stiffenin’. He taunts, "Yeah, that's it boy, get hard for daddy. Feels nice bein’ owned by a real man, doesn't it?"

The cowboy roars and throws his body to the right, topplin’ Blake off him. He moves to pull the trunks up to free his legs, but the hairy hunk uses the distraction. He dives in, elbowin’ Beau in the head. CRACK! The handsome cowboy is stunned, givin’ the beefy bear a chance to drag him to his feet. Beau struggles as he's pulled up, his legs still held together.

Blake lifts his knee into the younger muscleman's abs. THUD! OOF! The hairy hunk grips Beau's hair and pulls him up into a full nelson. ARGH! He squeezes hard, tryin’ to collapse the broad shoulders. The blond bodybuilder ignores the pain. He knows he needs his legs to win, so he shakes his hips, tryin’ to work the trunks down.

The older muscleman realizes what he's doin’. He kicks the back of his knees, droppin’ the big man down. Blake leans into the nelson, usin’ his superior position to amplify the pressure. He puts his 240-lbs of beefy muscle into it. Beau groans as his neck and shoulders are forced to bear the weight of the mighty hunk.

Blake shakes the nelson, feelin’ Beau gettin’ weaker under him. The blond bodybuilder's arms flop and flail a little easier, losin’ their pump and power. Still, he won't give. Without warnin’, the older hunk releases the nelson. He kicks the cowboy in the back, drivin’ his face into the mat. SPLAT!

As Beau writhes at his feet, the hairy hunk bends down then peels the trunks from around cowboy's legs, strippin’ him completely naked. He mounts the big bodybuilder, draggin’ him up into a camel clutch. The beefy bear powers Beau into another full nelson as he is bent up in the camel.

Blake squeezes and pulls back on the massive muscleman. He hears the moans turn to whimpers as the naked blond stud suffers. Beau fights, but he can't take the pain. He moans his submission, "I give."

The beefy bear gives him a sharp pull backwards then releases his victim. He stays seated on Beau's bare ass, enjoyin’ the view of the massive muscleman. The cowboy writhes under him, workin’ out his shoulders. Blake leans forward then stretches out on top of the younger stud. He grinds his bulge into Beau's bare ass then whispers in his ear, "You're done, boy. You're just too dumb to know it."

Beau bucks up, angrily tossin’ the laughin’ bear off him.

Score: Beau 1 - Blake 1

Round 3

After a rest and stretchin’, the guys are up and ready to go again. The naked Beau angrily stares down the bear. Blake laughs, "Save the stink eye, boy. This is a fuckin’ man's game." He adjusts his trunks, reachin’ in to shift his junk. It's a psychological ploy to emphasize that the blond bodybuilder lost his trunks, stripped by the older muscle bear.

They circle. The angry cowboy suddenly just bursts forward. He grabs the shocked Blake by the bicep and pec, runnin’ him back into the wall hard. WHACK! Beau lifts his knee into the beefy stomach. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The older stud collapses forward then gets pulled into a big bearhug. The younger stud squeezes and shakes, breakin’ the beefy bear down fast.

Blake struggles to maintain focus as he's mauled by the mighty muscleman. The younger stud's anger has him stronger. Beau shrugs off blows to his shoulder as he crushes the older hunk in his arms. ARGH! The hairy hunk goes weak in the crushin’ vice, but he manages to swing his elbow up and over, smackin’ Beau across the temple. CRACK! The blow is enough for the beefy bear to break free.

Beau quickly refocuses, but as he reaches out, Blake grabs his arm then flips the naked bodybuilder to the mat with an arm drag takedown. WHAM! The younger muscleman rolls with the flip, movin’ to a crouch. His athleticism surprises Blake, enablin’ him to catch the beefy bear off guard. Beau dives in, tacklin’ Blake down to the mat. WHAM!

Blake tries to wrap Beau up again, but the blond bodybuilder grabs him behind the back. He shows the extent of his power by liftin’ the hairy hunk up, right into another bearhug. ARGH! Once again, the two musclemen struggle, with the younger stud in control. He blocks every counter with a hard shake or crushin’ squeeze. The beefy bear's arms drop to his side.

Beau runs Blake into the wall, splashin’ onto his with his 235-lbs of rock hard muscle. SPLAT! The hairy hunk goes limp as he's sandwiched between the wall and the massive body of his younger opponent. The cowboy backs up then pounds on the beefy body, pepperin’ it with hard fists. THUD! POW! THUD! Blake tries to block the punches, but he can't resist the impossible force of the angry stud.

Blake collapses forward, gettin’ locked in a front facelock. Beau grabs the side of his trunks, "Glad y'all still have these on. Makes this a lot easier."

Beau pulls on the trunks, flippin’ Blake over with a snap suplex. WHAM! He sits his bare ass on Blake's face, buryin’ the hairy hunk's handsome face so deep that he feels his beard rub on his hole. The younger stud starts firin’ away with body punches. POW! WHAP! POW! Blake bucks with every shot, but he can't resist the power of the fists.

The cowboy loves the feelin’ as Blake gasps onto his hole, every breath filled with the smell of his musk and taste of his sweaty crack. Beau stops the punches, reachin’ down for the tight black briefs. He tries to work them off, but they're tied tight and Blake's ass and hips are too big. While the cowboy pulls on the string, Blake enjoys the break.

Suddenly, Blake uses the distraction of his double-knotted trunks to buck up. He topples Beau to the side then grabs behind the thick legs. The beefy bear dives and rolls, foldin’ the younger bodybuilder over in half. The hairy hunk locks his legs, openin’ them up and Beau is trapped in a tight spladle.

Beau struggles against the hold, but Blake's 240-lbs of beefy muscle holds him securely in place. The force on his neck grows as his cock dangles down all the way to his chin. The hairy hunk taps the big balls, mockin’ the younger muscleman. He taunts, "I told you that you're mine. Now, what am I gonna do with you, boy?"

The cowboy fights, but it's futile. Blake smacks the danglin’ cock around, laughin’ at the helpless bodybuilder as he groans. The beefy bear suddenly reaches his free hand up then slams it into the younger stud's exposed taint. WHACK! ARGH! Blake does it again and again. WHACK! WHACK! The cowboy's entire folded body convulses.

Beau has no choice, he submits. "Ahhhh! Fuck, I give!"

Blake releases the hold and Beau's legs snap to the mat, still spread wide. He punches the mat as the beefy bear rolls to mount him in a schoolboy pin. He flexes over the blond bodybuilder, showin’ off his thick muscles.

Blake reaches to the side, grabbin’ Beau's discarded trunks. He wipes the sweat off his body with them then slides them into his own trunks. Once he's got his crotch sweat on the trunks, he shoves them into the cowboy's mouth. He smirks, "Just a taste of things to come, boy!"

Score: Blake 2 - Beau 1

Round 4

"You're lookin’ tired, cowboy. All that fake muscle wearin’ down."

My brother just stares at the beefy muscleman. The older bull is cocky now that he's winnin’. He's not showin’ any effects from the previous rounds. The naked cowboy re-focuses. There's obviously a reason Blake is king of the gym. He's clearly earned the title and he isn't gonna go down easily.

As they circle, Blake smirks, "Fuck, that ass is sweet. Pushin’ you into this was the best thing I ever did." The blond bodybuilder freezes. The bear laughs, "Yeah, that's right, boy. I had my eye on you from the minute you first walked in. Everything up to now is all on me. You idiot bodybuilders are all the same."

Oh shit, I love it. Beau suddenly realizes that he's been manipulated. Best part is that Blake just took all the credit/blame for this. Good. If things blow up, it'll be impossible for Blake to ever believably pin it on me. Beau gets how Blake goaded him into this fight, just not why. In my brother's eyes, this guy isn't just an asshole, he's a smart and devious asshole.

The big bear is fondlin’ his junk in his black trunks. He's so fuckin’ proud of himself. You can just tell that he loves the look on Beau's face, thinkin’ of my brother as a moron muscle guy. If Blake thinks Beau is one those idiots who thinks with their bodies, he's in for a surprise. The cowboy is pissed. Yeah, it helps me stay innocent, but it'll also motivate Beau to win.

Blake moves in, seizin’ the advantage while the cowboy is distracted. Beau moves to lock up, but the beefy bear kicks out, drivin’ his foot into the ripped abs. THUD! He adds a club to the back of the head then a knee lift to the face that sends the younger muscleman flyin’ backwards. The blond bodybuilder stumbles back, wobblin’ on his feet.

The hairy hunk moves in. He grabs Beau by the hair, usin’ it to trip him to the mat hard. WHAM! Blake smirks as he towers over the big bodybuilder. He stomps the ripped abs, makin’ the punk feel it. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The beefy bear circles then grabs Beau's ankles. He lifts the legs then puts his foot between them, pressin’ down from the oversized balls to the huge cock.

As Beau writhes, Blake's mocks him. "You're not gonna be needin’ these as my bitch, boy. From now on, you're just a fuckin’ fat ass and pretty mouth for me to fuck."

The handsome cowboy bends his legs then thrusts them out. Blake is caught by surprise. He flies backwards into the wall. CRASH! Beau rolls across the room, tryin’ to focus. He rises to his knees. The hairy hunk moves in fast, but he gets a shoulder to the gut. WHOMP! OOF! Blake staggers back, allowin’ Beau to rise.

The two studs circle. The cowboy walks with a bit of a limp as he massages his manhood, givin’ Blake a smile. The beefy bear doesn't plan to let Beau recover, so he forces the lock up. He tries another kick, but as soon as his foot leaves the mat, the blond bodybuilder pushes hard. With Blake on one foot, he loses balance. The cowboy easily pushes him into the wall. CRASH!

Beau drives in with a knee lift to the stomach. THUD! OOF! As he pushes Blake up, the older muscleman grabs his arm and spins them, reversin’ their positions. WHAM! The beefy bear starts poundin’ away on the ripped torso. POW! THUD! POW! Beau tightens his abs and flexes his chest, takin’ the abuse. He throws his arms forward, powerin’ through Blake's defenses and shovin’ him.

The beefy bear falls onto his ass. PLOP! Beau moves in, but a kick backs him off. Blake rises to his feet noddin’. They only complete half a circle before they're movin’ in again. This time, the younger muscleman goes in low. He wraps his arms around his opponent's thick legs then squats up, liftin’ the shocked muscle hunk over his shoulder.

Before Blake can react, Beau bends forward, whippin’ the beefy bear down to the mat fast. WHAM! The hairy hunk lands hard on his neck and shoulders, stunnin’ him. The cowboy leaps around, droppin’ his shins onto the older muscleman's shoulder while plantin’ his ass on his face again. This time, Beau grabs his meaty cheeks and spreads them wide, makin’ sure he sinks as deep as possible.

Beau starts in, poundin’ the thick body before him. THUD! POW! THUD! Blake convulses under the younger muscleman. He bridges his hips, but the cowboy pounds them back down with hard fists. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! The hairy hunk moans as he's pounded. He finally gets the focus to throw his body to the left, topplin’ Beau off him.

Blake rolls to hands and knees, but the younger stud is showin’ his resilience. He grabs behind the hairy hunk then pulls him up into a reverse bearhug. The big blond bodybuilder squeezes hard, crushin’ the thick midsection as he pulls the beefy bear into him. He shakes his victim, makin’ him feel every throw as he breaks down the powerful body.

Beau says, "That spandex ain't gonna protect your ass for long, bitch!"

Blake growls. He ignores the pain then throws back an elbow. CRACK! The hairy hunk breaks free. He spins, but Beau is ready. The cowboy scoops the 240-lbs of beef up across his chest then brings him down in a big over-the-knee backbreaker. KRAKABOOM! The blond bodybuilder holds Blake on his leg, the thickly muscled hunk moanin’ as he hangs helplessly on the younger muscleman's leg.

Beau reaches down then undoes the knot on Blake's trunks. The beefy bear convulses, but the cowboy holds him in place. He mocks, "I've rounded up calves with more fight that you, bitch. Y'all ain't gettin' free 'til I'm done with this."

The double knot slides open and the waistband of the briefs stretches as Beau reaches his hand inside. The cowboy fondles the hairy hunk's junk, checkin’ out the goods. Blake starts to thrash, finally slidin’ off the leg. Beau's hand slips out as Blake lies on his side before him. The older muscleman reaches down to adjust his trunks while Beau rises.

From a crouch, Blake leaps to tackle Beau, but the blond bodybuilder backs up just enough. The beefy bear misses, landin’ on his hands and knees before the younger muscleman. Beau reaches down then forces Blake's head between his legs. He closes up and squeezes on the standin’ head scissors.

Immediately, Blake is cryin’ out in pain as his head is crushed between the two pillars of granite. The beefy bear's body goes limp, his hands restin’ weakly on the thick thighs that are crushin’ his head. He pounds on the muscles, but it's no use. They're too strong and not even close to budgin’.

Blake groans. The pain is so intense that he almost blacks out. Realizin’ he has no choice, the hairy hunk submits, tappin’ the thick legs. Before the legs open, the older muscleman loses consciousness. As soon as he goes limp, Beau opens his legs. Blake collapses at his feet. The big bear doesn't move as he lies there, unconscious.

Beau smirks then stretches. He looks at the black trunks, debatin’ what to do. Blake stirs. He holds his head, tryin’ to regain his focus. The cowboy kicks him onto his back. The hairy hunk looks up, glassy-eyed.

"Who's lookin' tired now, bitch?"

Blake can't respond still only vaguely aware of his surroundings. He also can't stop Beau as he moves in and peels off the black trunks from the beefy bear, exposin’ his manhood. With the score tied again, Beau moves off and grabs some water, waitin’ for the final fall.

Score: Beau 2 - Blake 2

Round 5

Blake rolls around naked on the mat before finally wakin’ up enough to stand. He uses the wall for support then pounds it hard enough to make a hole in the drywall. Beau just chills across the room, laughin’ at the hairy hunk's frustration. The beefy bear turns to face the young buck, starin’ him down. He smiles and moves in, "I'm gonna fuckin’ wreck you for that, boy."

Beau spreads his arms, "Call me King."

The older hunk balls his fists, but turns away. Suddenly, he spins with a haymaker aimed right at Beau's jaw. The surprise move isn't enough of a surprise and the cowboy grabs Blake's forearm. WHAP! The blond bodybuilder pushes hard on the arm. The hairy hunk loses his balance as he does a 180. Beau grabs him from behind then drives the beefy bear into the wall front first. WHAM!

Beau presses his body on top of Blake's, pinnin’ him with his weight. My brother locks on a hammerlock, "You're a dirty fuckin' bastard and you still couldn't fuckin' beat me."

"Fuck you, this isn't over."

"Wanna bet, bitch?" The cowboy uses the hammerlock to pull Blake off the wall. He shoves him into the wall again. WHAM! The beefy bear bounces back, right into a turnin’ Beau. In one smooth move, the 240-lbs of muscle is lifted across the younger muscleman's shoulders into a torture rack. ARGH!

Beau parades Blake around the mat room, shakin’ and bouncin’ him. The hairy hunk is moanin’ loud, his back achin’ from the killer backbreaker. He's never been lifted like this before and his thick muscles aren't built to withstand it. The heavyweight moans and his big body gets more and more limp with every passin’ second.

The cowboy laughs, "I carry shit way heavier than you around the ranch, bitch. You're fuckin’ done. I finished your cheap ass in one fuckin' move."

Blake whimpers, his entire body wracked with pain. He lasts for another few seconds then he has to give to the backbreaker, unable to withstand the agony ravagin’ his powerful body.

"Give! GIVE! I give!"

Beau drops the limp, sweaty carcass to the mat. He flexes over the naked bear, "Who's the fuckin’ king now?"

Blake pushes the cowboy's foot off his chest and rolls to the side, furious at havin’ lost to the big blond bodybuilder. He can't believe it. Meanwhile, Beau is irate. He says, "What the fuck? You wanna be like that? You got it!" The younger stud starts to stomp the hairy hunk. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! When he stops, he backs off, surveyin’ the naked beefcake on the mat.

"Yeah, you're gonna learn some respect, bitch. And I'm just the man to teach you."

Score: Beau 3 - Blake 2

The Bonus Rounds

Blake moves to his hands and knees. Beau towers in front of him, hands on hips. The naked bodybuilder looks majestic as he looks down on the defeated bear. He says, "Yeah, bow before the new king, bitch."

The hairy hunk says, "Fuck off with that shit. You can fuck me, but I'm still King of this -"

Beau puts his foot between the older hunk's shoulder blades. "I said bow!" He pushes down hard, forcin’ the bearded face down to his other foot. Blake's mouth smashes down onto the big foot. The hairy hunk struggles, usin’ his 240-lbs to topple the winner off him. The cowboy stumbles backwards into the wall. SMACK!

Blake scrambles to his feet. He comes right into Beau's face, "I told you, punk, take your fuckin’ prize, but don't push - ARGH!"

The blond bodybuilder whips his arms around the beefy bear, lockin’ on a big bearhug. He squeezes the thick midsection with his mighty arms, crushin’ Blake. The hairy hunk is exhausted, unable to fight back. It only takes a few seconds of Beau's bone-crushin’ power to have the older muscleman limp in his arms.

Blake whimpers, "Oh fuck, my back!"

"Admit I'm the king!"

"ARGH! You're ... UNH ... you're ..." Suddenly, the beefy bear whips his arm up, slammin’ it into the side of Beau's head. WHACK!

The blond bodybuilder growls. He releases the bearhug then shoves Blake back into the wall. WHAM! As he hits, his head snaps into the drywall hard. CRACK! Before Blake can fall, Beau runs in, splashin’ his massive naked body on top of the big bear. SPLAT! The hairy hunk collapses into the younger muscleman, limp and helpless as his head rests on Beau's shoulder.

The two studs look like they're in a tender embrace, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Beau spins the helpless hunk around then grabs him in a reverse bearhug. He squeezes hard, treatin’ the big beefcake like a giant toy. The blond bodybuilder squeezes hard, leanin’ back and liftin’. As soon as Blake's feet leave the mat, he cryin’ out in pain.

Beau lowers his victim and adjusts his hips. He eases up on the bearhug as he forces his huge cock up into the ass crack between the two massive mounds of the beefy bear's butt. Blake groans as he feels the hard cock pressin’ against his ass. He knows it's goin’ inside him, but he still squirms. The younger muscleman pulls Blake in tight again, positionin’ them in front of the full length mirror.

"Look at yourself, bitch!" Beau shakes Blake, forcin’ him to watch his destruction. His cock flops back and forth as he's manhandled by the younger muscleman. The blond bodybuilder mocks him, "Still think you're a king?"

"UNH! Fuck you, punk!"

"Punk? Watch yourself give to a punk!"

Beau squeezes tighter. He crushes Blake, who's helpless to resist. He moans loudly, gaspin’ for air as his body gives into the power of his younger opponent. The hairy hunk groans. He gets shaken back and forth, feelin’ the cock of the young buck against his ass. He grips the bodybuilder's thick forearms for support, squeezin’ them to fight the pain.

Both men are sweatin’ as they struggle, their massive muscular bodies shinin’ under the bright lights. Blake rolls his head up, lookin’ at himself in the mirror. He locks eyes with Beau behind him. The hairy hunk can't deny him dominator any longer. He moans, "I give. Give. Give."

"Admit I'm the king!"

"Let me go! C'mon, man!"

"Man? Better than boy or punk, but not good enough. Call me KING!"

Beau tightens up again, puttin’ all his strength into the reverse bearhug. Blake screams out then goes limp in the younger muscleman's arms. The blond bodybuilder lets go, releasin’ the 240-lbs of dead weight to the mat. PLOP! Blake convulses at the cowboy's feet, whimperin’ and holdin’ his midsection.

Score: Beau 4, Blake 2

The dominant muscle stud kicks the limp carcass. He demands, "Watch me flex, bitch." Blake looks into the mirror, watchin’ the younger muscleman flex over his battered carcass. It's humiliatin’ for the beefy bear, but there's nothin’ he can do about it.

Blake rolls over onto his knees. He stretches, feelin’ pain everywhere. With his face buried in the mat, he moans, "Just fuck me already then get the fuck outta my gym." Beau circles behind him. Blake rises up to hands and knees, positionin’ himself to be taken doggie style. The cowboy drops behind him and the older muscleman sighs, "About time."

Beau reaches between Blake's legs. He grabs hold of the loser's danglin’ cock then starts jerkin’ it. The hairy hunk moans as he's milked. He can't help but get hard in the tight grip, his cock swellin’ up to its full size. When he's hard, Blake lifts his head, "Oh yeah. Oh fuck."

The cowboy slowly starts pullin’ back and squeezin’ tighter and tighter. Blake grunts then cries out, "Fuck! STOP! STOP!"

Beau keeps workin’ the cock claw. The hairy hunk's hard cock is pulled back further and further as it's crushed in the steel grip. The older muscleman drops his head, elevatin’ his ass even more as he tries to shift to relieve the pressure. His hard cock is bein’ bent back between his thick thighs and it's the most intense pain he's ever felt.

Blake whimpers, "Oh god, please stop! Please! Oh fuck, you're gonna break it! I give, give, givegivegivegivegive!"

Beau stops pullin’ back, but he holds the cock claw tight. "You know what I fuckin' wanna hear. I will break it. After all, it ain't like you're gonna be needin’ it. All I need is your fat ass and pretty mouth."

The older stud grips the mat, his fingers diggin’ into the soft surface as he bites it, tryin’ to resist the intense pain. He can't. "You're the king. Oh fuck! Please, please. You're the king!"

The blond bodybuilder releases the claw, allowin’ Blake to collapse on the mat. He curls into the fetal position, clutchin’ his manhood. Beau circles, smilin’ as he sees a tear runnin’ out of Blake's left eye onto the mat.

I tell my brother, "Can't believe he set us up. He brought all this on himself. Make him pay."

As we watch the beefy bear recover, the cowboy nods at my words then focuses on his prey. He's tamed a lot of animals in his life on ranches. He knows that breakin’ an alpha stud isn't always easy, but it's necessary.

Score: Beau 5, Blake 2

Blake finally settles down, the pain subsidin’. He rolls onto his back, starin’ at the ceiling. His thick muscles are drained. Beau moves over him. He says, "That was good, boy. Now that you're not king, what're you gonna do different?"

The older muscleman frowns, "What the fuck are you talkin’ about?"

Beau nods. Obviously the hairy hunk needs some guidance. Blake looks up with a questionin’ look, only to get a hard stomp to the chest. STOMP! The younger muscleman reaches down then drags Blake onto hands and knees. The blond bodybuilder steps over his shoulders then grabs his hair. He forces Blake's head up between his thighs in a standin’ head scissors.

As the big muscle stud squeezes, the helpless hunk moans. Beau says, "There are gonna be some changes around here, boy. You're gonna stop bein' an asshole. You're gonna act like a man around this place, even though you're my little bitch. Got it?"

Blake grips the massive thighs. He moans, "Okay, okay!"

"Okay what?"

"Okay, King!"

Beau opens his legs. He lets Blake collapse to the mat. The cowboy sits down then pulls the hairy hunk up between his legs. He nestles the back of the older muscleman's head in his bulge. The cowboy folds and closes up his legs for a figure four head scissors. The beefy bear groans, immediately beggin’ for release.

The cowboy shakes his head, "No. What're you gonna do different?"

Blake struggles in the hold, the pain in his head makin’ it hard to think. He starts spoutin’ out that he'll wear a shirt, wipe off equipment, rack his weights and more. Beau squeezes his legs tighter then let's up with every new thing before squeezin’ again. He smirks as the older muscle hunk admits all his faults and promises to change.

Beau makes Blake beg to be released and the beefy bear complies, knowin’ he's got no choice. The cowboy nods. This former alpha is almost ready.

Score: Beau 6, Blake 2

Blake lies on his back, spreadeagle and unmovin’. He obviously knows that anything he does could set the big blond bodybuilder off. His body is drained, his head is throbbin’ and he can barely move. The older muscleman is nothin’ more than a sweaty beef carcass and I love it.

Beau steps over Blake's waist. He sits down on his stomach. The new king flexes his biceps then looks down at the defeated hunk. He says, "You get it now, dontcha?"

Blake nods, "Yes, King."

"Yeah, you do, boy."

Beau rolls them over, movin’ to his back with Blake between his legs. The loser opens wide, assumin’ he's about to suck his new master off. Instead, the cowboy shifts them. He grabs the hairy hunk's tattooed arm and pulls it forward while wrappin’ his legs around the beefy bear's head. Blake squirms, but he can't resist bein’ locked in the triangle choke.

The loser moans, "Why?" before he starts to gag.

Beau says, "Because I'm the fuckin' king and you're my boy! I do what I want, when I want and you're gonna like it. And I don't want you to EVER forget it!"

The cowboy squeezes, crushin’ the strugglin’ hunk in his powerful legs. Blake convulses and fights, but he can't resist. The blond bodybuilder holds the tattooed arm out tight, playin’ with the pressure to make this last. The beefy bear taps, but Beau doesn't care. He toys with the big man then gives one final squeeze, knockin’ him out completely.

When Beau opens his legs, Blake collapses, unconscious. He naked body looks smaller as he sleeps before his new master. The cowboy rolls the hairy hunk over onto his stomach then admires the huge fat ass. The mountainous mounds are smooth and supple. The handsome younger stud reaches out and fondles them. Perfect.

Final Tally: Beau 7, Blake 2

Beau rises then grabs his phone from me. He snaps some pictures then kicks Blake onto his back for a few more. He rifles through the beefy bear's bag, findin’ his phone. He swipes for the camera and takes more pics, makin’ sure Blake has a visual reminder of this event. I take a few more for him, gettin’ the whole scene. My brother asks for the phone back. The cowboy plants his foot on Blake's chest then aims the camera phones down. With his foot and the loser's hairy chest and face in frame, the blond bodybuilder counts to ten, capturin’ the ultimate defeat.

Payin’ the Price for Losin’

I congratulate my brother as he circles the unconscious older muscleman. Beau thanks me for comin’ and always havin’ his back. I assure him that I'll always stand behind him then add that the tattooed tough guy doesn't look so big now, naked and unconscious on the mat. Beau laughs, "He never looked that big or tough to me."

The big cowboy knows it's finally time for stakes. Beau idly plays with his cock and balls, decidin’ exactly what to do next. I feel myself gettin’ hard. I'd love a piece of Blake, but I resist. Better to stay out of it and let Beau do his thing.

The blond bodybuilder lowers himself down, sittin’ on Blake's hairy chest. He jerks himself over the handsome face until some pre-cum oozes out of his huge head. Beau runs the clear liquid along the unconscious stud's lips before squeezin’ more out in the nostrils. The cowboy moves forward then rides Blake's face. He carefully slides his huge cock into the loser's mouth.

The 22-year old muscleman slides in and out, drivin’ deeper and deeper. Blake gags on the massive cock, wakin’ up coughin’. Blake slowly regains consciousness, but Beau's 235-lbs of muscle keeps him pinned to the mat. The beefy stud opens his eyes, lookin’ at the blond bodybuilder's junk restin’ on his face. He makes a face as he smells and tastes the pre-cum, mutterin’ a quiet, "Fuck."

Beau rubs his cock over the handsome bearded face, leavin’ a trail of clear seed all over. Blake is helpless to stop him. He's still woozy from bein’ knocked out again, but he knows this won't be good.

You just know that the beefy stud can't believe he lost and lost big. He's bein’ a good boy, though. I'll give him credit. He gets that the cowboy is his new king and he knows he has no choice but to play along. Every breath he takes just emphasizes his subservient position thanks to the smell of Beau's pre-cum.

The blond bodybuilder slaps Blake's face with his fat, semi-hard cock. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! He forces the head back into the beefy loser's mouth. Blake holds the head between his lips, unwillin’ or unable to do more. The winner taps the loser's face, givin’ him little bitch slaps.

Beau smirks, "Yeah, you love that, big shot?" The thick muscleman just stares at the cocky younger stud. The blond bodybuilder changes to a darker tone, "You better show me some love."

Blake understands the threat. He suckles on the fat head in his mouth, flickin’ it with his tongue. Beau nods, "Yeah, that's it, boy. You've sucked some dick in your life."

The younger muscleman leans forward into a push up position. He lowers himself, drivin’ his big cock into Blake's mouth. Even awake the beefy stud gags when the fat head hits the back of his throat, recoverin’ as the blond bodybuilder rises. Beau gets into a rhythm as he pushes up and down. Blake continues to struggle, but he has no choice but to take it.

Beau pulls his cock out then moves up. He lowers himself again, his wet cock slidin’ up Blake's face. The cowboy's oversized balls dangle over the beefy stud's lips. He lowers them down and Blake opens wide. He struggles to take one in his mouth then fails completely with the other. Beau backs off, shakin’ his head in disappointment. A look of fear flashes across the handsome bearded stud's face. Beau shows no reaction, but I know my bro. I can tell he's smilin’ inside.

The blond bodybuilder rises then drags Blake up to his feet. Beau flexes, "Drink up my sweat, boy. Y'all ain't afraid of some real man sweat, are you?"

The loser leans in then licks the mighty bicep. Beau lifts his arm then pushes the handsome bearded hunk's face into the armpit. Blake begins to worship the sweaty pit, drinkin’ down the salty sweat of the new king. He grabs the cowboy's muscular body as he keeps goin’, no further encouragement needed.

When the pit is licked clean, Beau drags his boy out into the dark gym. I follow, hidin’ in the shadows. The cowboy lies on the bench that started their dispute, rubbin’ the sweat from his naked body on it. He forces the battered bear onto his knees then makes him lick the sweat off the bench. The bear has no choice, runnin’ his tongue along the slick, moist vinyl.

Beau calls him a good boy then makes him kneel before him. The young king forces Blake to start worshippin’ him again. The beefy bear ravishes the massive pecs then works his way down. He caresses and kisses the mighty thighs that crushed him so many times. The older hunk ends up all the way down, kissin’ the big feet of his dominator.

As his feet are licked and kissed, the blond bodybuilder savors the position he's in. I know he's beaten a lot of guys in his life, but I made this one personal and it shows. Damn I love it when a plan comes together. The older bear was king for so long that beatin’ him and dominatin’ him has Beau's cock rock hard. Satisfied, he allows the hairy hunk to sit up on his knees.

Blake's eyes go wide as he sees for the first time the young bodybuilder's cock at full mast. He gulps and his face shows concern. Beau slaps the handsome bearded face with his massive monster, forcin’ the beefy bear to take his abuse. The cowboy grabs Blake then roughly pushes him to the curl bench. He forces the hairy hunk to bend over the padded armrest.

With the meaty ass up and out, Beau spanks it hard, leavin’ red hand prints. He softens up the huge mounds of smooth flesh, watchin’ as the mountainous cheeks jiggle with every strike. Beau grabs two 100-lbs dumbbells. He asks me to bind them to Blake's wrists with weight liftin’ straps to hold him in place, bent over the padded armrest. I happily comply.

Blake stares at me as I work. I give him a shrug and smirk. He growls, but stays silent. I see Beau off gettin’ a drink, so I steal a kiss with the helpless hunk. He kisses me back and we share a look. I whisper, "Go with it. You might end up likin’ it. Most of his boys do." I give him another kiss then back off as my brother returns.

Beau finger fucks the tight hole, loosenin’ up the former king. Blake moans like his ass is bein’ penetrated for the first time in a long time and I bet it was never in a situation like this. The thick fingers spread him wide as the blood rushes to his head. I hand the cowboy protection from my pocket then quickly move aside. My brother gets into position behind his new boy.

The blond bodybuilder wastes no time, grippin’ the hips then thrustin’ his cock in deep. Blake screams and bucks, but the dumbbells keep him down. Beau starts ridin’ the loser's fat ass, poundin’ it hard. The fuck is brutal as the force moves the bench, even with Blake's 240-lbs and the 200-lbs of weight holdin’ it down.

Beau slams his cock in deep, his pelvis rammin’ into the hairy hunk's huge but soft ass. The empty gym is filled with the echoes of Beau's gruntin’, Blake's desperate moanin’ and the slappin’ of flesh. The younger muscleman stays hard. I know he can go along as he wants. I can't help but work my own cock as I watch from the wings.

Suddenly, the older hunk begs for help. Blake moans that his body is killin’ him. He begs for a change in position. Beau pulls out, allowin’ him to ease up. The helpless hunk gasps, "Oh fuck. Thank you. Thanks." When the cowboy puts his hand on his shoulder, the beefy bear suddenly remembers, "King. Thanks, King."

The blond bodybuilder smirks. He lifts Blake up then forces him across the gym, draggin’ the big dumbbells with him. Normally the weight would be easy, but Blake is in bad shape after the lengthy beatin’. Beau unties the straps from the weights and the hairy hunk's wrists. He forces the loser onto a bench in the squat rack. He lifts the beefy bear's legs, foldin’ them up until his knees are almost to his shoulders.

The straps get tied around Blake's ankles and a metal barbell locked into the squat rack. I weight the bar down until Beau nods, knowin’ that that should keep him folded up. The big blond bodybuilder is still rock hard, so he resumes the poundin’, drivin’ in all the way on the first thrust. He leans forward and slams his cock into the beefy bear's hole.

Blake whimpers as he's hammered. Once again, the brutality of the fuck has him cryin’ out, but there's no relief here. Beau tells him that he can go all night, causin’ the hairy hunk to beg once again, pleadin’ for mercy. The cowboy laughs then resumes the hard fuck. I'm surprised. Beau must be really pissed at Blake. Maybe I did too good a job? Nah.

When he's ready, Beau slides out. He rips off the condom then explodes onto Blake's big fat ass. The load is huge, coatin’ the smooth mounds with hot white seed. When he's done, the blond bodybuilder unties the hairy hunk, but pulls him to the side off the bench. He forces Blake to his knees beside the bench then points at the pool of cum that ran down off his ass.

Without even a word, Blake leans in then licks up the cowboy's hot white cum from the black vinyl. Beau mocks him as he works, "Yeah, lick it up, cum dumpster. Drink in the juice from a real king. You like that, don't you? How's it taste? Tell me you love it!"

As he works, Blake obediently moans, "It tastes great. I love the taste of your cum, King."

Beau pulls Blake off the bench. He's still rock hard, despite cummin’. Without another word, he shoves his cock into Blake's mouth, slammin’ the head down his throat. The hairy hunk gags and coughs as he's savagely face fucked. Beau starts talkin’, tellin’ the former king that he's big old bottom bear now. He threatens to make Blake service every guy in the gym. I think, "Me first, bro!" The loser can only take it as his mouth is used and abused.

After a long hard face fuck, Beau shoots, explodin’ down Blake's throat. Ropes of seed coat his mouth and throat as he struggles to drink it all down. When the cowboy is done, the beefy bear falls onto his ass, exhausted. As he sits there, he sees Beau move in front of him again. When he looks up, he can't believe the younger muscleman's cock is still hard.

Beau smiles down at him then tosses a condom to the floor. "Put it on me, boy."

Blake gulps then goes to work, in disbelief that his torment isn't over yet, but knowin’ that disobedience will only make it worse. When his master is sheathed, Blake hangs his head, waitin’ for instructions. Beau moves in behind him then grabs him under the armpits. He lifts the weak bear up then pulls him into a full nelson.

Beau squeezes, easily collapsin’ the hairy hunk's broad shoulders and forcin’ his face down. Blake stares at his useless cock as he feels the king's cock pressin’ against his hole. He closes his eyes as he's taken again, this time in the wrestlin’ hold. The beefy bear can only watch his manhood flop around as his ass is ruthlessly battered.

The pain of the full nelson is too much for Blake. He cries, "I give. I give, King Beau!"

Beau eases up, but says, "You're fuckin' pathetic." He throws the 240-lbs of powerless beef to the floor. Blake collapses, feelin’ more humiliated than ever. He struggles to rise, but the cowboy is on him fast. He forces Blake down to the floor then resumes fuckin’ him. He slaps on a rear naked choke.

Blake starts beggin’ again, pleadin’ for him not to put him out. The blond bodybuilder tightens then loosens up. As he thrusts his hips, drivin’ his cock into the beefy bear's tight hole, the younger muscleman edges the loser closer and closer to unconsciousness. All the hairy hunk can do is plead for mercy with whatever focus he can manage.

As the hairy hunk whimpers under him, all his pride apparently gone, Beau feels his third load buildin’. He stays inside Blake, unleashin’ the warmth of his load and breedin’ the massive bear. With a simple squeeze, he knocks the former king out again, feelin’ his huge body go limp as he finishes up.

Beau pulls out, leavin’ the beefy bear unconscious on the gym floor. I applaud and get a wave from the new king.

The Coronation

The beefy bear stirs. He struggles to move then rolls over. Beau pours a bottle of cold water onto his carcass. He jumps with a start then scrambles on his ass backwards. Blake remembers bein’ fucked then put out. It's like he still feels the warmth inside him, even though that's impossible. The big man leans against the bench, usin’ it for support, but then crashes back down onto the floor.

Blake reaches for his manhood. Finally. I never get tired of seein’ this. My bro's little fetish at work. I resist laughin’ as the tattooed beefcake feels for what's bindin’ his junk. Beau smirks, "That's your collar, bitch. You're my property now."

The hairy hunk runs his fingers along the black leather strap, but makes no move to remove it. Beau and me just watch as his new boy comes to terms with his situation. Beaten by a 'punk kid'. Owned in his gym. His castle. The thick muscle beast rolls onto his side, but the cowboy kicks him back onto his back. He puts his foot on the tattooed bull's throat.

Beau presses down as he flexes over his victim. He says, "Look up at the new king. You're mine now. This gym is mine." Blake can't speak due to the pressure on his neck, but he moves his chin as much as he can, signifyin’ his total submission. The blond bodybuilder nods, acceptin’ the complete surrender.

The new king flexes over his subject, forcin’ Blake to work his cock while he admires his master. The older bull gets hard immediately as he gives in to his younger boss.

Beau points, "That strap stays on in this gym, boy. If I catch you here without it, there'll be hell to pay." Again, Blake nods. The blond bodybuilder moves off, lettin’ Blake breathe again.

The cowboy puts his foot on Blake's hard cock. He starts rubbin’ it. Beau orders Blake to take over. The blond bodybuilder puts his foot on Blake's chest and flexes over him while the loser jerks off. Suddenly, the beefy bear is eruptin’. He fires his load all over his stomach and chest. Cum even hits my bodybuilder brother on the foot.

Beau looks at the cum. With only a stern look, Blake is leanin’ over and lickin’ his seed off the new king's foot. He does his best to clean it, lookin’ to avoid any further punishment. He works hard and gets every drop. The cowboy pulls his foot away, but gives a hard stomp to the pecs. THUD!

Blake rolls to his side, coughin’. Beau moves in, pullin’ him up to hands and knees. The cowboy shoves the older stud's head between his thighs and clamps down with a standin’ head scissors. He flexes his thick legs, "I want you to remember how this feels. Guys like you? Y'all forget. Start thinkin’ it was all a fluke and you're still a big stud. You ain't."

Once again, the beefy muscleman is helpless as he's knocked out yet again. Beau opens his legs, lettin’ Blake fall to the mat, naked, destroyed and droolin’ at his master's feet. The cowboy grabs his stuff. He asks me to help him find the keys to the gym. I search as my brother pulls on his shorts and shoes.

Once I have them, we head out. I shove the keys back through the mail slot, leavin’ the unconscious and naked Blake collared and locked in the dark, empty gym.

The Next Day

When Beau and me enter the gym, some of the regulars recognize us immediately. They especially remember the young muscle punk who challenged the king and got thrown out on his ass. They hold their breath as he marches right over to Blake. The beefy muscleman is lyin’ down, doin’ a bench press. He just finishes a set when Beau's shadow rolls over him.

Blake puts the weights down then moves to sit up. The blond bodybuilder puts his index finger of the older stud's chest then pushes the beefy hunk back onto the bench. The former king of the gym stays lyin’ down as the cowboy looks him up and down. I notice that Blake's shorts are tentin’ pretty high, as though something is proppin’ his junk up. Good boy.

My brother scans the floor. All the weights are back and racked right. He nods at the white towel the thickly muscled hunk is now usin’ under him. He runs his hand down the sweaty shirt with a smug smirk. Beau nods, pleased by the change in Blake.

"Not bad. Of course we both know the real test."

The handsome young bodybuilder works his hand inside the beefy older hunk's shorts. Several guys gasp, but Blake doesn't flinch. The cowboy smirks and nods as he obviously feels the leather bindin’ in place. He pulls his hand out then wipes Blake's crotch sweat on the edge of the towel. No words are exchanged, but it's clear that the older stud has passed some kind of inspection.

A few regulars ask me what's up. I just smile as they whisper to me that they noticed Blake was more subdued today. They're completely confused, but even more curious. It's now obvious that the young buck is responsible for the old bull's attitude shift, but how? Their minds and imaginations start to work overtime as the two men head to the locker room, Beau leadin’ the beefy muscleman as if by some invisible leash.

As they disappear, Beau gives a look to the entire gym that warns every guy not to follow. The whispers become voices as speculation runs rampant. Guys beg me to know the details. I just shrug and smirk. Inside the locker room, you just know that the new status quo is at work. I can just see the sweaty and subdued Blake strippin’ before his young blond bodybuilder master. I can imagine him kneelin’, collared and compliant, quietly awaitin’ instructions from the new king of the gym.

And things are lookin’ up for me, too. I move through the gym and draft off my younger brother's newfound stardom. I easily arrange a hook up for tonight with one of the hottest studs in the gym. And once I'm done usin’ him, there are even more guys lined up for the takin’. Looks like I won't be lonely while we're up here.

Yeah, I might get annoyed bein’ overshadowed by my little brother. He can be arrogant and patronizin’ without even tryin’. Yeah, I might wanna see him taken down a notch or two every once in awhile. And I will someday soon. I just need someone even tougher than this Blake guy. But, Beau is still family and I love him. And right now, I gotta admit, it feels good to be his brother.

The End


  1. Oh, Toby! Kind of a secret asshole--I love it! Not just a random asshole though, one with reasons and motivation. And I think it'll be pretty hot if Beau ever IS humbled--sad, but hot. (And as of now, unlikely.)

    This match, by the way, was so great. For a while there I was wondering if this would be Beau's first big loss, so good job with the suspense and unpredictability.

    A hairy, beefy manly man getting owned by a beautiful, beautiful (fucking BEAUTIFUL) bodybuilder--my one weakness!

    (And I just noticed you can't spell "beautiful" without "Beau." How 'bout that.)

    1. Thanks. Glad you liked it. Another one weakness? ;)

      Toby's been an asshole to Ben and Clark, but it felt like a good chance to give him something more.

    2. I'd be terribly devastated if Beau ever lose a match :-(

    3. Aw, I love the fact that you're so invested in the characters. However, some cowboy wisdom comes to mind, "never a horse that couldn't be rode, never the rider who couldn't be throwed." Or from football, "Any given Sunday." :)

  2. Oh hell. What a brother!!!What a brother!!! And if that ending I read correctly, he' still not done trying! So hmmm I wonder where this is going. Specially when I think, what are they doing in PA? The two cowboys? I'm very curious.
    The match was hot. And Beau is such an intense beast. Ill be honest, at no point did I think that Beau was going to lose. At no point. I mean, this guy is a beast. Hes matches are always brutal. Its going to take someone more than Blake, way more, to take him down, specially down a Peg, which is Tobys intent. Lose yes, but taken down a peg will take a bit more. LOL.
    Still this was such a fun match. Back and forth. There was lots of drama. Lots of action.

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, doesn't seem like Toby's done causing drama for his 'little' brother, but trying isn't the same as succeeding.

  3. Damn I love these Cave Unleashed stories so much so far! I love how Toby crafted up this plan and let it settle out knowing he'd love any out come that would end up between the two muscle hunks. The match was so close (at first) before beau takes off and completly dominated the match and then dominates Blake further showing him who the one true king is. The whole stakes section was so hot forcing Blake to worship him as he slaps him with his dick, lick up all of his sweat, fucking him while putting him in diffrent holds and making Blake lick the cum from his feet before stomping on his hairy pecs! All too hot! I love when Beau gets so big and dominant like this and I bet he did to taking down someone thinking he was fought shit only to find out beau was even bigger. That gets me wondering if Beau will ever find his match were he ends up like Blake. I have a Theory Toby could take him down knowing how his younger bro wrestles and his weaknesses but im guessing since he hasn't done it yet im going to say my theory is a dud haha. I wonder who could show up and take down beau and then some or if there is even a guy out there that can take up that job. I bet if that day comes Beau is going to be so submissive and turned on to let someone take control like he kind of showed when he lost to jeff.

    Either way 10/10 match Alex thanks for the Story. Excited to see if Toby can see the day when his Little bro gets put in check!

    1. Wow, 10/10! Thanks! Glad you liked the action. Interesting theories. I think even if Toby had an idea of how to takedown Beau, he might have trouble executing it. He's pretty outclassed, physically.

      And you remember that Beau's already lost. Yay.

  4. Yeah that is true. Maybe Toby will find the perfect subject to train or tell beau's strength and weaknesses. Or maybe he will be just content on stiring things up and letting it play out haha.

    Yup against Jeff and Cody/Ben if those somewhat count. Crossing my fingers for a couple more losses in the future to go along with his inevitable amount of wins haha.

    1. Well, the readers can decide for themselves, but for me, Cody beating Beau counts as a loss, but as a battle royale loss. It's in a different column, because there was no pin or submission. It's like losing in a tag team match is in different column.

  5. This was fantastic, Beau is definitely my favorite of your characters (although Camp Grapple may change that). The way he dominates opponents is fun, and the worshiping is spot-on. In the timeline of matches, has Beau had his singles match with Cody at this point, or is that yet to happen in the Cave world?

    1. Thanks!

      Good question on timing. Beau is a busy man. He hasn't made it back to Los Angeles yet, but when he does, I promise his singles match with Cody will happen out in the open, not behind the scenes.

  6. Alex, this is probably your best yet. Beau is incredible and I was a little worried when I thought that he might lose - very hot and dramatic. I can't wait for Beau's next match. I hope Toby provide an even tougher match. I will say, I'd also be interested in seeing how Beau treats Blake for a week or two around the gym - maybe a tournament with Blake and others from the gym and the winner put in the ring with Beau - assuming that's Blake - see him humiliated again. Great story!

    1. Thanks! I'm always happy to see folks worrying about the characters and extending the story.

  7. Beau is one of my favorites among your characters. But I can empathize with Toby's exasperation.

    If I were writing this storyline, this is the way I'd handle it:

    A long way down the like Toby faces and manages to defeat Beau himself, but at a high physical cost to himself such that Toby can never wrestle again while Beau recovers and resumes his winning ways. However, having seen the permanent damage he did to his brother, while not regretting his brutal style, he does tone down his arrogance and deepens their relationship.

    1. Wow, two readers loving Beau and extending the story. I really appreciate the comment. Makes me feel great.

      I'm sure we'll see more Beau and Toby along the way, so stay tuned.