Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan is the biggest star in indie wrestling right now. Seriously. He makes great money on merchandise. And until YouYube's horrific gay peril attack on wrestling videos, he made a lot of coin there, too. Joey is booked constantly and travels the world entertaining people. It's a sweet reward for years and years of hard work and dedication to his passion.

Joey is number one.

And I think it's fairly unlikely, too. Joey Ryan doesn't fit what I think of when I think of the world's biggest wrestling stars. But he's managed to make a long and healthy career for himself. I don't know to what he'd attribute his success. I only know him as a fan and follower of his Twitter, but I attribute it to his attitude and creativity. He's smart. He's eager to entertain. And it seems like he's not limited by others, which is actually the sexiest thing about him.

Currently, Joey is famous for his signature (and sponsored by YouPorn) Penis-Plex. His opponents can't help but touch his bulge then get trapped by the power of his member. With a few flexes then a hip thrust, they're uncontrollably thrown over. It's been covered in a ton of mainstream press and is why people fill the arenas and halls.

Joey Ryan flips Brian Cage.
With the power of his penis.

3 belts. When you've got it, flaunt it.

Speaking of flaunting it, one of
Joey Ryan's favorite positions.

Joey is fun, but it's not a joke.

Smooth operator

All of this is well and good, but why I really like Joey and decided to post about him is because of his @JoeyRyanOnline account on Twitter ( you can follow me @AlexWrestler68 ).

I love his attitude on this. "Go ahead.
Touch my dick. It sells my shirts."
Success thanks to fans, not internal politics.

And to the critics? Yep, it's all the same as
any other crazy hold.

After yesterday's post, this seemed like a great counterbalance, because Joey goes the other way, calmly elevating others, even as he YouPornPlex's them.

As a sexy guy who makes a (very good) living from flipping guys with his dick, he occasionally attracts homophobic trolls. And just when I think that I hate social media, Joey says the day. I just love how he's handling them. Very matter-of-fact, very confident and very affirming. It all feels very positive and makes him seem like a great guy.

Following up on my Cyberfights post, Joey also appeared there. He even wrestled a three-way with blog favorites Cameron Matthews and Brett Barnes. Even back then, Joey's personality and style were apparent. Bright floral trunks. Hairy body. Sexy facial hair. Smooth style. All there.

Joey and Brett team up on Cameron Matthews.

Brett double-crosses Joey with a big bulldog.

The whole thing has reached a crazy point, even for wrestling. I do see some criticism of him, but it all rings hollow to me. Wrestling has always stretched the bounds of logic and required a suspension of disbelief. It has always been about the show. If it wasn't, greco-roman would be the style on Monday Nights. It's the thrill of pro wrestling that people want to see.

Mr. Ass Billy Gunn wants to challenge the
King of Dong Style. Sounds logical.

Joey shows another side as he
battles Cody Rhodes.

Chido Comics is even trying to
make a Joey Ryan comic book

In the end, I like Joey most for his positive and affirming message, but it doesn't hurt that he's a sexy stud, too. I enjoy watching him and I like following his exploits via social media. If you're so inclined, you can buy merchandise, tickets or just follow him vicariously on YouTube (although he's tougher to find) and social media.


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