Thursday, July 6, 2017

Battle of the Wrestling Stars 2: BGE vs. RHW vs. Thunders Part 1 of 6

Welcome to Season 2 of Battle of the Wrestling Stars. I was motivated to finish this by a recent comment on an old post and the return of Battle of the Network Stars to TV on ABC.

The original series pitted Rock Hard Wrestling against UCW. It was originally posted on the New Stories blog back in June 2015 and then re-posted (starting here) at The Cave in September 2015. It was inspired by the 70’s TV show and an e-mail exchange with Joe from Ringside at Skull Island about a comment he made.

It was a hard-fought, five-match, three-day affair that went down to the wire with then-King of the Ring Dash Decker eking out a victory in the third fall vs. then-UCW champion Quinn Harper.

In BOTWS 1, Dash Decker won the day for RHW.
Can he do it again?

Season 2 is even bigger, with RHW returning, plus two more producers. It’s a week-long, 18-match extravaganza. This time, RHW faces BGEast and Thunders Arena. Each selected stud will wrestle twice. It was developed as a three-day event, but it is so big, so monumental that it's being split into six posts posted over the next 8 days.

Since these types of things are only fun with a little controversy and disagreement, I made arbitrary rules and four criteria that the wrestlers had to meet:
  • Wrestled in a video released within the past few years. I started this two years ago, so I did try to update a few guys (e.g., Jersey out, Scrappy in), but I did keep some favorites from 2015, especially for RHW.
  • Be exclusive (or near-exclusive) to the producer they’re representing - with one fun (hopefully) exception that will become obvious in the first match.
  • Wrestled in a video I have bought/rented. I’ve seen them all in action to decide how things might go.
  • Be a reasonable match for their opponent (sorry, no putting Vinny against Alex Waters, even though I wouldn’t mind seeing that). Yeah, this hurts Thunders, but tough darts. Tell me who you would've used in the comments!
That led to the following rosters of six wrestlers per group ...

So with that, let’s get on with the show!

In the backroom, Kid Leopard (BGEast), Mr. Mike (Thunders) and Zack Johnathan (RHW) strategize and plan. Outside the ring, the audience includes such distinguished multi-promotional stars, such as Ethan Andrews, Eli Black, Dirty Daddy, Jake Jenkins and Chace LaChance.

BGEast and Thunders Arena are up first …

Round 1: Austin Cooper (BGEast) vs. Frey (Thunders)

In a shocking twist, BGEast is represented by Austin Cooper, while Thunders Arena puts Frey into action. What? Of course! No one man could wrestle as much as Austin. He's got a twin brother! The nearly identical studs enter the ring with confidence. Austin is in dark, shiny, gray boxer briefs, sunglasses and a vest. Frey is more muscular, barefoot, wearing tiny red, white and blue argyle trunks and nothing else.

BGEast's Austin Cooper.

The slightly bigger, more muscular Frey looks across the ring with a smirk. Yeah, his brother looks just like him, but everyone knows Austin Cooper is a total jobber. Frey mocks his "beta male bro", calling it an easy win to start things off for team Thunders. Frey taunts Austin, telling him that he's a joke and an embarrassment to the family, but the BGEast stud just ignores it.

As they face off, Austin surprises a flexing Frey with a rake to the eyes, a knee to the balls then a DDT to drop him down. The Thunders stud is stunned as Cooper jumps on his back and locks on a rear naked choke, edging him until he’s barely conscious.

Cooper coldly says, "The name's not Austin, bro. It's Doc. Doc Cooper.”

"It's not Austin. I'm Doc. Doc Cooper."

The next 12 minutes is a surgical destruction of a stunned Frey by Austin's heel person Doc Cooper. The diabolical Doc works body part by body part. Even though it's a one-fall match, Doc wants more. The Thunders hunk gives to a spladle, figure-four and a crossface before he's knocked out by a sleeper by the master tactician. The "beta-male bro" shocks the arena, humiliating the bigger twin.

Doc splits Frey wide open

Frey gets burned by his brother's evil alter ego.

As he flexes over his destroyed brother, Doc ominously warns, “One down, one to go.”

Mr. Mike smashes his iPad to the ground then hits the weights to burn off his angry energy. In another room, a confident Kid Leopard leans back in his leather chair. The legendary heel's assistant, Jonny Firestorm, calmly writes a 'W' beside the first match on his clipboard. He says, "A good start, boss. I'm feeling good about our chances."

Round 2: Tak vs. Tanner Hill

Tanner feels good about this. He knows Tak is a jobber. Meanwhile, Tak knows the RHW stud is an arrogant rookie. He also knows the young punk is overly proud of his ripped body. The Thunders stud smirks. He's faced guys just like this with bigger muscles and even bigger attitudes. Tak knows what to do.

When Tanner moves in on the skinny blond, Tak stops him, playfully challenging him to a flex-off. Tanner pauses, but gives into Tak's easy-going charm. The Thunders veteran's energy is contagious and Tanner eagerly shows off his fitness model physique. As they fool around and flex, Tak gets Tanner to relax with his playful attitude. They feel each other's muscles and trash talk a little.

Tanner likes to flex.

It's all fun and games as the sinister Thunders stud lulls the rookie into his trap. Tak takes advantage, suddenly and viciously clotheslining the RHW hunk down. Tak dismantles Tanner, ruthlessly humiliating him. Gut punches, crabs, camels, it all breaks the muscular hunk down. At the 8-minute mark, Tanner finally reverses things. He bodyslams Tak, stomps his lean body then suplexes him. Tanner goes for a rack finisher, but Tak rakes his eyes. The wily veteran takes advantage for another five minutes before ending things with a flexing leg nelson.

Tak knows how to deal with cocky muscle boys.

The Thunders veteran ends up
sitting pretty with a big win.

Mr. Mike pumps his fist. His team questioned even bringing Tak, but now they understand why. Meanwhile, in the RHW back room, Zack curses. He was counting on this one. Losing to the other team's weakest link is a bad sign. Still, with his best studs like Alex, Dash and Bruce to come, it's not over for the underdogs, yet.

Round 3: Alex Waters vs. Kirk Donahue

Speaking of Alex, he's put in to put Team RHW back on track. BGE's Kirk comes out fast, while the arrogant Alex saunters to the ring. The cocky RHW star smirks as he checks out his opponent. He's unimpressed by the award-winning bulge and amazing ass. Alex Waters knows he's bigger and badder, showing no respect for the shapely stud.

The two hot wrestlers lock up. Alex dominates immediately. He powers Kirk to the corner then slams his knee up in Kirk's abs. Alex scoops Kirk up then bodyslams him down. He owns the jobber, until his arrogance gives the BGE hunk an opening. Kirk manages to take control with a surprise jawbreaker then some high-flying splashes. The BGE hunk really works some nice submission holds.

Did Tak inspire Kirk's move choices?

The resilient Alex comes back with a smart dodge of an elbow drop then by taking out Kirk's knees as he rises. The action goes for a surprising 16 minutes, but Alex is able to finish things with an over-the-knee backbreaker. Kirk's huge award-winning bulge stands high and proud in the hold. While it wins Kirk fans, it can't help him win the match. The cute BGE jobber loudly screams his submission to the RHW mega-star.

Kirk tried his best, but he was just outclassed.
For Alex, the outcome was never in doubt.

Commercial Break

So everyone gets a win, but RHW did use heavy-hitter Alex Waters against Kirk Donahue. Smart strategy? Only time will tell. They'll need some other guys to step up to fill the gap. Still, there are 15 more matches to come and no one is out of it.

Now it's your turn. I'm sure you have opinions ... share them!



  1. Awesome Battle of the Wrestling Stars is back! It's kind of weird seeing RHW again since I seem to forget about them more and more with nothing but encore releases. For the matches so far I have no disagreements though it would have been interesting to see a triple threat with Austin since he wrestled in RHW too. A triplet Triple threat? Excited to see what's to come! And the reveals of the question marks. Are they surprise reveals? Is Alexi behind the BGE question mark?(yes please!) Can't wait to see Mitch, Joshua, Bruce, Marco, Bolt and Scrappy in action!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, when I started it, RHW was still a thing and I didn't want to throw away the work. If there's a season 3, it would obviously be more relevant to have W4H or maybe even MBW or someone like that.

      Actually, two of the question marks were revealed in the first match - Austin "Doc" Cooper and Frey. It wasn't a mystery for long. I just didn't want to reveal the Cooper brother thing in the roster. I was too clever by half as my mother used to say. :)

    2. Oh Duh. I forgot about Cooper even though I went through each guy on the roster and didn't even notice that he was missing lol!

  2. I wish these producers would make such Battle of the Wrestling Stars a reality, but I doubt that will happen given the given the battle among them for our dollars. . Why not present live events with spectators or even one live event? (I inquired about same to RHW long ago and was informed that one was planned; apparently, that idea was shelved.) A card of bouts could be exciting,and the matchups you propose are interesting.) I look forward to each series of Battle of the Wrestling Stars. Thanks for your blog, too.

    1. Aw, you're welcome. Thanks for commenting.

      Back in the day, BGE did some live stuff at bars, but it wasn't great, in my opinion. I wonder how many of these guys could do a live show? It feels like they probably stop a lot during filming.

  3. This was soooooo coooool. Hmmmm I think you know my choices for men would be different haha. Lol.

    1. I'm sure a lot of readers would have different rosters. If I had started today, instead of two years ago, RHW probably wouldn't be in it at all. And Tak and Talon likely wouldn't be in it, either. I love my BGEast roster, but it's not really that current. I probably would put in guys like Ty Alexander, Calvin Haynes or Beauxregard.