Sunday, August 13, 2017

Quick Hit: Austin Cooper + Joey Angel vs. Guido Genatto (W4H)

Following up on yesterday's post is another Wrestler4Hire video where one idea stuck in my head ... Joey Angel + Austin Cooper vs. Guido Genatto.

These Boots Are Made For Jobbing ...

Yes, this is a one-on-two squash job featuring three sexy wrestlers, two of whom are the most popular in the business. It's a good video with a lot of brutish Guido domination. And you might notice no trigger warning as the hairy hunk actually manages to not use any gay slurs. That might have been the most shocking part of this video, if not for Joey's gear choice.

What really stood out to me is the same thing that stood out to Guido - Joey's bright, white, odd-fitting footwear. I'm pretty sure that they're the same pro boots as yesterday, but on Joey they look quite big and very bright, looking more like 60's go-go boots than wrestling boots.

The hairy heel fixates on them right away and so do I. Austin Cooper is part of the match from an action standpoint, but not as much from a storyline perspective. That's the problem with being perfect, there's nothing for Guido to make fun of. Doesn't save him from a vicious beating, but it does save him from ridicule.

Guido thinks Joey's a wonder, wonder woman
in those boots.

Two manages to dominate one for like a minute.

Yes, those are Austin's bare legs, but it's
Joey's white go-go boots that draw the attention.

Joey lifts his boots, showing them off again.

Guido uses a broom for two-for-one humiliation.

In spite of my focus, Austin gets equal beating,
taking plenty of abuse from the big heel.

In the end, I liked it. Other than Joey's boots, it's exactly what you think it is.


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