Abuse of Power: Police officer Sean looks to defend his buddy Mark's honor against the heel who beat him up. With a ton of confidence, a badge and a mountain of muscles, he gets more than he bargained for from skinny, hairy heel Seth.

Abuse of Power 2: Sean has a plan to get free of Seth's control. The muscular police officer hires professional thief Raven to make it work. It's a simple break-in, but never underestimate the crafty heel.

Denim Duel: A chance encounter leads to a stakes match in a hotel room. Wrestling in jeans. Hairy vs. Smooth. After this match, every commenter wanted to see more of these hot studs.

Elite League of Fighting (Part 1): At the North Pole, the tall, beautiful elves only get 26 hours to unwind. That's when the E.L.F. annual event starts - a day of fighting and fucking. To kick off the night, Toron, the reigning champion, defends his belt against number one contender Calemirdir.

Elite League of Fighting (Part 2): As the elves wrap up the event, an unexpected visitor means an unscheduled match. The E.L.F. champion must defend his belt in an all-out sex stakes war.

The Exit Strategy: The promoter of an underground wrestling federation makes a deal with a retiring veteran to help him get control of his sexy, but uncooperative superstar. Domination. Hairy vs. smooth. Older vs. younger. Sex stakes.

Flag vs. Flag: A cocky Canadian and a proud American cross paths on a wrestling personals site, leading to a basement squash. Canada vs. USA. Squash match. Domination. Humiliation. Sex stakes.

Model Roommates: When Travis can't pay his share of the rent, roommate Porter comes up with a great solution. Travis desperately wants to stay, so why is he resisting? And why is Porter so mad at him about it?

Thanksgiving 2015: Buck stayed. Brody left. Now in their 30's, these two former best friends are bigger and beefier. They meet up again for the first time in five years, re-connecting on the mats in their tighty-whities, just like they did in high school. One fan said, "Very emotional story. It hits me in the heart. It made me wish that I could embrace someone I love dearly once more."

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