Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Bat + SuperStar in “What a Croc!”

SuperStar: Let’s Get It Started

“Ooh, that's cold!”

“Hm. The fact that you can feel it means it's working. The fact that you flinched shows just how much work we have to do, SuperStar.”

I roll my eyes, “Oh, and of course The Bat would never flinch at anything.”

“I've faced Dr. Frozen in nothing but my boots and cowl. I think I could manage to stand still for two seconds while someone put a little lotion on my nipples.”

I frown, but let The Bat continue to apply the cream, which is literally magic. I try to stand still, but now it tingles. Mystical hero Professor Fate gave it to him so he could train me. The Bat and I are nearly the same size - he's 6’/200-lbs and I'm 5’11”/190-lbs - but I'm an invulnerable alien, while he's just an amazing human. Without help, it'd be impossible for him to spar with me, no matter how tough he is.

When he's coated my chest, The Bat asks, “Okay, how do you feel?”

I shrug, “Human?”

My superhero boyfriend nods stoically, “Perfect. You ready for the training session?”

“Always. So, if I win, what do I get, Bat?”

The Bat puts his hands on his hips, staying focused, “More training.”

“Damn, you’re sexy when you’re focused.”

“I’m always focused.”

“You’re always sexy.”

The Bat rolls his eyes. We start to stretch out. We’re both only wearing a fraction of our usual costumes. I'm in my red briefs and yellow belt, shiny red boots, long red cape and a blue eye mask. He's in black briefs with a red bat on the front, shiny black boots, long black cape and his famous cowl. He's got his utility belt around his waist, where he tucked the cream now that he's done with it.

When we finish, I lean in for a kiss, but The Bat blocks me. I smirk, “Why so serious?”

“Not funny.” I frown and The Bat softens, promising, “First, we train then we can have fun.”

I nod like a good student. You'd never know we were a couple. When the cowl is on, he's in work mode. I guess I should focus, too. We're in his secret Cave warehouse. It's all black with spotlights over a wrestling ring in the middle. God, I love wrestling with him. As we turn to the ring, I admire his sculpted muscles and can't help checking out his big bulge.

When we're all set, we grab the middle ropes to pull ourselves up. Suddenly, I hear stomping footsteps running up behind us. Before I can even turn, a hard forearm clubs me across the shoulders. WHACK! I fall forward, my face hitting the ring apron. CRACK! I try to shake it off, but the mysterious assailant grabs my head then slams my face into the ring again. CRACK!

I drop to one knee, virtually helpless thanks to Fate’s humanity cream. The powerful attacker palms my head. Big hands. He uses his grip and the back of my briefs to force me up. He pushes my head into the ring so the bottom rope cuts into my throat. He leaps up and stands on my back and neck, his boots pressing down and choking me. I can't lift him. Whoever he is, he's heavy and super-strong!

I feel myself blacking out. Luckily, he gets off me before I do. The bottom rope snaps me backwards. I fall onto the floor, coughing as I struggle to focus. How long does Fate’s magic cream last? Because as long as it's working, we're in serious trouble!

The Bat: Crocodile Rock

As I reach to enter the ring, I hear stomping footsteps charging. I barely manage to turn to see the mighty villain Killer Croc in front of me. What? How?

I'm driven backwards into the ring apron. CRUNCH! My body is crushed between the immovable ring and the irresistible force of the reptilian villain’s massive muscular body. The monstrous muscleman steps back then pounds away on my body. THUD! POW! THUD! I try to resist, but he's so strong. How on earth did he even find out about this place?

Beside me, I hear that SuperStar is also under attack, but I can't see by whom or how he's doing. I've got my own problems just trying to block some of the devastating blows pummeling my torso. POW! THUD! POW! I'm absorbing a lot of punishment. I feel my abs collapsing against the unrelenting abuse. I dive to the side, smoothly rolling away.

As I roll into a crouch, I hear Croc pursuing. I spin to face him, diving at his midsection with a shoulder block. THUD! OOF! It feels like I just hit concrete, but Croc staggers backwards a step. The big beast is superhuman, but he's not invulnerable. I rise up then lift my boot into his stomach. It bounces off. The oversized villain moves in on me and I can only dodge.

Croc spins back to face me. He has a cruel grin on his face. He's beaten me before in a physical fight thanks to his powerful muscles and super-thick reptilian hide. I need to outsmart him. He charges in again. This time, when I try to move out of the way, Croc manages to grab my cape. I reach for my neck and unfasten the quick release snap. CLICK! Lucky I put that in.

I spin to see the confused muscle beast just staring at the long black fabric. He’s strong, but not smart. I use the opportunity to pull a batarang out of my utility belt. The metal weapon flies at Croc’s leg. I’m hoping to immobilize him, but it bounces off his inhuman hide like it’s made of foam. Damn, is even stronger than last time? I reach into my belt for something else.

Croc throws my cape to the side. He lumbers towards me as I pull out Fate’s cream. Will it work on any metahuman? I need to buy time, so I leap up, hitting his barrel chest with a spinning kick. He only stumbles backwards one step as I land in a crouch. I kick out, sweeping his legs. THUD! OW! The villain is still standing and I feel like I just kicked a redwood. The big beast bends down, grabbing my left boot before I can pull it away.

“Can’t have you flying away, Bat.”

I kick and fight to get free, but his grip is unbreakable. Croc kicks the back of my leg. WHACK! I cry out as pain shoots through it. He does it again. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The muscle beast twists hard and I feel like my leg will break off at the knee. ARGH! I kick out with my right leg. THUD! It does nothing. The villain just laughs. He spins and flips me into a single leg crab.

The 500-lbs of reptilian muscleman sits in place, bending my back. But that’s not his main goal. The powerful beast punches the side of my left knee. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! I moan. I grip the soft exercise mat that circles the ring, desperately trying to focus. He grinds his sharp knuckles into the flesh and I curse, “Oh fuck!” The villain laughs, knowing he’s in total control.

I try to move him, but he’s inhumanly heavy and strong. My back is aching, but it’s not the pain that worries me. It’s when he pauses the punching to slide his hand down my leg. He caresses the smooth flesh then cups my bulge. Oh no. The malevolent monster fondles my balls in my spandex briefs. They’re stronger than Kevlar, but they’re no protection against this ... play?

Croc growls, “I do like this, Bat. You’ve got puny muscles, but I remember you’re real big down here. Remember how much fun we had last time.”

I tense up, remembering the physical and sexual domination. My manhood stirs in his hand, involuntarily aroused by the memories. I manage to open the bottle of magic cream. I coat my glove then reach back, rubbing it on his leg. Come on, magic, do something!

SuperStar: Just Squeeze Me

From the mat, I look up at my attacker. He’s a powerful bodybuilder, around my height, but so much wider. He’s wearing snakeskin briefs, boots, forearm covers and mask. He reminds me of The Bat’s enemy, Killer Croc, but a snake version. Snake-guy moves in. I kick up, driving my red leather boot into his abs. He grunts and steps back. Good, I can hurt him.

I roll up to my feet to face him man-to-man. I noticed The Bat is fighting Killer Croc, so I was right about this guy. Great, our villains are coming in matching pairs now. Like a tag team. I charge in with fists flying. I pound his chest and abs. THUD! THUD! THUD! I manage to drive him back, but my hands are quickly aching. THUD! THUD! THUD!

Too late, I realize he’s not even grunting. The villain grabs my wrists. I try to pull free, but his grip is unbreakable. He roughly spins me so my back is to him. I try to move forward, but suddenly, he whips his arms out and around me. My arms are pinned to my side as he locks his hands in front of me. I fight to break free, but he’s too strong.

Snake-guy snarls in a raspy voice, “Ssstruggle all you want, little man. I’m Python and nothing essscapes my sssqueeze.”

I use all my strength to try to power out, but he’s right. As a normal human, I’ve got no shot. I gasp as his arms tighten, constricting my breathing and crushing my muscles. The villain suddenly draws back his hips then slams his snakeskin-covered package into my bubble butt. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! I groan loudly, which only gives him the chance to squeeze harder.

Python warns, “Sssurrender, SssuperSsstar. Sssurrender and we can get to the fun part.”

I’d respond, but I can’t speak. All that comes out is a gurgle. The muscular snake-man puts his mouth on my shoulder. I feel him kissing my flesh. His lips slide up to my neck. It feels nice until he bites me. I gasp. I don’t know if it’s the lack of air or the pain, but I suddenly feel more relaxed. I can’t fight. I can only hang in his crushing vice. My muscles are limp and powerless.

The villain senses my physical surrender. He opens up and I collapse to the mat. It’s all I can do to break my fall. The magic reduced me to a human, but somehow, Python has made me even less than human. I fight to rise as the muscular snake-man steps over me. He forces me up to hands and knees under him then he closes his legs around my waist. ARGH!

I hang helplessly in the standing body scissors. My body collapses as his mighty legs crush my soft sides between my ribs and hips. As powerful as his arms were, his legs are even worse. I cry out, feeling the pain throughout my body. The villain keeps going tighter and tighter. I’m gasping. Even though real pythons aren’t venomous, I’m convinced he used some kind of toxin on me. I can’t think. I whimper.

Python reaches down and palms my head. He pulls my head up and back, “Sssurrender!”

I mindlessly blurt out, “I surrender! Please, let me go!”

The villain lets my head go then opens his legs. I collapse to the mat, defeated, but worse, I feel strangely subservient. What has he done to me?

The Bat: Never Surrender

Killer Croc releases the crab. I struggle to rise. As he moves in to dish out more punishment, I donkey kick my boot up into his abs. THUD! OOF! The villain bends forward, shocked by the pain. Huh, the cream must’ve worked. I jump to my feet, suddenly energized by his weakness. The muscle beast rises, looking shocked and angry.

“What’ve you done to me, Bat?”

“Just made things more interesting, Croc.”

With the playing field leveled, I allow myself a chance to look over at my partner. He’s trapped in a standing body scissors by a muscular villain in similar gear to Croc’s. I think I heard him call himself Python and from the way he’s squeezing SuperStar, I can see why. Okay, I’ve got to finish this big muscle monster off and get in there to save the young hero.

Killer Croc angrily charges in. I brace for impact. When he grabs me, I use his momentum to flip him down onto the mats. BOOM! I land on top then fire a fist across his square jaw. POW! Pain shoots up my arm. Damn, the cream took away his super-strength, but not the hardness of his leathery skin. I have to shake out my hand, which allows Croc to throw me off him.

I rise up fast. The villain is just getting to his hands and knees. I kick my boot into his side. STOMP! Croc topples over with a growl. I move in and drive my boot down onto his thick torso. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The muscle beast grunts, but not much else. He grabs my boot and throws me backwards, dropping me onto my ass. PLOP!

Croc rolls and lunges for me. I scuttle back out of reach. BUMP! Suddenly, I run into something. Uh oh. Before I can react, Python reaches under my arms, dragging me up in a reverse bearhug. He squeezes and I moan. I feel him bite my shoulder as he crushes me. I fight, but he’s amazingly powerful. Fate’s magic cream lies on the mat, far out of reach.

I try to turn to drive my elbow into Python’s head, but he crushes me harder. ARGH! It’s difficult to even breathe. I feel the villain grind his snakehood against my ass. Clearly these two monsters want to pick up where Croc and I left off before my escape the last time we fought. Speaking of Croc, he’s back up and confidently moving in on me.

When he gets close, I kick out. The ruthless reptile easily evades my boot with a growling laugh. Python uses the distraction to lift his arms. Before I realize it, I’m locked in a full nelson. The powerful snake-man locks his hands and I know there’s no way for me to break free. Croc is on me, unleashing fists into my bare stretched-out torso. POW! POW! POW!

I grunt, straining to flex my abs in defense. POW! POW! POW! It doesn’t do much. Even with his strength diminished, the massive monster is a really strong human. My chin is forced down into my chest as I’m forced to watch the fists tear into my body. POW! POW! POW! Croc works slowly, clearly toying with me. I lift my leg, but it gets swatted down. POW! POW! POW!

Python slams his package into my ass. He grinds on me as Croc pauses. I sag in the full nelson, completely helpless to fight back. I can’t reach my utility belt. I can’t power free. With Croc in front of me, I suddenly jump up, lifting my legs up around his waist. I lock my ankles behind him and squeeze with a body scissors. Python holds me up in the nelson as I try to crush his ally’s waist.

Croc grunts as I squeeze. The pressure on my shoulders is intense, but I have to ignore it. I don’t know how much damage I do before the muscle beast brings his forearm down onto my softened abs. WHOMP! I lose the scissors, my ankles parting and my feet dropping back down. PLOP! Croc moves in close and cups my manhood. I moan, aroused as he fondles me.

“Don’t try anything like that again, Bat. Boss just wants us to play, but we can get nasty if you force us.”

I whimper as he squeezes on my package. It’s light, but I get the message. I feel my body go limp while my cock grows harder. No, no, no. I remember Python’s bite. Even though real pythons aren’t poisonous, this muscular villain clearly is. Some kind of neurotoxin. It’s making me relax. Submissive. But sexually-charged. What the hell?

Python releases me from the nelson. I collapse to my knees, falling forward into Croc. My face rests against his bulge. I slide all the way down his legs until I’m lying at his feet like a doormat. I try to focus. I grab his boots for support, He laughs. I fight to rise, refusing to give up. SuperStar needs me to fight. I grip the smooth leather and struggle to pull myself up. I slowly make the journey to climb the mighty monster, using his body to get to my feet.

I writhe on the mat at his feet, trying to get my knees under me. I manage to pull forward enough to do it. My right hand slides up to his knee. I pull. He doesn’t move. I get back to my knees, the side of my face pressing against his thick quad. I whip my left hand up to grip his firm ass as I lift my right boot. I plant it as I rest on one knee. I hear Croc softly laugh.

Okay. I will not surrender. Not to these monsters. I don’t know how they found us. How they timed this. It doesn’t matter. I need to rise and fight. My cowled head slides up his leg and over his tented trunks, involuntarily wiping my face with his spandex-wrapped manhood. I reach my right hand up to his pec. I try to grip, but my gloved hand slide down. I keep trying, fondling his mighty chest in order to pull myself up.

With a tight grip on his ass and my other hand on his chest, I push up with my planted foot. My lips run up the smooth hide of his stomach. I get halfway before I drop back down to one knee. PLOP! I pause then I make another push. UNH! This time, I make it. I’m wobbly, but I’m up. I rest my head against his heaving right pec. My hands caress his body as I use it for support.

I finally feel secure on my feet. As I lean against the amused and unafraid muscle beast, I fire a fist into his abs. THUD! It bounces off harmlessly. I swing my arm up, pounding his left pec. WHOMP! It does nothing. Croc confidently flexes his bicep as I watch from my pec pillow. He’s so strong. So mighty. Such a man. No. That’s the neurotoxin talking. It must be.

The villain lowers his flexing arm to grab my cheeks. He forces me off his body and I need to adjust my feet to avoid collapsing again. He supports me by clamping on a claw over my throbbing crotch. I gasp. To my left, I see Python dragging a wobbly SuperStar beside me. We stare at our villain conquerors as they savor their complete control.

Croc snarls, “You’re the best, Bat. This is why I accepted his offer.”

I ask, “Offer? Who’s offer?”

I hear a voice from the shadows, “Really? You really need to ask, Bat? There's only one possible answer to that question.”

SuperStar: Too Many People

I know that voice, but I can’t place it. Python spins me around then forces me to my knees in front of him. I notice Croc has The Bat in the same subservient position. Our shoulders slump and our arms hang down, limp and lifeless. Neither of us fight. We just kneel helplessly. The mighty villains hold us firmly by the head and cowl as the mysterious man approaches.

Oh no.

Of course, it’s him. The evil genius saunters forward. He’s wearing a blue sweater vest with red trim, beige tights and black boots. He’s cute, lean and ripped, the exact opposite of the powerful reptile villains who defeated us. It’s so clear now. They’re the muscle. He’s the brains. The master. The smallest man in the room by far, but the man who’s in control.

I blurt out, “TOYBOY!”

The villain laughs, “Hi again, heroes.”

The Bat snarls, “This explains so much.”

Toyboy approaches. He gently runs his long fingers over our chins. I start to speak, but he puts a finger over my lips and I pause. The arrogant twink villain drops to one knee. He runs his hands over our bare chests then down our abs. He lovingly worships our bodies, appraising us as his property. I hate it, but I also enjoy it. I’m physically weakened and chemically compliant.

The evil genius smiles, “So amazing. I’m so happy you’re surprised to see me, boys, but you shouldn’t be. After last time, I just couldn’t wait to play again. I usually get bored with my toys after I play with them, but not you two. No, you two are very special toys.”

I snort, “Gee, thanks.”

The Bat says, “Okay, you’ve won, Toyboy. Send the muscle home and let’s play. You’re the boss. You shouldn’t have to share your toys.”

Toyboy giggles as he taps my partner’s pec, “Oh Bat, trying to trick me. No, they stay. You two are too tricky to handle alone. But more importantly, I made a deal with Croc and his buddy here to have a play date. I even enhanced Python with false fangs to deliver my own concoction so you two would be extra fun. I’m sure you feel it working.”

We don’t say anything. I’m sure The Bat knows what happened and I know I did. I don’t know what it is, but I feel the power of the venom working. My muscles are weaker and my cock is harder. I feel confused and submissive. It’s exhausting to use all my strength to stay focused and resist. Without my superpowers, how long can I hope to hold out?

“Your silence speaks volumes, toys. Fight it all you want. It’ll make this next part more fun.”

I ask, “Next part? What next part? Is it where you strip us, fuck us then send us packing? Fine, let’s get it over with.”

“Don’t act like you didn’t love it. But no. I’ve got a new wrinkle in mind. I don’t need to unmask you. I know who you two are. No, we’re going to play a new game. A game of 20 questions. But not the boring version. I’m going to ask you each only one question, but I’m going to ask it twenty times. If you don’t answer it by the twentieth time, you win. If you do answer it, I win.”

I frown, “I don’t get it.”

The Bat says, “I do. It’s an interrogation. It’ll be a question we’d never willingly answer without being drugged and coerced. Like the code to my cave or something. Before you begin, I know what you win. The information. What do we win?”

“You’re a smarty pants, Bat. I can already tell you’ll be a challenge, even with the venom in you. You win my solemn promise to never trick you into play again. I’ll only play with you if you come to me. Preferably on your knees and begging.”

I laugh, “That would never happen.”

“Don’t be so sure. But anyway, we’re wasting time. SuperStar, you’ll be easier to break, so I’ll give you a harder question. Let’s start with you, Bat. Here’s your question. What is Super Soldier’s secret identity?”

“What? What are you asking?”

Toyboy sighs, “What is Super Soldier’s secret identity?”

“I - I don’t know - it must be the drug. It’s hard to focus. What is who’s what?”

“You can’t be this dazed. What is Super Soldier’s secret –” The villain catches himself, but he can’t stop from finishing, “- identity?” Toyboy frowns, “Damn.”

The Bat says, “Gee, I don’t know. But I do know that that’s three tries down. Only seventeen to go, genius.”

“You’ll pay for that.” The villain turns to me, “SuperStar, your question is this. What is Bird Boy’s secret identity?”

“I’m not telling you that. I don’t get why you think it’s harder. It’s the same thing.”

Toyboy says, “No, it’s not. When you tell me, and you will, you’ll not only be betraying another hero, but you’ll be betraying your lover by exposing his beloved sidekick to danger.” My mouth drops and Python turns my head to look at The Bat. Damn, he’s right. The villain claps and giggles, “Now you get it!” He rises to his feet.

I defiantly say, “You can ask twenty times. A hundred times. A thousand times. You’ll never break us, Toyboy.”

Toyboy and I stare each other down. He’s so arrogant, confident that he’s going to win.

Suddenly, The Bat pulls a spray bottle out of his utility belt. Before he can unleash whatever surprise he has, Toyboy kicks the bottle from his hand. Croc kneels down fast then locks the hero into a full nelson. He drags him up as Toyboy moves in closer. The Bat fights, but he can’t escape the hold. The smallest villain traces the hero’s stretched out abs then runs his fingers along the engorged Bat-pole.

“Bat, Bat, Bat. Did you really think you could surprise me? Even with SuperStar distracting me, I saw you moving your hand to your belt as soon as you started. Not that I’m complaining. I love that you tried.”

The diabolical genius backs off, “Croc. Python. Hang them up while I get my toys.”

The Bat: Against All Odds

Python grabs SuperStar by the head. He pushes him forward, slamming him down to the floor. SPLAT! My partner writhes on the floor, unable to rise. Croc releases the nelson, it before I can do anything, the muscle beasts each grab one of my arms. I struggle, but they’re way too strong. The two monsters drag me back towards the ring.

In unison, they punch me in the stomach. POW! POW! OOF! It takes the fight out of me enough that they can lift me up so I’m sitting on the ring apron. They force my arms back and over the middle rope then pull my legs so I’m hanging down. My weight stretches the rope down, making it easy for the muscular villains to lift the bottom rope and lock me in tight.

Toyboy is back. He uses duct tape to secure my wrists, commenting, “Sometimes a low-tech solution is best, right Bat?”

Before I can answer, SuperStar comes charging in. He levels Toyboy from behind. WHACK! The villains are shocked, allowing the young hero to get some good forearms and boots on them. He drives Toyboy and the more human Croc away, but Python is still super-strong. He powers through the attack. The snake-man easily wraps up the feisty fighter in his arms and with a big bearhug, the resistance effectively ends. All the young muscleman can do is squirm in the unbreakable vice.

Toyboy moves back in with confidence, clapping his hands like a kid on Christmas, “See, this is why I love you two. You make me earn your submissions.”

Croc and Python overpower SuperStar, forcing him up beside me, maneuvering his arms around the ropes. With a little duct tape added, he’s trapped just like me. We hang beside each other, crucified with our arms bound and our bodies completely vulnerable for whatever nefarious plan these three have in mind.

Toyboy says, “I’ll give you another chance to admit defeat.” He asks SuperStar to reveal Bird Boy’s identity. Of course, he refuses. He asks me for Super Soldier’s name, but I claim ignorance. The villain clearly is pleased that we’re playing along. He wants to force us to tell, but I think he’ll find us more than a match for his little game.

Croc kneels down in front of me. He starts caressing the front of my trunks. He grips my long thick shaft and jerks it through the spandex. Thanks to the toxin, I’m weak, but hard and aroused. My head hangs down, forcing me to watch him work me. When I try to look away, I see Python doing the same thing to SuperStar. That doesn’t make me less horny.

I moan involuntarily as he manipulates my manhood. My mouth hangs open. God, it feels so good. The muscle beast can be surprisingly gentle. He moves his mouth to my bulge, extending his tongue to trace the head of my throbbing cock. Oh. He pulls my rod forward, stretching my trunks. I gasp when he opens wider and sucks on me.

Beside me, I can hear SuperStar moaning loudly. He’s always been more susceptible to erotic torture. This must be a cruel combination of heaven and hell for him. I feel my load building already as Toyboy returns. He has a large bottle of some kind of green gel. The powerful monsters slide off in unison so the evil genius can coat our torsos and trunks with his gel.

I bite my bottom lip as the smooth goop gets rubbed all over my front. I feel it tingling. Toyboy rubs it into my chest, tweaking my nipples as Croc starts jerking my manhood again. The slick slime has the desired effect. Toyboy leaves me to focus on SuperStar. I fight to keep my load, but I’m getting close to losing it. My partner’s frantic moaning isn’t helping. I can tell he’s close, too.

I hear SuperStar whimper, “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum.”

I close my eyes to fight the building eruption, blocking everything out. Toyboy is back, his hands caressing my smooth, slick torso. The gel allows my spandex trunks to slide easily up and down in Croc’s tight grip. The evil genius buries his face in my armpit, licking the shaved skin as he squeezes my nipple. I gasp. Croc picks up steam and I’m done.

I mutter, “I’m cumming. I’m cumming!”

I don’t cum. Both villains back off and I’m left hanging there, my cock pulsing, but not erupting. I groan as I feel my load recede, but my cock stays painfully hard. Croc and Python rise and the three villains watch as I struggle and squirm, trying to ease the pressure inside me. I peek over at SuperStar. He’s also still hard and I don’t see any cum seeping through his red briefs.

Toyboy laughs at us as I realize now what the game is. I thought he was trying to milk us to weaken our resistance. It’s the opposite. He’s going to deny us release until we’re so desperate that we beg him to cum. And the price will be the secret identities of two heroes.

“I’ll ask again, boys. Bat. Question number five. What is Super Soldier’s secret identity?”

“I. Don’t. Know.”

“SuperStar? Number three. Who is Bird Boy?”

“Bird Boy? Never heard of him.”

Toyboy claps his hands, “Excellent. Let’s step this up a notch.”

SuperStar: Oh, Oh, Oh, It’s Magic

Step it up a notch? What the heck does that mean? My cock is already screaming for release. We’re holding out, but I’m not sure how long I can go. 17 more rounds? Unlikely. Maybe I can secretly shoot. Hide my reactions until it’s too late. I’ll be weak, but it can’t be worse than how I feel right now.

The bodybuilder bad guys are rubbing our bodies. I hate that it feels good, but it does. So good. They’d be pretty hot if they weren’t, you know, evil criminals. Python has such big strong hands. When he grabs my pec and squeezes, I let out a moan. I get mad at myself for giving him that much. Hold it together, SuperStar. Hold it together.

Python squeezes my ass, “Sssubmit, sssilly SssuperSsstar. Why sssuffer for a ssstupid sssidekick like Bird Boy? Sssubmit and we can have sssome fun. You’ll like my sssnake. I promissse.”

I shake my head ‘no’, afraid to even speak and reveal how turned on I am. Python’s snakeskin trunks are stacked. Just then, I see Toyboy is back. He has four wands, two in each hand. Oh no. The magic in these wands is what they can do when they’re turned on. They have large heads on them. When he flicks the switch, they hum and the heads vibrate. I gulp.

The muscle beasts each take one. Python fires his up and starts massaging me with it. Oh, that feels nice. I am getting a little stiff, trussed up like this. He runs it over my neck. Oh. Then down to my nipples. Oh. Under my arms and down my back towards my ass. Okay, I can handle this. I can handle this. The vibrating head slides over my abs then back up to my chest.

Toyboy kneels between me and The Bat. He fires up both his wands. Stop. No. Don’t. I thrash in the ropes as the massaging head hits my balls. The twink villain runs it up my shaft to my cock head. Oh fuck, that’s amazing. I let out a whimper, unable to hide my reaction. The two heads work their magic, driving me insane as they tease and taunt me.

My red trunks are stretched as my cock is rock hard, completely under the spell of the torture device. Every time Toyboy runs it around my head, I gasp. He holds it there when he focuses on The Bat. I struggle to move away, but that’s only worse as I rub my head against it. Maybe that’s what I need to do. Give in. Shoot. End this torture.

I shift my hips back and forth, massaging my rock-hard cock. It works. I feel my load building. I try to suppress my gasping, but it’s hard. I moan, revealing myself. Toyboy focuses back on me, working on my shaft. Good. Good. Yeah, make me cum. Make me cum, you sexy little twink. Oh. My mind starts reeling. The closer I get to cumming, the less control I have.

The toxin.

I moan and gasp louder. I grunt as I approach climax. In spite of myself, I blurt out, “I’m close. I’m close.” NO!

The villain’s pull off me again. Toyboy moves to finish off The Bat while I whimper and shake my head. I’m humiliated by my lack of control. This is what The Bat has been trying to prepare me for and I’m failing. Toyboy and Python own me right now. And unless I can figure something out, they might just own me forever.

The Bat: Under Pressure

Toyboy turns his entire attention to me. That can’t be good. I heard SuperStar admit he’s close. I want to tell him to stop warning them, but I realize I’m no better. I have no self-control. I’m moaning and thrashing, making my erotic arousal more than obvious. The vibrators are driving me closer and closer. And once I’m close, they’ll go away. I’ll be denied release and that much weaker.

I fight hard, but my face and grunts tell Toyboy all he needs to know. Right before I explode, he pulls off. Damn. He asks me for the sixth time. I refuse to answer, but it’s a lot harder. On his fourth question, I think SuperStar hesitates slightly, but he holds it together.

Croc sticks the vibrating rod down the back of my trunks. It splits my cheeks until it’s pressed against my hole. He restarts it and I let out a long slow moan. Toyboy laughs as he kneels down again. Croc circles around in front. The evil genius presses his vibrator against my balls. More of this? Okay, I can take it.

As if reading my mind, Toyboy says, “Let’s try something different. If pleasure alone isn’t enough, maybe a little pain will get the information out of you.”

Before I can react, Croc fires a fist into my abs. THUD! OOF! He begins to pepper my body with ab punches. POW! POW! POW! I grunt as the two vibrators continue to work on me as my body is skillfully broken down. I hear Python assaulting SuperStar beside me, focusing on his gorgeous pecs, working the meaty muscles over hard. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP!

The sound of our cries and the ruthless punishment echo throughout the chamber. I’ve painstakingly worked for years to make my body powerful, but even my gym-built abs can’t take the power of the muscle beast’s brutal body blows. The sad thing is, Toyboy is right. In spite of the addition of the punishment, my cock is still rock hard.

Croc suddenly caresses my torso. It’s red and weak, making me extra sensitive to his touch. He traces my abs and I twitch and struggle to breathe. I moan as I’m brought near climax, the vibrator and feather touch sending waves through my body and right into my manhood. I gasp, unable to fight it. I let out a soft, “Oh god.”

Toyboy pulls back and I’m denied again. I’m exhausted. I sag on the ropes, my strength gone. The evil genius lifts my chin and we lock eyes. He asks me for a seventh time to give up Super Soldier’s name. I don’t reply, not trusting what I might say. He nods with a smirk, not disappointed at all. He has 13 more questions and my silence tells him he’s got me.

It’s just a matter of time.

SuperStar: Give It to Me

Okay. Focus. For the first time, The Bat finished before you. Maybe if I can hold out, he can get a rest and think of a plan. He still has his utility belt on. And I’ve taken pec punches before. Lots of times. Villains love to punch my chest. Even without my super-strength, they’re strong and tough. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! It’s the damn vibrating wand that’s driving me nuts.

Python stops beating on my chest. I look at it. Red, but my pecs are still standing high and proud. I wait for more abuse, but none comes. Instead, he fondles my pecs. Like a lover would. Oh. I twitch and turn. They’re so tender that I’m feeling everything. I’ve got no resistance at all. And that damn wand on my junk. Fuck, can I just get a moment to -

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna explode if you don’t let me cum.”

Toyboy and Python pull off. The twink villain laughs, “Well? What’s Bird Boy’s real name?”

I snarl, “I’ll never tell you!”

“Never’s a mighty long time.” The leader tells his muscle, “Let them down. They need a break.”

Croc and Python undo the duct tape then free us from the ropes. We collapse to the mats beside each other. My arms are numb and I’m too weak to even move. The Bat moves his hand to mine and we hold hands. He gives me a squeeze and I return it with whatever strength I can muster.

Toyboy says, “Aw, so sweet. Although, if you really loved each other, you’d just tell me what I want to know and move on, instead of suffering.”

The Bat asks, “What do you want to know?”

“Nice try. No, you’re not ready yet. Luckily, I have a few more tricks. Trunks off, men.”

Croc and Python strip our briefs and we can’t stop them. They strip their own briefs and I can’t help but look at the snake Python is sporting. Wow. Impressive, but I don’t want it. Or do I? No! Focus. Feeling is back in my arms, but I’m still too weak to even rise.

The snake-guy sits his bare ass down on my back, facing down my body. He reaches down and slaps my ass. SMACK! I hear him growl with approval. I can tell he’s already imagining fucking me. Maybe that’s what’s about to happen? I squirm under him, but he easily holds me down with his massive muscles.

Toyboy returns. His boots pass my face towards my feet. I can’t see what’s happening, but I feel a cool sensation at my hole. Lube. I struggle, but I can’t move the huge bodybuilder bad guy. Python slides down and I feel him work his finger into my hole. He coats my hole with lube. He’s going to fuck me. That’s the next phase.

I gasp as I feel something slide inside my ass. Oh fuck. It’s not a cock, because the villain is still on me. Wow, that feels good. My hole closes around it and I know it’s a butt plug. Mmm. No. Don’t give in. It’s one of Toyboy’s toys. It fills me completely, which makes my aching cock swell up. I involuntarily start humping the mat to get off, which is slick from my sweat and Toyboy’s body gel.

Python says, “Look! Sssuperboy is a sssuper ssslut. Yeah, ssslide that ssshaft. Try to ssshoot.”

I don’t care how humiliating it is. I desperately need to cum. It’s not enough. On command, Python gets off me. He grabs me around the waist and pulls me up against his rock-hard body. With my hole plugged, his cock can’t enter me, but I feel it stretching up between my cheeks against my back. The mighty muscleman squeezes the reverse bearhug and I cry out.

My cock stands out as I struggle in the unbreakable grip. As I fight, I notice that The Bat is trapped, too. Not in a reverse bearhug, but in an over-the-knee backbreaker. He’s draped over Croc’s knee, looking so vulnerable with his rock-hard cock pointing out, hovering over his red abused abs. In that position, he can’t do anything to protect his cock.

Toyboy has Python carry me to him. He drops to one knee then coats our cocks with more green gel. He grabs both our cocks and start jerking us. Oh. His left hand slides up and down my shaft. He spins it over the head then rubs the end on his palm. The twink villain works my slick cock, sliding and twisting over and over. Python’s squeeze feels nice. No, it doesn’t!

Bearhugged and plugged, I’m hard as hell for Toyboy’s vicious torture. He’s got me moaning again, slowly playing with my cock. He’s making this last. Oh fuck, it feels good. Meanwhile, The Bat is gasping like crazy as he hangs there, caresses by Croc while the smaller villain’s right hand is working away. I hear my partner gasping.

Python starts dry humping me and I can’t take it. I grunt and gasp. I don’t even need to say anything anymore. Toyboy knows my reactions. He slows down but doesn’t stop. I hope that means I can cum, but The Bat suddenly gasps and tenses. The twink villain lifts his hands up into the air and we lose again. I can’t take much more! I can’t!

The Bat: Good Vibrations

As I hang there, denied again, Toyboy asks his question again. For the sixth and eighth time, we refuse to answer, but we both clearly hesitate this time. And SuperStar adds a begging, “Please, let me cum.” He’s getting desperate now. So am I. I’m hanging upside down over a muscle monster’s knee, my manhood up high and completely controlled by villains.

Toyboy runs his finger across my pelvis and I twitch. He says, “Well, looks like you two only have one or two more rounds in you, so let’s make them good ones.”

Suddenly, I feel the butt plug start to vibrate inside me. Oh no. Oh yes. That feels so good. I ignore the pain in my back as my entire body quakes and shivers. Croc holds me in place as my cock swells back up to full mast. It hasn’t been soft for so long, but now it’s as hard as it can get. Painfully hard. Throbbing hard. Crying for mercy hard. I can’t give in. I can’t.

The villains go back to work. Croc rubs my torso and works my lubed-up cock. The vibration inside me is distracting me, stealing all my focus. I need to think about resisting, but I can’t. It’s all way too much. I cry out and whimper as I clench down on the butt plug. Oh damn. The massive muscleman could milk me so easily. But he won’t. Not unless I surrender my pride and endanger a fellow hero! I can’t. I won’t!

Even as I say that, I feel my load building as the muscle beast owns my manhood.

SuperStar: Please Mr. Please

As I hang in the reverse bearhug, I gasp for air. These bastards are edging me in every way possible and now they’re even controlling my breath. Toyboy must sense I’m the weak link. He’s devoting all his attention to me. I feel the vibrating butt plug inside me and it’s got my cock huge. I’m so horny and hard right now. Damn!

The twink villain is on me, jerking me with one hand and caressing my battered chest with the other. Oh no. My chest is my one weakness. Well, my biggest weakness. Toyboy knows that. He raises an eyebrow then nods at Python who suddenly starts kissing my neck. Oh no. Oh no. When the twink villain grabs my nipple between his fingers, I look into his eyes with a pathetic begging look. My mouth hangs open and I moan, completely helpless under his power.

My body aches from the inability to release. The edging and erotic torture is too much. It’s gone on too long. My balls tighten up, trying once again to shoot. As I close in, I know the truth. So does Toyboy.

Toyboy smirks, “Talk fast.”

I throw my head back then it falls forward, limp and weak. It’s like my neck can’t support it. I whisper a word.

Toyboy asks, “What was that?”

I whisper, “Xaq.”

“Zack. Lots of Zacks. Zack who?”

I hesitate, but when he lifts his hand off my cock, I blurt out Xaq’s last name. I feel ashamed, but more than anything, I feel the need to cum. Toyboy tells Python to squeeze harder. He does as the villain jerks faster. I scream then gasp for breath. I explode, my seed erupting. I didn’t realize it, but they’ve aimed me right at The Bat.

My ropes of seed fly out and splash down on his ripped torso. It hits his cock. His stomach. It runs down his body to his chin as he hangs upside down. It’s a massive load. I keep firing off more and more, staining my lover with my shame and humiliation. Python keeps crushing me, denying me a full breath. My head spins as my cock starts firing blanks.

Toyboy says, “Take him to the ring. Time to end this game.”

The Bat: Lay All Your Love on Me

I get pushed off Croc’s leg. I writhe on the mat. Through the disorientation of being upside down in a long-held submission hold with a vibrating butt plug inside me while being ruthlessly edged, I think I heard SuperStar crack. I don’t blame him, but it means I’m the only target. It’s three-on-one now. And I haven’t even made it through half of his twenty questions yet.

Croc drags me up then shoves me into the ring. I try to rise, but Python is waiting. He’s the strongest muscleman of us all. When the muscle beast pulls me up into a reverse bearhug, I know I’m going nowhere. I try to reach over his thick arms to my belt, desperately hoping I can use some kind of gadget to surprise them.

Toyboy is there, “Still think your futility belt can save you? If it could, I would’ve taken it from you when this started. The one kind toys allowed in my game are mine.”

Croc has my partner up to his knees. He looks so defeated. I tell him, “I’m proud of you, SuperStar. You did great.”

“Aw, so sweet. I bet SuperStar wants to show you how much he appreciates that.”

The massive muscle beast forces the young hero to crawl on his knees in front of me. He grabs SuperStar by the head and guides him to my engorged cock. The helpless hunk has no choice but to take my cock. At Toyboy’s command, Croc controls my partner, giving me a blowjob. Even though he’s not in control, the weakened hero’s mouth works on instinct.

I groan as Croc eases up, letting SuperStar guide him. The muscle hero knows exactly how to work my cock. Toyboy increases the vibrations of the butt plug and I’m edged again. My load rises and I can’t resist. Not the weapon inside me. Not the squeeze of a super-powerful bodybuilder. Not Toyboy’s taunting caress. And definitely not my lover’s mouth.

My eyes close, I need to cum this time. I blurt out, “Luke.” Of course, Toyboy makes me give him a full name, which I do. I warn, “I’m cumming! Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”

Croc holds SuperStar on my cock as I’m allowed to explode. He swallows my load. Or tries to. It’s so huge that some seeps out the side of his cheeks. I struggle and thrash, but the mighty Python holds me tightly. I convulse violently until I collapse against his powerful body. I’m drained. Not just my balls, but my spirit, too.

Once again, Toyboy has beaten us.

SuperStar: Beat It

Croc throws me back onto the canvas. I swallow the last drops of my lover’s seed as I stay there, unmoving. I get kicked onto my back. I feel The Bat’s cowl on my shoulder as he’s dragged close to me. My head is lifted onto his shoulder and we lie there, ear-to-ear, stretching out in opposite directions. At least we’re together.

My legs are lifted up and my knees pushed towards my shoulders. Python. With my ass up, I know what’s coming. I squint up at the bright lights and see The Bat’s shiny black boots hovering up beside mine. He’s in the same position. I watch with surprise as Toyboy binds our boots together. We’re locked up tight now, with our butts up and ready to be taken.

The plugs are pulled out then lube coats my hole. Probably unnecessary but it tingles. Toyboy reaches over my leg, rubbing more lube onto my cock. In spite of our predicament, my rod powers up again. After so much edging, I’m ready to go with a big one. Python moves in. He slides his thumb into my hole, playing with me. I groan loudly.

The big bodybuilder pushes his sheathed snake inside me. I let out a moan as he stretches me out even further. I hear The Bat let out a long moan and I know Croc is inside him, too. The two muscle monsters start pounding us. The move in rhythm, each slamming thrust pushing our head and shoulders together. We’re bracing each other for their rough plowing, making sure we don’t slide. It makes their driving thrusts go even deeper.

We’re moaning loudly as Toyboy starts his job. He reaches in and milks us. It’s like the worst (or best) game of Twister ever. We’re pounded hard as we’re jerked. No edging this time. I get close fast and the twink villain pumps a load out of me, aiming it onto the top of The Bat’s cowl. I explode and my body shakes as I’m drained again.

The brutal fucking continues. I suddenly feel cum splash down onto my head. Toyboy has milked us both, taking a second load while thoroughly dominating and humiliating us. All we can do is take this plowing, the victorious villains savoring their ownership of the two top heroes around. We moan and whimper as the ass pounding continues.

Python pulls out and Toyboy unbinds my boots from my partner’s. I collapse flat on the mat as the muscle beast steps over my waist to straddle me. I look up and all three villains are standing over us, jerking their huge cocks. Croc erupts first, his cum spraying onto our masked faces. Python quickly adds his seed then Toyboy finishes us off.

The villains drain themselves dry, leaving us with parts of five loads of cum on our faces as we lie defeated and destroyed.

The next thing I feel is a towel land on my face.

Cody: Simply the Best

Toyboy aka Winston tosses towels onto our faces so that we can wipe up. With our roleplay over, I get to be Cody again and SuperStar gets to be my boyfriend Jae. Croc aka Buck helps me up to my feet. Python aka Brody does the same for my partner. We shake hands and hug it out.

When Jae and I set this up with Brody and Buck, I suggested we include Winston as a ringmaster. They agreed and I think they’re glad they did. This is my second time playing with Winston and Buck, but first time together. It’s awesome for me to combine Buck and Brody’s amazing physicality and Winston’s creativity. I know he goes even more extreme all the time, but this was perfect for me.

Buck is beaming as we clean up the ring and talk about our roleplay session. He's spent most of his 35 years on a secluded farm in a small town in America's heartland. The big beefy hunk is visiting his high school friend Brody during the winter season and loving LA. Especially since I've let him live out one of his biggest fantasies - defeating me as The Bat - again.

The handsome farmer can't stop gushing and going every detail again. Every moment was his favorite. While I'm exhausted, he's pumped and wired. Damn, he could seriously go again right now. I flirt back, letting him know that I enjoyed myself, too. I get swept up in a huge hug as Buck thanks me, calling me ‘the best’, which is what he always says. Of course, he’s right.

On our way to the locker room, Brody slows up, grabbing my arm. We casually slow walk, falling way behind our friends. When we're out of earshot of the other guys, he whispers to me, “Sounds like Ryan and Buck had a good time. Your best friend. My best friend. If they hook up, you and me would practically be related.”

I laugh as I confirm my best friend Ryan loved wrestling Buck but remind Brody that it doesn't matter since Buck’s not open to Ryan, thinking he's some kind of playboy who'll just break his heart. I add, “Unless he gets a chance to know the real Ryan a little better, I don't see it going anywhere. And Ryan's waiting to see if Buck even stays in LA before making any moves.”

The tanned bodybuilder shrugs, “Well, I think they’d be good together. And I've let Buck know that. Not that it matters, what with him going back to the farm in a couple of months.”

I stop in my tracks, upset at the reminder that Buck is leaving, “You're really going to let that happen? You're his best friend and you're not doing anything to keep him here?”

Brody shrugs and holds up his hands, “I can't stop him from going home, Cody. I am his best friend, which is why I know that it has to be Buck’s decision.”

I roll my eyes and snort. Free will? Not on my watch. Not when the right choice is so obvious. Buck believes I'm a good guy. A hero. Well, sometimes heroes need to save people from themselves. Give people a gentle nudge when they're about to fall the wrong way.

The tanned bodybuilder reads my face and smirks, “Buck’s real excited about that job you set him up with. He's studying like crazy to understand what grows out here, how it grows and why it's important to the local environment. Gustavo and Luis will be impressed. And with Buck’s experience running his own farm, I bet they'll have him in charge of projects in no time.”

“Great. Gustavo needs the manpower and I thought Buck would enjoy having something more to do during his days.” With full-on bitchy sarcasm, I add, “You know, before he goes home.”

Brody grins at me, “Yes, before he goes home.”

I shake my head, “You and Ryan are the worst. You're both just sitting back, letting Buck make a huge mistake, hoping I'll do your dirty work for you. But if it blows up, I'll be the bad guy.”

“Ah, but things never blow up on you. That's why we leave it in your very capable hands.”

I stick my tongue out at him as I fold my arms across my chest, fake pouting.

Brody reaches out, squeezes my shoulder and pulls me in close. He kisses my cheek then whispers into my ear, “I want you to know that I appreciate the way you’re looking out for Buck. He’s so proud of your friendship. It’s Cody this, Cody that.” He breaks the hug and gets serious, “Whatever he decides to do, I owe you.”

I give him an evil grin, “Really? How much?”

Brody grins right back, “Anything Jae will allow, man.”

I laugh at that. I am pleased that my efforts are finally being recognized positively. Sometimes people get upset with my machinations. Yes, I want Buck to stay, but I'm not being selfish. There's no doubt in my mind that he's better off here in LA hanging out with me and the other guys. He's really come alive just in the short time that I've spent with him, breaking out of his shell. Friends. Sex. Wrestling. Now a career. And a way better chance at finding love. Yeah, what more could Buck want out of life? While I can't force him to stay, I'm sure I can make it impossible for him to leave. It's for his own good.

Hm. Now that I think about it, I wonder what other fantasies Buck has always wanted to live out, but can't get satisfied on his lonely old farm?

The End


  1. HOLY FUCK!!! What a great and super hot Christmas gift! I always love Cody and Jae's play sessions with Winston. Toyboy knows all of the right buttons to push for both of them (and me as well) And seeing Buck and Brody get in on the fun made it that much better. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks! Merry Christmas!

      Even though it’s a weird day to post a story, I liked how it worked out last year and so it seemed like a sequel was in order.

  2. WOW, Alex! This was the best Christmas gift I received this year! I always look forward to your Christmas Day stories, but you really outdid yourself on this one! The friendship between Brody and Buck is my absolute favorite relationship between all your characters, and you keep finding new and interesting ways to bring them together. And Winston is such a fun and unique character! I'm looking forward to seeing him in one-on-one action in The Cave again soon. :)

    Thanks again for the gift, Alex. Merry Christmas!

    - JS

    1. You’re welcome. Brody and Buck are one of my favorite friendships, so thanks. I planned to use Rival to do more, but Buck needed to spend time in The Cave this year to get his story set before I could work on that.

    2. P.S. It was also great seeing Brody finally get to use all that muscle of his! :)

      - JS

  3. I <3 Buck & Brody. Expecting a fun bonus story, I was surprised by the plot development at the end. Good to see Cody and Brody getting along.

    Favorite line: "Free will? Not on my watch."

    1. Thanks! I like to throw in little unexpected plot moments, since these stories have become story first, wrestling second and sex a distant third.

      I love that line, too. LOL. It felt very ... Cody.

  4. Before i get to my actual comment I have a few observations.

    First! Awesome to have a post on Christmas. I’m a bit late but I finally was able to comment.

    Second! The image of the Bat is quasi new I believe or a different manipulation? Am I right? It looks different ! And I’m kind of thinking that Jae’s is definitely new. Looks really hot!

    Last but not least. Definitely not least. PROFESSOR FATE? New character? Are we going to see him? Is he already in the Cave roster? You can’t just throw names like that and leaves us hanging ! Haha!

    So story comment comes in a bit!

    1. Yes, I think I’ve only used that Bat image as Batman in Jae’s dream universe story. It’s kind of low res and not my fave, but I wanted something new. And the Jae one is totally new. Surprising since Mike Carr hasn’t modeled for a long time. Of course when I chose these guys, I never thought they’d appear in 20-30 stories.

      As for Professor Fate, I like throwing out names to make things feel bigger than the handful of stories I’m able to write. He’s on the roster, but he might be one of the C-list guys we’ll never see in action. Or he might not.

    2. Jae looks....amazing.
      And In regards to the professor, you are such a tease Mr Miller!

  5. Yes another entry into Winstons playful story archive. Im not sure you knew that this character would become such a hit with us the readers! He has done superb. And add to that Buck and Brody!
    Interesting story line with the reveal of the names of Luke and Xaq. But that ending was even more interesting. What will Codys machinations lead to? It seems everyone trusts that everything will turn out great because it is Cody executing it. And, they are probably right. They really don't want Buck going back. Wonder what Ryan thinks of this! Thanks for a great gift and looking for that story on the first!!! LOL. Just a few more days!

    1. You are welcome. Honestly I never seem to have any idea who will or won’t be a hit with me or readers. I just go with the flow at this point.

      Brody and Ryan do seem to have a lot of faith in Cody. Of course the only guy not in on the plan is Buck and he’s the only one who matters.

  6. So glad I checked this story out! Everything was perfect!

    I'm so glad Winston has been a big hit with all of the readers like me. This small, but hot dom/master who loves wrestling and knows how to create these amazing scenarios with all those toys(although it wouldn't be as good without Cody, Jae, Buck and Brody). I hope he appears in many more stories to come.

    Winston knows Xaq's full name and is interested in him. Winston knows Xaq's full name and is interested in him. :evil grin: Does that mean what I think it means?

    Cody is incredibly confident about his plans for everyone, but he might be able to pull everything off. He has a knack for it. At least he's using his powers for good unlike when the Cave started.

    I hope you had a great year, Alex! Thank you so much for all of these amazing stories and reviews. I wish you the bet in 2019!

    1. You are welcome and same to you!

      Yes, you can definitely read that little plot point as more than just a random, meaningless roleplay moment. Winston might want to expand this fun little world, but it does take at least two to buy into the premise.