Superhero Stories

The Bane of My Existence: Don't judge a book by its cover. Batman meets a new villain. He's not impressed by his foe's cheap wrestler costume, but he soon finds himself in the battle of his life.

The Bane of My Existence 2: It's later the same night and the adventure continues.

The Bane of My Existence 3: Earlier and later same night. Another hero enters the fray, along with two more villains.

The Bane of My Existence 4: Bane and his henchmen assemble. The massive muscleman's plan to break the heroes kicks into high gear.

The Bane of My Existence 5: New heroes join the battle but can they turn the tide? Or are they just destined to become Bane's newest pawns.

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 6: It's Superman vs. Black Adam as the series takes a detour, leaving the world of hot guys pretending to be wrestling superheroes into the Costumed Wrestling Alliance where real heroes and villains battle it out. Will training from Batman be enough to help the Man of Steel win against the rule-breaking villain with the magic lightning?

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 12: We re-visit the Costumed Wrestling Alliance where heroes are real and they're spectacular. This time, four familiar faces assume the roles of four of the most powerful men in comics as Superman takes on Doomsday, Uncle Sam and Superboy-Prime in a brutal four-way wrestling match.

The Cave: The Bat and SuperStar in "Toying with Trouble": A 2017 Christmas gift. When The Cave's pre-eminent superheroes team-up to track down Toyboy, they get more than they bargained for from the twink super-villain. (Follows the events of SuperStar vs Toyboy)

The Cave: The Bat and SuperStar in "What a Croc": A 2018 Christmas gift. The heroes are all set to train, but they get an unexpected lesson in humility as they face off against the brains and brawn of three nefarious villains.

The Cave: Bird Boy in "The Bird Cage": A 2019 Christmas gift. The Bat sends Bird Boy on a special mission. Part-training and part-reward, the young sidekick is always ready for any challenge.

Hercules Unbound: In a sequel to Lucky Stallion's "Hercules Bound", the demigod's search for freedom puts him in conflict with other heroes. Can he win release from the Slave King? And if he does, at what cost?

Power Pup: A short story based on an original character. An intro to the character, his friends and a villain.

Spider-Man's Wild Night: Spider-Man runs into Sabertooth on the wrong night. Or maybe it's the right night after all. What starts as a routine intercept of a notorious villain evolves into a lot more.

Tarzan and the Twins of Tibor: No good deed goes unpunished. The King of the Jungle saves two twins who are being hunted by their tribemates. He soon learns that there's more to the twins than meets the eye.

Tarzan and James: On an adventure to Africa, James Porter meets Tarzan. He quickly gets pulled into a whirlwind that changes everything in his life, while Tarzan must battle for his own.

Tarzan and James 2: James Porter returns, leading the Claytons to Tarzan's jungle. Is he really Lord Greystoke? And if he is, what will that mean? Romance, drama and more in this story.

Tarzan and James 3: First, James found the jungle man. Then James identified him. Now, he’s escorted his savage friend to England to regain his legacy. Plots are afoot and the control of the Greystoke legacy is the prize. The mighty Tarzan survived the jungle, but can he survive ‘civilization’?

Superhero Reviews

Hero Hunks - Batman vs. Bane: A review of this iconic battle as filmed by Wrestler4Hire's spinoff site.

How to Kill a Superhero: A review of the first two books from the How to Kill a Superhero series.

How to Kill a Superhero: Transformation Fetish: A review of Book 3 of the How to Kill a Superhero series

Kink-Men Superheroes: A review of three videos from featuring superheroes.

Kink-Men: Kink Avenger Breaking Point: A review. Superheroes: 4 reviews of 14 XXX superhero movie porn parodies.

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