Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Route 69 S106: Fort Worth TX

Ben goes, "Awesome, thanks for the perspective, Jeff. I feel a lot better."

Then I'm like, "Cool."

Ben signs off, "Love you, buddy. See you in a few days."

"Cool, bro. Later." And we're done. Ben's my best friend. I helped him solve a problem, but now I gotta problem that I need to deal with, too.

I get naked then grab a towel and go to the sofa. I start jerkin’ my dick, thinkin' about what Ben was sayin'. It doesn't take long before I pound out a load. The towel can't take it, so my cum gushes through the small cloth, right onto my hand. I don't normally choke my meat after talkin' to Ben, but fuck, he got me horny talkin' about what's he's up to right now.

See, I'm in Dallas, trainin and workin with the Texas Rasslin Association. They're, like, this local pro wrestling fed. Ben's out near El Paso. He's supposed to be visitin friends, but dude's got mixed up in some shit. It's like this kind of wrestling-domination thing with some musclebound cowboy. Hearin 'bout it got me so horny and my cock throbbin so hard I fuckin had to take care of it.

Look, I'm not gay, like Ben. He's lookin for Mr. Right and shit. I'm sure as hell not 100% straight, either. I like chicks, but there's something 'bout wrestling gets me hot. Like dominatin another dude for real gets me so fuckin hot. Ben gets me. He's smarter than me and wastes time tryin to explain it, but I'm like, it's just a case of everybody's got their thing, right?

Fightin and fuckin just go together in my brain. We fight then we fuck. Man vs. man, puttin it all on the line. Shit, now I really need some of that kind of action. Why is Ben hundreds of miles 'cross state? Fuck! Bro's my go-to guy. My source. I don't know anyone in big D. Wait, what the fuck am I talkin 'bout? I'm workin with two guys, Abdi and Yusuf, who probably know.

I'm the All-American face they're beatin up on in the weekly shows. It's good work. They gotta TV show. We're workin together a lot and we've gotten pretty close. I bet they could find me some local action. I grab my phone. I try Yusuf, explainin what I want.

The big guy's like, "Shit yeah, I know some guys." Awesome. Then he's all, "Private or public?"

"Uh, private?" I'm kinda confused by the question, but then he tells me about this guy. Owns a ring. Hosts a group every month in Fort Worth. It's guys gettin together, wrestling and fuckin. So I'd be doin it in front of other guys. I'm cool with that.

This thing is real exclusive, but Yusuf can get me in. He  tells me I'll have no trouble gettin a match for stakes. Sounds cool, but the best coincidence is that there's a meeting tonight. I can ride out with him and Abdi.

Looks like I'm gettin some action. Ooh boy, can't wait.

The Hook Up

A few long hours later, we're headin out to Fort Worth, which is like 40 minutes west of Dallas. I'm askin about the guys, scopin thing s out. Abdi tells me it's a big mix. There's pro, submission and freestyle action. Everybody's pretty cool or they don't come back. Some guys go mainly to watch. Not interested. Other guys go just to lose. Not interested. Some guys go mainly for sex. Not fuckin interested.

I'm losin hope, but then Abdi says there's guys like me, too. Dudes who want a good fight, loser accepts the consequences. Awesome. I need a real fuckin challenge. That's what gets me hard. Yeah, I've squashed some guys, 'cause I'm strong and know my shit. But it's still hot if we start out thinkin they can win and they try real hard.

Yusuf goes, "Don't worry. I've already lined you up with John, the guy who owns and operates the ring. He's seen you on the TRA show and wants you bad. John doesn't lose."

"Yeah? Well, he's gettin fucked tonight."

Abdi shows me a pic of John on his phone. Fuck yeah! Guy's built. Abdi says he's 48. What? I gotta look again. I'm 25, so yeah, he's old enough to be my dad, but you'd never fuckin know it. Dude is ripped. I'm 6'2"/225-lbs. John's 6'/200-lbs. Yeah, I'm bigger, but John's been wrestling longer than I've been alive. I got my ass kicked by an even older guy not too long ago, so I keep my cockiness in check.

From what Abdi says, John sounds cool, like me from the fuckin future. Loves to wrestle guys pro-style until they submit then fuck 'em hard. But I keep thinkin 'bout the best part - he always wins. Me too. Fuck, I can't wait to dominate the old bull at his own place in front of his friends. Ben's gonna be pissed he missed this.

When we get to John's, Yusuf drives past the house, headin for a big steel building at the back of the huge lot. Fuck, I grew up in New York. It's hard to get used to the land guys got down here. Abdi and Yusuf had a huge garage with a ring. Now this John guy has a storage shed that's bigger than my last three apartments put together, all to hold a wrestling ring and some mats.

John's waitin for us, wearin a pair of tight white spandex pants.

Dude stares me down. He's psyched up for the match, in pure domination mode. Me, too. I walk right up to him and we bump chests. We slam in hard then step back to check each other out, circlin and lookin up and down.

John goes, "Nice job, boys. He'll do just fine."

I smirk, "I was thinkin the same thing. Fuck, I'm gettin blue balls just waitin to fuck you."

"Kid, those blue balls will match the rest of your body by the time I'm done with you."

"Bring it on. Where do I get changed?"

John laughs at me. "What're you, shy, princess? Afraid I'm gonna see your pencil dick and cancel the match? Don't worry, that pretty mouth and sweet ass are all you're gonna need today."

"Oh, man, pencil dick? Don't plan on walkin anywhere for the next few days. My cock's gonna split you in two."

John laughs again, "Kid, you're gonna look really good hanging on my dick."

Behind us, other guys are streamin in. They're starin at me, checkin me out. New meat, I guess. Abdi and Yusuf break John and me up to introduce me around. Everyone starts strippin down, gettin ready. My dick's already semi-hard, thanks to John's attitude. The dude is fuckin amazing.

It's great to meet other guys, but I've only got one on my mind. I hunt John down, "So I'm gonna throw on my trunks then let's go."

John holds up his hands, "Whoa, brother, we're the main event."


"There's three other ring matches. We're after that."


"Kid, you gotta learn to relax. I get you're eager to get fucked -"

"Yeah, right."

"- but it'll happen. Find a guy or two, use him to warmup. Life's too short -"

"For you."

"- to wrestle just one guy at this thing. But don't worry, I'm saving the good stuff," John cups his bulge, " just for you."

John walks away, smirkin. He heads to a mat with a beefy bear. I walk away, frustrated. Well, nothing I can do about it. I head back to my bag. I think about gear then pull on a pair of silver trunks with a red waistband, which has three white stars on it. I finish lacin up my silver boots and start stretchin.

Abdi comes up behind me and tackles me to the nearest mat. That opens the floodgates. It seems like every guy wants to wrestle with me. It's not a bad distraction, but John is in the back of my mind the entire time. I don't strain myself, just stretchin out and gettin pumped. I try to scope out John, but I keep gettin turned around. I'm surprised, 'cause John doesn't even try to check me out.

An hour later, I'm leanin on the ring apron, chillin and watchin the end of a good match. Yusuf, my giant buddy, just mauled this tiny, but willin baby-faced jobber in baby blue satin trunks. John comes up behind me and slaps me on the back.

John tells me, "After Yusuf finishes fucking him, we're up."

I respond, "Finally."

John slaps my ass and grabs a handful. I let him, focused on the fact that I'm finally gettin what I came here for. John moves off with a wink. When he's not lookin my way, I head back to my bag. I slide outta my silver trunks into a fresh shiny black pair that are even smaller. They have a small window in front just below the waistband. I have to adjust myself a few times to fit, but I finally stuff myself in.

Waitin and rollin around with other guys didn't do anything but make me want this guy's ass even more.

Round One

I roll into the ring and jump up to my feet. I stretch, flex and bounce, showin off a little. John looks me over from the floor, the smirk never leavin his face. I see he changed outta the white pants and into a pair of trunks. The old guy's in tight black and blue briefs with black leather boots that look pretty broken in. I'm guessin they're his shitkicker boots.

Dude finally climbs into the ring. He's pumped from the warmup, lookin tough, so there's no more waitin. It's time to get into it. We circle around, takin our sweet time. John tries to get me in a flex off. I humor the old man, knowin what he's up to. Soon as I flex, he's tryin to kick my abs. I may be young, but I ain't stupid.

John lifts his right boot and I'm already steppin back, outta range. I drop my arms and grab his ankle. I give it a quick twist and he's flippin over. The musclestud falls flat on his face. I keep his ankle, liftin it high and twistin it hard. I crank on the ankle lock, makin sure he feels it from his foot to his hip. I step on his left ankle, pinnin it to the mat, addin some pain.

"You didn't need to use your leg, right?"

Old guy's pushin up, takin some of the pressure off, but I got him good. I ain't gonna get a submission this fast, but I'm slowin him down. After a minute of this, I step off his left ankle and step over his right leg. I sit back, shiftin into this single leg crab. Pain's in his knee and his back now. I love this move. I fire a couple of fists into his knee. WHACK! WHACK! John's cursin at me, but he's not gettin out.

"How's that back, dude? You feel that?" I crank back harder and hear him moan. "Fuck right. Gonna give?"

"Fuck you!"

John goes kinda limp, so I know he's up to something. I see his left leg twitchin. I look and see his hands braced on the mat. Next thing I know, he's pushin up and kickin to his right. He flippin me over. Instead of fightin it, I go with it. I duck and roll, never lettin go of his ankle. When we land, he's on his back, I'm on my butt. I still got his leg - this time trapped in a legbar hold that's stretchin him out. FUCK! Dude's yell is like music to my ears.

I lean back, really pullin on the leg. My feet are locked on his stomach, his leg goin nowhere. He's slappin the mat. I can see the pain on his face. I figure I'll have a little fun, so I ask him if those slaps are tapouts. He tells me to fuck myself, so I yank on his leg even harder. FUCK! John's really moanin now.

I tell him shit like, "Hope your AARP insurance is paid up, dude!"

Just when I think this is too easy, it is. He finally gets it together and kicks me with his left leg. I shoulda pinned that down, but I didn't and now I'm tastin rubber. CRACK! I roll back, a little stunned by the boot to the chest and face. I get to a crouch, but John's on his knees, tryin to stretch out his right leg. His ass is up and facin me. Nice.

I dive outta my crouch. Double axe handle right to his back. WHAM! I flatten the muscleman back to the mat. I'm on his left side and he's protectin his right leg. So I figure I'll go after his back instead. I get up then drop a knee. I do it again the again. I got him cryin now. I plant my knees in his back, holdin him down. I grab his ankles and chin then roll back. I pull him up and let him hang across my shins. I crank on him then bounce my legs, makin sure he's really feelin it.

I'm all, "Fuck yeah!"

I love puttin jobbers in this position. John's bulge is pointin right up. Me and everyone can see his dick's gettin hard. I laugh, 'cause I've met guys like this before. Tough guys who meet me and figure out they like jobbin. Maybe dude's just been lookin for a real man to manhandle him all this time. Well, if that's his deal, here I am.

I push John off my shins. He lands on his stomach and starts rubbin his back. I jump to my feet. I flex for the boys at ringside before I stomp the shit out of their hero. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I love the way a muscle dude's body flops when you stomp it. I hit his back, legs and ass.

I go, "Dude, you gonna lie there and take it like a bitch?" STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! "Yeah, thought so!"

I get the old guy really softened up. Now that I know he's a jobber, I don't go too hard. I don't wanna cripple the guy. I jump on his back and grab under his chin. I pull back real hard, makin him really feel it. I check out my arms - they look good. Nice and pumped. I lift one off his chin and kiss my bicep for the crowd. They fuckin love that move.

"Shit, dude, are you even gonna try?"

The crowd laughin and me mouthin off brings out the fight in old John. He roars and pushes up to his knees. I fall to the side and he jumps on top of me. His ass is in my face and his knees are pinnin my shoulders down. Fists crash down on my chest and abs. THUD! POW! THUD! I take 'em, but I gotta admit. He's got some power. I don't think he's holdin back.

"Now who's the bitch, BITCH?"

John is takin it to me, but I'm solid as a rock. I roll my boots up and grab his head. I pull forward and throw him off me with the head scissors. My abs are red, but still in good shape. I'm on my feet less than a second when John tackles me into the corner. He wails away with rough body shots then elbows me in the head. POW! THUD! WHACK! Whoa, I'm feelin this now.

"Where's the big talk now, kid?"

John grabs my wrist and throws me across the ring. CLANG! I smash in hard, right on my back. I know he's followin, but I'm too fuckin slow. His shoulder slams into my abs and sends me back into the corner. OOF! Fuck, dude whips me across the other way. WHAM! Right into the corner hard on my back again. Fuck! I bounce off, but I dodge to the side, trippin down to my knees.

I did that figurin John's comin in behind me again. Too bad dude doesn't follow me. On my knees, I'm defenseless, so he kicks me in the side of the head. WHACK! I fall over the middle rope. I'm stunned. Dude reaches over the top rope and grabs my hair. He drags me up. My body's outside the ring, my legs inside.

John pulls me back by my hair. Dude beats the shit outta my chest. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Forearms, punches, elbows, he just doesn't quit. The musclestud grabs my chin and stands behind me. He falls back, liftin his boot into my back. Dude sits there, stretchin me backwards. I'm bent back over the top rope. The lower ropes hold my legs.

My back and neck hurt like hell. I go for his fingers, figurin I can tear them off my chin, but shit, it's tough to focus. I'm doin good when he lets go. Aw fuck me. I fly forward, fallin over the middle rope. It's all I can fuckin do to keep from fallin outta the ring and on my head. Lucky, I grab hold and stop myself. Unlucky, John's up and grabbin my hair again.

John drags me back up again. Time for round two on my chest. Too bad for old muscleman, I'm ready. I grab John by the head. I pull his chin on my shoulder and go forward. The top rope adds speed as I bend forward, draggin him with me. John's dragged right over the rope. Dude screams as he flips over. He hits the floor hard. Dude lands on his side. I step over the ropes, standin on the ring apron.

"Hope you didn't break a hip, old timer!"

John can't say anything back, 'cause I jump down on top of him. My boot smashes into his side. I drag him up and whip him into the ring apron. It hits right on his back and he goes weak. I lift him up and push him back in the ring feet first, makin sure he's on his back. I turn him, keepin his head hangin outside with me. Time for a little payback.

I slam elbows into his chest. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! I hop up onto the ring apron. I stomp on his chest, really diggin in. He grabs his chest, blockin me. That's cool. I jump over the top rope and put my boot on his abs. Dude tries to curl up after that, but the bottom rope's in his way. Poor baby. I grab his boot and drag him into the ring. I roll him on his stomach and grab his other boot.

John's moanin. I got his feet locked between my arms and my side. I grab his wrists and lift. Boom, dude's up off the mat in a fuckin tear drop hold. His chest, abs and pouch are hangin above the canvas. He's cryin out in pain, 'cause I got him folded all kinds of wrong. Back, shoulders, neck ... this gets 'em all.

John squirms a little, but the only real counter is time. Even if you're lucky enough to get a guy in the hold, which ain't easy, most guys can't hold it too long. John's 200-lbs. I can hold that up for a real long time. Unlucky for John, I don't wanna wait. I start swingin him back and forth. Guy's squealin now.

"Give it up! I can hold this all fuckin day!"

"F-fuck ... okay, okay, okay! I give!"

I drop him down and he fuckin collapses at my feet. I do some flexin for the boys outside the ring, letting them see me pose over their king of the ring. I kick John over onto his back. I drop down and schoolboy pin him.

"Wanna quit?" I flex for John, lettin him see what he's in for.

"Fuck off, kid. It's just one fall."

I roll off the musclestud and jump to my feet. I back into my corner as John crawls to his. Fuck, watchin him crawl away, I want his ass now. Too bad we said two-outta-three.

Round Two

I talk to some of the guys while I wait for the next round. John stretches out and stares me down. No one goes near him. I guess no one's done this good against the musclestud before. I tell 'em to wait until after I win this round. I promise to fuck him good and hard.

A couple of guys keep askin me shit. I wanna be nice, so I keep talkin. Time gets called. When I turn, fuckin John's in my face. Those assholes. They were playin me - keepin me busy and lettin their boy John sneak up behind me. THUD! The old muscleman kicks me right in the gut. I don't have time to flex, so the boot sinks deep.

I fall right into a front facelock. Dude grabs my trunks and flips me over in a suplex. WHAM! John slams his fists into my gut over and over again. Motherfucker! I got no choice but to take it until I recover. I grunt. My abs are ripped, but the old wrestler's testin me for sure. John grabs my ankle and wrist. He digs his boots into my side and stretches me out. ARGH!

I try to roll, but he's got me good. WHAM! He moves one boot back and starts kickin my side over and over again. The musclestud lets go of my wrist and shifts to a leglock. Dude twists my leg and punches inside my thigh. I try to get free, but John's got the leglock tight. He rolls me onto my stomach then bends my leg back. John forces my boot to my butt. I feel the stretch, especially 'cause he keeps punchin the shit outta my leg.

John grabs my other boot. He folds it up over my other boot. Now I got both feet touchin my butt. He leans against my boots, holdin my boots with his leg. Dude punches my back, makin sure I feel it. He leans forward and grabs under my chin. John pulls back, liftin my chest off the mat. URGH! I grab at his hands, but his hands are locked. Shit!

"What's the matter, kid? Just gonna lie there like a bitch?"

"Fuck you! I gonna make you fuckin pay! ARGH!"

John pulls back even harder. "Watch your mouth, bitch!"

I can't escape, but I sure as hell ain't submittin. John lets go, but he doesn't just let go. He keeps one hand on my chin then the other on the back of my skull. He slams my face forward into the mat! ACK! Damn, that hurts. Worse, it stuns me and keeps me from fightin back right away. The muscleman rolls back. He keeps hold of my ankles and digs the heel of his boot into my ass.

John pulls my legs back, drivin his boot between my legs. He splits my ass cheeks. My trunks are too small. They slide up and wedge in my crack. Fuck. It's tough to move, but this shit doesn't really hurt. John figures out I'm not sufferin, so he eases up. He pulls his boot outta my ass. I don't know what he's goin for, 'cause I move faster.

No tension on my legs means I can yank one boot free. I donkey kick the dude in his thick chest. He falls back while I roll over. I climb to my feet. John moves fast into a crouch. He goes for my legs, but I expect it. I hurdle over him. When he starts to stand, I grab him around the waist from behind. I lift up fast, sendin him over me with a belly-to-back suplex. WHAM!

John goes limp in my arms, so I roll him over and lift him up to his feet. I squeeze him in a reverse bearhug. I crush him, makin sure my arms are positioned just right. I lift him off his feet then I shake him. I amp up the pressure. Dude's feelin it, moanin like crazy. I hold him up as long as I can. He doesn't submit and as soon as his boots touch the mat, he's pushin us back into the corner. CLANG! OOF! I hit back first with John on top of me.

Dude breaks free from me pretty easily. He turns around and clocks me across the head with a forearm. Fuck. The musclestud goes to whip me across the ring, but I'm ready this time. I reverse it. John slams in hard. He bounces off right into a clothesline. BOOM! I nearly take his freakin head off. He rolls around on the mat, pretty out of it. I take a second to flex. It pumps and psychs me up.

"This ends now."

I grab John's wrist, liftin his arm. I stomp his body three times before I drag his carcass up. He's pretty limp, so easy for me to manage. I push him front first into the corner. WHAM! WHAM! I give him a couple of hard shots to the back then bend down. I muscle the stud up across my shoulders in a torture rack. Luger's got nothing on me - I know how to make this hurt.

I bounce and bend the muscleman hard. The backbreaker has him screamin, but John ain't submittin. I start in on the squats and he's practically cryin. I bend his old ripped body over my shoulders like a fuckin pretzel. Shit, it feels good. Still no submission, but that's cool. I got all night. I circle the ring, lettin all his buddies get a good look.

"C'mon, old man, give it up!"

"F-fuck you!"

"You goin senile? 'Cause your ass is mine, old timer. Fuckin submit!"

John's hand comes up and the sneaky bastard grabs my face. A fuckin old fashioned eye rake. FUCK! I got no choice, I drop him fast and fall into the ropes. I open and close my eyes real fast. I know I gotta get it together before he - ARGH! John dives into me, low. My left knee collapses and I fall down on top of him.

John puts my left ankle on the bottom rope. Oh shit. He stomps down hard on my left leg then he jumps up and comes down with his butt on my knee. My leg folds and I'm rocked with pain. Damn! I drag my leg off the rope. I crawl, but I only get like a foot away before John's on top of me.

The old muscle guy sits down hard, right on my back. Fucker grabs my left ankle and starts bendin my leg up. UNH! It's kinda like a single leg crab, 'cept he's sittin right on me. John's got my leg bent and trapped. He adds in punches to the inside of my knee and leg. POW! POW! POW! Fuck, I push up and manage to throw him off. I jump up, mainly standin on my right leg.

I don't get time to work out my knee, 'cause John's up fast and chargin me. We lock up. With one leg, I'm screwed, so I don't fight him. I let him push, but I twist and get him in a side headlock. I crank it hard, flexin my bicep into his temple. His head's turnin red, pushed against my left side. He grunts and I shake. I gotta keep him off balance for a minute. I stretch and kick my left leg a little, gettin it right.

John grabs my left boot as I work it. Oh fuck. He bends my heel to my butt. Before I can counter, he's powerin me up by my bum leg. Oh fuck. The old muscleman drops me down in a kneebreaker. CRACK! ARGH! My shin hits hard. Pain shoots through my left leg. I fall to the mat, cryin out.

Dude doesn't let go of my leg. He puts his boot on the back of my knee then the son of a bitch drives down, slammin my knee into the mat. WHAM! YEEARGH! Pain! I flop around on the mat. I try to grab my knee, but dude's stompin the crap outta me. He's kickin my leg, but he gets my hands, arms, chest - anything that gets in his way.

I roll on my left side, protectin my left knee. John grabs for my left ankle, but I kick him away with my right boot. I get to the ropes. The musclestud is flexin for his boys. He lets me pull myself up, showin off. I test out my left leg. Not good. John charges at me. I take a swing. He ducks. Dude comes up behind me, grabs my arm and chin. He wraps his leg around mine then pulls back. Fuck, it's a Russian leg sweep. I go back, fast and hard. WHOMP! UNH! I land on my neck and shoulders.

I reach for my neck, forgettin 'bout my left leg. Big mistake. John goes for my ankle. He slaps on an ankle lock. I'm flipped onto my stomach. Muscle dude twists, liftin my leg up high. He steps on my ass, usin all his weight to hold me down. He tells me to give, but I'm not doin that. I try to counter, flippin, pressin and turnin. No good, he's got me. I'm cryin out, poundin the mat in anger.

The musclestud lets my down, but he holds on. John drags me to the corner. H hops outta the ring and reaches in to grab my leg. I fight to move, but he grabs my ankle and pulls my legs outta the ring. Next thing I know, John's slammin my knee against the ringpost. F-FUCK! Shit. That hurts. I can't get away, he's got my ankle tight. John wraps my left leg around the ringpost. ARGH!  I'm really cryin out now. He keeps the pressure up then lets go.

John rolls in beside me. He gets right in my face and asks, "Wanna give?"

"Fuck no!"

John laughs in my face, "Wanna be able to walk? Ever?"

"Fuck you!"

Dude doesn't like that. He gives me a elbow to the temple. I'm seein stars, so John drags me up. He hangs me up in the corner, my legs spread wide over the middle rope and my arms over the top. I'm fuckin trapped and wide open. He stomps the shit outta my inner thighs. I manage to swing my fist, but he's outta range. I try to fall forward and fall outta these ropes, but John comes in. He grabs my hair and pulls me back up. I give him a gut shot, but he doesn't give a shit.

John pushes his body tight on mine. He uses my hair to make me look at the ceiling. I squirm, but I'm stuck. He plants his mouth on my neck and starts suckin’ on it. What the fuck? I can feel his hand runnin’ down my chest and abs. Oh fuck. He gets to my trunks and starts grabbin’ and rubbin’. Not hard, but not gentle either. I tell him to stop, but he fuckin’ ignores me. The musclestud fishes for my cock. He pulls it up and forces it through the window in my trunks. Oh shit! He jerks me a few times before he backs off.

John looks me over. I look like shit - weak, cock hangin out and a fuckin love bite on my neck. My hair's sweaty and in my eyes. Dude says, "Guess I was wrong. That's no pencil dick." The old muscle dude smacks my cock around. It powers up even more. What can I say? My dick likes it rough. "Yeah, that's it. Let your jobber out, kid."

Muscledude's havin a laugh, but I'm gettin pissed. When he comes close, I shoot my hands out and slam them into his chest. He's shoved back four feet and falls on his ass. I slide off the ropes by fallin face first to the ring. Not smooth, but I'm free. I ignore my cock hangin out, just like I ignored my wedged trunks. I need to focus on turnin this around.

I start to get up, but John's on top of me fast. Dude grabs my hair and drags me up. On the way up, I catch him off guard. I shove my arm between his legs. I lift him up across my chest for a bodyslam. He starts kickin. Oh fuck. My left leg gives under me. WHAM! John lands across my chest. He slaps the mat twice before I can lift my shoulder.

John rolls off me. I try to roll away from him, but he's fast. Muscleman grabs my ankles and drags me to the middle of the ring. He steps over one leg - oh shit! I fight hard, but he manages to bend my legs. Figure four! Oh fuck, the pain is intense! I moan like a bitch. UNH! OHHHH! UGH! UH! ARGH! I try to roll over, but he stops me. Motherfucker. The pain is real bad. UNH!

I suffer, but I ain't submittin. I roll and thrash on the canvas. Even my cock is floppin around, stickin out the window. I hold out a long time. I hear Abdi and Yusuf tellin me to give. I refuse. They tell me there's another fall. Don't care. They tell me to think long term. I need to wrestle on Saturday. I can't be limpin. That does it.

I shout out, "F-fuck! GIVE!"

John unwraps our legs. It's his turn to pose over me. I grab my left knee, rubbin it. I don't think anything's seriously wrong. John bends down beside me. He bats my soft dick around.

Dude says, "You wanna call it quits? It's only gonna get worse for you, kid."

"Fuck off. Lucky fall."

John grabs tight hold of my chin. He squishes my face and makes me look him in the eyes. "I'd hate to end a promisin career. But I will." He lets go of my face and moves to his corner where his buddies are congratulatin him.

Round Three

This time, only Abdi and Yusuf hang out with me. Yusuf stretches me out, workin with me like a trainer on the sideline. Abdi gives me Gatorade. They tell me to quit. They tell me John's a killer. They tell me he never loses. They tell me it's not worth it. I don't give a shit. I'm fightin the final round. He'll hafta cripple me. They think I'm crazy.

Break ends. Time to get back to it. Thanks to Yusuf, I feel pretty good. I come right out to meet John. He starts circlin. Dude's bobbin and weavin. He's lungin at me. I get what the musclestud is up to. He's showin off, but he's really tryin to get me to use my leg. I get it and I'm ready.

John does one of his fake lunges at me, tryin to get me to jump back. I lift my boot. He crashes right into my foot with his abs. OOF! I catch him and grab him in a front facelock. I slam forearms across his back and pull up on his neck. Dude runs me back to the corner. WHAM! I hit on my back hard and he slams in with a few shoulder blocks. OOF!

I take the shoulders, but as soon as dude stands up, I slam across his trap with my forearm. I drive an elbow into his chest and he steps back. I lift my boot into his abs again. Next, I grab him and spin him into the corner. I start poundin’ on his body, like a boxer. POW! POW! THUD! After a dozen shots, John’s hangin’ on the corner.

I grab his wrist and whip John across the ring. CLANG! Dude crashes in hard. I follow up, chargin’ in. The old muscledude’s not as weak as I thought. He ducks and I run front first into the corner. WHAM! Fuck! I hang onto the top turnbuckle. Without it, Id be on the fuckin mat.

John comes in behind me. He kicks me in the back. Dude grabs the waistband of my trunks and drags me outta the corner. I cant fight when he moves us back-to-back. He pulls my head over his shoulder. I reach for his hands when I feel his ass hittin mine. Dude is shakin his hips, gettin cocky. I hear the guys laugh then John drops. My head crashes on his shoulder. WHACK! ARGH! The neckbreaker nearly knocks me out. When he lets go, I fall onto my side.

The musclestud puts his boot on my shoulder. He flexes for his boys. Shit, I’d like to make him pay for this, but I can’t get it together. John grabs my hair. He pulls me to my knees then punches me in the forehead. Shit, now I’m seein’ stars. Dude grabs my throat in both hands and starts chokin’ me. URGH! I fire my fists, hopin’ to do something before I’m knocked out for good.

I land a fist to his abs and he lets me go. I fall back on my ass, coughin’ my guts out. John comes over and grabs my arm. He pulls me up then bends down, reachin’ between my legs. John powers me up across his chest. I kick my legs. Nothin. The old musclemans got me tight against his body.

Dude does one lap around the ring before he slams me down. WHAM! The bodyslam rocks my whole body. Fuck! He grabs hold of my hair and pulls me up again. Dude slams me again. When I roll on my stomach, he starts stompin me. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Dude isnt givin me a second. As soon as his boots stop, Johns draggin me up by my hair. He lifts me up across his chest again.

I hang in his arms, helpless as a baby. Im waitin for the next slam, but John carries me to the corner. Oh fuck. He turns me and hangs me upside down, lockin my boot over the top turnbuckle. Im totally trapped in the tree of woe. John starts in with boots to my abs and chest. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I hang there, upside down, gettin the shit kicked out of me. Muscledude drops  to his knees. He pounds on my body with his fists. THUD! THUD! THUD! My bodys red and broken down pretty bad.

John gets up and challenges me to do something. He laughs at me. Dude hops outta the ring, grabs my head and bends me back. Guys egg him on, likin the view of my body stretched out. Nothin I can do bout it but grunt and moan. My knee is stretched, makin the pain even worse. Im fucked, but I aint givin.

Dude goes back in the ring. He slaps my face, seein if Im still alive. I swing my arm, tryin to punch him, but he blocks it pretty easily. John stands up. He climbs the ropes. I start sayin, no, no, no, cause I see him lift his boot. Hes slidin it between my legs and bringin it down on my nuts!

Im fuckin goin crazy. Dudes big boot is crushin my junk pretty bad. Im screamin, but Johns just jawin at the crowd. Hes flexin and laughin at me. The muscleman figures Im done, not even payin attention to me. Under him, Im shakin and strugglin so much, I actually get my boot unhooked. I fall down out of the corner. John wasnt payin attention, so he falls with me. Dude lands hard on his right shoulder in the middle of the ring. Too bad I cant do nothin bout it.

I roll onto the ring apron, under the bottom rope. Johns rubbin his arm, not comin after me. Cool, I need the break. I lie there, restin outside for as long as hell let me. I reach in my trunks and rub my balls. I finally hear dude closin in, comin up to the ropes. I swing my arm, tryin to trip him. The musclemans not fooled. He stomps on my forearm. WHAM! I yank my arm back, swearin.

John reaches over the top rope. He grabs my hair and pulls me up. I got no choice but to follow. The old muscleman bends me back. I figure he’s goin’ to beat on my pecs. I reach back and grab his wrist. Dude’s not worried, probably figurin’ I’m gonna try to pull his hand off my hair. Too bad for him, that’s not my plan.

Before dude can do anything, I jump down from the apron to the floor. I drag his arm with me. John’s armpit comes down on the top rope. With my weight outside the top and his weight inside, the cable pulls down. When I let go of his wrist, the musclestud’s snapped back into the ring. YEEARGH! Dude’s floppin’ around in the ring, grabbin’ his shoulder. If it’s not dislocated, it’s probably close. I bend over, restin’ for a sec. I try to walk off the leg damage.

I cant wait too long. I climb back in the ring a few seconds later. Fuck, seein him cryin on the canvas has me pumped. Must hurt real bad. Good. Dude turns to me and I'm in the air for a dropkick. Tough with one leg, but I get high enough to kick him in the shoulder. He flies back into the corner. I get up and follow in. He kicks at me, but I grab his boot. I kick his hammy then drag him out. I grab him and lift him up. It's not easy with one leg, but I do it.

I get John up over my right shoulder. I slide him down my body then do a lunge, droppin him in a shoulderbreaker. Dude's shoulder slams into my thigh. I let him fall. I can tell there's damage, so I stomp the crap outta his shoulder. He tries to roll away, but I stay on him.

I grab dude's wrist and drag him up with a standin armbar. I twist it good and hard. He goes to his toes. I bring my forearm onto his arm. I don't let him get free, makin him feel it. After a minute, I swing under his arm, twistin it up his back. Musclestud moans. I lift him off the mat by the chicken wing and he screams. Nice. I do it again and he goes crazy. When I let him down, I throw him into the corner. He crashes hard, shoulder first.

John's really lookin bad. His arm's hangin down, lookin weak. He tries to turn away from me, so I kick his left knee. That turns him. I put my back against his front, pushin him into the corner. I grab his head under my arm. Two steps and I bulldog his face right into the mat. Dude's totally out of it for a second. Long enough.

I lock the muscleman's right arm in my legs. I lock my hands under his chin. I pull back in the crossface hold, wrenchin him hard. John starts cryin out. He rakes my hands. Nothin. He grabs my fingers. Nothin. He screams and kicks the mat. I laugh. I tell him he's done. I tell him no one escapes this.

John says, "F-fuck!"

"Give it up!"

The muscledude's got no choice. He taps my hands three times and says, "Okay!"

I let him go. Fuck, with the match over, my leg starts hurtin, but who gives a shit? Old dude is poundin the mat. He's pissed. Guys are stunned. Abdi rolls in the ring to congratulate me. He helps me up.  I come up beside John. I start posin over him. You know, claimin my victory. I strike double bi, show off my abs, bounce my pecs, spread my lats ... the whole deal.

As winner, it's my right, right? John doesn't think so. He sweeps out, trippin me. I'm flexin, so I'm not ready. With my left leg the way it is. I go down fast. Everyone's pretty surprised. Me too, but I'm madder than surprised. Dude starts gettin up, Abdi checks on me, but I push him away.

I yell at John. Instead of apologizin, he mouths off. Says he'll honor the deal, but I shouldn't be showin him up so much. I got lucky. He didn't mean to submit. All this fuckin bullshit. He's 48, but he's a fuckin kid at a playground. I've never lost neither, so I don't know how I'll take it, but I hope I'm better than this. Losin sucks, but c'mon.

I've had enough. I ask, "You don't wanna watch me show off? You didn't mean to give?"

I don't let John answer. I kick him in the gut. He bends into me. I turn and plant his chin on my shoulder. I jump up then land on my ass. His head comes down with me. His chin smacks into my shoulder when we land. CRACK! I push him off me. Dude rolls off me to his back. He's holdin his head, stunned.

I slide up behind him. "You don't wanna watch? You won't hafta!"

I wrap John's head in a figure-four head scissors. Stupid choice with my knee, but I'm pumped on adrenaline. He struggles. I tighten real slow, makin him feel it. He starts beggin me to stop, but I don't give a shit. Abdi comes over and grabs his wrist. My buddy lifts the muscledude's arm up and lets it drop. He does it two more times. John's done.

I unwrap my legs and stand up. I put my boot on the old musclestud's chest. I make Abdi do a ten-count while I flex. John doesn't move the whole time.

I lean over him, "Lemme guess. You didn't mean to pass out. Bitch." I laugh and shoot him the finger. Yusuf comes in and I get him and Abdi to stretch me out again.

John doesn't even move.

Time for Stakes

I chug Gatorade in the corner, lettin some of it spill out of the corner of my mouth. It runs down my body to my trunks. One of the guys watchin and pullin on his dick in his shorts actually cums, right there. After he's done, he looks sad, knowin he shot way too early. We lock eyes and I smirk at him. I hop down to the floor, give him a huge French kiss and stick my hand in his shorts, feelin the mess of cum. Dude shakes like he's gonna lose it again.

I break off, leavin him lookin stunned. I roll back into the mat, left hand covered in a mess of his thick white seed. I roll over to John and smear the cum all over his face, puttin a big glob right under his nose. It acts like smellin salts, wakin him up. His buddies cant hold back. Theyre laughin and cheerin. John gets it together then looks at me. Dudes pissed.

I don't waste time dealin with him bein angry. I tell him, "Get your ass up."

John gets to his feet, staggerin’ and fallin’ back against the ropes. It's tough gettin’ knocked out, but it's tougher gettin’ woken up. The old guy steadies himself. He looks like he wants to come after me, but we both know he won't. John's just not used to bein’ bitched out in his own ring in front of his friends. Now that John’s up and mad, guys shut up. They ain’t gonna say nothin’ to piss off their king, so they don't say anything at all. The huge metal building is so quiet I can hear everyone breathin’. No one else is wrestling, talkin’ or fuckin’. Every eye is watchin’ us to see what I'm gonna do.

John wipes under his lip, realizin how I woke him up. A smile of respect crosses his face then goes away. Guess hes not so mad he just has to act pissed for his boys. I walk up to him slowly with a ton of swagger. I grab him around the throat and force him to the corner. He doesn't put up a fight, so I don't get too rough, but I do want him to feel it. My hand closes just enough to get a grimace and I push him against the turnbuckle hard enough to make it clang.

I want John to know that I'm serious and that I'm in control. It's what I'd want. John's a stud like me. We get what we want from women and men. Trust me, if you ever beat me, you better get real alpha real fast. If you dont, I'd somehow manipulate you into beggin me to fuck you and make you think it was your fuckin idea.

I climb onto the middle turnbuckle then order him to peel down my trunks. John grabs the waistband and slides them down, wedgin them under my balls and ass. My cock and balls hang in front of his face. I grab his head with both hands and pull his mouth onto my shaft. I start poundin my hips, face fuckin him and makin him gag on my big dick.

John is pretty good, he knows how to take a man all the way. I wish I wasn't shaved, I'd love to bury his nose in some bush right now, but feelin his throat close on my cock head is pretty awesome. I go slow, controllin his head the entire time, but I still feel my seed risin. I had to wait too long for this to cum now. I love this position, but I have a lot more planned for the old man.

I pull out of his mouth and slap his face with my cock. He takes it like a man, knowin I earned a little playtime. John starts polishin my balls, lickin and suckin them. I moan loud as he really takes it to me. Fuck, it feels awesome. When he stops, I hop down and strip my trunks off the rest of the way, orderin John to do the same. Dude's hard, so this isn't so bad for him after all.

We're both naked where it counts, so I come close, rammin my body into John's. I bend to the right and bring my arm over his hips, wrappin him around the waist. I lift, easily spinnin him and holdin him over my shoulder, head hangin down in front. He's upside down, his legs restin on my shoulders. John is in perfect position for a tombstone, but that's not my plan. I slide the stud down slightly, positionin his mouth at cock level.

I don't even have to give John instructions. He take my cock in his mouth, suckin me off as he hangs upside down. I keep a tight grip, securin his ripped torso against mine. I hear moans from the audience then mutterin of support. Guys are gettin too hot to hold back their love for this action, whether John likes it or not. Voices call out, sayin things like, "Suck that big dick," and "Oh yeah, make love to his cock!"

After a while, I bend forward, droppin John off me and onto his back. THUD! It's time for the main event. I grab John and drag him up. I shove him into the ropes and tie his arms up with the top and middle ropes. I smack his face with my dick again while I play with his junk with my boot.

Outside the ring, I see a ripped ginger dude at ringside, jerkin out the last drops of cum from his cock. Since he's done, I figure he's the perfect volunteer. I order him to grab a condom then get into the ring. He jumps in, excited to be part of the action. He kneels down, level with my dick..

Okay, I got John's arms tied up in the ropes. I lift the musclestud's legs, bringin his ass level with my dick. Ginger dude is on his knees, fluffin me that last little bit then slidin on the condom. I force my cock into John's hole to start ridin his ass. I pound my shaft into him, makin him cry out as I start pumpin. He stares at me as I hold him up, takin his ass. The old guy's cock is rock hard, bouncin up and down.

I order the ginger dude to take care of John's cock. He leaps up and works it. John grunts as he's fucked and sucked at the same time. His mouth is wide open as he watches the two of us. I feel like I could shoot, but I'm not gonna cum first. Ginger dude is usin his hand and mouth, twistin and jerkin like a champ. The old guy's breathin hard. He throws his head back and BAM! I feel John's muscular body shake as cum shoots into the guy's mouth.

When ginger dude finishes suckin John dry, he backs off. I can't hold back, pullin out and droppin John's legs. I move in as I take over jerkin myself. SPLOOSH! I shoot my load all over John's face and chest, coatin him with my seed. I force my wet cock into his mouth, makin his clean the last few drops off my head.

Guys start clappin as I back off, arms spread. I look around and most guys are lookin drained, with the last couple finishin off now. The whole place reeks of cum and sweat. John adjusts his hands, gettin out of the ropes on his own. I walk over as he kneels there. I extend my hand and he accepts. I drag him to his feet and we hug, my cum smearin from his chest and face onto me.

We're joined by Abdi, Yusuf and a few others. There's a lot of back slappin, laughin and huggin before we work together to clean up the place. Once that's done, it's time for a shower, which is communal. Not one guy has left, so it's crazy crowded, but a helluva lotta fun.

Wrappin Up

The communal shower is definitely cool. I don't even know who the fuck is touchin me most of the time, but I know I get soaped down real good. My junk is cleaner than it's ever been. When I'm clean and rinsed, a guy comes in from behind. He starts givin me a fuckin rim job, right there. Another guy gets down and sucks my cock. I get felt up, kissed and rubbed. Doesn't take long before I'm shootin a load right down the one dude's throat.

When I'm finally gettin dressed, I find out that Brooks is the name of the guy I hauled into the ring. He goes to me, "Man, you have to come here next time. I really want to wrestle you."

I shake my head, "Sorry dude, I'll be back in DC in a couple of weeks. Too bad, 'cause my buddy Ben would kill for something like this."

Brooks asks to see Ben, so I grab my phone and show him pics.

My phone is ripped from my hands and passed around. Abdi tells the guys that Ben and me are a helluva tag team and that we beat him and Yusuf. Brooks asks if it was for stakes and Abdi tells him it was. Guys are practically creamin all over again. Invitations and challenges fly like crazy, but I tell everyone to calm down. I need to talk to Ben.

When I get into Yusuf's car for the drive back to Dallas, I'm wiped out. I fall asleep in the back seat, feelin pretty damn good.

The End

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