Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Cast: Who's Who (September 2016)


Only one story with models in it and only one new guy. Fortunately, Lucky Stallion did an awesome job providing imagery for the second story. The images are so good that I had to indulge with a few more below. I'm so glad that he let me do a sequel! Be sure to check out his Patreon and blog for more great artwork.

Encounters: Abuse of Power 2

Raven = Jason Chee (Model)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Review: #473 Max Ryder vs. Kenny Star (UCW)

I've been catching up on my UCW viewing and they continue to keep me engaged with different tones, gimmicks and relationships between the wrestlers. For me, the main appeal of Max Ryder vs. Kenny Star is the guys. I just like them both and have since they started.

Slick and shiny, the sexy studs sell this
My enjoyment of the match presents an interesting dilemma as a reviewer. While I liked Max Ryder vs. Kenny Star, I would've probably enjoyed them under any circumstances. In this case, though, they're coated in oil. So? Why is that important? Well, it kind of isn't, which is the dilemma.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Review: Austin Cooper vs. Lucas Payne (RHW 1.0)

This match is one of the few Rock Hard Wrestling videos I have that doesn't star at least one of Jake Jenkins, Dash Decker or Alex Waters. A mere 10 out of 48 total don't feature one of them. However, that doesn't mean Lucas Payne vs. Austin Cooper is not a good video.

I'm not sure why I bought it, but I am glad I did. It's a fun, exciting and very re-watchable video.

It's Lucas vs. Austin in a double debut match

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Review: Billy the Kid vs. Talon (Thunders Arena)

I decided to stop doing reviews on back-to-back days because it seems like too much. Too much for me, but mostly too much for you. I'm still in that “analyze and optimize” phase of blogging. In my year-end post last year, I mentioned that 2-3 days was optimal for posts and that's still true. However, obviously I've made an exception here.

Why? Well, in many ways, Billy the Kid vs. Talon is the match I wanted Beast vs. Talon to be. It's a fast-paced, hard-hitting bout that does more in 11 minutes than Beast vs. Talon did in 21. The domination is hotter. The action is better. And the guys seem more into it. Despite being more like a mini-match, I just enjoyed it a lot more.

Thunders Arena knocked it out of the park for me here. I'd definitely recommend this one. So instead of leaving a lukewarm review up for a couple of days, I decided to come back right away with this.

Big boys going at it hard

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Review: Beast vs. Talon (Thunders Arena)

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of the Thunders Arena expansion into ring matches. It's broadened their talent base and the output has been excellent. When I saw Beast vs. Billy, I bought it immediately and I liked it a lot. So when Beast vs. Talon was released, it was a no-brainier to buy.

It's two smoking hot musclemen in ring action

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Review: Alex Waters vs. Wes(t) Richards (RHW 2.0)

"Let me ask, where'd they get you from? Did they find you in a dumpster? Because you're definitely not a wrestler." - Alex Waters to Wes(t) Richards

Alex Waters talks a lot. The southern stud loves to run his mouth in every match whether he's winning or losing. Usually it just goes between bragging, insults and casual narration, but against rookie Wes Richards (or West as the superstar insists on calling him), you might find Alex to be your voice in the ring.

Alex continues his return to the RHW ring

Saturday, September 17, 2016

UPDATE to Hercules Unbound ... Images!


If you've read Hercules Unbound, you should look again. Lucky Stallion did a series of incredible images for my Hercules Unbound story! It really takes the story to a new level.

I've added 19 of them to the post, but Lucky Stallion actually did 44, plus 5 alternate versions! It was tough for me to choose, so if you want to see them all, check out his Patreon site HERE.

Thanks so much to the amazing Lucky Stallion!


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Heroes: Hercules Unbound

Inspired by Lucky Stallion's "Hercules Bound"

Prologue: Hercules Bound
(written by Lucky Stallion)

The Slave King approached the bound Hercules. He pressed their big, sweat-laced pecs together. He grabbed hold of the demigod's ebony locks and pulled his head back to face him. The sun glowed from around the muscle stud's auburn hair, giving him a godly appearance. But Nicandro the slaver was nothing like an Olympian.

The weary Hercules had been sexually tortured for so long that he could not resist. He looked into the Slave King's hard eyes. There was something incredibly powerful in those eyes. They were the eyes of a man who was truly an alpha. They were the eyes of a man who knew what he wanted and stopped at nothing to obtain it. Hercules' loins quivered wildly as he became intoxicated by that stare.

The Slave King

Monday, September 12, 2016

Review: #470 Nero Angelo vs. Chase Michaels (UCW)

UCW continues their winning streak with Nero vs. Chase. They're having a great year with new and returning talent all delivering great action. This is one of those matches where I pull a ton of images then have to dial it back. I had 24 grabs/videos that I've filtered down to 12. Even now, I'm second guessing whether I made the right choices, but what're you gonna do?

After a big suplex, Nero enjoys his spoils

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Book Review: Motel Wrestler Series (AC Yates)

It was just over a year ago that I did my first book review. While I've only done one more, you shouldn't infer that I don't read. It's just that I don't read many books that are relevant to the blog. I'm kind of wary of some of them being just glorified fan fiction of the variety I can find for free elsewhere. With self-publishing, it'd certainly be easier to do these days.

The Motel Wrestler series from AC Yates is not fan fiction. It's a unique autobiographical inside look into the world of the private/underground wrestling scene where two guys meet online then meet to wrestle. It's not an erotic series, although there are moments that lead that way. It's really a story of a guy using wrestling to find out about himself.

Delve into the world of motel wrestling
(Image: BGEast Motel Madness 3)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Review: Krush vs. Donald Jay 1+2 (Krushco)

Full disclosure: These videos were provided to me by Krushco.

This could be a fairly simple review ...

Two business guys in suits savagely going at it, no holds barred.

If that sentence excites you, Corporate Combat Part 1 is the video for you. Part 1 is a rough mat battle between two dudes over a job. Corporate Combat Part 2 strips the guys down for a second battle, although the pants, a belt and a tie still play a significant (and hot) role in the action.

Part 1 is a businessman brawl

The pants come off for Part 2

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Review: Kid Karisma vs. Carter Alexander (BGEast)

Kid Karisma vs. Carter Alexander is a match that I knew I’d want as soon as I read about it. This might be the best looking BGEast match of the year. Both guys are incredible and should be front runners for BGEast’s year-end Body, Butt and Abs awards.

So two gorgeous and cocky studs, in a fierce but sexy battle, outside in the gazebo? Yes, yes, yes! And it doesn’t disappoint. It took me a couple of viewings to get through, but that’s a good thing. I literally loved every minute of this match, all 35 of them. I wish my images and GIF’s could do it justice, but I think the brightness of the gazebo and Kid's lime green neon trunks messes things up. I had to save them smaller and low res to get them to a manageable size.

Kid vs. Carter grabbed me right away and never let go

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Review: Billy the Kid vs. NJustice (Thunders Arena)

"I don't doubt that you're tough, but your line-dancing, quick-drawing, horse-riding, trough-licking shit ain't gonna work in this place, punk." -- NJustice
Turns out that Billy the Kid vs. NJustice isn't actually a wrestling match. Nope. It's a rasslin' match. And a damn good one at that. Thunders Arena gives us two beefy Southern brawlers in the ring ready for hard-hitting pro action. NJustice sets the tone for this brawl pretty fast with the above quote.

This is an intense battle over the most basic stakes - respect. NJustice stakes his claim to the ring, while Billy the Kid aims to earn his place in it.

Good ol' boy Billy wants to earn a spot in the ring

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Encounters: Abuse of Power 2

*Story is a commission for a reader*

"Sean. It's Raven. He just left. Packed up all his stuff and just turned the corner. I'm going to wait, make sure he didn't forget anything then I'll move."

Sean tells me, "Perfect. Listen, Jack - sorry, I mean Raven. Fuck, sorry. His gig runs until late, so you have hours to -"

"Hours? No. I'm doing this as a simple cleaning job. You didn't pay me for -"

"Right, right. I'm just saying be thorough. You can't just ... work on the computer and leave. You need to make sure you ... clean everything."

I sigh, "Gimme some credit. I know what my customer needs."

"Okay, okay. I just -"


Whatever this Seth guy has on Sean, it must be bad. He needs the guy's tech destroyed, house searched and any hard drives, memory sticks, whatever, taken. By the time I'm done, they'll be gone and it'll look like a robbery. If he has any cameras, it'll look legit.

Sean and me work out at the same gym. We flirted for a while, both young, hot and gay. He's a huge white muscle guy, while I'm a hard and tight Asian. He's a huge 230-lbs bodybuilder type. I'm a ripped 185-lbs of muscle that looks over 200, thanks to broad shoulders and a narrow midsection. I'm like a 6' tall acrobat. In my line of work, I have to stay strong, but agile.

Me, Raven