Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Year In Review + 2017 Preview

Happy new year! At this time, it's customary to reflect on the past year and look forward to the year ahead. Who am I to challenge this custom?

2016 was the first full year of this blog and it was a busy one. By the numbers, I posted 173 times, including this one. I shared 26 new stories (and an epilogue). I reviewed 124 videos and 5 books. And I posted a bunch of other content, like the monthly Who's Who, posts on interesting holds, PSA's about sales, and some general commentary. Phew.

The Bat leads the way, winning in my
#1, #2 & #4 biggest stories of 2016

Thursday, December 29, 2016

BGE Besties: Some Recommendations

Hot on the heels of my Cavey Awards, I was asked via email to participate in the BGEast Besties nominating process by none other than Kid Leopard himself. It's said that it's an honor just to be nominated. I'm extending that to say it's an honor just to be asked to be one of the ones to make nominations. So yay.

In past years, the Besties featured 15 awards as far as I can tell. I would break them into four categories: Persona (Babyface, Heel, Jobber, Debut), Aesthetics (Body, Abs, Bulge, Butt), Matches (Overall, Ring, Mat, Squash) and Action (Submission, Sexiest, Liplock).

Does Kid Karisma still have the Best Butt in BGEast?

Or will someone else win the Ty-tle this year?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Cast: Who's Who (December 2016)


Last casting post of 2016. Based on the comments, I know you guys liked some of the new guys this year and hopefully that'll continue in 2017.There are new series planned, so there will be new guys, but a lot of popular regulars will see action, too. More on that on Friday.

The Cave Undercard 14: City vs. Country

Buck = Jacob Zemer (Model)

Monday, December 26, 2016

Review: Jake Jenkins vs. Alex Waters (RHW 1.0)

"Video fills a screen. Sound fills a room."
I thought of this quote during Jake Jenkins vs. Alex Waters while listening to Jake Jenkins' moans once again. They absolutely fill my room. I can see how you might get tired of reading about the awesomeness of his plaintive cries of pain in every Jake review I do, but I can't imagine how you can ever tire of actually hearing them. If loving Jake's suffering is wrong, I don't want to be right.

My favorite RHW studs battle for superiority

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Review: Joey King vs. Scrappy (Thunders)

Joey King vs. Scrappy is sequel of sorts. Thunders Arena could've called it Scrappy vs. the Pros 2: King of Pain. Why? Well, the guys openly discuss how Scrappy has just been manhandled by Billy the Kid and now it's "Joey the King" taking a turn.

I actually think this was released first, but based on the dialogue, I did watch them in the correct order. Not that either way is 'wrong', because both videos are great, albeit similar in theme.

Aw, Scrappy is resting on Joey's lap ... so sweet.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Review: Billy the Kid vs. Scrappy (Thunders Arena)

Billy the Kid and Scrappy are two of my favorites new guys of 2016. Thunders Arena keeps finding the studs that make me happy. Of course, it's not usually the guys who are the issue. Fortunately, Billy the Kid vs. Scrappy is a really enjoyable video with lots of action, especially for an exercise in one-sided domination.

Billy the Kid gets mean with Scrappy

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2016 Cavey Awards: Promotions

Welcome to the third and final day of the 2016 Cavey Awards.

I've named my favorite wrestlers of 2016. And I've named my favorite matches. Now, it's time to recognize the producers. These are the guys who make it all happen. The wrestlers might still be off wrestling, but we wouldn't be able to see it. They really put their blood, sweat and tears into these companies. It's not easy and even though I don't like everything, I respect their entrepreneurial spirit and drive.

These were really tough. Not because of the choices, but to identify the categories. So instead of force-fitting back into roster or action or gear, I’ve decided to give out four Cavey Awards in ranked order - Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorable Mention. I took into account the wrestling, the roster, and ease of doing business with them.

Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 Cavey Awards: Matches

Welcome to day two of the 2016 Cavey Awards.

Yesterday, I gave awards to my favorite wrestlers of 2016. Today, it's my favorite matches.

Matches were tough, but easier than wrestlers. I started with a list of 16 and got it down to 7 winners fairly easily. Not surprisingly, there's a lot of crossover - my favorite matches starred many of my favorite wrestlers.

In terms of changes, I scrapped the Favorite WTF?!? Match (no contenders this year), but added Favorite Pro vs. Pro, Favorite Superhero, and Favorite Outdoor as new categories.

Here are the videos that earned recognition as my FAVORITE MATCHES OF 2016 ...

Sunday, December 18, 2016

2016 Cavey Awards: Wrestlers

Welcome to the 2016 Cavey Awards.

The coveted Cavey

A year ago, I handed out my inaugural Cavey Awards to my favorite wrestlers, matches and producers. I was really happy with how it all turned out, so I definitely wanted to continue. Now, I have made some changes, but nothing too dramatic.

I am still calling the winners "Favorites" rather than "Best". I feel like "Best" sounds like an objective measure that can be argued, but someone's "Favorites" is clearly personal, subjective and can't legitimately be debated. Questioned, maybe, but not argued.

The rules stay the same. For each category, I have (a) watched the wrestler in action, (b) seen the match, or (c) purchased something from the producer. Only videos I watched for the first time between 12/1/15 - 11/30/16 are eligible, regardless of when it was released or purchased.

Now, on with the show ...

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Cave Unleashed 1: Spartan vs. Angel

This story is a reader commission

The Cave Arena

"Please flex for me, Spartan. Oh wow. So fuckin' hot. You're fuckin' perfect. Just perfect."

I shrug, "Yeah, I know."

As the dude drools over my impossibly chiseled physique, I run through my posing routine some more. He can't take it. The guy starts rubbing his cock inside his $1,000 jeans. I stop posing and stare him down, "Stop. You don't get to jerk your dick, Gabe."

Me, Xaq, as Spartan

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Review: Chet Chastain vs. Tristan Baldwin (Wrestler4Hire)

I was going to talk about Wrestler4Hire's Garrett Thomas vs. Joey Angel, but Bard beat me to it (reviewed here). He covered it all and highlighted the same things I would have. Since I hadn't pulled any images or written anything down yet, I opted to leave a comment on his post then go in a different direction for this review.

I wanted to stick with Wrestler4Hire, so I picked Chet Chastain vs. Tristan Baldwin because of the talent and unpredictability of it. I really liked Flash LaCash vs. Alex Oliver and might talk about it in January (the rest of my December schedule is complete), but let's face it, you know how that one goes. If you like awesome heel Flash and stunning jobber Alex, you should be watching that video.

Chet vs. Tristan had immediate appeal

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Review: KARN vs. Tommy Trouble (Wrestler4Hire)

KARN vs. Tommy Trouble features two hot pro wrestlers playing hero-villain in a 27-minute match. Obviously, that's right up my alley, so it rose to the top of my list to check out with my Wrestler4Hire membership when it appeared as one of the 18 available-for-streaming videos. I've said that I only need a few matches each month to be winners to pay for the membership. Well, you can count this one in the 'win' column.

When the capes come off, it's a pro vs. pro battle

Friday, December 9, 2016

Review: #501 Austin Tyler vs. Quinn Harper (UCW)

Austin Tyler vs. Quinn Harper is like new school UCW meets old school UCW. It feels like they used to be made up of a lot of guys like Quinn, but now it's more guys like Austin. The rookie is young, good looking and muscular, but more than that, he's pretty boy next door with minimal ink and a trendy haircut.

Of course, this match is a baptism by fire as the cute young stud is thrown into the craziness of UCW. He battles lean, mean and tattooed former champ Quinn Harper. There's a ton of chaos and tomfoolery, but the two wrestlers kept me engaged, even though the action wasn't great, in my opinion.

It's trial by fire for the rookie

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Review: Vinny vs. Tank (Thunders Arena)

I don't usually spoil endings, but in this case, I don't think it's a problem. See, Vinny vs. Tank from Thunders Arena doesn't have an ending. Or maybe I should say, it doesn't have a conclusion. Vinny gorilla presses Tank. Tank gorilla presses Vinny. They face off and bang bodies. To be continued ...

The biggest surprise of this match? The end card.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Review: Biff Farrell vs. Lazlo Kohl (BGEast)

BGEast is back with more Biff and I was immediately on-board. Released under the Hunkbash banner, Biff Farrell vs. Lazlo Kohl is full of intrigue (mostly in my head) and sexy destruction. In the end, I liked the match based on hot talent, winning performances and solid wrestling.

It's blond vs. blond in the latest Hunkbash

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Cave Undercard 14: City vs. Country

"Oh shit. I don't know if I'm ready for this, Brody."

My buddy just laughs at me, "C'mon Buck. Don't be shy. The guys'll love you. And I mean that literally. Don't go home with anyone without telling me. And don't go into the bedroom or bathroom with anyone without telling me. I know all these guys. I'll protect you from the creeps."

I just stand there, dumbstruck by the beautiful men walking into the house. The street is lined with fancy cars. When we get closer, I hear music is blaring. In the backyard, it looks like there are shirtless waiters, all tanned and ripped. At a house party. When we reach the front door, I ask, "Am I dressed okay? Maybe we should -"

Me (Buck)