Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Stories

So before the first story hits tomorrow, a little explanation …

My wrestling stories mostly reflect a world much like our own, but require the same suspension of disbelief as when watching pro wrestling. Specifically, they’re based on the conceit that pro-style matches can and do happen. In comic books, this would be like Earth-W.

The stories are long. Some are very long, so be warned. Brevity is not a skill I possess. I don't have an editor to tell me to cut (or check spelling, etc.). If you find mistakes (and you will), just remember - "amateur writer", "free", "no one forced me to read this".

The stories fall under five banners (for now) and will be titled as such:

(1) The Cave: Set in the now, these are based in a fictional superhero-themed, gay-oriented wrestling video company.

(2) Route 69: A 27-chapter spin-off of The Cave. It features two friends driving around the country in a vintage Corvette, looking to find themselves. If it sounds like something out of a 60's TV show, it is and it's my inspiration. Wrestling plays a central role in their adventures, of course.

(3) AWL: Set in the 1980’s, this is the behind the scenes adventures at the country’s second-largest wrestling promotion.

(4) Encounters: This is the catch-all category for one-shot stories. There are new characters and new plots every time. Some serious, some fun. It's whatever moved me at the moment. Maybe a profile somewhere. Maybe a suggestion. They'll be all over the map.

(5) Superheroes: While The Cave is about guys playing hero, I have written a story about superheroes and I might write more.

I’ll use images to show the characters wherever possible, but may have to remove some of them at the request of the person pictured, the photographer or the copyright holder.


Welcome to the Cave

Thanks for visiting.

This is my first blog. I did provide a few posts to Bard as a guest blogger, but found the process challenging. I realized that I don’t really have a ton to say. I don’t watch videos in a timely manner like other guys. I don’t analyze the subtext. I don't have a large picture library. So there seemed no point in making one of these things.

However, I have been writing stories. Wrestling stories. The occasional superhero story, too. In the past few years, I’ve written many, many stories and continue to write more. So this will be my new place to post them. I might post some commentary along the way, but it’ll mostly be my stories.

This might not be the most story-friendly format, especially when they’re serialized as many of mine are. After all, you’re going to see the later chapters before you see the first ones. But it’s easy to post. It’s easy to find. I’m in control. It doesn’t require membership. It doesn't require me to be able to code a website. And I’m not making any money off this, so I’d rather not pay for hosting.

So, we’ll see how it goes. I make no promises. This could be very, very temporary.

I’ll try to be diligent about tags, etc., but I'm learning.

Okay, so here we go …