Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blog Plan and Results

(originally published at New Stories and not really relevant here, but I wanted to save the comments)

Wow, three months already. The response to my blogs has been great so far. Thank you so much for all the support. The views, the comments, the e-mails … it’s all more than I expected.

Woo hoo!

Starting on Monday 6/1, I’ll be posting two new stories a month. These stories will appear on the 1st and 15th of each month. In between, I’ll try to post other content. And over at The Cave, the two stories a week schedule continues through October.

Wait, is that enough ME?

I know some of you want a new story every day and others can't keep up with the weekly schedule I'm posting now. However, as much as I want to be reader-centric, the new schedule is ultimately about me. I think this is what I can manage on a long-term basis. Two stories a month is a pace of 24 stories a year. That's a lot.

Ben can finally relax, Route 69 wraps up Monday

I want to keep a reliable schedule. This pace should enable me to guarantee new stories on a regular basis through 2016 at the least.

The battles will keep on going

So, I didn't post Blog Results earlier, because I found something I liked better. You might have noticed that I added two gadgets to the bottom of the blog ... most popular posts all-time and most popular posts past 30 days. I thought about adding this to the side, but it cluttered it up too much.

Jae IS a beast, with the two top stories

Anyway, now its out there, so I don't really need to post it. You guys can all see what's trending.

A few things jump out at me ...

Page Views - New Stories: May's numbers are 20% over April's. I'm looking at it through 30 days and both months had 13 posts, so it's a fair comparison. That either means I'm getting more visitors or the content was better and worth re-reading. Either one works for me.

Page Views - The Cave: The total numbers are down from March and flat from April, but I posted fewer stories, so on a per story basis, I'm actually up a lot. In March, I posted 16 stories, with 11 of them being split in half (meaning two views per story), and 2 non-story posts. In April, I posted 12 stories, with only one divided in half, and 1 non-story post. In May, I posted 8 stories, all single posts, with 5 non-story posts. So quite a huge difference. Being flat is cool with me.

Characters: Interestingly, the feedback from the original posts back in Bard's group is very indicative of popularity. Beau and Xaq/Spartan stories have quickly risen to the top, reflecting the positive feedback I received on them. I've written multiple stories for both and they're definitely my most frequent secondary characters.

You're a champ, Beau!

Pump it, Xaq, you've got more work to do

Variety: There's a place for doing things a little differently. So far, my lone Superhero story is the biggest Cave story by a mile. It's slightly unfair to compare it to re-posts, because it's a new story to most of my readers, but it holds up even against new stories. And Abuse of Power is a hit. It's funny how much I questioned that story, even to the point of almost holding it back to re-read and re-write it. I’m not the best judge of my own work apparently.

You love sexy superheroes

I need to figure out what's next

Sean suffered for your amusement

Reviews: These remain popular non-story content, trending above the Casting posts. Both Guido posts (here and here) and the RHW review were highly viewed and commented on. UCW, not so much, but it's early. For some reason Google is not ranking my review of Guido vs. Superman correctly, but it's actually my second biggest post ever. I was worried that my comments weren’t very timely, but it seems like that’s not a huge deal.

Guido is a winner!

Yeah, we can't get enough!

You like reading about Dash and the RHW guys, too

Based on the results, you want to see more!

Moving forward, I do have a plan, but plans can change. I’m already taking notes of characters, stories and themes that you want to read and re-read. I’ll be adding, accelerating and adjusting based on comments, so please keep them coming!

Thanks again for reading what I write. I appreciate it!


Friday, May 29, 2015

The Cast: Who's Who (May)

This month's models ...

AWL: The Adventures of Danny Chase

2: Danny Chase - Steven Walters (pro wrestler)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 2

"What's this, Cody?"

I look up at my guy, Jae, confused by the obscure question. "An iPad?"

"No. This email from Ryan. From the title, it looks like it's asking you about potential opponents for SuperStar."

"Oh. Oh. Oh, that's nothing. I'll take that." I reach for my iPad, but Jae pulls it away.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 1

"Psst. Hey, Cody. Over here."

My boyfriend Jae is leaning through the curtain, signaling to me. I stop cleaning the ring and head over to him. When I get into the hall, I'm shocked as he asks, "Uh, yeah, do you have any spare clothes I can borrow?"

It's not the question that shocks me, it's Jae. I just stare at the 21-year old stud for a second, trying to grasp what's going on. We're in the hallway at the pro wrestling facility we rent for tapings of The Cave, a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company that my best friend Ryan and I co-own and operate.

Jae is wearing only his blue shirt, which is torn, almost shredded and his white briefs. Nothing else. He looks hot, his 5'11"/215-lbs of smooth muscle exposed and his manhood clearly visible in the low-slung, tighty whities. However, he also looks a little worse for wear.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Review: The Contract Series (BGE)

I wrote several posts for Bard's old Sidelineland blog. I've decided to re-post some of them here, as part of consolidating my content.

Inspiration: A Contract Worth Signing

Like most people, I hate signing contracts. Whether it's for cell phones, cable or the gym, companies love to lock us in then treat us like crap. BGEast is the exception, of course. They have a contract I was happy to sign. Not just once, but a whopping ten times.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Cave Undercard 4: Camo vs. Spartan

“What?” I set down the dumbbells then rise and put my hands on my hips. I stare at my best friend Ryan, with an incredulous look.

Ryan smiles back at me, “I think you heard me, Cody.”

“No, Ry, I don’t think I did. It sounded like you said, ‘Zack is back.’ But I know that can't be right."

Jae, the guy I'm currently seeing, asks, "Who's Zack?"

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Cave 12: The Bat Meets Superboy

"Shit, I knew I recognized you." I hear this directed at me, so I turn to look.

It's Sunday and I'm in the shower stall after my morning workout. The guy who says he "recognizes" me is in the opposite stall, staring me down. It might be creepy, except that I'm in the private staff locker room at the gym where I work as a personal trainer. The guy is a new trainer, named Jae. We're all comfortable with ourselves, so even though my 6'/205-lbs body is naked and pumped, I don't think anything of it.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

PSA: Thunder's Arena 30% Off Sale


Thunder's Arena has a 30% off promotion going right now, using the code MXD. It works on downloads as I just bought 3.

They're debuting a new 6'7" wrestler, MXD, which is the reason for the code.

Wow, he's tall

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Review: Clint Morgan vs. Brooklyn Bodywrecker (BG)

I wrote several posts for Bard's old Sidelineland blog. I've decided to re-post some of them here, as part of consolidating my content.

Clint Morgan 2

So in my first Clint Morgan post, I said I pulled out two matches. The second one was Clint Morgan vs. Brooklyn Bodywrecker from BG’s Champions.

Unlike the other Clint Morgan match I pulled, this is a more standard three falls affair, set in a ring. Morgan stretches out, waiting for his opponent. He definitely looks good to me, but also “of the time.” BBW already has all the swagger and attitude that makes him an icon. He brings handcuffs and his valet (that he won in a prior match), both of which come into play. 

Morgan gets no respect from BBW, other than a nod to his size. Once again, there’s a lot of back-and-forth, with the men splitting the first two falls. Unlike the match against Rogers, where I can point to the set-up and ending as unique in my collection, I can’t really say why I like this so much. Maybe it’s nostalgia. This match was old when I got it, but it was still one of my first. Action-wise, it’s pretty comparable to stuff today, with the same sort of holds and banter. Would it be worth seeking out? Not sure, but watching it again recently gave me the same reaction as watching it many years ago

Morgan doing his best Incredible Hulk impression

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Cave Undercard 3: Night and Day vs. Ice Storm

"NO! Fuck no! What the fuck is that?"

The hairy muscleman rolls into the ring and roughly pushes the smooth, younger musclestud off me. He grabs my arm and locks on a stiff armbar. He says, "THIS is how you do it!"

I feel the pressure rise on my shoulder and elbow. I warn, "Okay, Night. I'm sure Day gets it. Let up now." The hairy muscleman eases up on the armbar, but keeps hold of my arm.

Night says, "See the difference?"

Night – 5’10”/200-lbs

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Cave 11: Bane Comes Back


I'm in the middle of stretching out, so I ask Ryan to repeat what he said.

"Catch-weight. That's what we need, Cody. We haven't had a good mismatch in a while. I see guys asking about it."

I smirk, "Yeah? You know what I see guys asking for?"


"The return of Bane."

Ryan laughs then shakes his head, "No thanks."

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Review: Clint Morgan vs. Dark Rogers (BGE)

I wrote several posts for Bard's old Sidelineland blog. I've decided to re-post some of them here, as part of consolidating my content.

Clint Morgan 1

I love it when something inspires me to re-discover old wrestling matches. With the constant barrage of new material, it's easy for some older matches to be forgotten. Of course, whenever you go back, sometimes the match isn’t as good as you remember it, but other times, the magic returns immediately.

After responding to a post on the Ringside at Skull Island blog, Joe said he didn't remember who Clint Morgan was. That got me thinking about the man and sent me to look back at some old videos. I dug out two matches, one of which was  Clint Morgan vs. Dark Rogers from BGE's Private Bouts. This was among the first matches I ever saw and really got me hooked. I don’t want to spoil what happens, but I can’t guarantee I can avoid it.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

AWL: The Education of Jake Justice 1

"Holy shit, what a fuckin' dump."

It just comes outta my mouth when I walk into the office of the Nights Inn. I pull off my black Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, thinking that'll make a difference. It doesn't. Yeah, maybe I shoulda kept my opinion to myself, but damn. This place looks like the Bates Motel, only shittier.

The guy behind the desk obviously thinks I shoulda shut up, because hes giving me a death stare. Not that I give a crap what he thinks. Yeah, I'm a little full of myself, but why not? I'm Jake Justice, rising pro wrestler in the American Wrestling League. People there know Im one helluva talented young stud 22, 6'3", 225-lbs coming off my biggest TV win ever, beating veteran heel Wild Tex Buckner, and about to join my dad in a big feud with a big Russian heel he's been training.

Monday, May 4, 2015

AWL: The Adventures of Danny Chase 2

"Hey, towel guy, catch!"

I toss my wet, soiled towel at the little helper guy as he walks by holding another soiled towel. I'm sweaty, having just wrestled for 25-minutes in a reasonably hard fought victory in front of my adoring and appreciative fans in the Men's Wrestling Alliance.


I'm a professional wrestler. Names Daring Danny Chase. 1983 has turned into a good year for me, financially and emotionally. I'm getting a generous share of the gate from my MWA matches and bonus donations from the MWA's wealthy, but discreet audience. For the first time in my life, my bills are paid, I have money in the bank and Im driving a brand new car a Camaro Z28 with Crossfire Injection. Its pretty sweet for a 25-year old who a couple of months ago was taking the bus and living off tips from a side bartending job, right?

In the MWA, my egos grown right along with my bank account. I'm recognized, cheered and celebrated. I'm the top guy, the main event, the stud everyone wants to see and be - fans and wrestlers alike. It's not surprising, given that the MWA is an underground fed that appeals to a certain type of clientele that likes to see a certain type of guy wrestle. At 6'1" and 225-lbs of All-American beefcake, I'm definitely that certain type of guy.