Friday, January 15, 2016

The Cave 15: The Bat vs. Spartan


"Stupid move, Bat, agreeing to wrestle me. You should have kept ducking me."

I smirk as I climb into the ring, "What? Me, duck a jobber like you? You've clearly been hit in the head one too many times during your many losses."

The muscle freak ignores me. He flexes in a most muscular pose, tightening his incredible muscles, "Yeah, you didn't want any part of me before, but I finally got you! Now, you're going to be the next victim of Spartan's winning streak!"

Me, The Bat

I laugh as I remove my cape, "Winning streak? One match is not a streak."

"It's one win more than your current streak." I tense at him referencing my last match, which was a cheap loss to a villain named Mimik. I was sandbagged on the live-stream and I'm still pissed about it. Spartan points at me, "And you lost to a guy I destroyed! Face it, The Bat is out-muscled." He flexes his biceps. "Out-manned." The heel grabs his bulge. "And out-classed!" Spartan runs his thumbs over his mountainous pecs and down his washboard 8-pack.

Spartan, the muscle freak

Yeah, I have to admit that his body is more ripped than mine. Fuck. It's more ripped than anyone's in The Cave, the gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company I co-own with my best friend Ryan. My buddy is in his usual spot, operating one of the two handheld cameras, while I'm enjoying my usual spot in the ring.

I wrestle as The Bat (and occasionally the Pink Punk when I feel like jobbing), wearing black trunks with a red Bat-symbol on the front, black gauntlets, boots and a replica cowl. In my hero identity, I have a damn impressive record, with only four singles match losses and over 60 wins. Yes, over 60. When we started, I was the main (only) draw, since I'm ridiculously hot, extremely talented and I didn't need to be paid. I still wrestle on camera 5-6 times a year.

Meanwhile, the mouthy villain is Spartan, a very popular heel. He's dressed the part, with brown leather briefs and boots and nothing else. He's only wrestled a few times, but the fans love him. He's developed a reputation as a heel-jobber, although not intentionally. He's strong, powerful, and actually pretty skilled. His downfall has been that he's also arrogant. The Greek warrior has definitely packed on the muscle and his win over Mimik proves he's reasonably capable.

I point at Spartan, "If you're so confident, put your trunks and ass on the line."

That stops him cold. The cocky heel has never gone all the way in his matches. The stakes have often been humiliating, but not sex. I can see he's thinking about it. A few more taunts and the heel is breaking down. When I offer my cowl and 24 hours of personal servitude if I lose, he's in.

Spartan says, "You got it! You don't want it, but you got it. The new breed is here, Bat. Your time is done!"

The Match: Round One

With our stakes elevated, we lock up fast. The threat of a stiff fuck has pumped him up. With the increased adrenaline, Spartan powers me into the corner hard. He drives his knee up into my gut hard. I instinctively bend forward and get clubbed on the back. I drop to a knee. The muscle freak grabs the back of my black trunks and lifts, wedging them up my ass, hard and fast. AH!

Spartan drags me out of the corner by the back of my trunks and masks, keeping me hunched over. The chiseled villain grabs me between my legs and over my shoulder. He lifts then drops me across his extended leg for a gutbuster. OOF! He bounces his leg, making sure I really feel the full effect of the move as he hammers my back with forearms.

The cocky heel powers me up then drops me again! OOF! The gutbuster hurts a little more this second time. I fight to move off his leg, but Spartan elbows the back of my head, stunning me. Before I can recover, I'm going up again. He powers me down into the third gutbuster in a row. OOF! I'm about ready to hurl as I hang on his leg.

The Greek warrior smacks my bare ass hard then pushes me off his leg with contempt. I knew he was strong, but he's shoving my 205-lbs of muscle around like it's nothing. I roll onto my back only to see him leaping up. He comes down with a shin across my abs and ribs, his full weight behind it. OOF! He grinds his knee into my stomach as he flexes his biceps.

The cocky heel grabs my cowl at the front, "You need to lay off the donuts. Where the fuck are your abs! These are abs!" He drags me up to a seated position, rubbing my mask face on his midsection.

I push him off me then scramble to my feet. I fake like I'm going to fix my wedged trunks and he charges me. I lift my boot into his abs. He is driven backwards, but my boot doesn't even dent the muscle wall. I knew he was solid, but it's a lot different actually being in the ring with Spartan. He's the most ripped guy I've ever wrestled, which is saying something.

Spartan charges and we lock up. When he starts to overpower me, I twist and get him in a side headlock. I go for a flip to mat, but he catches me by surprise. He grabs me around the waist, lifting me off the mat. The muscle freak villain falls back for a side suplex. SLAM! The Greek warrior has obviously been training, because he's got new moves and a better focus.

The cocky heel rolls over, sitting on my legs and pinning them down. He unleashes his fists on my stomach, continuing his focused and relentless assault on my stomach. THUD! POW! THUD! I manage to buck him off, but he's right back, attacking. We struggle on the mat. He's stronger than me, but I'm still the better wrestler. I manage to counter his strength as we grapple.

I get him into position, he powers out. He gets me into position, I twist and reverse it. It's frustrating and futile for both of us. Spartan is on top of me as I kick out, sending him back five feet onto his ass. As we sit on our asses staring at each other, we're both breathing hard and sweaty. Our muscles gleam under the hot spotlights, our bodies popping against the black backdrop.

Spartan hops to his feet, as I smoothly rise. He charges. I duck and grab his leg. I topple him over, tipping him onto his back. WHAM! I hold his leg up then kick the back on it, targeting the hamstring. The villain curses at me as he tries to squirm away. I lock his ankle under my armpit and twist, wrenching his knee. That gets the muscle freak moaning.

I keep twisting until Spartan rolls with the twist, easing the pressure. I use the opportunity to roll him onto his stomach. I sit back, punishing him with a single leg crab. He groans as I fold him back, bringing his foot closer to the back of his head. The cocky heel has added muscle, but it's come at the expense of flexibility.

The muscle freak grunts then kicks out. He's powerful, managing to send me forward into the ropes. When I turn, he's already rising. I dive, clipping his knee. The villain goes down hard, clutching his leg. I rise then stomp his aching leg. He tries to roll away, but I grab a handful of his thick brown hair.

As I drag Spartan up, he surprises me by sliding his arm between my legs. The powerhouse squats up, lifting me across his shoulders. The villain walks and bounces, putting pressure on my stomach with his concrete shoulder. I cough as I hang upside down over his shoulder, my abs being abused while he gets to work out his ailing knee.

As I stare at Spartan's leather-wrapped ass, I pound his back, but the thing is way too solid. Still, it gets him to shift. The cocky heel bends forward, snapping me over and driving me to the mat on my back. SLAM! He follows up with an elbow to my gut then an arrogant slap across my face. SLAP! I fall back, stunned, my cheek red with his hand print.

Spartan unleashes with his fists, tearing at my abs. POW! POW! POW! The muscle freak clearly had a plan to target my core and it's working. I tighten my stomach, but the relentless abuse is breaking them down. After literally a dozen powerful punches to my stomach and side, my abs and ribs are red and sore.

“Your body is pathetic! Were you EVER in shape?”

I try to roll away when he rises, but all that does is open up my side for a knee drop to the ribs then stomps. CRACK! STOMP! STOMP! My side is killing me. In desperation, I sweep my arm, catching him just above the ankle. I can't topple him, he's way too strong, but I distract him enough that I can roll away.

Spartan goes for a stomp, but misses, jamming his sore knee into the mat. I rise up and spear him in the gut. I lift, flipping him with a back body drop. WHAM! I spin around, but the villain wisely rolls away out of reach. He rises to face me and we circle cautiously.

It's obvious our attacks are working. He's limping slightly and I'm stretching out my torso. We move in. I figure he expects me to go for his leg, so I move that way. When Spartan moves to counter, I actually go high with a clothesline. WHACK! The muscle freak is staggered, but doesn't go down.

I try a shoulder block, but the cocky heel moves with me, rather than against me. My momentum sends me stumbling past him. Spartan grabs me from behind and lifts me up into a reverse bearhug. He shakes me as he easily holds my 205-lbs of muscle in the air. I groan and just try to hold on.


I cry out, "NO!"

I'm thrown around like a ragdoll, my midsection being torn apart all over again. I hang in the devastating hold for a good minute before my feet even touch the ground, but then I'm right back up. I'm close to giving, but I manage to kick my boot back. I connect with his knee. CRACK! Spartan drops me and stumbles back.

I spin and charge, hoping to surprise him. I don't. Spartan shoots out his hands, grabbing me by the throat and bulge. URK! With amazing speed and power, he squats and lifts, powering me overhead with a military press. WHOA! I hang aloft as the cocky heel parades me around the ring. He thrusts up then pulls me down.

I plummet down, landing across his extended leg for a super-gutbuster! OOF! I convulse on his leg, seeing stars as I hang limp over his chiseled thigh. Spartan must be flexing, because I just keep hanging there until he grabs the back of my cowl and lifts my head up.

"Pathetic. You're nothing! Just an old, out of shape jobber! Change your name to Fatman!"

The cocky heel shoves me off then goes for a pin. His bulge presses into my face as he hands press into my abs. I hear the count.



I thrust my arm up, lifting my shoulder. Spartan gives me a punch to the gut as a reward then pushes off me. I roll onto my side, holding my stomach. He's right. I must look pathetic, curled up in the fetal position, while he flexes over me. The villain grabs hold of my cowl, forcing me to my feet.

Spartan faces me. He grabs behind my head then leaps up, driving his knees into my midsection. It drives the air from me. When he falls, the muscle freak uses his grip to pull me down with him. I fall forward, landing right on his knees, which drive up into my stomach and floating ribs. ARGH! My aching midsection collapses. I bounce off his legs, rolling over three times on the mat as I cry out in pain.

I feel his boot resting on my shoulder. Must be more flexing. I whimper under his foot, trying to focus, but it's tough enough just to breathe. I don't think my ribs are broken, but my abs are wrecked. I finally feel his hand grab my cowl again and he forces me up. The cocky heel slaps me across the face, mocking me.

"This mask is pretty sweet. I'm gonna hang it on my wall, Fat-bitch."

I'd love to have a comeback, but I'm too busy struggling to keep my insides together. Spartan scoops me up then slams me down. WHAM! He runs back to the corner, hops onto the top turnbuckle in one move then lifts his arms. The muscle freak leaps off for a splash. I might be hurting, but I've got enough to roll out of the way. SPLAT! The heel lands hard on the canvas.

We're both lying on the mat, moaning. I know this is a great opening, but I need to convince my body of that. I can't seem to get to my feet, but I'm right at the edge of the ring. I roll out to walk it off. Spartan springs up, shaking off the impact.

The villain says, "The Fat is waddling away? Too late for that!"

Spartan races to ropes and grabs for my mask. I reach under and pull his feet out from under him. The cocky heel lands on his ass. I drag him by the ankles to the corner. He fights, clawing for the bottom rope, but he's slick with sweat and it helps me slide him along. I slam his knee into the metal ring post. CLANG!

The heel cries out in pain as he rolls into the ring, clutching his leg. I climb back in, looking to press my advantage. Spartan is using the ropes to climb to his feet. I kick the back of his sore leg and he drops. I grab his thick brown hair, using it to drag him to his feet. I underestimate his resilience, as the villain throws a right fist into my abs. OOF! The knuckles sink into my stomach and I drop to a knee.

Spartan powers me into a front facelock. He grabs the side of my trunks and lifts. I'm too late to counter and my feet go up into the air. I hang there, blood rushing to my head as he shows off his strength by keeping me in the suplex position and circling. I prepare to go back, bracing for the inevitable impact, but the cocky heel catches me of guard.

Suddenly, I'm falling forward! Spartan drives me onto the top rope. The steel cable cuts into my abs, burying into my midsection. He holds me down, preventing me from flying off until my momentum is gone. I hang on the sagging ropes, bare ass up, limp as a dishrag. I get spanked and mocked by the arrogant villain.

It's a humiliating experience, especially when it's done by a jobber like Spartan. The heel grabs the ropes, pushes them out of the ring then pulls them hard back in, throwing me off and onto my back. WHAM! I don't know if I can move, but a series of stomps to my bright red abs ensures I don't. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

Spartan drags me up. He steps over me, wrapping us up until I'm locked in an ab stretch. The muscle freak bends me to the left, tearing at my obliques. He slaps on a hard ab claw, tearing at my broken down abs. I moan, but won't give. I try to power out, but I can't move him.

"Pathetic! Look how soft your big old belly is! And you think you can beat a warrior like me?"

I growl, but don't engage. He's a talker. He always brags and gets in trouble. If I just hold out, I know I can outsmart and outmaneuver him. Fuck, it hurts, though.

Spartan wrenches back harder and digs his fingers even deeper, "GIVE UP, FATMAN!"


Spartan laughs, "Sounds like a challenge!"

The cocky heel starts pounding my abs and ribs as he has me bent over. WHAP! POW! THUD! I grunt then cry out as each fist gets harder and harder to resist. I'm moaning loudly as my body is ravaged by the villain. I start rocking with each fist, trying to roll with the blows. As I build up a little momentum, I reach around and pound his knee. WHACK!

The surprised Spartan loses focus, enabling me to use the rocking to topple us over. I rise up fast. The muscle freak is starting to rise, but I run in, clipping the side of his head with my knee. CRACK! The cocky heel goes down hard. I grab his ankles, lift, step and bend. Before he can do anything, I'm falling backwards, lifting my leg into a perfect figure-four leglock.

ARGH! Spartan yells out. I lie back and stretch, pressing my legs down. Based on his high-pitched cries, the pressure on his sore knee is starting to impact him. The chiseled powerhouse fights to flip us over, but I brace and anticipate his moves. He tries to crawl to the ropes, but I hold our position. I hear his breathing getting faster and his cries becoming more desperate.



Spartan doesn't respond at first, but finally says, "GIVE! GIVE!"

I release the leglock. He rolls onto his right side, clutching his knee. I rise up, soaked with sweat, but pumped. I put my boot on his left bicep then flex over him.

I ask, "Now who's nothing, jobber?"

Spartan lashes out, but I'm ready for it. I grab his wrist then stomp his armpit. He grunts then rolls away from me to his corner. I step backwards to my corner, never taking my eyes off him.

Round Two

Spartan is furious. He's kicking the bottom turnbuckle and pounding the top rope. He screams out with fury then hops out of the ring. The Greek warrior paces like a caged tiger. Whether it's adrenaline or a speedy recovery, his knee doesn't seem to be slowing him down during his rage-filled tantrum. Every so often, he glares at me, staring at me with eyes full of hate.

I wish I was as pumped. My ribs are sore. My abs are red and soft. I clearly underestimated how strong and hard his body is. Jae did warn me, but I think he's even more solid than he was when they fought. I feel like I was hit by a truck. The repeated assaults have me tight and aching already. Still, I'm up a fall and that's what matters. I just need to focus and make sure I don't get caught up in his crazy.

As break time winds down, Spartan rolls back into the ring. He points at me, "You're one lucky bitch, you out-of-shape piece of crap. I'm gonna crush you this time."

"Uh huh. Big talk from a guy who was begging for mercy just five minutes ago."

Spartan moves in closer, "I'm gonna break you! I'm gonna destroy those pathetic excuse for abs!"

I laugh and slap my stomach, "Come get some."

The bell rings and Spartan kicks out fast, aiming right for my abs. He's so predictable. I grab his boot, trip him down onto his back while holding his leg aloft. The mighty warrior holds his hands up, but I'm not in a merciful mood. I dive forward, bring his leg with him. I drag the muscular limb, bringing his knee to his face before I let go. The muscle freak's leg snaps back and he cries out in pain.

I roll to my feet then move in. Spartan tries for a donkey kick, but I grab his boot. I flip him onto his back then kick his hamstring. He grunts as I lock his ankle under my armpit and step over him into a single leg crab. I step back, keep his leg high so that all his weight is pressing down onto his chest and face. I hear him pound the mat in frustration.

"You tapping out?"


I keep the pressure up, but I feel him powering up. I brace, but he manages to twist, tripping me down. The big guy scrambles to his feet and I notice a slight limp. We lock up fast. I go low for a trip, but instead, he grabs me around the waist. The muscle freak powers me up, flipping me over and slamming me onto my back. WHAM! He gets in a boot to my gut before I can roll away.

As I rise, he's there. Spartan grabs my cowl and shoves it between his legs. He reaches for my waist, but I lift and flip him over with a back body drop. WHAM! I turn to seize the advantage, but I turn right into a boot to the abs. OOF! I bend forward only to have him grab my cowl and pull my face down into his bulge.

Spartan locks on a head scissors. My feet slip out behind me and I slide onto my stomach as he crushes my head. The cocky heel smacks the top of my head, taunting me as I struggle in the hold. His muscular thighs are powerful and its tough to focus. I make the mistake of resting my hands on his granite thighs, giving him the chance to grab my wrists and pull my arms up.

Damn, I'm pretty helpless. I try to get my knees under my body so I can slip out, but his legs are locked on my cowl. I'm in pain, but I won't give. Spartan opens his legs. I feel much better, but then he closes his legs really fast, slamming his inner thighs on my ears. WHAP! ARGH! He does it again. WHAP! ARGH! I go limp from the force.

Using his advantage, Spartan rolls me off his bulge then uses my arm to drag me up. He pulls me into a full nelson, locking it on tight. ARGH! The muscle freak's power is overwhelming. He's in the strongest five guys I've ever wrestled. As I feel my shoulders collapse and my chin dig into chest, I can only moan in pain. Fuck!

Spartan leans back, lifting me onto my toes. It increases the pressure, but also puts me off balance. When he starts shaking me back-and-forth, I can't brace myself enough to stop him. The pain in my neck and shoulders rises exponentially, but I manage to hold out and not scream my submission. Barely.

When the cocky heel stops shaking me, I go limp in the full nelson. He runs forward, barreling me into the corner. CLANG! I feel like I want to puke as my abs haven't recovered enough to handle the impact. Spartan drags me out by the back of my cowl. He hoists me across his broad shoulders into a torture rack.

I moan as the muscular villain bends me in half, straining my back. I fight not to give, but it's tough. This is a big move and he's got it locked on tight. Fortunately, I manage to hang on long enough. He drops me and I plummet to the mat, landing on my stomach. Spartan gives me two quick stomps to the back. STOMP! STOMP!

Spartan drags me up by my cowl. He scoops me up then bodyslams me down. KABOOM! Before I can move, he leaps in the air, coming down with a big splash. SPLAT! It drives the air from me and gives him a chance to go for a pin. He lies across me, not hooking my leg or pinning my arms down.

ONE! Spartan says, "Yeah, it's all tied up!"

TWO! He slaps my stomach, "Muscle beats flab any day, loser!"

I kick out, avoiding losing the fall. I hear him swearing. He pins me again, taking it more seriously, but this time, I break out at the count of one.

The angry villain drags me up. He pulls me into a bearhug. I feel his powerful arms tighten, but there's nothing I can do about it. He crushes my aching midsection. I try to box his ears, but he shakes me and my arms fall limp. I try to get a front-facing sleeper on him, but another shake and my arms fall to my side again.

Spartan is toying with me, making me suffer as he throws me around. I hang in his powerful arms, moaning under the force. We're not that different in size, but he has the strength of a much bigger monster. When he lifts my feet off the mat, I cry out in agony as I feel the life being squeezed out of me! ARGH!

In spite of it all, I won't give. The cocky heel releases the hold, only to push me into the corner hard. I fly backwards, slamming in hard against the turnbuckles. CLANG! I ricochet out into his waiting arms where I'm once again helpless in his deadly bearhug.

"Give or I cripple you! C'mon, give you flabby weakling!"

I moan then go completely limp. My dead weight becomes hard to manage and he drops me to the mat. The cocky heel flexes, showing off the muscles that crushed me. Or not. Yes, it was one of the toughest bearhugs I've ever suffered in, but I played a little possum, figuring he'd let go instead of finishing me off.

I manage to surprise him by swinging out my legs and tripping him onto his ass. SPLAT! I go for a leglock, but he kicks me away. I dive on top of him, but he throws me to the side. I kick him in the side and he grunts. I do it again and he moves away from me. I shift around, getting my feet under me. I feel a twinge in my back, the residual effect of the killer bearhug.

Spartan rolls up and comes at me fast while I'm still in a crouch. He barrels into me, but I use his momentum to grab him around the back of his head. I pull down and roll him into a small package, which I convert into a spladle. I split his legs out wide, causing him to cry out in pain. He fights, but his muscles are useless. I've got all the leverage.

I crank hard, enjoying his cursing, which shifts into whimpers of pain as I keep him spread open and helpless. He's not going to submit, but he'll be walking a little funny. I release him suddenly, keeping him off-balance. He reaches to his groin as I drag him up into a front facelock. I lift up, putting pressure on his neck as his arms dangle down between his legs.

The cocky heel starts to react, but it's too late. I grab under his shoulder then leap and spin, bringing him down with a stiff swinging neckbreaker. ARGH! I keep up the pressure on his neck by rolling into a cross face, with his left arm locked tight between my legs and my hands pulling up on his chin.

Spartan moans, but he won't give. We're sweating a lot and I feel him sliding his arm free. Knowing he'll get free any second, I release the hold then drag him up. The muscle freak surprises me by shooting out his hand at my throat. He squeezes, which distracts me long enough for him to lift then bring me down with a chokeslam. WHAM!

I feel the pain shoot through my back. Spartan drags me up, scooping me up across his chest. He bodyslams me to the mat hard. BOOM! I arch my back up into a stomp to my lower abs. THUD! I get dragged up again. The muscle freak goes for another gorilla press, hoisting me up. This time, I'm ready, though.

I manage to kick and shift, slipping out of his hands. I drop to my feet behind the shocked stud. Before he can react, I slam my forearm into the back of his head, stunning him. WHACK! I grab his hair then position us back-to-back.

I pull the back of his head onto my shoulder then drop down fast with a classic neckbreaker. CRACK! We land on our asses, with the force jamming his neck. Spartan collapses behind me, holding his head and kicking the mat in pain and frustration. I go for a pin, rolling him onto his shoulders then hooking his leg.



Spartan manages to kick out. I grab his arm and go for a triangle choke, but he powers free, rolling away from me. The cocky heel rises slowly, first to a knee then to his feet. I match his rise, watching him carefully. I suspect he's going to come at me, so I want to wait and force him to make the first move. Sure enough, he does a surprise spin and sprint.

I leap out, connecting with a flying elbow that nearly takes the charging Spartan's head off. CRACK! He flies back then down to the mat, landing on his back. I land carefully, springing up to my feet. I know better than to waste time against a muscle freak like this. I use his hair to drag him up then I shove his head between my thighs.

Spartan starts to fight, but it's too late. I've got my arms locked around his waist. I lift and suspend him upside down. I drop down for a piledriver, slamming his head into the mat. CRACK! The cocky heel collapses, sprawled out on the canvas, spread-eagle. I put my shin on his chest and hook his leg.

ONE! Spartan doesn't move as I count the pin.

TWO! Still no resistance. I make sure I pause, not wanting any doubt on this count.


Done. Two straight falls and the muscle freak is all mine. I rise up and put my boot on his chest. I flex in victory, savoring another win. And it's especially sweet against this cocky heel. I love returning him back to jobber status where he belongs.

Spartan finally wakes up. He angrily grabs my boot and forces it off his chest. He topples me back onto my ass then sits up, cursing. The villain calls me lucky, says it's all a scam and how I didn't really deserve the win.

I've seen this act before and I'm not having any of it. I leap at him. Before he can react, I wrap my arms around his head. He fights, but I squeeze hard on the sleeper. The heel-jobber grows weaker. I could put him out in seconds, but I press then let up, making it last for the fans. The muscle freak slowly gets weaker and weaker until I finally finish the job.

When I let him go, Spartan collapses onto his stomach, his big muscles limp and lifeless.

What's A Warrior's Word Worth?

I circle the unconscious stud, admiring how the brown leather cups his muscular ass. I could wake him up, but instead, I bend down and grab his leather trunks. I slide my hands inside the waistband and peel them down over his massive glutes. Fuck that ass is hot. I reach under his hips to work the trunks down in front. The muscle freak sleeps through the entire process as I slide the supple leather briefs down his powerful legs and leather boots.

I notice Ryan is up on the apron, getting the hottest shot of Spartan's amazing ass. On the other camera, Pete is panning up and down the stud's unconscious body. I use their focus on the defeated heel for some personal business. My partner Jae won a pair of these off Spartan and we played in them many times. He recently lost them through no fault of his own.

When I have the trunks off, I move out of view and toss them to Jae, who's watching off-camera. I wink and smirk, while he smiles back at me. Yeah, it'll be fun to have a pair of these back in his drawer. I start to think about how hot he looks in them and all the fun we'll have, but realize I shouldn't get distracted.

I turn back to the task at hand. I admire Spartan's smooth, firm ass in his black thong. I am very happy with what I see. However, I know this guy. He's not the most reliable when it comes to losing. I strip my own trunks, fluffing my cock a little then I sit on his ass. I pull him up into a camel clutch, locking it in tight. With the heel secure, I pat his face, slapping him awake.

Spartan blurts out, "Huh? Wha?"

I crank back, getting him crying out immediately. He struggles, so I pull back harder, ordering him to settle down. He lost. He's mine. The muscle freak obeys and I ease up. I ask him if he's going to live up to our agreement. He fights, so I pull him back again. Spartan cries out.

I ask again, "What's it going to be? Say 'yes' to admit defeat and consent to being fucked? Or say 'no' to back out. If you do, I'll let you go and you're only out a pair of trunks. What's a warrior's word worth these days, punk? You have two possible answers. Yes or no."

Spartan moans, but says, "Fuck! You got the miracle - ARGH!!" I pull back hard. He's crying out, begging me to ease up. When I do, he moans, "What the -" I pull back hard again. He cries out in pain.

"I only want to hear one word from you, punk. Yes. Or. No. Nothing else. Are you living up to your word?"

Spartan moans out, "Yes!"

I release him and rise. When Spartan pushes up, I put my boot on his back and put him down. I call him a punk and he groans like he's about to cum. I grab him by his hair and force him to hands and knees. I lead him around the ring by his hair, forcing him to crawl beside me.

After we've done a lap, I let go of his hair. I leap in the air, coming down with an elbow drop that flattens him again. I grab his ass, supporting myself with his glute as I rise. I kick him onto his back. The guy is semi-hard and the front of his thong is wet with pre-cum. I've always suspected that he had a submissive side with a masochistic streak. Torturing him to give up his ass has the punk primed and ready.

But I'm in no rush.

I rest my boot on his chest. I flex over him, my huge cock swelling at the thought of taking this punk's Cave virginity. When I'm done, I put my boot on his pouch. I push down and he squirms. The bodybuilding heel shifts his hips, grinding his cock into the bottom of my boot. I press down harder and he's breathing faster, gasping for air.

I enjoy the show then lift my boot. In addition to his disappointed look, I notice that his gyrations have freed the top of his cut cock from the waistband of his thong. A rope of pre-cum drips to his abs as he tenses his manhood, causing it to bob and stretch the thong upwards. I kneel down and grab the exposed top of his cock. I put my thumb at the base of his head and squeeze.

Spartan moans and throws his head back on the mat. I grease my thumb with his leakage then start running it around the head. "Oh fuck!" He gasps and cries out as I play with his dick. The cocky heel is my plaything and we both know it.

I stop when he looks like he's too excited. I don't want him cumming. At least, not yet. I peel off his thong. Now that's it's free, his cock is really dancing now. I see him reaching for it, but I swat his hand away. He looks at me with meek eyes. Yeah, this punk is mine and happy about it.

I drag him up onto his knees, kicking his legs out wide. I stand behind him and flex. I grab his hair and pull his head back, making him to stare up at my flexed bicep. I bring it right to his mouth then tell him to kiss the muscles that crushed him in two straight falls. That last bit has him worshipping my arm hard.

I let go of his head then circle around back in front. I put my boot under his balls and bounce them. He throws his head back and moans, showing me how much he loves it. I tell him to look at me then flex again. I force him to kiss my abs, the ones he mocked. I demand he apologize, not to me, but to my abs. All six of them.

Spartan softly says, "I'm sorry I made fun of you. I was wrong." He kisses each one, using his tongue to get them good and wet. When he's done, I step back and he looks at me with a hopeful look. I can tell he's ready to be fucked. His cock is fully erect and leaking as he stares at me.

I tell the villain, "You leaked on my boot."

Spartan just looks at me. I look back then down at my boot. He gulps then leans forward onto his hands. I back up another step then another, forcing him to crawl to me. Finally, I stop, letting the musclestud reach me.

The heel leans forward and cleans the pre-cum off my boot. When Spartan's done, he sits back on his heels, kneeling. Yeah, he's loving this. I grab a handful of his hair and drag him to his feet. I parade him around the ring once, letting the cameras get a full view of his throbbing cock, big balls and beautiful ass. Fans have been waiting for this, so I'm making sure they get their money's worth.

I lead the Greek warrior to the corner. I push him in then lean against him. Our cocks meet and I grind my bigger meat onto his. He shifts his hips back, moving his butt onto the middle turnbuckle. His head falls on my shoulder and he lets out a whimper. Another submission.

I step back then pound his abs with hard fists. POW! POW! POW! He brings his hips out to meet the challenge, letting me pound away. I step back and use my boot. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! He takes it all. I add in shoulder blocks. THUD! THUD! THUD!

After two-dozen punches and a dozen boots, the shoulder blocks cause his abs to finally buckle. I back up and punch them again. I see him wince with pain. Perfect. The punk's midsection is soft enough. I move in with a claw and he moans.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you, jobber? It's an extra special claw, just for you, boy."

In response, Spartan just whimpers as his cock head hits my forearm. I move in close, driving all my weight into the hold. I wasn't lying. It's called the Kaine Klaw and a friend taught it to me. It's very cruel when properly applied and I've got it locked. Finally, the muscle freak cries out, once again burying his face into my shoulder.

The heel softly bites my flesh as he tries to withstand the force. I feel his lips moving up to my neck. He whispers, "I give. Oh fuck, I give!"

I laugh softly then ease up. Spartan sags in the ropes, breathing hard, but still fully erect. I turn him then bend him over the top turnbuckle, kicking his feet apart. With his legs spread, I grab his hips, forcing his ass out. I rub his mountainous butt then reach around and seize his cock. I jerk it to make sure he's still hard. No worries there. His dick is made of steel and his whimpers tell me he's primed to be fucked.

I peel off my spandex forearms gauntlets then tie them to his wrists. I grab his wrists then pull them under the top rope. Spartan moans as his chest is pushed into the top turnbuckle. The musclestud's thick shoulders bend the top ropes down as the cables cut into his armpits. I force his hands behind his back, which naturally forces his stomach down and his ass up as he must arch his back.

I use the spandex gauntlets to bind his wrists and forearms, ensuring he stays tied up. I force my finger into his ass, working his hole. I hear him gasp and whisper, "Oh fuck! Yeah!"

I grab his hair, "I think I've changed my mind. I don't want to fuck you." The cry of disappointment is audible from him. I keep working his hole then demand, "Beg me to fuck you, punk. Beg me to split you in two!"

Spartan moans, "What? No way! C'mon, fuck me! You can't stop now! Try and split me in two! C'mon, just fuck me already."

Still a little bossy, but it's probably the closest I'm going to get to begging and I really want his ass. I pull out my finger. "Good boy."

I lube up his hole then bring my sheathed cock head into position. I work my massive rod in slowly. Spartan groans and lifts his head. Only my head is in, but he's pushing back, trying to take more. I skip being gentle and move in faster. The warrior moans with pleasure, accepting my massive cock like a pro.

Now that I know he can handle it, I ride his ass hard. The heel-jobber takes it like an experienced bottom. Yeah, there's no way this is his first time. Spartan's one very experienced bottom. He whimpers and buries his face behind the top turnbuckle. I pound my cock, slamming my hips into his ass. The cocky heel's back is flexed and tense as he braces against every thrust.

It doesn't take me long for me to approach climax. I pull out, strip my cock and jerk off. I moan as my load explodes. I spray Spartan's ass with my seed, lining the smooth flesh with white ropes of cum. I wipe the last droplets on the back of his leg before I step back to admire my work. It's like a Jackson Pollock masterpiece.

I untie the heel's hands then reach out to grab a hold of Spartan's hair. I drag him out of the corner then drop him back over my leg into an over-the-knee backbreaker. His cock is still rock hard. It's shiny with pre-cum and bouncing with anticipation. The muscle freak hangs over my leg moaning, but when I grab his cock, his breath accelerates and he actually begs me to finish him off.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good! Oh fuck, work it! C'mon! Make me cum! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"

I savor the sound of his whimpering, all the arrogance suppressed by his desire to be milked as he dangles helplessly over my thigh. I hold his cock tight, but I refuse to jerk him.

I say, "You know, Spartans were supposed to be warriors. You're just a punk bitch who wants to be trained. Mako. Camo. SuperStar. Now The Bat. Since you're so eager to please, I think you'd make a better sidekick than a villain."

"UNH! What? No! Oh fuck, c'mon, just move your hand a little ..."

I ignore him, "It's the perfect role for you. Every hero needs a jobber sidekick to rescue."

"Oh fuck ... c'mon, man! I'm Spartan!"

"No, you WERE Spartan. Now, you're the cocky boy jobber who gets in trouble. Defeated. Captured. Played with. Used. Tormented by the villain." The punk gasps. He moans and I hear him getting off on the idea, his imagination driving him wild at the possibilities. "Yeah, you like that."

"... no ... I'm not a sidekick ... you can't make me a fucking sidekick ..."

"This hard dick says different, boy. If you don't want to renounce your villainous ways and become a good guy's sidekick, you won't cum, will you? If it turns you on, though ..."

I finally pump and within five seconds, Spartan is exploding all over his torso. It's a huge gusher. The muscle freak covers his chiseled 8-pack with cum, his entire body shuddering as I milk him dry. His seed runs down as he hangs in the backbreaker, between his bulging pecs, puddling under his chin.

As the musclestud convulses on my knee, I tell him, "Yeah, that's what I thought. You love the idea. Welcome to the good guys, boy. I know a lot of heroes who'll want to train you."

When he's done and his cock starts to soften, I push him off my leg onto the mat. I rise then flex for the cameras, my victory complete. Spartan beaten, fucked and his identity stripped. Not bad for a day's work.

Filming wraps. Ryan's friend and our second cameraman Pete leads Spartan to the back to make sure he's fine and to pay him.

Damn. My cock is still rock hard. I start to head to the back to pound another load out when I see my boyfriend Jae. He's wearing Spartan's leather trunks and nothing else. Oh shit. I move over, drawn in by his sexiness. He congratulates me and we go at it in the back of the arena. 15 minutes later, I strut to back, happy, exhausted and drained.

In the Locker Room

When I finally get to the locker room. I strip down and stretch out. I grab my towel and shower kit and move into the tile room to clean up. As I turn on the water, I hear something behind me. Before I can turn, I feel thick arms wrap around my waist. I struggle, but it's no use. Water hits my naked body as I'm crushed in the reverse bearhug.

I hear Xaq's voice. He whispers, "You fucking bastard! You tricked me into getting fucked! And then you try to make me some hero's bitch? Fuck that!"

Xaq shakes me hard. I give, but he doesn't give a shit. He's looking for payback. My body is crushed against his impenetrable wall of muscle by his mighty arms. He almost got me to give in the match, but I tricked him. The heel shakes me back-and-forth. I fight, but I fail to escape. I try going limp, but this time, he's not letting go until he's finished the job.

I tell him to let go, unable to bear the pain. I even try ordering him to stop, but Xaq laughs at me. He says that he knew I was just lucky. When he finally does let go, I'm gasping for air. He grabs me by the hair and yanks me back against his mighty muscled body. He slaps on a sleeper and I'm quickly edged close to unconsciousness.

Xaq says, "I'm going to -"

Everything goes black.

Still in the Locker Room

I hear my name, "Cody?" then a cry of "Ryan! Help!" It's my boyfriend, Jae. I feel warm water hitting my body then a squeak then it stops. I'm felt up and it feels nice. I moan a sexy moan. A pair of strong hands slide under me. I rise. I'm being lifted and cradled. I instinctively snuggle into the strong body that is carrying me out of the shower room. Mm, nice.

I get placed on the bench. I'm sitting up. Voices. Jae. And Ryan. My eyes don't want to open and my brain is fuzzy. I finally look at them. They're asking me questions, but it takes me a minute to focus. I smile at the two of them as they look at me with concerned eyes. My boyfriend and my best friend. The two men in my life who love me. Mm, nice.

Jae is saying, "He's out of it. I think he has a concussion. I saw this on the football field. Do you think he hit his head when he fell?"

Ryan is feeling my head, "I don't feel a bump, but maybe. Shit, I should've followed him like we do every other guy. Pete checked on Xaq. I should've checked on Cody."

Jae says, "Don't blame yourself. He was fine after the match. Trust me. It's my fault. I pushed him too hard when we ... never mind. Just help me get him dressed. We better take him to the hospital and get him checked out."

I blurt out, "No, no, no. I'm fine. I'm fine. It just took me a minute to get my bearings. And it was nice, waking up to you two guys. Fuck, I have a killer headache, but it's normal. I've been sleepered out before."

Both of them say in unison, "Sleepered?"

I nod then explain what happened. Jae and Ryan are both ready to kill Xaq, but he's long gone. It's funny. It wasn't too long ago that Ryan was stopping me from killing Xaq after he attacked Jae in the locker room. You'd think we'd learn.

Ryan turns to his friend (with benefits) Pete. He's been hovering in the background, hanging back. I'm still a little woozy, but I can tell he's loving this. Fucker. Yeah, we don't get along. Anyway, my best friend starts asking him if anything happened, did Xaq say anything, that kind of thing. Pete says no, but I start to wonder.

I stand up and do a drunk test to prove I'm fine. Jae and Ryan finally accept it, but they won't leave me alone. Pete reminds Ryan about their plans, but Ryan begs off, wanting to hang out with me. I could be the bigger man and tell him Jae can handle it, but I don't. A night with Jae and Ryan sounds great to me. The look of disappointment on Pete's face makes this all worth it.

Ryan heads out to gather his stuff. There are still things to do, including cleaning the ring, downloading footage, etc. I remind Jae that his clothes are still in the arena area. He goes to change out of the leather briefs, leaving me alone with Pete.

I tell him, "I know you did this. You egged Xaq on. You sent him after me."

Pete smirks, responding sarcastically, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Yeah, right. You know Ryan will talk to Xaq. How confident are you in what he'll say?" Pete's fat, ugly face goes white. It's my turn to smirk, "Yeah, I thought so. Enjoy your night alone. It won't be your last."

Pete gathers himself, spitting out, "Fuck you. Xaq's a hothead. Who knows what might set him off? I mean, maybe he misinterpreted something I said. I can't be blamed for that. Besides, Ryan still hangs out with you and you're like the worst, most selfish person in the world. And what about that obnoxious brat Corey? What he did to you was way worse than what I ... Xaq did."

"Uh huh. At least Corey had the guts to come at me directly. You're such a fucking pussy."

Pete rushes me, pushing me into the lockers. I can't stop his 300-lbs and he slams me in hard. CLANG! "I'll destroy you any time, you arrogant piece of shit! I already crushed you once!"

I keep cool, saying "After I'd been through the toughest and most emotionally draining event of my life against Bane. What is it with Ryan's fuck toys who think beating on me after I've already wrestled proves something? Now, get off me. Ryan or Jae are coming back any minute. If they see this, you'll be done and I won't have to do a thing."

Pete realizes the truth in my statement. He backs off. I can tell he wants to fight, but he's too smart for that. Instead, he practically runs out of the locker room. The big behemoth nearly runs over a returning Jae. My boyfriend asks, "Where's Pete going in such a hurry?"

I shrug. "Who cares?"

At Home, Finally

Later that night, as the three of us hang out, I ask Ryan if he plans to talk to Xaq. He says he was going to, but Pete offered to handle it instead. My best friend agreed, given how angry he is.

Ryan and Jae are shocked that I'm open to Xaq coming back to The Cave for more matches. I tell them that I'm okay and I'm not holding any grudges. A sex match can be very emotional, especially if it wasn't planned.

Of course, they don't know what I know. I might be crazy, but I've decided to keep it to myself. I nearly lost Ryan once by interfering in his personal relationships. I can't risk it again. Especially over a scumbag like Pete. Ryan knows I hate Pete. If that asshole manages to convince Ryan that setting Xaq off was accidental, it might look like I'm up to my old controlling ways.

And so, hot-headed Xaq is more useful than dangerous at this point. I want him close by and accessible, in case I change my mind. In fact, I think he could be fun to have around.

Enough of that. This night is just about fun for me and the two most important men in my life. As we hang out, I realize that I hate seeing Ryan alone in the chair while Jae and I cuddle on the couch. I get this strange feeling. Something in my gut tells me to put my own feelings aside. I suggest that he invite his 19-year old boy toy Corey over.

Once again, Ryan and Jae are surprised. I am, too.

When Ryan leaves to make the call, Jae starts feeling my head, "Maybe you do have a concussion. You're being awfully selfless tonight. First Xaq and now Corey? Maybe I better think of something I want from you before your mood changes."

I playfully smack him, "Please. You already know that you can have anything you want from me." We snuggle in tighter.

While Corey is a slightly less terrible option than Pete, Jae's comment makes me realize that I should do something about this. I just have to do it without interfering in Ryan's life in a negative way. Okay. New project. Get Ryan a man I actually like. My best friend is hot, big, smart and successful. How hard can it be?

The End


  1. Incredible match! Incredible post-match! Definitely one of your best stories yet. :)

    It's so awesome seeing Xaq/Spartan learn new moves and techniques. He was a lot more focused/determined and a lot less clumsy this time. Perhaps there are more victories in his future again some of the weaker competition? He's definitely my favorite character on the entire Cave roster!

    1. Thanks, glad you liked it. Xaq is definitely evolving as a character and wrestler in 2016. And you might be happy to know that he's re-appearing at least three more times this year.

  2. Alex R:

    There are stories and there are stories. WE can look at all the stories you have written and determine which ones place where. Some people favorite ones other people favorite others. But there are certain stories that everyone agrees that they go straight to the top.
    2016 just started with a huge BANG! This is a HUGE BANG! The Owner of the Cave vs arguably the second most favorite character of the Cave. Its like the collision of two stars and Miller, you brought out all the stops and delivered the best story, easily the best story of the Cave. Welcome 2016.
    Its going to be a long comment, so bear with me!
    It starts with the first image. Its perfect. You see The Bat's mask, the pointy hears and right smack in the middle is Spartans hot body. It captured it perfectly. Spartan was in The Bats bullseye.
    One thing that catches my attention, is how Spartan, through his ego, willingly went to challenge, The Bat. Then accepts the stakes match. How easy did Spartan just fell on Codys lap. Im a 100% fan of both characters. This is just perfect character development. Cody is one smart man and he just played with XAQ. Like he says "he is my play thing". That captures it perfectly.
    Now this story is great because XAQ's character grows in the wrestling area. It was great the way he lead Cody of all people in that first round. He had a plan and executed it perfectly. But Cody knows XAQ well enough. So that wasnt going to go anywhere.
    But the other part was XAQ's talk during the match. I was laughing alot. XAQ is just so fucking hilarious and a true character. Besides Cody, he clearly outshines everyone else in character and of course thats all because of your writing. "The Fat, Fatman etc.." comments then tying them up with the fact that Cody is not ripped as him is just genius. Great storytelling.
    The match was brilliantly layed out. I could picture the moves, the action. It was clear that XAQ by the end was in pure defense trying t stop the inevitable.
    But then Cody just takes things to another level. HE gets XAQ to a match, then to stakes, but then he takes "possession" of him. That was hot. That was perfect. He knew who XAQ is and he played with him during this whole time. Again "the play thing" comes to mind.
    THere are so many layers on this story.
    He strips his identity. WTF. Why? What the hell was that about? Whoa. Im loving this side of Cody! Jeez. I wont even go to the sex session because its just perfect. It was just so humiliating, yet so perfect, and XAQ was 100% a willing partner. How hot. Then the ending. Seriously. That ending. Its like a 2 part ending. The bathrrom ending, then the apartment ending. Two lose ends that make you wonder. Where the hell is this leading to? XAQ, Cody, Pete, Ryan, Jae, Corey...all those characters in what appears to be a huge tension bomb hahaha. Thats what I call Drama. Fuck is it good.
    I have to read it again because this story has just so much. This story just set a new benchmark. So congrats Miller because you just killed it. This is by far the best Story in the Cave.

    1. Wow, I appreciate your comment. It's great to read your analysis and thoughts. I'm excited that guys are still finding the stories getting better and better.

    2. Alex R:

      You are welcome man. Glad that you read it! It was alot, and I held myself back. But reading some of the other comments...It looks like Im not the only one! Its interesting that some people noticed stuff I missed!Alot of excitement for this one!

  3. HOT match! And love how you keep developing the growing tension between Pete and Cody patiently. Would love to finally see them collide, with Pete teaming up with Xaq to ambush and take down Superstar, then use him as bait to lure the Bat into a trap...

  4. Wow. This might the hottest story you've written. The fight, Xaq’s insults which he has to beg forgiveness for later, Cody waiting for the perfect moment to strike, dominating Xaq’s mind and body after winning, and everything after the fight showing how much Cody has learned. Also, I loved how he told Pete off.

    Yay! It looks like heel-jobber!Xaq is officially back and Spartan is gone. His time as a winner was brief, but it's okay, since while he likes to win, he really loves getting his ass kicked. And considering Cody planted the idea of being a jobber sidekick in his head, he might end up being a bigger jobber than before, if it's even possible. Hopefully, they provide him with a tight, embarrassing outfit and plenty of humiliating scenarios for his new identity like Cody had to deal with as the Pink Punk. Especially after attacking him in the locker room.

    His post-match rage comes off as more than just anger at losing his Spartan identity and getting fucked. Cody just exposed Xaq's submissive side to Xaq himself, Ryan, Jae, Pete and all of the Cave's many viewers. It's pretty much impossible for him to deny now. I expect his next opponent to throw the end of this match in Xaq's face. Speaking of future opponents, any chance Xaq ends up running into a challenger who dominates him like Camo or Cody, but decides to keep the arrogant stud on a more permanent basis? It seems like someone needs to take control of him. For his own good of course.

    Very happy to hear Xaq will be appearing in your stories three more times in 2016. Thanks, Alex!

    1. Thanks! It means a lot to read that, especially on my 89th story.

      You bring up a lot of good points, but I don't think I can say any more about them at this point. ;)

  5.! What a story, a great match with a LOT of hot action and that ending in the ring, in the showers and in the flat...magnificent!

    1. Thanks for the comment. It did have a few endings, didn't it? I'm really happy that the action delivered for you.

  6. Alex... Thank you! This match was perfect! I was rooting for both men torn between who i would want to see win. Im going to miss heel Xaq but im glad to see Jobber Xaq make his return haha though codys suggestion of Xaq being a Sidekick jobber i really hope that comes true id love to see that and im sure Xaq would love to job to a good villain or two... at once haha. And that ending was fun to see to im glad cody prefers corey over pete cause i do to. Thanks for another action packed drama chapter alex!

    1. You're welcome! Cody might like Corey more than Pete, but I'm not sure Cody sees himself being limited to that binary choice. ;)

  7. cigamc:

    Amazing story as always, thanks so much.
    i think Spartan deserved to win, he was stronger and controlling most part of the match but Bat excperience made him won and i liked. i am not very good writing or expressing my self but i want to tell u are amazing

    1. I think you're great at expressing yourself. I appreciate your comments a lot. Thanks!

  8. Just like everyone else, I just loved this story!

    I was actually cheering for Spartan, because it´s good to see him winning. And Bat is always great suffering. But, lol, to call Batman fat... I think only Spartan and Beau can do that.

    I´m really looking forward to see Spartan in his new role and how this will turn out in the Cave series.

    And I´m sensing some big drama coming to our beloved characters. At least, it´s 25th Jan already, soon another story will come out! :)

    1. Thanks for the comment! I got the 'fat' idea from RHW Chad vs Dash which I reviewed in July, I think. When I looked at Xaq then at Cody, it seemed to fit the characters and situation.

      Drama? In The Cave? Sean Pford did call my work "super-sexy wrestling soap opera", a badge I proudly own. :)

  9. This one was so highly anticipated, but somehow, you lived up to the hyped, exceeded it even! The line that made me laugh most:

    "Still a little bossy, but it's probably the closest I'm going to get to begging and I really want his ass."

    Can't wait to see Xaq in his forced new role. Poor Xaq; he's not actually the brightest bulb, and it sounds like Pete's been manipulating him, like Xaq doesn't really have ANYBODY on his side. Maybe being a sidekick will help him, more than Cody realizes...

    I was gonna say things like, "I'd love to see Xaq team with Ram, or X, or Y," but really I just wanna see where you take it!

    (And I know this was Xaq-centric, but I loved everything about the whole story, I promise!)

    1. Sean, thanks! It's definitely higher pressure to do a matchup I know guys are excited for versus a story with new characters, so I'm glad it delivered.

      I don't mind Xaq-centric. There's more to come for the young bodybuilder. I have written his next two appearances, so you'll see more of him in Q2.

  10. Incredible entry, man! I loved the way that the cocky Spartan was stripped of his identity and turned hero's sidekick during such a highly-charged scene. I can see why he would react so violently in the showers, possibly even without Pete's provocations. On that level, I could see Cody being even a little compassionate toward him when he had to give up his identity as The Bat for some time.

    Really well done, as always! Thanks for sharing your great works with us. It's always a treat. :)

    1. You're welcome!

      You're right that Cody understands better than anyone. Empathy is new for him, so we'll see how far his compassion goes.

  11. Oh, Xaq! I know he seems to hate having his Spartan identity taken away, but deep down, he probably can't wait to get his new outfit for all those heels to defeat, capture, and do all sorts of stuff to him on camera. There are so many hot things a devious heel could do to a jobber sidekick musclefreak with submissive tendencies. Since Cody is the Bat, I'm guessing Xaq will be a Robin lookalike with some green tights to show off his ass. Or is that too obvious and not humiliating enough? Maybe he'll be assigned to a different hero. And yeah, he's young, but like others have mentioned, Xaq doesn't seem like the brightest bulb. He needs someone, a master, to keep in him in line before he gets in real trouble. And really punish him severely if he disobeys. Alex this was such a great match!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. It definitely seems to have struck a chord with folks on several levels, so I'm glad it went this way. Xaq is fun to write, so I'm glad he's fun to read, too. His story continues, so we'll see how right or wrong everyone is as 2016 goes along.

  12. It looks like Xaq has racked up his second locker room victory--one each against the super jobber Jae and his boyfriend, the fat bat, Cody. That puts Xaq even in the series against those losers. At least that's how I see it, and I'm sure Xaq sees it the same way too!

    It would be amazing to see Xaq and Pete pair up. After all, Pete deserves to have a boy toy too, and those two would be comedy gold together. Hopefully Pete has enough pull in The Cave to get Xaq released from his obligations. Would Pete be able to trigger that master-worship instinct in Xaq even without a worship worthy physique? Would Xaq finally stop choking when the cameras are rolling if Pete were ringside to slightly nudge the odds in Xaq's favor?

    1. I absolutely love your comment! Thanks, it's fantastic.

    2. Alex R:
      It is an awesome comment. I was thinking the same thing. The pov is very interesting.