Friday, August 30, 2019

The Cast: Who's Who (August 2019)


Unusual month this month with three stories and NO familiar faces as eight new characters took to the mats (and mattresses and ring). Several "Encounters" guys have made the move over into the main roster, including superstars Brody and Buck, so if you like any of them, I hope you let me know!

Encounters: The Wedding Crasher

Quinn = David Michael Gazda (Model)

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Review: Dax Carter "vs." John Wolfboy (Muscleboy Wrestling)

Full disclosure: This video was sent to me by Muscleboy Wrestling.

Dax Carter "vs." John Wolfboy is not a wrestling match. That's why I put the versus in quotes. Now, you could argue that it would never be much of a match as Dax Carter has an insurmountable power advantage over John Wolfboy. And that's true in most fighting sports, but not in pro-style wrestling where Seth Rollins can beat Brock Lesnar. Rules need not apply, but here they do.

So, if it's not a wrestling match, what is it? This is really a domination video with Dax as the boss and Wolfboy as the (willing) boy where wrestling is the conduit to complete control.

Dax owns Wolfboy.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Review: Jungle Man vs. Nick Justice (Hero Hunks)

NJustice: "Men's eyes were made to look and let them gaze; I will not budge for no man's pleasure. William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet. You ... are going to be my Juliet!"

In a surprise to probably no one who reads this blog, I immediately bought the latest video from Hero Hunks. It features Blake Starr in a loincloth facing an evil villain played by Nick Justice. I like Nick and I love Tarzan. I wasn't sure how this would work but I was way too curious to play it safe. And pretty much any video with Tarzan in it is going to be a winner with me. Including this one.

NJustice: "Everybody who steps in the ring with me
either dies or becomes my minion!"

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Review: Will Favero vs. Kenny Dean (Wrestler4Hire)

In most forms of entertainment (e.g., movies, TV, comics), I don't watch or read things that glamorize and glorify evil people. Shows like Animal Kingdom or comics like Batman Who Laughs are popular, but not for me. However, when it comes to wrestling, it's the heels who often grab my attention and having me cheering for them to unleash their wild side.

That's certainly the case with Will Favero vs. Kenny Dean, currently streaming on Wrestler4Hire.

Dean learns a valuable lesson.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Review: Kirk Donahue vs. Elite Eliot (BGEast)

I'll state this right upfront. The images in this review of Kirk Donahue vs. Eliot Elliot might be deceiving. Kirk Donahue gets lots of time on top, but you will see almost none of it here. And so, let me say that Kirk is not squashed. However, his suffering is what I most remember, so it is what I pulled for this review. While both guys are very skilled, I think they're at their best and have the most chemistry (and they have a ton) as a babyface jobber (Kirk) and nasty heel (Elite Eliot)

Kirk's more experienced, but can he handle this heel?

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Encounters: The High School Reunion

The Inn on the Park. Presidential Suite.

“You have won.”

My large manicured hands run over my sculpted and perfectly-trimmed torso as I watch in the bathroom mirror. I turn my remarkably handsome face to admire my professionally-groomed stubble, $300 messy haircut and flawless tanned skin. It costs a lot to look this chill, but I’ve got it and I’m worth it.

I'm almost ready.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Review: Kirk Donahue vs. Kid Karisma (BGEast)

Kirk Donahue earns the BGEast honor of his own Wrestler Spotlight. One of the characteristics that I think makes a good Spotlight is showing a wrestler's range. It could be win/loss, location, style, persona, whatever. Just something that avoids the compilation ending up as three identical matches. I plan to watch all three matches, but today, I'm just focusing on Kirk Donahue vs. Kid Karisma.

And this, boys and men, is how you earn a Spotlight.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Review: Alex Costa vs. Ryan Sparks (Muscleboy Wrestling)

Full disclosure: This video was provided to me by Muscleboy Wrestling.

When I first opened Alex Costa vs. Ryan Sparks, I wondered if this was a classic (i.e., two years old) MBW video that they were sharing with me out of their back catalogue. I didn't think I'd missed an Alex Costa match, certainly not one where he faces an even bigger more muscly opponent, but there are definite signs it's from the early days. After visiting the website, I can confirm that this is a catalogue 15 match and it's a good one.

Alex goes back to jobber-land when
he runs into the big bodybuilder.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Review: Cason vs. Loki 2 (Thunders Arena)

I went to a destination wedding last weekend. It was a beautiful ceremony and all that jazz, but five days in rural New Brunswick isn't really my thing and I'm glad to be back in a city. Unfortunately, it didn't go like my Encounters: The Wedding Crash story (no reunion with a hot buddy and no wrestling). Oh well. Before I left, I did stock up on some Thunders Arena videos in their recent buy two get two free sale.

First up is the rematch, Cason vs. Loki. This is an actual rematch, as the guys start out referencing their first match (reviewed here) which kicked off 2019 beautifully.

It's a rematch but not a remake as bros battle again.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Encounters: The Wedding Crash

Hotel Wellington. Kansas City MO. Private Dining Room.

“And so, please rise and join me in toasting Mark and Todd.” We rise and raise our glasses, grateful that the longest and most boring toast in history is done. It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t heart-warming. It wasn’t anything but a rambling mess. At least it’s over. Or not. Brad keeps talking. “I know you two will … blah, blah blah.”

Some of the older folks in the room actually have to lower their arms as the ‘best man’ rambles on for another three minutes before finally letting us clink glasses. CLINK! Everyone starts to mingle as the busboys finally get a chance to clear the plates and refill water glasses. I sit back down at my place and immediately feel Trevor’s hot breath on my ear.

Me. Quinn.