Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Review: Cason vs. Loki (Thunders Arena)

By now, you've probably bought Loki's debut matches from Thunders Arena or you aren't going to. I know that I'm late to the party with this hunk, but I love him too much not to post about him. He's one of my fantasy guys that I wished would wrestle and now that he is, I'm pretty excited.

I immediately bought two of them during the sales, but only really got to watch them recently. It was tough knowing that Cason vs. Loki was sitting on my hard drive, but I made it through the holidays and this was a wonderful way to start the new year.

Sweet! A bromance is born.

Like a lot of you, I know Loki as a model and bodybuilder. He's great to look at, but I like him even more now that I've seen him on video. Woof. The only problem with Loki joining Thunders Arena is that I was going to cast him in my summer story, but I might switch that out. I don't like conflicting wrestling personalities and my new "Dustin" character is nothing like Thunders' Loki. I have time to decide, so we'll see if he sticks around.

Loki is rocking blue and white speedos, looking fantastic with a beard and some beef. He's got a handsome face and a killer smile. More on that smile later. He's a great match for Cason, who's been wearing the same gold trunks in a lot of matches. I'm not complaining, as he looks great in them, but it's interesting to see him adopt a more consistent look than most guys.

Everyone has to dish out and take standing
head scissors. It's like a Thunders rule.

It's okay, Loki. Check out your new buddy's body.
That's why he built it.

Cason's not even trying to break that pin.

I think I'm going to call these types of videos "Flirt Club". The chemistry in this match is awesome. I haven't seen two musclemen be so flirty and into each other since Scrappy and Finn McCool steamed up that hotel room in Vegas (my review of the 2017 Cavey Award winner). This bromance is beautiful and it's nice to see that Loki is as cool and comfortable as his opponent. It's one of Cason's most attractive qualities.

Anyway, the connection between the hunks has Loki giggling from the start. At first, it's annoying for me and confusing for Cason, but we both quickly learn to like it. Their mutual admiration society keeps things super-light, even as they work each other over. On the Thunders' scale of intensity, this is definitely on the fun frat-boy hunk side as opposed to the macho muscleman grudge match side.

Dude, I totally get it but be cool. Stop giggling.

I bet that feels good (for both of them).

Cason loves working his buddies over.

The action is solid. Even though they're flirting throughout, there's no jokey-ness to the wrestling. The holds look good and they enjoy showing their power off. Things start off with arm wrestling, which I never like anywhere, but like Alex Costa vs. Quin Quire, it only lasts a couple of minutes and does a good job of establishing their rapport.

From there, things get physical with a standard set of muscly moves. It's basic and repetitive, but unlike my last Thunders review, the chemistry makes it work. There are nelsons, bearhugs, cradles and awesome scissors. There's a definitive winner, but I don't think it matters. The winner smiles and flexes, the loser sneaks a smile as he lies unmoving and we all end up happy.

Bro, one of the rules of Flirt Club is to tighten
those abs up when a guy's punching you.

Feel that, Cason? That's a guy trying to impress you.

See, I'm strong, too!

Yeah, I think Loki has the hang of things.
I hope he stays around!

In the end, I'm really happy to see Loki join the Arena. This was a great start to his Thunders career and definitely encourages me to watch more of his matches. I wasn't going to buy Loki/Cason vs. Kasee, but now seeing how these two studs bonded, I'm actually kind of interested in watching them together again.

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  1. Loki was great. I think he was comfortable in the wrestling scenario. And yes, these two guys had great chemistry. They had mutual crushes ! LOL. Loki's legs were impressive. And his physique was a match for Casons which is not the easiest thing to accomplish. The longer the match went the better they both got. Hopefully Loki will stay and he will develop that character much more. which because of the Marvel movies we all know it can be a real fun character to play.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I agree that they got even better as things went along.

  2. Im looking to bring Loki back next month for matches