Monday, January 28, 2019

Review: Aspen vs. Joey King/Brute (Thunders Arena)

Aspen won my 2018 Cavey Award for Favorite Porn Crossover in a surprisingly competitive category. There are a lot and that's not even including guys who dabble in nudity and such. No, amongst studs (that I know) were established porn actors who then discovered wrestling, there were several strong contenders.

One of the reasons he rose to the top was that he also did wrestling-only videos, both in Muscleboy Wrestling and in Thunders Arena. It's a big step, jumping from the mats to the ring. Then, on top of that shift, starting against working pro wrestling heels? Wow. So, how did Aspen's Thunders adventure go?

Pro wrestler Joey King welcomes Aspen to the
Thunders ring with some classic action.

Big Brute teaches Aspen how the men of
Thunders are different from the boys of MBW.

Aspen vs. Joey King

Joey King: "You must like the pain!"
Aspen: "What do you think gets me off, slick?"

If you're jumping in the ring for the first time, I think Joey King is a pretty good opponent to have. He seems like a pretty fun and easy-going guy with a heel-ish arrogance. Joey definitely knows how to keep the action and conversation going, especially against rookies, newbies and amateurs. Wrestling-wise, he's tough, but not unbeatable, which keeps things interesting.

And so, unlike the next match I'm talking about, Aspen has a pretty good chance at getting in some offense in this one. He looks great in his blue trunks. I love his smirk and how he looks like the kind of guy who'd "borrow" your car without asking but you'd forgive him because he does it with a wink and a smile then jumps into bed with you, so who really cares in the end? It's just a car.

The pro is one who makes an early rookie mistake.

Aspen goes to what he knows against the pro.

Aw, they're so sweet together.

Action-wise, things are pretty standard Thunders. Joey is more dominant, but there is some back-and-forth. The porn wrestler takes the early advantage and really makes the pro wrestler work for his money. Both guys seem really into things and they're a fun pairing. I like that Joey clearly portrays the better wrestler and that means something as the match goes on. And Aspen is believable as a guy who gets off from the pain of submission holds.

How're liking the ring now, Aspen?

Hm, what exactly are you setting him up for?

The pro and joe enjoy their play time.

In the end, this was a good introduction to Aspen in the ring. The action is pretty standard fair, but I liked how they played off each other. They're a good physical match, but I appreciate that they didn't throw the pro to the new guy, like his years of experience mean nothing. And I do like the little idea of Aspen being a masochist who gets off on jobbing.

What are other bloggers saying?

Aspen vs. Brute

What I like about this one is the "reality" of it. Aspen can be a big deal against muscle boys, but he's stepping into the ring against a muscle MAN in this one. Actually, not a muscle MAN. A muscle BRUTE. A sexy beast who lives in the pro wrestling ring. A sexy beast who isn't distracted by the porn star's adorable smirk and bad boy charms (the way I would be).

Yeah, that smile ain't gonna work this time.

Like he was nothing.

Tighten those abs, because that's one
 big brute standing on them, Aspen.

As you can guess from my intro, this one is a 100% squash. The pro wrestler just crushes the porn wrestler. He beats on him. He bends him. He knocks him out. He wakes him up to beat on him some more. It's ruthless and relentless. I was thinking Aspen was the new TAK, the adorable cocky jobber who stands tall against even the biggest men, but I actually think TAK would've had more offense. And more chatter.

Aspen makes a great wrestling dummy.

Sell it, baby!

Aspen just can't stay awake in this one.

In the end, this one is a big man squash and a huge comeuppance for the porn star. Aspen sells hard and he makes a great fireplug jobber. Brute knows how to punish a man and his heel game is on point here. I would've loved to see the singlet straps stay down, but dominant Brute is an awesome sight to behold no matter what.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. Woof! I actually like the low cut singlet on Brute. It along with the shaved head and stubble is seems very old school heel. Totally works on him. Now what he needed to do is halfway through the match pull the straps down and continue the beatdown. That is totally hot. But the point of this is Aspen. Agree. Very hot fireplug of muscle jobber. Yum.

    1. Singlet straps coming down is so freaking hot. In this case, they were down and went up early then stayed up. I don’t really mind, but if he’d pulled his straps down mid-match, I would’ve loved it.

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    1. Did you mean this for me? If yes, Bob who?

    2. Got it. About Justin Silver? I sent a note to their main email, but haven't heard back.