Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Review: Loki vs. Scrappy (Thunders Arena)

We're back with more Loki from Thunders Arena. As I said in my previous Loki review, I was very excited to see him. And putting him against Cavey Award winning hunks like Cason (2018 Favorite Young Muscle) and Scrappy (2017 Favorite Wrestler) made these a safe bet. We know I loved the chemistry he shared with Cason. Do I like Loki vs. Scrappy as much? Or at all?

Loki just keeps smiling.

Yes, the bodybuilder/model is back. It's a different Loki, but not in any of the ways that matter. He's still gorgeous and beefy and powerful. The difference here is that Loki isn't looking for a bromance. He's not giggling. He's not smiling. He's not coyly looking away when his opponent looks at him. No, the muscleman is rougher and tougher, but still incredibly sexy. Maybe sexier.

I like Loki, even when he's not in a bromance.

Who's the rookie?

Your arms are big, Scrappy, but they'll never
budge those tree trunk legs.

We start with Scrappy. With two years of steady appearances under his spandex waistband, he's a veritable old-timer at Thunders, where musclemen come and go after days, not even weeks. Anyway, with so much experience, of course he's cocky. He's seen it all and done it all. The Thunders veteran is stretching and talking, as arrogant as he is gorgeous.

I said it's a different Loki and we see it right away. The muscleman barrels in, clotheslining Scrappy down. He quietly dismantles the confused fireplug, using his size and power advantage to handle to mat stud. The big man does loosen up, getting playful and chatty when he's on top. It's charming, funny and heel-level mocking all at the same time.

Surprise, Scrappy! There's a new muscleman in town.

Scrappy's a feisty jobber.

Loki shows some skills beyond just smashing.

Action-wise, this one is pretty squashy, but Scrappy does get two control moments, winning a test of strength, crushing Loki in a long-held bearhug and mocking him during a sexy sleeper. However for the most part, this is a classic Thunders big vs small match. Loki skillfully uses scissors, clotheslines, a sleeper and an armbar. I loved seeing two big gorilla presses, which we haven't seen for a minute, and Loki ruthlessly taunting the smaller stud by keeping him face down on the mat.

Yeah, big guy, this ain't another friendly love-fest.

Scrappy goes up.

Scrappy comes down.

In the end, I really liked seeing a different side to Loki. This match puts the big bodybuilder's muscles to work and delivers one of those classic Thunders battles with a big vs. small theme. The rookie's a great addition to the roster with the power, skill and attitude to become a big star and a must-buy for me.

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