Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Cast: Who's Who (January 2019)


Another year begins with all familiar faces, but scroll to the bottom, because there are awesome bonus images!

The Cave Unleashed 8: Beau vs. Keith

Beau = Steven Webb (Bodybuilder)

Keith = Alexandre C (Model)

Toby = Jon Micklow (Model)

BIGBeast: The New Guy 7

Steve = Vincent Gough (Model)

Camera-boy = Paladin (BGEast Wrestler)

Jimmy Wildfire = Jonny Firestorm (BGEast Wrestler)

So that's this month. But what's your bonus for scrolling ...?

Well, the commissioner of the BIGBeast stories has a friend who did illustrations of various scenes and characters of Steve's first weekend at BIGBeast! They're really good, so enjoy!

Steve doing publicity shots.

Jimmy's big move.

Dino makes Steve scream.

Cash won't be denied.

Kid Kain shows Steve how to stretch.

Jack and Coop tied one on the rookie.

Is Steve still a big fan of Adam?

Fun, right? As for who Steve could be in The Cave, this is a Mindsweeper image from 2008 ... is Aquaman a good choice?



  1. Amazing illustrations! And yes to aquaman! I loved that picture from Minesweeper and I would love to see my 2nd favorite hero be in the Cave as attire! Look at that picture how can you say no to that!

    1. The illustrations are really impressive. And we'll see what happens, but it might be fate that the base model for Steve was transformed into a superhero ten years ago.

  2. Incredible illustrations... they look like professional book covers! The one where there is a foot on his face, yum! I like the idea of Aquaman, but I would also love to see the "hot Canadian hunk" (in camera boy's voice) donning some "hot Canadian outfit."

    1. I thought about Canadian heroes (Steve pretty much has to be a hero), but I've used Guardian/Vindicator and Northstar. I don't think he's Wolverine, Shaman, Sasquatch, Puck or Deadpool material. I could do a male Snowbird. And that's all the Canadian heroes I know, except for Captain Canuck, but he's basically Guardian/Vindicator.

      Will keep thinking. I have a long while before I need to decide.

  3. Wow. Those were really good illustrations. Impressive! The amount of detail is great. The muscles, the positions of the bodies....the legendary gazebo!!!!

    1. They're incredible with the level of detail on those ripped bodies. You're right about the gazebo. The backgrounds are equally as impressive.