Thursday, January 3, 2019

Review: Batman vs. Bane (Hero Hunks)

Note: This video is called Dark Detective vs. Vengeance on the Hero Hunk’s site. Thanks, Ivam for the comment!

After basically taking a month off from posting about new videos, I have a lot of catch up on. I figured I'd start here, because I don't think others bloggers have touched on it, yet. W.R. covered a different video on his Screencaps blog, but I haven't seen this one mentioned. The rest of January, I'll be repeating what others have reviewed, but let's start fresh.

By now, you probably know that Wrestler4Hire has launched a couple of spinoff sites. One of those is focused on superheroes. They've always had superhero content, so I'm not sure why the need for Hero Hunks, but perhaps it's just an organizational tool to keep things focused. Not that it matters. Fact is, you can't put out superhero content without me being curious. And when one of your first videos is Batman vs. Bane, you can pretty much just take my money.

Okay, men, let's get it on.

My love for this combination is obvious to anyone who reads this blog. It's the foundation for every Cave story. While I grew up reading X-Men, I fantasized about DC heroes, with Batman being dominated near the top of the list. I even wrote my own version of Bane's outsmarting and outmuscling of the caped crusader for a Yahoo! group (remember those?) then shared it here (Bane of My Existence).

As much as I'm into this pairing, it's both an advantage and a disadvantage for reviewing. I knew I wanted to check this out, but I also have high expectations. It's tough to cast this with enough muscle AND the right personalities AND make it compelling AND keep it from feeling cheesy.

Batman is strong and tough, too.

Can he really handle the muscle beast?

Uh, no, he can't.

And so, I click play, being hopeful, but trying to remain realistic. Things start well. I like the room, which is comic book colorful and still offbeat and sinister. It works as a villain's lair. What about the men?

I really like the actor choices. Bane is very familiar to wrestling fans, but you'll forget about that because he's just so freaking Bane. He looks more movie Bane, but I'm okay with that. I think he has the essence of Bane. The hairy-chested brute plays up the menace, dishes out the pain, and oozes strength and masculinity. You can totally see him manhandling a mighty caped crusader with or without the help of his venom mixture.

Is Batman mighty? Well, he comes in capeless, but otherwise looks the part. This muscle hunk fills out his spandex beautifully. He's strong and deep-voiced as he stands up to the more powerful villain. I need my heroes to be brave and this Batman is. I love that he's confident and heroic. He fights hard and keeps fighting, even when it's pathetically futile.

Bane's determined to break the Bat.

Batman keeps fighting, but come on ...
Bane doesn't even feel those feather punches.

Yeah, that brute is Bane.

Action-wise, the main thing that matters is over-the-knee backbreakers. Bane breaking Batman's back is one of the most iconic scenes in comic book history. I'm happy to report that there is a focus on the back with two camel clutches and stomps. There's even a threat to break Batman's back.

All well and good, but what about actual over-the-knee backbreakers?

Yes, they got it right. There are a half-dozen actual over-the-knee backbreakers. Yay! Some are quick, a couple are held, and my favorite two involve Bane actually powering big Batman back up to deliver two in a row. Now that's a villain. Those two were kind of un-GIF-able because the sequence takes more than five seconds, so I'll just share two.

This is the scene that put Bane on the villain map.

KRAKT! and hold.

In the end, I enjoyed this video a lot. The guys are hot and fit their roles. The costumes work. Most of all, the action is right on for this pairing. Batman's bravery and Bane's savagery are on display. And of course, there are all those wonderful over-the-knee backbreakers. This is one I can see myself re-watching when I need a Bat-Bane fix.

So that's my take. What's yours?



  1. That Bane looks incredible and certainly looks like he sufficiently broke the Bat!

    I think I could look at those flexing and backbreaker gifs all day.

    1. I know, right? They're more than a little hypnotic.

  2. I love this idea. And I love how they pulled it off. There's a 1960s Batman vibe going here, and yeah I can just imagine the "biff" "pow" and "krack" being superimposed on the action. And Bane? This dude is one of my favorite wrestlers. Total brute of a heel. Thanks for the entertaining update! Now excuse me while I scroll back up to the various gifs.

    1. You are welcome. And another man captivated by the power of Bane vs Batman GIFs? I may be on to something here. ;)

    2. way cool! I like the 60's batman vibe- attention to costume detail and dialogue. I've checked the site but can't locate this clip. do u know if it's still available?

    3. Ivan, good question. The answer is yes, but it’s now called Dark Detective vs. Vengeance.

  3. Thanks, Alex, for the plug. I forgot how hot comic books could be until I saw that image of Bane manhandling Batman. I haven't seen the match but it looks like is an ideal Bane.

    1. Growing up, seeing Superman and Batman put into all kinds of precarious positions was one of my great joys. And yes, that brute is the ideal Bane. And Batman is great, too. Not to criticize any particular body types, but these are not characters who should be skinny.

  4. i grew up reading comics and was fascinated by the costumes and attracted to the hero vs villain theme. recently i've enjoyed parodies such as spiderman and tarzan. both were cast well as is this one. i agree, the characters should be big and muscular with deep voices and a commanding presence. this one delivers. i recall when brock lesnar delivered a back breaker to the rock. i was totally shocked and energized. i'd never seen a legend manhandled so easily. bane vs batman (the back breaker) delivers that rush. thanks for the review!

    1. You're welcome, Ivan! Appreciate the comment. Amazing how many guys have similar interests driven by comic books. You're right that the status of the victim helps elevate these types of moments (The Rock and Batman getting backbreakers).

  5. I absolutely love this story, I love the way you destroy Batman.

    1. Oops, this was mean for the Bane of my existence story.

    2. No worries, I see all comments! Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it. :)