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BIGBeast: The New Guy 1
BIGBeast: The New Guy 2
BIGBeast: The New Guy 3
BIGBeast: The New Guy 4
BIGBeast: The New Guy 5
BIGBeast: The New Guy 6
BIGBeast: The New Guy 7

Camp Grapple 1: Glacier vs. Stone
Camp Grapple 2: Hawkeye vs. Winchester

CLAW 1: Ryker vs. Kwame
CLAW 2: Mateo vs. Xander
CLAW 3: Koke vs. Max "Big Daddy" Dickens
CLAW 4: Kwame vs. Sean
CLAW 5: Hawk vs. Koke
CLAW 6: Ryker vs. Hollywood
CLAW 7: Xander vs. Wyatt
CLAW 8: Koke vs. Hollywood
CLAW 10: Jeff vs. Lethal Lee Evans

Abuse of Power: Police officer Sean looks to defend his buddy Mark's honor against the heel who beat him up. With a ton of confidence, a badge and a mountain of muscles, he gets more than he bargained for from skinny, hairy heel Seth.

Abuse of Power 2: Sean has a plan to get free of Seth's control. The muscular police officer hires professional thief Raven to make it work. It's a simple break-in, but never underestimate the crafty heel.

Denim Duel: A chance encounter leads to a stakes match in a hotel room. Wrestling in jeans. Hairy vs. Smooth. After this match, every commenter wanted to see more of these hot studs.

Elite League of Fighting (Part 1): At the North Pole, the tall, beautiful elves only get 26 hours to unwind. That's when the E.L.F. annual event starts - a day of fighting and fucking. To kick off the night, Toron, the reigning champion, defends his belt against number one contender Calemirdir.

Elite League of Fighting (Part 2): As the elves wrap up the event, an unexpected visitor means an unscheduled match. The E.L.F. champion must defend his belt in an all-out sex stakes war.

EHWA 1: It's title match time in the Erotic Hotel Wrestling Association as hairy muscle hunk The Lion puts his belt on the line to face the massive Mammoth Man. The champ's stunning husband Shane has plans of his own, but who's side is he on? His own, of course.

EHWA 2: The champ has had a good run but the Cockmaster is ready to takeover and start making serious cash in the Erotic Hotel Wrestling Association. With the challenger's ability to control men, does the champ stand a chance?

The Exit Strategy: The promoter of an underground wrestling federation makes a deal with a retiring veteran to help him get control of his sexy, but uncooperative superstar. Domination. Hairy vs. smooth. Older vs. younger. Sex stakes.

The Family Reunion: David returns from his deployment overseas to attend his best friend's family reunion. Feelings are rekindled, passions re-ignite and secrets are revealed.

Flag vs. Flag: A cocky Canadian and a proud American cross paths on a wrestling personals site, leading to a basement squash. Canada vs. USA. Squash match. Domination. Humiliation. Sex stakes.

The High School Reunion: When an unpopular kid returns to St. Anthony's High School for his ten-year reunion, he absolutely wants to show everyone up, especially a certain roughneck gym teacher. Body hair and butts are on the line when hairy hunks face off in this inter-generational grudge match.

Labor Day: An alpha male backyard battle. A young muscular ginger takes on a hairy hunk with a reputation (Mr. Maxon from The High School Reunion).

Model Roommates 1: When Travis can't pay his share of the rent, roommate Porter comes up with a great solution. Travis desperately wants to stay, so why is he resisting? And why is Porter so mad at him about it?

Model Roommates 2: It's time for Travis' first wrestler for hire gig. The hot young model is a working pro wrestler. He's young, strong and this guy paid a lot to wrestle him. So if Travis has so much on his side in this match, why is he so nervous about facing some weekend wannabe pro like Handsome Hart Mitchell?

Thanksgiving 2015: Buck stayed. Brody left. Now in their 30's, these two former best friends are bigger and beefier. They meet up again for the first time in five years, re-connecting on the mats in their tighty-whities, just like they did in high school. One fan said, "Very emotional story. It hits me in the heart. It made me wish that I could embrace someone I love dearly once more."

The Wedding Crash: Weddings are a great time to reconnect. Quinn and Trevor live on opposite coasts, but whenever they come together, they make the most of it. This time, it's at their friend's wedding. Quinn has an announcement for Trevor. Trevor has a surprise for Quinn. But when 19-year old best man Jeremy crashes this reunion, drama and wrestling ensue.

Stories by Fan Writer #1: 

Brody vs. Ram Part 1
Brody vs. Ram Part 2
Brody vs. Ram Part 3
Brody vs. Ram Part 4
Brody vs. Ram Part 5

The Zodiac Saga Chapter 1

Stories by Fan Writer #2/3:

"When Are We Gonna Wrestle?"

Rival Pro Wrestling 1: Damien Dreamer vs. Kevin O'Shea
Rival Pro Wrestling 2: Cave vs. Country
Rival Pro Wrestling 3: Slamsky vs. Steele
Rival Pro Wrestling 4: Kerry O'Shea vs. Rico Bandana
Rival Pro Wrestling 5: El Presidente vs. Flyboy Fiero
Rival Pro Wrestling 6: Slim Jim vs. Iron Ranger
Rival Pro Wrestling 7: Ramsay vs. Lance

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