Saturday, April 15, 2017

BIGBeast: The New Guy 2

This story is based on a reader commission

At the Home for BIGBeast Wrestling

"You fuckin' ready yet, Spielberg?"

I look over my shoulder with a little fear. I try to smile, but having a hairy beast like Dino Donato hovering over me is pretty intimidating. He's 6'/220-lbs of beefy muscle and bad attitude. The bald badass is anxious to tear apart his latest victim and if I'm not careful, it might be me. I might be 6'4"/200-lbs of lean teen power, but he'd squash me like a bug.

Dino Donato

I quickly tell him, "Yes, sir. I just needed to make sure the camera is going to work with the lighting. See, if they're not -"


I shake my head vigorously, "No, sir. Sorry, sir. Whenever you're ready, I'm ready."

Dino storms out of the room. My shoulders slump and I exhale. I get a reassuring pat on the back from Jimmy Wildfire who's running the schedule today. He laughs at me, "You sure love the rough stuff, dontcha?" The BIGBeast icon reaches out and smacks my semi-hard dick in my tight squarecuts. I squeal then fumble with the camera, almost dropping it. My boss laughs, "You're gonna hafta learn to relax, kid." I nod.

Jimmy (front) and me (back)

The smaller heel exits the room and I breathe in deeply. Yesterday, I got hard when he grabbed my hair and told me off. Today, it's a tongue-lashing from Dino that has me hot. It's hard for me not to get hard when the best heels in the world are, well, going all heel on me. I'm 18 and being the camera guy for BIGBeast is a dream come true for me, but I've never been around guys like this before.

Jimmy comes back in and gives me the signal. He moves behind me and I train the lens on the door. Ten seconds later, Steve walks in. He's a hot new guy making his on-camera debut in BIGBeast. The guy is a handsome 40-year old blond Canadian muscle hunk who looks like he's 28. He's got a nice fake tan over his 6'1"/200-lbs body that's ripped and powerful.

Steve comes in looking confident. He must be a good actor, because there's no way he can think he's got a shot. Just yesterday he arrived and got his ass kicked by Jimmy in a so-called tryout. The smaller stud easily made Steve his bitch, having him finish all the cleaning then act as bartender and waiter for the wrestlers who arrived last night for this weekend's filming. And he did it all in a silver thong and body glitter, thanks to Jimmy.

No offense to my boss, but if Steve couldn't handle him, he's doomed against Dino. I mean, Jimmy is tough, but Dino's on a whole other level. He's bigger, nastier and unlike Jimmy, he has no incentive to go easy. Jimmy needed Steve to film all weekend. Dino won't give a shit.

The hot new guy sucks at wrestling, but he is tough. He can take a lot, so maybe he'll be okay. I hope so. He seems like a nice guy and he's so fucking hot. I'm hoping to shoot five matches with him this weekend. It'd suck if he was injured his first time out.

Steve enters the ring. He's wearing white trunks with a red maple leaf on the front of them, white pads and white pro boots. Nice. He starts stretching out then flexing in front of the mirror that covers the back wall. I start in back, getting his awesome ass and broad back. His amazing front is reflected in the mirror, but I circle around to get a better shot. I zoom in for an extreme closeup on his bulge then pan up his abs. I pause on his big pecs then on his handsome face.


As I zoom out, Steve backs up, giving me a great full body shot. In the background, I see the door open. I get a great reaction shot as Dino comes into view. Steve's jaw drops when he sees Dino in the mirror. Either he's an amazing actor or he didn't know he'd be facing the hairy heel. I see a flash as Jimmy snaps a pic for the Arena website. I sneak a peek at his face and I see a big smirk. Jimmy must've set Steve up. Oh shit.

The new guy spins to face the big heel, backing up cautiously. Dino sees the reaction and he smiles. Even I know to never show fear to a nasty heel like Dino. It just energizes him and I bet that it'll only make Steve's beating worse. I just hope I can keep up with the action.

The “Match”

Dino marches up to the ring and steps in confidently. He pushes past the blond muscleman to the mirror where he admires himself. The beefy, hairy bear is a sight to behold. He's in his tight and shiny red trunks. I make sure to get side shots as he flexes, giving fans a sense of the sheer size of his prominent bulge.

The pro wrestler takes his time. The jobber paces behind him, bouncing and staring at the mat. He shakes his arms out as he waits, unwilling to force a confrontation. Yeah, I might be more jobber than heel, but inside, I'm still screaming, "Charge him! You're a big, strong guy! Hammer him in the back then stomp the shit out of his arrogant ass!"

Steve doesn't seem to even think of that. In fact, his own bulge looks bigger in his white trunks, the maple leaf looking a little distorted as he watches Dino's display of raw manliness. A friend of mine calls it machismo. I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds perfect for the bald bearish bad guy.

The heel says, "Yeah, that's a fuckin' sex god right there."

Dino finally turns to look Steve up and down. The sneer of contempt is enough to make most guys weak, but I gotta give it to the hot new guy. He's got his chest puffed out and a determined look on his face. The two musclemen move closer. They bump bodies, staring each other down. Fuck, the sexual tension is so thick.

As they stand there, I get great footage that highlights the contrast between the bald, hairy, swarthy bear and the blond, smooth, sculpted beauty. They back up and circle a bit.

"Shit, they gave me a fuckin' Ken doll to play with. Too bad for you - Daddy don't play nice." Steve stays silent. He raises his hands for a lockup. The heel smirks, "Daddy Dino likes to break his toys."

The hairy heel kicks out fast and hard, driving his black pro boot deep into the jobber's gut! THUD! OOF! Steve stumbles back, bent over. He falls against the ropes then bounces out into a big shoulder block. WHOMP! The blond goes down, but he rolls. Dino goes for a stomp, but misses as Steve gets out of the way. STOMP! FUCK!

The hot new guy rolls to a crouch then charges at the cursing Dino, spearing him into the corner. WHAM! He rises with a smile on his face, but the swarthy stud lashes out with a hard slap that spins the jobber around in a 180. The beefy bear moves in then locks on a full nelson. Steve groans as his shoulders are collapsed by the power of the pro wrestler.

Dino parades Steve around the ring. As he does, he swivels his hips, smacking the jobber's hard round ass with his thick cock inside his tight red trunks. The heel says, "You fucking asshole. You wanna play with Daddy? I'll split you in fucking two!"

To emphasize his threat, the pro wrestler thrusts his oversized package forward, slamming it into Steve's hard bulging butt. The blond muscleman jumps with each impact, which only increases the pain in his neck and shoulders. The nelson continues to keep him close and moaning, making it impossible for him to escape the humiliating ass pounding.

The jobber whimpers in the hold, which only encourages the heel. He starts violently shaking the hot new guy. "Give up you pathetic prettyboy!"

Steve moans, but holds out. He really can take a lot of abuse. Frustrated, Dino throws the blond muscleman to the mat. SPLAT! The jobber writhes as the heel checks himself out in the mirror. The hot new guy gets to hands and knees only to have the hairy hunk spin and kick him hard in the gut. WHACK! Steve is lifted off the mat from the impact. He flies to the side, spinning onto his back.

Dino moves in. He stomps the ripped body of his prey, breaking it down with power and relentless determination. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! The hairy heel forces on the side abs, kicking them hard. When he's done, he drags Steve up to a seated position then moves in behind him. The pro wrestler wraps his legs around the helpless hottie for a body scissors.

The hot new guy starts moaning as his tender sides are crushed in the thick legs. He tries to pry them apart, but Dino smacks the back of his head. WHACK! He pulls back on the blond hair, getting his mouth right on his victim's right ear. The hairy heel says, "When Daddy Dino tells you to give, YOU FUCKING GIVE!" With a big thrust, the beefy bear squeezes on the scissors even harder.

Steve throws his head back, moaning in pain. The pro wrestler grabs him under the armpits and locks on another full nelson. He just crushes the big blond muscleman like he was a twink jobber. The hairy heel commands, "GIVE! SUBMIT YOU STUPID FUCKER!"

The jobber is tough, but he has limits. He whimpers, "I give! I give!"

"Damn fuckin' right. Fuckin' piece of prettyboy garbage." Dino releases the two submission holds then rises, letting the blond muscleman collapse onto the mat, exhausted. The heel flexes in front of the mirror, keeping his pouch thrust forward as he celebrates an easy win.


Steve struggles to rise, using the corner to get to his feet. He stretches and grimaces, feeling the effects of the punishment. He looks in the mirror, rubbing his side as he checks it out. The pro wrestler snarls as the handsome new stud inspects his beautiful tanned body for bruises. The blond caresses his muscles and it's fucking hot. My camera leaves the heel and zooms in on the hot new guy.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Dino staring at me. Fuck. The hairy heel spins around to Steve, "Did I say you could look in the fuckin' mirror, jobber bitch?"

The ripped muscleman looks up only to get another kick to the gut. THUD! OOF! He bends forward into a front facelock then snap suplex. WHAM! Dino rolls with the move, mounting the handsome jobber in a schoolboy pin. He reaches under his bulge, lifting his balls onto the blond stud's chin. The pro wrestler slaps the blond in the head. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Dino grabs a handful of blond hair, pulling Steve's face up into the bulging package. The jobber kicks the mat as he's smothered by the impressive manhood. The heel rolls to the side then locks on a head scissors. The handsome hunk groans as his head is crushed. His body couldn't handle the force of the thickly muscled legs. His head stands no chance.

The hairy heel flexes as he squeezes, showing off for my camera. Actually, he's checking himself out in the mirror, so he's really showing off for himself, but I'm getting great shots. Steve struggles to push his head free, but he can't budge the 220-lbs of beef. Dino says, "Yeah, breathe in, you prettyboy bitch! Get a good whiff of Daddy."

Steve moans and squirms, his forehead turning bright red from the force. The heel rolls onto his back, forcing the jobber to roll with hairy hunk opens his legs as he holds two handfuls of blond hair. Dino pulls the handsome hunk's head down then gyrates under him, wiping his manhood all over the hot new guy's face.

Dino closes up again then tenses his legs. He goes all out this time as he demands, "Give, motherfucker! I SAID GIVE!" The big leg muscles tense and pulsate with power as they flex and pump. Steve taps the heel's legs as he submits, but the words are muffled by the bull's balls in his mouth. The hairy hunk opens his legs, letting the jobber roll onto his back, gasping for air.


The pro wrestler chuckles as he rolls over. He slithers on top of the smooth, ripped body of the hot new guy. Dino's ass tightens as he dry humps the ailing stud. Steve's pouch is nice, but the hairy heel's is epic. He thrusts his bulge down, crushing the jobber under his weight. All the blond muscleman can do is moan.

Dino slithers forward, sliding up until his bulge rests on Steve's face. He dry humps the handsome hunk again, pressing his monster bulge onto Steve's mouth and nose. He mocks the hot new guy, "Get a good look, bitch! You're in Daddy's web!"

The hairy heel slithers off again, moving to the mirror where he kneels and flexes, admiring his dominant power. Dino rises then returns to the handsome jobber. He grabs a handful of blond hair then forces Steve to his knees. The pro wrestler swivels his hips in front of the handsome face, "Yeah, that's a real man there. Start prayin', bitch. Pray to Daddy."

In response, the kneeling jobber leans back then swings his right hand up. He slams his fist into the ample gut of the vicious heel. THUD! The punch just bounces off, but Dino's face goes red. "You fuckin' prettyboy bitch!" He rakes Steve's eyes. RIP! ARGH! The hairy heel slams his boot into the hot new guy's sculpted pecs, sending him flying onto his back.

Dino drags Steve up then whips him into the corner. CLANG! "You wanna play with Daddy? Let's play." The hairy heel starts pounding away on the chiseled torso. THUD! THUD! THUD! The assault is rough as the enraged wrestler breaks down the jobber's abs and pecs. He steps back then drives his boot into the red six-pack. POW!

Steve drops to his ass in the corner. Dino puts his boot on the jobber's throat and presses down. The hot new guy is pushed back, arching his hips as he is draped over the bottom turnbuckle. The blond muscleman desperately tries to push against the heel's foot, trying to relieve the pressure.

The hairy heel lifts his foot then stomps the heaving pecs before backing off. He grabs the jobber by the ankle, dragging him out of the corner. Dino folds the blond muscleman's legs then steps over, putting the jobber in a Texas Cloverleaf version of a crab. Steve groans as his back is tortured in the killer hold.

Pain is etched on the jobber's face as 220-lbs of beefy muscle bear bends him the wrong way. Steve suddenly lets out a series higher-pitched gasps. The heel laughs, "You've been holding out on me, prettyboy bitch! Scream for Daddy!" Dino sits back even harder, delighted by the new sounds of agony coming from the helpless hunk.

Steve pounds the mat, "I give, I give!"



The heel releases the Texas Cloverleaf, letting his victim collapse between his legs. He stomps his back as he moves back to the mirror. WHACK! Both men are sweaty, but there's no question who's the daddy in the match and who's not.


Dino doesn't wait for Steve to rise this time. He moves in then drags the jobber up to his feet. The hairy heel holds the handsome hunk up by his hair then slaps his face. SMACK! The b,one muscleman wakes up a little more. The pro wrestler releases his hair, but he immediately slaps his prey again, dropping him to the mat. SMACK! PLOP!

The beefy bear unleashes hard stomps to the tanned, sculpted body of his victim. THUD! THUD! THUD! Steve bounces with every hard boot, but he can't block the shots to his hard muscles. Dino steps on the jobber, walking over him. ARGH! The pro wrestling stud smirks at the cry of pain, so he does it again, planting his full 220-lbs of beefcake on the blond muscleman's abs as he crosses over.

Dino grabs Steve by the wrist. He pulls up the dead weight of the jobber, scooping him up across his hairy chest. The heel spins then bodyslams the Canadian stud down hard. BOOM! The brutal bear drags Steve up then does it two more times, each time adding more force to the bodyslams. BOOM! KABOOM! The aching amateur rolls onto his side, reaching for his back.

The hairy heel reaches down, grabbing the blond muscleman from behind. The pro wrestling stud drags him up, pulling him into a reverse bearhug. I zoom in as Dino drives his manhood against the jobber's bulbous ass, pressing it in hard. He tightens the vice around Steve's battered midsection, squeezing hard. ARGH!

"Yeah, grind that ass on my pole, you fuckin' slut. Oh yeah, Daddy's little whore, that's what you are." The heel thrusts in harder, humiliating the helpless hunk by dry humping his ass.

Steve is limp in the bearhug, his arms flailing as he gets shaken from side to side. He grunts and groans, but he can't escape. Dino opens his arms, but then he spins the jobber around. The hairy heel locks on a bearhug, mashing their bulges together. He draws his hips back then thrusts forward, slamming his manhood into the handsome hunk's bulge. SQUISH!

Dino tightens the bearhug and Steve falls into the beefy bear's big body. He hangs on the heel, his chin on one shoulder and his arm draped over the other. The relentless onslaught has taken its toll on him. I zoom in as I realize that his white trunks are becoming see through thanks to the volume of sweat. I can see his crack and pale, untanned flesh through the thin white gear.

The pro wrestler continues to hold Steve up, but he's grinding more than squeezing, obviously not looking for another submission yet. This is more about humiliating the handsome Canadian hunk. Dino uses his manhood to pound the jobber's package a few more times then he pushes the blond muscleman into the corner, front first. CLANG!

When Steve bounces out and back, Dino is there. He hoists the 200-lbs of mauled muscle up onto his shoulders in a torture rack backbreaker. ARGH! "Oh yeah, prettyboy. You're nothin'. Just a little bitch! I'm gonna break you in two!"

Steve can't resist, "I GIVE! I GIVE!"

Dino ignores the submission, "Fuck that. SCREAM LIKE YOU MEAN IT! GIVE DADDY DINO SOME SUGAR!"

The jobber cries out, his voice reaching that higher octave that signifies real pain and agony. I get semi-hard from the sound, so I know this is the magic we want. Dino knows it, too. He says, "YOU FUCKING LITTLE BITCH! YOU'VE BEEN HOLDING OUT!"

The heel keeps the rack going, making Steve moan in this sexy new way. Finally he drops the suffering stud to the mat. Steve collapses in a heap, twitching and moaning in pain. Meanwhile, Dino poses in front of the mirror. In spite of earning four submissions already, he doesn't appear to be moving on any time soon.


Dino moves in. He sees the sweat-soaked trunks. The hairy hunk says, "You cheap fuckin' slut. Look at that ass. You want Daddy Dino bad, dontcha?"

Steve moans then tries to crawl. The beefy bear drops down on top of his back, flattening him under his 220-lbs of muscle. The pro wrestler thrusts his hips forward, pounding the jobber's beautiful round ass. He rides the handsome hunk, humping his carcass as the hot new guy just moans under him.

"Yeah, I'm gonna open you up, bitch. Fuck, you're a tease, ain't you? You're Daddy's little tease."

When he's humiliated the hurting hunk enough, Dino rises. He straddles Steve's waist, admiring his handiwork. The blond muscleman is helpless now. The hairy heel squats down. He grabs the jobber's ankles, locking them on his forearms. He smacks his prey in the sides, causing him to instinctively draw his arms back. The beefy bear grabs the jobber's wrists.

With a grunt, Dino lifts Steve up into a tear drop. ARGH! The 200-lbs blond muscleman lets out a cry as he's pulled off the mat. He whimpers as he dangles from the painful hold, his entire body feeling this one. The jobber is resilient, but he's really suffering now. He immediately moans in his sexy tone, already past his pain threshold.

Dino swings the hanging hunk, amplifying the pain and pressure on his gym-built body. He walks him to the corner then slams the jobber's head into the bottom turnbuckle. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Steve whimpers his submission, but it's not good enough. The pro wrestler commands, "GIVE TO DADDY!"




The beefy bear drops his victim down with force, slamming his face to the mat on the way down. Dino puts the toe of his boot on Steve's ass crack then pushes in, spreading the cheeks as he forces the sweat-soaked white spandex to the hole. The blond muscleman moans and writhes, causing the hairy heel to chuckle.

"Fuckin' whore."


Steve actually starts to rise, showing some real determination. I gotta respect that. Too bad for him the heel doesn't. He walks up behind Steve, stalking the blond muscleman. Just as the jobber uses the middle ropes to pull himself up to his knees, Dino lashes out with a hard kick to the back. WHACK! Steve flies forward, hanging tightly into the middle rope.

Dino moves in, putting his shin on the Canadian hunk's back. He pushes down, driving his 220-lbs onto the jobber. The middle rope sags down, even as it cuts into the handsome hunk's chest and armpits. The beefy bear bounces up and down, making sure Steve felt it. When Dino steps back, Steve bounces back, collapsing back onto the mat.

The pro wrestler flexes over the handsome hunk, swiveling his hips as I zoom in on his big fat bulge. Steve rolls onto his stomach, still trying to rise. Dino shifts around, stepping over the blond muscleman. The hairy heel waits then drives his ass down onto the small of the jobber's back. WHACK! The jobber is flattened.

The beefy bear sits down on Steve's ass. He enjoys his perch then grabs two handfuls of thick blond hair. He pulls up, lifting the jobber's face off the mat. "The sex god is goin' for a ride." The hairy heel shifts his ass on Steve's, grinding the jobber's package into the mat under 220-lbs of muscle. The Canadian stud cries out from the simple but effective move.

Dino leans forward then pushes the handsome hunk's face into the mat. He rubs it on the slick blue surface, "Kiss the fuckin' mat, you cheap whore! You ain't gonna be so pretty when Daddy Dino is done with you!"

Steve is helpless as he's manhandled. When Dino stops, he shifts his grip to Steve's biceps, dragging him up into a camel clutch. As soon as the hairy heel pulls back, the jobber is moaning. His handsome face is contorted and he's letting out boner-inducing gasps as he tries to hold out. "Yeah, that's it. Cry out for more of Daddy's love."

Dino toys with the blond stud then leans back more. That's all it takes. Steve submits, "I GIVE, DADDY! I GIVE!" The hairy heel eases up then locks on a sleeper. The hot new guy shakes his head, "No, no, please, Daddy! Please don't."

"Yeah, beg me, you stupid prettyboy bitch. Beg for your life!"

"Please! Please don't put me out, Daddy."

Dino tightens the squeeze, but then opens it up. He pushes Steve out of the camel clutch with authority. WHAM! The beefy bear slides so that he's lying on top of the whimpering blond muscleman. He grinds his bulge into the jobber's ass, thrusting slowly, but with enough force to shift the 200-lbs of muscle under him.

As the dominant heel humps his prey, he grabs the blond hair again. He forces Steve's head up, making him look in the mirror. "Look at yourself! You're Daddy's favorite toy, you fuckin' Ken doll. Time to break you."


Dino rises then drags Steve up by his hair and trunks. The white spandex wedges up his ass as it supports a lot of his 200-lbs of muscle. The hairy heel uses the grip to throw the jobber into the corner shoulder first. WHACK! The exhausted Canadian moans as he hangs onto the ringpost, resting his stomach on the middle turnbuckle.

Steve's bare ass is sticking out into the ring. With the smooth flesh exposed by the wedgie, it's just too tempting. "You fuckin' tease. You love bein' in Daddy's web." Dino moves in behind and grabs the trim hips. He positions his big bulge against the bubble butt then starts swiveling his hips. The simulated fucking is hot as the rookie just has to take it. He really is Daddy Dino's plaything now.

The hairy heel backs up, pulling the handsome hunk with him. He grabs Steve around the waist then lifts and throws him over with a belly-to-back suplex. WHAM! The jobber does a reverse somersault, collapsing on his stomach. Dino rises and circles. The valiant muscleman tries to rise, impressing me, but angering the beefy bear.

The pro wrestler drags Steve up. He scoops him across his hairy chest then drops him into an over-the-knee backbreaker. CRACK! The blond muscleman hangs over the leg, limp and helpless. The only thing that isn't totally destroyed is his package. It sticks up high and proud in his wet, clingy trunks. The white spandex is unlined, leaving little to the imagination.

Steve moans, whimpering in his sexy voice. Dino stares at the raised bulge. The hairy heel is proud of his own oversized manhood and doesn't like the showy display by his victim. Not that Steve can help it, but the beefy bear doesn't care. He smacks the blond muscleman's balls. WHACK! The jobber convulses on the leg. SMACK! Another convulsion.

"STOP! Please, Daddy! Pease! UNH! UNH! I give! I give, Daddy!"

"Fuckin' slut. Your junk's as pathetic as the rest of you!"

Dino pushes the handsome hunk off his leg onto the mat below. SPLAT! He rises and moves to the mirror, checking himself out. The hairy heel is pumped and shining under the lights, his sweaty muscles looking awesome. The red trunks are bulging even bigger now. The hairy heel flexes and brags as he enjoys another dominant victory.


Behind the flexing heel, Steve is miraculously pulling himself up to his knees. He hangs his head, breathing in deeply. He tugs at the tight wedged white trunks, trying to adjust them back into position. Dino turns then runs in fast. He kicks out, slamming his boot into the side of the jobber's head. CRACK! The handsome hunk flies through the middle and bottom ropes to the floor.

Steve looks unconscious as he lies unmoving on the floor. I pan up and down his wrecked body, lovingly capturing the tanned muscles and handsome face. I zoom in on the beautiful bulge in the basically see-through trunks. Yep, he's cut. And he just trims down there. I feel a tug on my arm from Jimmy and I back off just in time to capture Dino towering over his prey.

As I refocus, the hairy heel unleashes some hard stomps. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! That wakes the jobber up. He tries to roll away, but he gets dragged up and thrown back into the ring. Dino follows as the hot new guy rises and stumbles around the ring, trying to keep his feet under him.

Dino moves in. He grabs the blond hair again, shoving the jobber's head between his legs in a standing head scissors. The beefy bear reaches down around the blond muscleman's waist then lifts, hoisting him into an upside down bearhug. The handsome hunk can only hang there, helpless as blood rushes to his head.

The pro wrestler drops down, slamming Steve's head into the mat with a piledriver. The blond muscleman shakes then collapses onto his back, quivering and twitching, but otherwise unconscious. Dino rolls over, planting his manhood on the handsome blond's face. He puts one hand on the red maple leaf on the front of the trunks and the other on the six-pack abs.

ONE! The heel starts the unnecessary count, working all the way to ten before pushing off and rising. He poses over the thoroughly destroyed hunk, giving the fans one last view of his magnificent muscles before exiting the ring and the room.

In his wake, the hairy heel has left a battered carcass. I climb in, getting great footage of hot new guy as he lies in a pool of sweat. He still looks great, but I wonder if he'll ever come back from this. He's supposed to have four more matches. I think Jimmy made a mistake having this as his first.

After the Match

Jimmy slides into the ring, pushing me out of the way. He puts his hand on Steve's thick chest then shakes him awake. The hot new guy stirs, looking up at the smirking heel. He rolls onto his stomach, moaning as he tries to focus. The smaller stud mounts Steve's hips. He massages his shoulders and back then lightly taps the back of the moaning hunk's head.

"Wake up, jobber."

Steve puts his face in both hands. He moans then turns to look over his shoulder at Jimmy sitting on him. He asks, "Did I win, coach?"

Jimmy laughs, "At least you still got your sense of humor. Nice work, jobber. You sure can take a beatdown." The blond muscleman just shrugs. The heel rolls off him then helps him up. Steve stretches as Jimmy checks him out, making sure he doesn't have a concussion or anything. Fuck, hot new guy is so sexy and so fucking resilient. Uh oh, my cock is at it again.

I back away, trying not to be seen, but Jimmy looks at my tent and shakes his head. I see a smirk, so he's not upset, more like amused. My boss turns back to Steve to confirm one more time, "You okay?"

Steve turns and nods, "I'll live."

"Good. Now clean up this ring. We gotta lot more action today." Jimmy signals for me to follow him, leaving the aching blond muscleman to get to work.

The End


  1. I'm really digging this series and Steve. Poor Steve, as hot as he looks, he's just in way over his head on this one. Loved seeing big Dino putting the blond muscleman in his place!

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying the series. Yeah, this will be one weekend that Steve will never forget.

  2. I love Dino. What a villain. What a hard man. The fact is that Steve enjoyed every second of it hahaha even though it was...a beating. But he is so game! Oh but the abuse though. The abuse! I'm not sure I could handle it. Its just so much. Its verbal, physical and mental. The commission really wanted Steve to suffer. What a long weekend! LOL

    1. Yeah, it's going to be a long weekend for Steve. I think the guys in The Cave universe have advanced healing factors compared to us. :)

    2. Well this is a superhero inspired blog! 😆😆😆

  3. Totally hot! You've outdone yourself once again sir!!

    1. Wow, appreciate you saying that. Thanks!

  4. Dino is the perfect heel, and Steve is the perfect jobber, so this match was just so great, so...much! I mean, for me personally, a great jobber alone will do it, but add in a great heel, rough and abusive like Dino (and his character model) and it becomes so much more. Dino, a rare instance where I think he's hotter as a heel, and wouldn't WANT to see him as jobber! (On a side note, I think Dino's character model has a match against Brad Barnes, which I haven't seen although it's another perfect-jobber/perfect-heel match-up for me personally, and on a side note to the side note, wouldn't Brad Barnes be a hot character model somewhere, maybe Steve can get a fellow jobber Wrestling Doll tag partner down the line or something, just sayin'.)

    Obviously I loved the story, I love Steve and his suffering and his resilience and sweet-seeming personality, and look forward to more about him. One of my favorite moments from this story was the heading: The "Match". Ha ha, those quotation marks! Burn!

    1. Thanks! Steve's Canadian, so you know he's genuinely a good guy.

      Steve tag teaming with Chad Carnes would almost be too jobberiffic.

  5. I like the idea of Chad Carnes partnering up with Stevie already. Even more jobberiffic if Chad gets manipulated by the heel tag opponents into beating on poor Steve.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! People do love Brad ... er, I mean Chad.