Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Cast: Who's Who (August 2016)


Big month with four stories, plus an epilogue. Only two new guys in action, but some big returns, as well.

AWL: The Adventures of Danny Chase 6

Ben = Adam Ayash (Model)

Monday, August 29, 2016

Route 69: Bad Boys Season 1 Epilogue

(At the request of fellow blogger and frequent commenter Sean Pford,
I did an epilogue of Nick's story for him. He liked it, so I decided to share
it, plus I wrote two more epilogues for Bad Boys Season 1)

Epilogue 1: Nick

The bodybuilder sat at the bar, nursing his drink. Nick just stared into his glass, hoping answers lived there. He moved the potent whiskey around, idly moving the tumbler, but he didn't take a drink. Nick felt gross and alcohol wasn't going to help. The muscleman put the glass down then sighed. Coming here was a bad idea, but it seemed like Nick was full of those these days.


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Review: Jake Jenkins vs. Eli Black (BGEast)

As is the case sometimes with so many guys wrestling for so many companies, we have the same matchup done two ways. I already covered Jake and Eli facing off in the RHW ring, now they're facing off on the BGEast mats.

After a round in singlets, Jake wants
to take things to a new level

Friday, August 26, 2016

PSA: 40% Off Mikey Hanlon Matches @ Movimus


Just a quick post to let you know that all Mikey Hanlon matches are 40% off at Movimus.

Mikey Hanlon vs. Damien Rush: The Rematch

I've made no secret of the fact that I'm a huge fan of Mikey. Hot, charming and cocky, he's also a talented wrestler and his gear is always on point. The 2015 Cavey Award winner brings a unique and fun element to submission wrestling.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Review: Jake Jenkins vs. Eli Black (Rock Hard Wrestling)

It’s time to look back at classic Rock Hard Wrestling again. I’ve looked back on matches with RHW exclusive phenoms Alex and Dash, as well as multi-federation superstars Zack, Austin and Jake. It’s amazing the talent that has spawned from RHW. Today, I’m reviewing a match that I believe was the debut for another prolific mega-star, Eli Black.

Two stars before they were stars

Monday, August 22, 2016

Route 69: Bad Boys S109

(Summer Storm, Part 4 of 4)

"Holy shit."

The big bodybuilder hears me. He looks down at himself and rubs his muscular nearly-naked body, as if checking out what I'm checking out. He looks at me with a questioning look as he asks in his thick Texas accent, "Was that for me, Dylan?"

Beau, our latest victim

I smile back, "It was, Beau. What a body. You're fucking amazing. You've got the best body I've ever seen. I feel like it's my lucky day."

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Review: Jet vs. Talon 2 (Thunders Arena)

I don't often buy re-matches, but there are a few exceptions. Jet vs. Talon 2 is probably the most unusual one, because it doesn't involve one of my absolute must-buy guys. Yes, I like Talon a lot and I've enjoyed watching Jet, but once might have been enough for this pairing. However, Thunders had a sale, I had curiosity and I did buy the second Jet vs. Talon match after all. Boy, I'm very glad I did.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Review: Jet vs. Talon 1 (Thunders Arena)

More Jet today. This match I'm covering should not be confused with the new Custom Series Jet vs. Talon match. I'll be talking about it tomorrow, but I just wanted to make sure everyone understands that this is the first Jet/Talon encounter (labeled Special Edition).

Jet vs. Talon was thoroughly and lovingly covered by Bard in his May 2016 Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month post (posted here). I thought about just doing two Jet posts and skipping this one, because there isn't much to add and he pulled a ton of the best moments for his post. However, I hate wasting my work, so I re-ordered things and here we are.

Jet might be outmatched in this one

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Review: Jake Jenkins vs. Frey (Thunders Arena)

Frey: "Aw hell no!" 
Jake: "Austin Cooper?" 
Frey: "No, no, no. Not here. It's Frey." 
Jake: "Frey? What're you afraid of?"

Jake doesn't get the name change and I feel the same way. I've never really understood why Austin is Frey. Yes, Frey is a Norse god, but he's neither famous in pop culture nor connected with strength or combat as far as I remember. Anyway, it doesn't really matter. A rose by any other name, yadda, yadda, yadda. I just found it an entertaining beginning to a great video.

Jake vs. Frey ... just feels right

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Cave: The Adventures of SuperStar 10

(Summer Storm, Part 3 of 4)

My best friend Cody

"Cody, are you sure about this?"

My best friend smiles, "Ryan, don't worry. I have a plan."

I roll my eyes, "Oh brother."

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Review: Jake Jenkins vs. Steel (Thunders Arena)

These two are my final Thunders Arena rookies, although next week I am talking about Jake and Jet again. Today is Jake Jenkins vs. Steel then Wednesday is Jake Jenkins vs. Frey. Technically Jake Jenkins is not a rookie, but he's a newbie to Thunders, so I'm counting him.

It's THE Jake Jenkins vs. some other guy

Now Steel is a 100% rookie to the underground wrestling scene. He has inhuman proportions, with massive shoulders, arms and chest that lead to a narrow waist. He's big, but maintains rock hard chiseled abs. The guy also has thick, powerful legs that Jake both admires and fears during this match. The muscleman is really quite amazing, even when he's just standing around. The whole package is nicely wrapped in tight blue speedos.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Review: Jet vs. Bolt (Thunders Arena)

As I continue my exploration of the new talent at Thunders Arena, it's Jet vs. Bolt. Obviously this should be a different match than the first Jet match I watched. That one, Jet vs. Vinny was a catchweight and the rookie was under the weather. Here, Jet is looking healthy and he's against a much more manageable wrestler, the pint-sized powerhouse Bolt.

It's Jet vs. a smaller stud this time

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Review: Jet vs. Vinny (Thunders Arena)

Among the new Thunders Arena guys I'm talking about, Jet has seen the most action. Size-wise, he's the in-between guy. The one who could go either way. He looks strong enough to be competitive with Vinny, but short enough to face a guy like Bolt. Today, I'm looking at Jet vs. Vinny, but I will cover his match vs. Bolt tomorrow and both Talon matches next week.

Jet is a hot, clean-cut muscleman. He's short, solid, handsome and beautifully proportioned. Here, he's wearing a red singlet that's cut low in the front. It frames his body nicely, leaving his six-pack exposed, which comes in handy in this match. He does fiddle with the back, which is surprising. Not sure why guys get so obsessed about their gear riding up, especially when it really isn't riding up.

Jet looks good on top

The rookie fights hard

Monday, August 8, 2016

Route 69: Bad Boys S108

(Summer Storm, Part 2 of 4)

Memphis TN

"UNH! UNH! Oh yeah, Kyle! Harder! HARDER! OH GOD, YES! YEAH! YEAH!"

I pound harder, ruthlessly slamming Dylan's hips into the ring apron as I hammer his ass from behind. We're fucking around outside the ring of the pro wrestling federation we work for. It's after hours, so it's just us. I grab his hips and throw my head back getting ready for my big finish. I don't even notice his phone going, but he does. BZZZT! BZZZT!

Dylan cries out, "Oh fuck! Stop. Stop. Oh my god! It's Ben. He's calling me. He's finally come to his senses."

Dylan pushes away from me, my hard cock sliding out of his ass as he dives for his phone. What the fuck? I'm fucking the little punk and he's ignoring me to grab a call from his ex? The same ex that beat the shit out of both of us and left us unconscious, naked and spooning in a storage room? Someone's gonna pay for this.

Me. Not happy.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Review: Scrappy vs. Vinny (Thunders Arena)

Vinny vs. Scrappy from Thunders Arena is billed as a mini-match and it certainly qualifies. I think it was one of those bonus add-ons for a small amount, but I don't remember. It's like a 1/3 of a match with a minute of intros and flexing then just under 6.5 minutes of action. So value is always tricky and personal. I think you'll wish there was more to it. I did. However, it was still fun to watch.

I've found Vinny's return to be hit-or-miss in terms of my interest. I still like the guy, but I haven't been as compelled to buy as I thought I'd be. Here, he's still the hot meathead, muscles bulging and looking good in a pair of USA trunks. He's arrogant about facing the smaller stud, but why wouldn't he be?

Big vs. Small

Friday, August 5, 2016

Review: Scrappy vs. Frey (Thunders Arena)

Thunders Arena always debuts new guys. Their pipeline of muscle has to be the envy of everyone in the business. Now I have no idea who'll stick around, who'll sell and who'll vanish, but I have recently watched matches with Thunders newbies Jet, Scrappy, Steel and Jake Jenkins. With the stories coming every week this month, I figured I'd spend the gaps by reviewing these new additions.

All four Thunders rookies are hot white musclemen, but that's really where the similarity ends. Today, we're starting on the smaller end of the new guys, Scrappy. So far, he's appeared the least, just one match plus a brief mini-match (less than 7 minutes of action). This is too bad, because he seems to have a lot of potential.

I'm starting with the full match - Scrappy vs. Frey - but I will cover the mini-match vs. Vinny on Sunday.

Frey checks out the new guy

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Review: Biff Farrell vs. Kelly King (BGEast)

As soon as I saw BGEast's compilation of Biff Farrell matches, I knew I wanted it. The blond beefcake has quickly become one of my favorites. Every match I've watched has been a winner, so far. All three of his opponents are awesome, earning positive reviews from me. My only worry was that it would become repetitive. It looked like three squashes all in similar gear, but I figured I'd just space out the viewing.

It was hard to choose which of the three I should start with, but I opted for Biff Farrell vs. Kelly King. I'm a huge fan of King, regardless of which name he's wrestling under. He's a gorgeous and talented wrestler with a great persona and ring presence. Here, he's stunning in shiny purple trunks and black accessories, including a knee brace.

Kelly King is one of my favorites, too

Monday, August 1, 2016

AWL: The Adventures of Danny Chase 6

Summer Storm, Part 1 of 4

"Fuck, it's pathetic. He's like what? 100? And he still calls himself 'Danny'? Like a kid. Uh, dude, it's 2016. The guy is seriously stuck in the 80's."

I overhear Kwame laugh as he says, "I know, right? How hard up for cash is he? If I was a fat, old has-been like him, you couldn't pay me to waddle out in front of a crowd. The guy is still wearing the same trunks from 30 years ago. Trunks! Are you fucking kidding me?"