Saturday, September 28, 2019

Review: Scrappy vs. Parker Flynn (Muscleboy Wrestling)

Full disclosure: This video was provided to me by Muscleboy Wrestling.

Scrappy vs. Parker Flynn has everything you want in a Scrappy video. It's a muscle showcase. He's charmingly cocky. He's facing a hot and capable opponent that pushes him. They sweat buckets. The superstar is both dominant and a victim. His mountainous butt is exposed and put on display, by his opponent and by him. And there's probably more, but I'll stop there. So, it's all here for Scrappy fans.

Both guys want a win ... but who ends up on top?

Friday, September 27, 2019

The Cast: Who's Who (September 2019)


Here are the models and source art for this month's stories.

Encounters: The Family Reunion

David "DJ" Jackson = Elton Pinto Mota

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Review: Austin Cooper vs. Jaxton Wheeler (Socks) (W4H)

Wrestler4Hire catalogue description: "Is there anything hotter than sweaty knee-high socks stretched up over muscular thighs?"

Yeah, there are a lot of things hotter than tall socks, including most of this video. Actually, that's unfair. I know there are some major sock fetishists out there. I've even wrestled a couple of them in my time, borrowing tall socks to fit their particular interest. Yes- gasp - I actually don't own any tall socks. Not the point, though. If you are into socks, I see you and appreciate you.

Anyway, I was a little worried this match would be all about the socks, but other than Austin's compulsion to pull them up, I didn't really notice. Whether you're into socks or not, Austin Cooper vs. Jaxton Wheeler is a well-done match.

Two beefy bros battle it out.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Quick Hit: Elite Eliot vs. Steven Roman (Wrestler4Hire)

Ref: The rules are, this is a sleeper match. The only way to win is by a classic sleeper hold.

Elite Eliot vs. Steven Roman just appeared on streaming and I always check out anything Eliot is in. There's not really a ton to say about this single-minded video from Wrestler4Hire, but I wanted to post some pics of Elite Eliot in sleepers, so I decided on a quick post.

Action-wise, after a couple of collar-and-elbow lock ups to establish beefy Roman's superior strength, it's non-stop sleepers (seven on Eliot by my count and one of the ref). So, my 'review' is: if you want to watch Eliot get sleepered seven times, you'll like this.

There's only one way to win,
but Roman keeps on winning.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Review: Iceman18 vs. Loki (Thunders Arena)

I haven't been watching a ton of wrestling videos lately and a lot of the ones I've seen? I don't really have a ton to say about them. They're neither great nor terrible. I'm feeling like good is the enemy of the reviewer. I mean, what can I say about a good video other than 'the guys are hot' or 'the action is fine'. I've looked at branching out to newer places (for me), but I can't quite figure out what to buy at those sites and I'm not up for memberships that I barely use.

Anyway, with Iceman18 vs. Loki, the guys are hot and the action is fine.

It's like a 70's buddy cop show -
boyish and blond + dark and manly.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Review: Chase Addams vs. Richie Douglas (BGEast)

Chase: "You know what I get tired of? That I'm the star but when I read all the blogs, they always talk about you. Some pretty boy with a pretty little body and some natural ability. I really hope all the bloggers see this. The dismantling of Mr. Douglas."

I'm not sure to which blogs Chase is referring, but it's certainly not this one. Richie Douglas is ridiculously cute and I've reviewed a couple of his matches, but Chase Addams is a three-time Cavey Award winner, including my 2018 Favorite Heel award. Still, there needs to be tension and a young heel motivated by envy works for me. If the lean bad boy needs to use blogs as motivation to find more prettyboys to torture, I'll praise Richie all day long.

Chase wants to show us bloggers who's the real star.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Heroes: Bane of My Existence 3

Previously, the villainous Bane’s nefarious plot to weaken Batman, Gotham City’s greatest champion, climaxed in the hero’s defeat and humiliation (BoME 1). Superman saved the day, leaving Batman in the care of his butler Alfred and eventually defeating Bane. Unfortunately, Alfred is actually an enemy not an ally. He’s the one who hired Bane to destroy Batman! The malevolent manservant betrays Superman and both heroes ended up captured. (BoME 2)

Meanwhile, earlier that same evening ...

Chapter 1: Henchmen!

The twin black motorcycles eased down the deserted road towards the coordinates with their headlights off. The moon was the only illumination along this desolate unmapped road. Even GPS had no idea it existed. The dense forest formed a canopy overhead, dimming the moonlight. While the lights of Gotham City could be seen in space, they were completely blocked by trees and hills. The riders glided into the trees behind cover.

This was it.

The two men slid off their motorcycles, removing their helmets to reveal their masked heads, intense eyes, frowning mouths and square jaws. The lead biker used his special mapping app to confirm what he already knew. These were the exact right coordinates. He breathed in and out slowly. As he calmed himself, he counted backwards, easing into serenity. He was ready.

The 6’5”/270-lbs Black muscleman went by Crush now. When he looked around, the tall bruiser saw nothing but trees and rock. He knew they were somewhere near the remote mansions of Gotham City’s oldest and richest families. He didn’t know why, but he didn’t care. Crush knew that he was on the winning side this time. If his boss wanted him to stand in this forest all night, he would do it. This was a henchmen’s life and he was a very good henchman.

Crush carefully unzipped his black leather jacket, revealing his bare muscular torso. He slipped the jacket off, lying it on his bike. He unfastened the belt of his leather chaps that protected his thick bare legs while riding. He slid them off, enjoying the freedom as the night air whipped over his flesh. He kept his black leather gloves on, along with his tall black leather boots and black spandex briefs. This was his uniform now and he liked it. Not that he had a choice.


Friday, September 13, 2019

Review: Alvin/Chet vs. Guido/Maverick (Wrestler4Hire)

I love classic tag team action. While other places do feature it, Wrestler4Hire really knows how to bring the indie pro studs together for a hot time. In this case, I knew I wanted to see this as soon as it hit streaming. I like all four guys and love a couple of them. Most of them have worked together, so they have great chemistry. I had high hopes for this and it met my expectations.

It's a high-action tag match from Wrestler4Hire.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Review: Brendan Byers vs. Dante (Muscleboy Wrestling)

Full disclosure: This video was sent to me by Muscleboy Wrestling.

Obviously, I have a fairly active imagination. Especially when it comes to wrestling. And that doesn't just refer to my stories. Sometimes, when I watch videos, I put on added storylines into them. Not because the video is bad (well, maybe sometimes, but not in this case), but because I get inspired by the wrestlers and action. Brendan Byers vs. Dante is one of those times where my mind went to work. I explain all of this so you understand the context of my review.

Byers gets revenge for all the bullying he endured.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Review: Kirk Donahue vs. Dimitri (BGEast)

Kirk Donahue vs. Dimitri is the second match on his Wrestler Spotlight, the last one I watched, and the most recent filmed match. It must have been done around Wrestling with Pride 2, because both guys appear there and Kirk has his old-timey villain mustache. That means we're getting the most experienced Kirk Donahue and it shows as he's cocky, competitive, and confident in his skills.

It's my finale from Kirk Donahue's Spotlight.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Review: Aspen vs. Scrappy (Thunders Arena)

In this world of video wrestler free agency, I wonder if it's ever hard for the men to remember where they are. Scrappy regularly wrestles for at least four places, Aspen for at least two. Wrestling video sites have different styles and personalities, just like wrestlers. So, when two free agents meet on the mats at Thunders Arena, what's their process? Do they try to consciously adapt?

I bring this up with Scrappy vs. Aspen specifically because this amazing video feels both Thunders but also not-Thunders at the same time.

Aspen's on fire as he takes on Scrappy at Thunders.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Encounters: The Family Reunion

Williams Family Reunion 2019.

“Hey. What up, BP?”

I’m standing behind Mike Powell aka Big Pow aka BP. His head lifts slightly as he asks into the air, “D.J.?” He spins to see if it's really me. When he sees it is, the 28-year old, 6’1”/240-lbs muscleman freezes. He tries to stay chill, but I see the cracks in his calm exterior.

I wait silently, watching his shoulders and arms tense.

Mike finally reaches his hand out, “David Jackson. What are you doin’ here, man?”

Me. David Jackson. DJ, for short.