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Heroes: Tarzan and the Twins of Tibor

Chapter One: The Escape

The two muscular young black men raced through the jungle as fast as they could go, branches tearing at their smooth naked flesh. In their 19 years of life, the twins had never felt real fear. But here they were, running as fast as they could, with one clear motivation.

Run or die.

They were sweating profusely in the African heat, breathing hard and struggling to maintain focus. They had been running for over two miles through some of the densest jungle in Africa. Each man wore only a thin lion-skin pouch over his sizable manhood, held tight only by narrow leather straps that ran over his hips connecting to another strap that came up between his powerful legs firmly lodged in the deep valley of his substantial butt cleavage. They had had no time to put on more covering or footwear or grab weapons before fleeing their hut mere seconds before the Council's warriors came for them. If they were going to survive this, it would have to be with their brains and the power of their mighty bodies.

At 6'2" and 225 lbs of pure muscle, Enzi and Kumi were able to barrel through the thick foliage, but it also meant that they left a large path, which would be easy to follow. They ignored the fatigue and pain, as rocks and roots cut their bare feet and plants snapped and pulled at their glistening dark brown skin. As twins who had spent practically every minute of their lives hunting, fighting and playing together, they didn't even need to speak. They just needed to run.

As they crashed forward, their muscular, powerful bodies created another disadvantage ... they were the strongest men in their tribe, but not nearly the fastest. THWAP! A spear landed beside Kumi, the trailing twin, missing him by mere inches. Knowing they had been caught, the twins dodged to opposite sides, slowly circling around their previous path. Through the bushes, they saw two of their pursuers slowing down, trying to find them. The two warriors were lean and ripped, the fastest of the Council's guards. One walked to grab his spear while the other listened to hear any clues of the twins’ whereabouts.

Suddenly, in unison, the twins leapt from the bushes, tackling their two pursuers. The four black muscle men wrestled for dominance. It was no contest, though. In these close quarters, the power of Enzi and Kumi was unmatched. They quickly wrestled the warriors to the jungle floor, mounting them. As the twins straddled their opponents, they unleashed powerful punches. Within seconds, the warriors were unconscious and the twins rose victorious. They each grabbed their defeated pursuer's spear and took off into the jungle again, but they knew this delay was allowing even more warriors to close the gap.

Kumi said, "Brother, we need to get to …”

Enzi finished, “… the forbidden land across the river!”

Kumi nodded, “It's the only way we will live beyond today!"

Without another word, they took off running again. They soon reached a clearing adjacent to the river's edge, but as they did, four more tribal warriors emerged from the bushes. They had also been running, their dark skin glistening with sweat, their muscles pumped. None of the warriors were as big as Kumi and Enzi, but they were still strong and ripped. They all had their spears raised. As the twins crossed the clearing, mere feet away from the river's edge, the warriors launched their spears into the air.

One spear sliced into Enzi's leg. He staggered forward, into his brother's arms. Kumi caught him and helped him towards the river. Fearlessly, they leapt into the rushing waters, swallowed by the rapid current. As they sank, Kumi could see the warriors reach the river bank, debating what to do. Within seconds, the twins were out of sight and it was too late for the warriors to do anything.

The muscular twins struggled for breath, as the powerful current swept them under over and over again. The current moved faster than they could run and covered any tracks, but Enzi was weakening. With blood pouring from his brother's leg, Kumi knew they had to get back on land. The powerful young warrior kicked hard, sending them into the riverbank. They emerged from the river, exhausted, on the forbidden side. Kumi pulled his brother out and dragged him behind cover. They had not gone that far, but he hoped it was far enough. He went back and tried to cover their tracks then came back and looked at his brother's leg. Enzi tried to move, but the leg was bleeding and he was getting weak.

Kumi grabbed his brother's loincloth and ripped it off, using the pouch as a bandage and the strap as a weak tourniquet. Kumi tore his own loincloth off and repeated the procedure. Enzi was fading in and out of consciousness. Kumi hoisted his brother up and the two naked twins stumbled deeper into the strange jungle. They had never ventured onto this side of the river, as trespassing here had been forbidden since they were young. Still, Kumi felt it was worth the risk. They were only two young men, with no clothes or weapons. Surely they wouldn't draw the attention or ire of the man who controlled this jungle.

The twins marched as far as they could through the trees. They crossed a clearing and rested at the far edge. Kumi was about to leave his brother and search for a remedy when he heard the sound of rustling. Seven warriors emerged, ready to kill! With his brother injured and unable to stand, Kumi was alone facing seven armed warriors. The brave young warrior rose, naked and defiant in defense of their lives. Kumi knew that, even in peak form, it would be hard for him to defeat seven armed warriors. Now it would be nearly impossible. He was tired from the chase, fighting the river and carrying his brother.

Before either side could act, there came a distinctive, ululating cry that sent chills down the warriors spines. "AWW aww AWW aww AWW AWW aww AWW aww AWW"

Suddenly, from the trees above, came flying a nearly naked white man! He tackled the lead warrior to the ground, disarming him and knocking him out with ease. The large, muscular white man rose majestically as the other six warriors backed up defensively. The mighty white man was an imposing 6'3" tall, 230-lbs of solid tanned muscle. The smooth skin of his rich tanned body was covered only by a small brown leather loincloth. The bulging triangular front and back panels were one long piece of animal skin, slung between his legs and over an old leather belt hanging well below his narrow waist, held up by his strong hips and ample round ass. There was a large sheathed knife attached to the belt. The man's long hair covered part of his smooth handsome face. He was still a young man, only 25-years old, but his brown eyes showed maturity as he glared with anger.

The man spoke in a deep, commanding voice. "You are not allowed on this side of the river, warriors of Tibor. Wage your war elsewhere."

The warriors knew that they had chased their young prey right into Tarzan's jungle, the first members of their tribe to be here for five years, but had hoped to kill the twins before being discovered. From behind the ape-man, Kumi smiled at his good fortune. Tarzan was no friend of the Tibor. The tribe was known for waging war on its neighbors and pillaging neighboring tribes. Seven years ago, when he was just 18, Tarzan had declared this area off limits to the Tibor. After two years of failed assassination attempts and unsuccessful ventures across the river, the Tibor had relented and given up on trying to invade the mighty white devil's land.

Despite knowing the history, two of the brave Tibor Council warriors charged Tarzan. The Lord of the Jungle did not move until the men were nearly on top of him. He deftly used the spear from the fallen warrior to parry their charge, knocking them both to his right side. Tarzan moved with speed that belied his power. As the warriors stumbled, he leapt and spun, knocking both men down simultaneously with his feet. Only a second later, he rendered them senseless, driving the butt of the spear and his foot into their heads. He rose slowly and majestically once again. Only his heaving chest indicated that anything had just happened. The mighty ape-man looked at the remaining four warriors with a smile on his face. In mere seconds, the odds had significantly changed.

Three down, four to go. The others approached slowly. They tried to circle Tarzan, but Kumi ran up and tackled one of the warriors from behind. He knew that Tarzan represented his best chance to live and he intended to help the ape-man. Tarzan engaged the remaining three. If he was worried about the odds, it didn't show. The mighty ape-man quickly forced the spears from the warriors' hands. With the men disarmed, Tarzan fought them hand-to-hand. The pumped, powerful ape-man was unaffected by their blows, shrugging them off as he spun, punched and kicked fluidly. All three tried to bring him down, but Tarzan was more than their match. He shrugged them off as they tried to pile on top of him. One warrior fell at Tarzan's feet. He looked up in horror as Tarzan's large fist came into view. The mighty white man connected perfectly, punching him in the jaw and into oblivion.

Kumi had also knocked out his foe. He raced to Tarzan's side, ready to help. Tarzan was easily overpowering the final two warriors with his unmatched power and strength. As Kumi arrived, Tarzan leveled a kick to the jaw that finished off one of the last two. The final warrior backed away. Tarzan and Kumi dwarfed him in size, power and skill. Realizing he and his comrades had lost, the remaining conscious warrior fled, leaving the unconscious warriors to Tarzan's mercy.

Tarzan picked up the spears, smashing them over his knee and hurling the pointed ends into the jungle. He turned to Kumi. He said, "You fight well, young warrior."

"Thank you, Tarzan. You honor me. My name is Kumi. That is my brother Enzi. If not for your help, we would surely be dead."

Tarzan nodded. As they walked back to Enzi's position, the mighty King of the Jungle watched the six unconscious men sprawled on the clearing floor. Confident they were down for some time, he said to Kumi, "We should leave here. Can he walk?"

"No," Kumi replied simply. The Lord of the Jungle wasted no time. He reached down and picked Enzi up, hoisting him over his shoulder. Kumi was amazed. He knew of Tarzan's legendary strength, but now, seeing the man and his feats live, Tarzan was so much more than he expected.

It was too bad that the white devil was also his mortal enemy. Once Enzi was safe and healed, Kumi knew that Tarzan would need to die.

Chapter Two: The Trek

Kumi and Tarzan, with the unconscious Enzi hanging on the ape-man’s broad shoulder, made their way through the dense jungle foliage. The jungle seemed alive as they silently marched. Kumi marveled as the thick branches closed up after they passed and the soft moss covered their footsteps. It was a hot, thick day in the jungle, but the tree cover kept the three men from the worst of the sun’s power. Their bodies gleamed with sweat, unencumbered by clothing. Tarzan’s loincloth and Enzi’s bandage were the only covering on their spectacularly sculpted bodies, but none of the men seemed to care.

The mighty jungle king, Tarzan led the way as he effortlessly carried the unconscious Enzi over his shoulder. Behind Tarzan, Enzi’s twin brother Kumi kept close, trying to discern a path or direction, but he was hopelessly lost.

Tarzan expertly wove his way through the intricate maze of jungle without ever complaining or struggling, even though Enzi weighed a mere 5-lbs less than Tarzan himself. Enzi’s legs hung behind Tarzan, allowing Kumi to keep an eye on his injury. The bleeding had stopped, but Enzi was developing chills, despite the intense jungle heat. Kumi knew that the spear that sliced open his leg must have been poisoned.

Kumi insisted that they stop along the way, whenever he saw a specific plant that he knew could help with the healing. He combined leaves and roots in ways even Tarzan didn't understand. The white muscle man realized that Kumi knew much about the jungle plant life. When Tarzan would ask what he was doing, Kumi easily explained exactly what healed and what harmed.

When Tarzan commented on Kumi's knowledge, the young warrior merely thanked Tarzan, but shared nothing. Finally, during one of their breaks, Tarzan directly asked him how he knew so much. Kumi said, "Our mother. She taught us all she knew. And she knew everything. My father demanded that we become warriors, but my mother wanted us to know how to heal, as well as kill."

As they rested, Tarzan watched Kumi tenderly care for his brother. In spite of the circumstances, it aroused the ape-man. The two strong, naked nubians were beautiful to the jungle man. Their dark, ebony skin was smooth and supple. It glistened as their sweat reflected in the hot sun. Their amazing skin covered powerful muscles nearly equal to Tarzan's own. Nested in the only hair below their necks dangled their soft, but still thick, cocks and large, round balls. Tarzan could not help but watch as Kumi gently and lovingly applied the balm he made to his brother's wound, rubbing his leg. Instinctively, Tarzan licked his lips as his pouch bulged.

Kumi turned to Tarzan and asked him to come over. "Tarzan, I need to get some more leaves. Can you rub this salve into the wound and around the leg?" Kumi grabbed Tarzan's hand and placed it on his unconscious brother's leg. Kumi pushed Tarzan's hand over his brother's leg in a soft, circular motion. He said, "I'll be back in a moment. Just keep applying the salve."

Tarzan rubbed the lotion on Enzi's leg gently. Tarzan's cock was growing quickly as he crouched there. The ape-man didn't understand the reaction he was having. He had seen animals have sex, but didn't understand tenderness or the power of a caress. The mighty ape-man was, in fact, a virgin. He lived a solitary life, with no one to teach him about such things. Tarzan kept rubbing and staring at Enzi's handsome face. He remembered once watching from the trees as two tribal warriors engaged in sex. It excited him and caused his manhood to leak. Those thoughts were filling his brain now.

Tarzan's loincloth tented as he imagined kissing the man, as he had seen the others do when he spied on them from his tree perch. Tarzan looked for Kumi, but did not see him. He carefully moved his hand higher and higher up the leg to Enzi's manhood. The uncut cock didn't look so different than Tarzan's own, only larger and darker. The ape-man rubbed Enzi's cock with his hand. He wondered what it tasted like. He knew that having another man's lips on your cock must feel good, based on what he had observed.

Tarzan leaned forward carefully, mouth open. Suddenly, Enzi let out a moan, which caused Tarzan to leap back into a defensive crouch. The fallen ebon warrior stirred, but did not wake up. Tarzan's animal instincts were taking over as he crawled back towards Enzi. He again reached for the man's cock. It felt good in his hand. Tarzan leaned in and placed his lips on Enzi's mouth. The warmth felt nice. Tarzan heard Kumi call for him and it snapped him out of his stupor.

For all his plant knowledge, this jungle was unknown to Kumi. He quickly realized that he was lost without the ape-man and wondered if that was Tarzan's plan. Despite helping them, Tarzan clearly didn't fully trust them. Kumi called for Tarzan, hoping the white muscle man would come to his aid. Within seconds, Tarzan came barreling through the brush. He guided Kumi back to his brother. Kumi noticed Tarzan's fading erection. When they reached Enzi, he saw a trail of salve up his brother's leg to his cock. The lotion coated the cock. He saw the moist imprint on his brother's otherwise dry, ashen lips. Kumi smiled to himself, but said nothing.

Tarzan said, "We are close. We will be at my home before nightfall." With them safely through much of the jungle and untrackable, Tarzan finally directly asked Kumi for their story, wondering why the warriors of Tibor were chasing them and why the brothers were so important that the Tibor had dared to enter his jungle for the first time in over five years.

Kumi swallowed hard. He realized he had to tell Tarzan something. He said, "My father ... our father is dying. It seems that no herbs, no magic, no prayers can save him. He may already be dead. The Council wants us dead to preserve their power."

Tarzan asked, "Why is your life important to the Tibor Council of Elders?"

Kumi paused then said, "Because our father is the Chief of the Tibor."

Tarzan immediately tensed. These two handsome, fresh-faced young men were the princes of Tibor? And they were in his jungle? The sons of the most violent, cruel Chief in the jungle were here with him. And he was helping them? The Lord of the Jungle suddenly felt like a fool. He should have let them die.

Kumi saw Tarzan's reaction. He begged, "Please, Tarzan. If you don't want to help us any more, I understand. But please, listen to me before you decide anything." Tarzan's eyes narrowed, but he said nothing. Kumi decided to continue.

"Our father is dying. One of us is destined to be Chief. But we are not our father. We are as much our mother's sons. As I said, she taught us much about healing. And about life. My brother and I have decided to share power. We want to change the Tibor tribe. We want to bring peace to our tribe and to the entire jungle. But the Council of Elders disagrees. They fear us. They hate us. They want us dead, because they want to continue our father's legacy of failure - the unnecessary destruction and futile battles that have made our tribe pariahs. My brother and I only want to see an end to war. We want the Tibor united with the other tribes."

Tarzan strained to sense if Kumi was telling the truth. He seemed sincere. Kumi continued, "If you help my brother heal, we will leave your jungle forever. We only need time, so that we can figure out how to get back to Tibor and take our rightful place. Please. A jungle without war is a good thing, is it not?"

Tarzan thought about it. A Tibor tribe committed to peace would help everyone in the jungle. He decided that it was worth the risk to help these young men. The fact that they were being chased by warriors of Tibor and their condition gave them credibility. Still, he wouldn't take his eyes off them until they were gone. Finally, Tarzan nodded. He said, "I will help you."

Kumi smiled. He said, "Thank you, mighty Tarzan." Kumi hugged Tarzan tightly. He made sure to softly rub the white man’s broad back. Kumi thrust his hips forward to press his bare cock hard against Tarzan’s pouch, while resting his lips on the ape-man’s thick neck. The ape-man was taken aback. It felt good and his mighty cock swelled again. Kumi felt Tarzan's leather covered cock growing hard and pushing against his own naked member. Kumi pushed the surprised Tarzan back against a tree. He leaned in and kissed the mighty ape-man on the lips, deep and hard. The mighty white muscleman melted as he experienced his first kiss. Kumi's tongue slid into Tarzan's mouth. His rock hard muscular body pressed against the white man, pinning the ape-man to the tree. Tarzan could feel the heat coming off Kumi as they kissed deeply. Kumi's hand slid up Tarzan's arm and onto his chest. He squeezed the jungle man's nipples. The ebony muscle stud could feel Tarzan relax under his gentle hand.

Tarzan didn't understand what was happening, but he felt weak in the knees. And something else was happening. He felt his cock swelling again, pushing painfully against the pouch of his loincloth. It became wet as it leaked under the power of Kumi's kiss. When the powerful black man pushed away, Tarzan stared at him, unable to speak or move.

Kumi smiled and said, "We should probably keep going."

Chapter Three: The Seduction

The three men arrived at Tarzan's camp just before sunset. It had been a quiet walk, this last part. Kumi had offered to carry Enzi, but Tarzan declined. The ape-man's mood had clearly changed, though. He now cradled Enzi, rather than carrying him over his shoulder. The unconscious Enzi nestled against Tarzan's large pecs. Tarzan seemed distracted, stumbling every so often, only to be steadied by Kumi. For his part, Kumi took every opportunity to touch Tarzan, stumbling or not. As they stepped over a tree root, Kumi placed his hand on Tarzan's thick back to steady him. He placed his hand on Tarzan's mountainous ass to give him a boost up a steep incline. Tarzan never complained or questioned. He actually seemed to enjoy the contact.

Kumi studied Tarzan as they walked. He was a spectacular man. Kumi could see why Tarzan was so revered for his physical prowess throughout the jungle. Tarzan's muscles were pumped from carrying Enzi all day. The ape-man's legs looked like tree trunks as they climbed and marched, having supported double their normal weight for hours. In the front, they led up to a smooth, flat stomach with only a small trail of fur that led from navel into the bulging, overstuffed loincloth. In the back, Tarzan's loincloth sat comfortably on the ledge created by his round, hard ass. The small leather barely covered the bulbous mounds that Kumi watched flex with every step. Kumi figured Tarzan's broad shoulders were more than double the size of his trim waist. On his arms, every muscle was clearly defined, the veins throbbing and pulsing with inhuman power.

Yes, Tarzan was spectacular. But Kumi and his brother were also impressive physical specimens – two muscular, powerful warriors, trained their entire lives to hunt and fight. At 19-years old, they were only a few years younger than the 25-year old ape-man and only five pounds lighter, 225-lbs to his 230-lbs. Tarzan had defeated so many warriors of Tibor, regardless of the numbers. Kumi and Enzi were only 14 when their father was forced by this white man to forbid any more incursions into this part of the jungle. Kumi wondered how he and his brother would have fared, if they had been older.

Now at Tarzan's camp, Tarzan laid Enzi on his bed. He asked Kumi, "Do you think your brother will live?"

"I think so. My mother knew much of how our tribe's poison works. I believe that I have countered it. He needs time."

Tarzan said, "Understood. You are a good brother."

Kumi said, "I love my brother. We have been together our whole lives. I have never been alone. Without him, I don't know who I would be. Are you alone here?"

Tarzan ignored the question. He said, "We need food. I will be back."

"May I come with you?"

"Stay with your brother."

Kumi realized that Tarzan wanted him trapped. Without the ape-man, it would be hard to escape this small, secluded camp. Still, he wasn't worried. It was fine that the handsome Tarzan didn't trust him. Trust can be earned.

With Tarzan gone, Kumi searched the camp. He familiarized himself with his nearby surroundings. At this point, only time would help Enzi. Kumi decided that he would use his time with Tarzan wisely. He knew exactly what to do to be ready for Tarzan’s return.

Twenty minutes later, when Tarzan came back to camp, Kumi was lying down, rubbing his thick black cock. He played with his balls as he massaged his huge engorged member. Tarzan froze. He marveled at the young warriors huge cock. It was even bigger than Tarzan's. He watched Kumi work his manhood, slowly and smoothly. The ape-man wondered what was Kumi was doing, because whatever it was, the handsome black warrior was obviously enjoying it. Tarzan's cock was growing and becoming uncomfortable under his loincloth again. As he watched, the ape-man finally had to pull his loincloth down off his cock, which now stood straight out.

Tarzan felt compelled to mimic Kumi's actions. He started rubbing and massaging. As he did so, he felt strange, his cock throbbing. Tarzan felt weak in the knees and his breath accelerated. The white muscle stud went faster and faster, unable to slow down. He felt pressure building as he kept going. Scared, he stopped, but that didn't help the feeling. His manhood was bigger than he had ever seen it and his head had turned a dark purple.

Kumi, meanwhile, was still going strong. His muscles were tensed, his breathing was even faster and he was moaning. Soon, to Tarzan's amazement, streams of white fluid shot from the young warrior's cock high into the air. Kumi aimed his cock down, spraying ropes of his man juice over the jungle floor. When he was done, he laid back and relaxed.

Tarzan approached cautiously. Kumi looked up with a big smile. He said, "Welcome back Tarzan." He looked obviously at the ape-man's huge erection. "Aren't you going to take care of that?"

Tarzan blushed. He didn't know what Kumi meant. The young black warrior rolled up to his feet. He handed Tarzan one of his water skins. Kumi said, "Take a drink, Tarzan. I can help you."

Tarzan did feel parched from hunting. As he drank half the skin of water, the muscular black man knelt and pulled Tarzan's loincloth off the rest of the way. Kumi moved behind him. He wrapped his arms around Tarzan and pulled the ape-man into him. Tarzan resisted for a moment, but relaxed as Kumi kissed his neck. Tarzan suddenly felt warm and content. Kumi reached around and started jerking Tarzan's cock slowly. Once again, his manhood ached. Tarzan tried to stop Kumi, but another kiss helped him relax. The strong black muscle man calmed Tarzan down, encouraging him to trust him.

Kumi lowered Tarzan to the jungle ground. He climbed over Tarzan, his cock and balls dangling over the ape-man's face. Kumi's cock was already hard again. He slid it into Tarzan's mouth, instructing the ape-man to hold it in his mouth. Tarzan complied, feeling calm and warm under the mighty young man's body. Kumi eased his cock up and down, not going too far, as Tarzan gagged quickly.

While Kumi carefully face fucked Tarzan, he wrapped his hand around the ape-man's cock and worked it with his hand and mouth. Tarzan moaned with pleasure, lost in this moment. Both mighty jungle men were excited. Kumi felt another load rising in him as the mighty white man sucked on his cock, completely compliant. Tarzan felt his first ever load coming up. Instinctively, he tried to fight it, to keep it in, but it was no use. Kumi sensed Tarzan was ready and that got him ready!

Kumi focused on himself, willing another load from his huge balls. It didn't take long before he was shooting a load into Tarzan's mouth. The ape-man instinctively swallowed Kumi's cum, shocked at what was happening. Kumi held Tarzan's cock tightly then released and worked it again. Seconds later, Tarzan was shooting, white semen oozing from his cock. The ape-man's entire body convulsed under Kumi's masterful touch. Tarzan had never experienced such amazing ecstasy before. He cried out, his voice muffled by Kumi's softening cock that still rested in his mouth. He tried to push the big black warrior off him as he orgasmed for the first time in his life, but he lacked the strength or focus.

Tarzan finally stopped cumming. His cock was super sensitive, hurting in a good way, as Kumi kept milking him long after he was drained. It caused him to shudder then collapse weakly under Kumi's weight. The black warrior sat back, kneeling over Tarzan's head, his cock and balls resting on the ape-man's forehead.

Kumi slid his hand over Tarzan's mouth. He told Tarzan to lick his hand clean and taste his own cum. The Lord of the Jungle complied willingly, tasting his own emission. It tasted different than Kumi’s, but he still enjoyed the feeling he was experiencing for the first time.

The obedience and smile on Tarzan's face told Kumi all he needed to know. Victory wouldn't come from fighting Tarzan, it would come from loving him.

Chapter Four: The Plan

Kumi was leaning against a tree, a naked Tarzan resting between his legs, the mighty white man's head resting on Kumi's naked crotch. They were just relaxing, Tarzan with a smile on his handsome face. Kumi petted Tarzan's hair, stroking his forehead and running his thick black fingers under Tarzan's chin. The ape-man nuzzled into the caresses, clearly aroused by the petting Kumi was giving him. Tarzan was still confused by his first sexual encounter. His cock was already hard again as he tried to process what had happened to him. Tarzan was excited at the sight of Kumi, but it was something more than that. He felt such a rush and euphoria that he had never felt before. Tarzan realized that he had been unable to resist or focus under Kumi's touch. When the young warrior filled his mouth with his man juice, Tarzan's body had been sent into spasms like he never felt before.

The fact that Kumi had managed to take him to a height of ecstasy like that scared him. Tarzan didn't like feeling out of control. Now, coming down off the high, it all left him feeling a little empty.

Kumi rose up. He took a drink of water. Tarzan watched the young man drain one of his water skins. His arousal continued. Kumi was beautiful and his natural posing in front of the ape-man kept his large cock throbbing. To distract himself, Tarzan reached for the other skin and finished off the other half of water.

Kumi dropped to his knees and crawled up to a seated Tarzan. He wrapped his hand around Tarzan's hard cock, sending shudders into the ape-man's powerful body. Kumi kissed Tarzan. Despite having cum twice already, Kumi was rock hard again. He spoke softly to Tarzan, who was again being overcome by ecstasy.

Kumi asked Tarzan a question and the Lord of the Jungle nodded yes. Kumi grabbed Tarzan's hair roughly and pulled him up. Tarzan followed willingly. Kumi forced Tarzan over a tree trunk. He slapped the ape-man's ass. Tarzan let out excited grunts. Kumi asked for Tarzan's hands. The mighty white muscle stud lifted his arms behind him. Kumi grabbed Tarzan's wrists and held them firmly as he slid his cock into Tarzan's ass. The ape-man let out a squeal of pain and tried to struggle, but Kumi's soothing words and tight grip calmed him. Slowly and carefully, Kumi forced his black cock into Tarzan, splitting his virgin ass. Tarzan cried out, but was too excited to fight back.

When Kumi was in fully, he began the rhythmic penetration of the ape-man's loosened hole. Tarzan's cries of pain changed to moans of pleasure as he adjusted to the massive cock inside him. It hurt, but it felt good, too. He couldn't describe the feeling. Kumi looked down at the powerful white man with glee as he accepted Kumi's dominance over him. Kumi fucked the ape-man harder and harder, Tarzan taking it all without fighting.

As he fucked the obedient Lord of the Jungle, Kumi held Tarzan's wrists with one of his large hands and reached around under Tarzan. The ape-man's cock was throbbing and the ape-man shivered at the slightest touch. Kumi worked his cock for a long time, his two earlier eruptions extending his already incredible stamina. Tarzan's knees and abs were red from being mounted over the fallen tree trunk for so long, but his mind was only filled with raw excitement.

The young black warrior couldn't hold back any longer as he fucked the Lord of the Jungle, the man who had defeated dozens of his tribemates over the years and thwarted his father at every turn. Tarzan was a legend to Kumi, a man who was only whispered about. To be mounting him as his superior was beyond his wildest dreams. Finally, Kumi allowed himself to let go, filling the ape-man's virgin ass with its first ever load of hot white cum.

As Kumi shot his load, he touched Tarzan's hanging cock, which is all it took to unleash another huge, body shaking round of ejaculation. Tarzan's body convulsed under Kumi, the men both screaming with pleasure. Tarzan's mind was filled with strange thoughts, as again Kumi had released his inner desires. Tarzan's orgasm was even more powerful and when it was finished, he collapsed over the tree, nearly unconscious.

Kumi pulled out and stared at the fallen jungle lord, who only moaned in pleasure. The young black buck grabbed Tarzan by the hair and forced him up and back. Tarzan fell onto his back sprawling on the jungle floor, content. Kumi stood and placed his foot on Tarzan's chest. The jungle king didn't even stir. Satisfied, Kumi moved to check on his brother, leaving Tarzan sleeping naked in the brush.

The next morning, Tarzan awoke with a headache. He felt strangely confused. He remembered the pleasure he felt the day before. Tarzan looked down and saw his morning erection. He reached down and started working his cock. Quickly, Tarzan came, shooting his white fluid over his torso. It was a nice feeling, but nothing compared to the day before. Somehow, Kumi had managed to make his whole body shake and shudder.

Tarzan rose. He was wobbly. From behind, he felt two strong arms wrap around his waist, steadying him. It was Kumi, who leaned in behind Tarzan. He offered Tarzan food and water. The ape-man realized that he had not eaten the night before. He drank a full skin and ate voraciously. Kumi and Tarzan made small talk as the muscular white man replenished his strength.

Now fed and hydrated, Tarzan felt better again. Not just better, but the best he had ever felt. Kumi saw the fresh cum on Tarzan's body. He asked about it, but Tarzan admitted that it was not as satisfying as the day before. Kumi told Tarzan that it must be because they were connected and that only he had the power to satisfy Tarzan. The ape-man was disappointed, but he couldn't argue. The feeling this morning was certainly nothing like last night.

Kumi quickly moved in. Tarzan tried to resist, but it was no use. He suddenly wanted Kumi to do to him what he had done yesterday more than he had ever wanted anything in his life. Within minutes, Tarzan was on his back, legs in the air, accepting Kumi's cock inside his ass. It was easier this time. Tarzan felt euphoric again, as Kumi fucked him harder and faster. Tarzan moaned with delight as his brain fired with pleasure. He couldn't keep his thoughts straight, the joy Kumi brought him was so strong.

Tarzan reached to work his cock, but Kumi ordered him not to. The Lord of the Jungle immediately obeyed his young tutor, ignoring his rock hard cock as it throbbed and begged for attention. It wasn't long before Kumi filled Tarzan with another load of his cum. The long night had replenished the powerful black stud's reservoir of cum. Tarzan could feel the warmth inside him. When Kumi was done, he grabbed Tarzan's cock and worked it. Tarzan kept his hands down. Kumi told Tarzan that only he could give Tarzan the proper release.

Within seconds, Tarzan shot a second load. The cum erupted from his cock, shooting out this time, up his body, hitting the ape-man in the face. Tarzan cried out as Kumi milked him dry. The ape-man had to admit that Kumi had the touch. Somehow, only the young black warrior could give Tarzan this feeling, whereas he himself had failed.

Over the next few days, Kumi helped Tarzan by gathering water and preparing the food Tarzan caught. Enzi's recovery was progressing. His fever was down and he was finally conscious, able to eat and drink. He wasn't yet able to walk, but it wouldn't be long as his wound healed.

Tarzan and Kumi had advanced their relationship. They fucked several times a day. Every time, Tarzan felt better after sucking Kumi's cock, swallowing his load or having Kumi fill his ass with his cum. Tarzan felt empty, weak and confused whenever he didn't have a fresh load inside his stomach or ass. Fortunately, Kumi was up to the task. He was able to cum multiple times each day.

Enzi was feeling stronger, able to stand and walk. He knew that his brother and Tarzan were fucking and it worried him. Kumi had explained his stories, about their mother and wanting peace. Enzi was glad his brother had convinced the ape-man to protect them while he recovered, but he hoped Kumi wouldn't forget that Tarzan was their enemy and needed to die.

That afternoon, Kumi brought Tarzan to Enzi. After they ate, Kumi said, "Perhaps Enzi, as my twin, also has the power to make you feel good, Tarzan." The ape-man actually allowed Kumi to grab his hair and walk him over on hands and knees to Enzi where Tarzan engulfed the twin's cock for the first time. Enzi was confused, but thrilled. Tarzan savored the huge cock. Kumi had trained him well and he was now able to take much of it deep into his throat.

Enzi soon came, filling Tarzan as Kumi milked the ape-man from behind. Just as with Kumi, Tarzan felt the extreme ecstasy that had eluded him his whole life. He fell back and Kumi said, "See, Tarzan. Enzi's royal manhood can also please you. This is a joyous day." Tarzan smiled and relaxed, falling asleep beside a drained, but confused Enzi.

The twins walked away from the drained and dazed Tarzan. Enzi demanded to know what was happening.

"Brother, it is everything we have dreamed about. We will get our tribe back and Tarzan will help us," Kumi calmly said.

Enzi said, "He will not. I'm sure that it has been fun for you, using the white devil, but he will turn on us when he finds out the truth that it is the Council that wants peace and we who want war. The white devil is too strong. We should kill him now while he sleeps."

Kumi laughed. "Strong? In the body, but not the mind, brother. Have you not noticed how weak he gets around me? How subservient he is? Tarzan will do what I tell him. He has no choice. That white man may have grown up in this jungle, but you and I are this jungle. He learned from filthy apes, we learned from the finest sorcerers of our tribe."

Enzi was confused. He asked, "What are you saying?"

"While you have been recovering, I have been helping Tarzan. I have been hunting with him, but always preparing the food. I have been filling these flasks with water."

"So you think Tarzan will be grateful enough to help us?"

"No, I think he is drugged enough to need to help us."

"What? Drugged?"

"Look around brother. What grows over there?" Enzi looked and suddenly smiled. Kumi continued, "While we have been eating and drinking the best of the jungle, I have been adding the powder of the Mwotaji weed to his water and food. He has been consuming it for days. Every day, he becomes more and more dependent on it. After he eats or drinks, I make sure that I seduce him." Enzi smiles broadly at his brother's cunning.

Kumi continues., "As the poison has taken effect, he thinks the joy he feels is coming from the python that lives between my legs. Now, he hungers for it, like the drug. I have even sprinkled the powder directly on my manhood. He is so addicted, he does not even notice. If he tries to fight us, he will suffer withdrawal pains and cravings like he has never known. And if he tries to use another man to satisfy his cravings, he will be disappointed, because he does not know the real source of his joyous highs."

Enzi hugged Kumi. "Brother, you are brilliant."

Kumi smiles an evil smile. "So you see, Tarzan is ours. Now and forever. His body remains as strong, but his mind is gone. It is ours to shape and twist. We will lie to him, tell him we want peace, and he will believe it. He will do anything we ask, just to get his fix of our Mwotaji-covered manhood."

Just then Tarzan appeared behind them.

Chapter Five: The Deal

As the twins finished discussing the plan, Tarzan appeared out of nowhere. Enzi was startled when he saw Tarzan, but Kumi was calm. He ordered, "Kneel Tarzan. My brother and I want to give you another taste of manly pleasure as gratitude for your help."

Tarzan knelt willingly, insatiably hungry for the twin cocks in front of him, his mind hooked on the high of the Mwotaji weed. Kumi turned and grabbed a small pouch from his wrist. He sprinkled powder on his cock then grabbed his brother's raging cock and did the same. Kumi was amused at his brother's excitement. He said, "Be calm, brother."

Kumi turned and stepped forward, positioning his cock in front of the ape-man's mouth. Tarzan licked his lips and moved in to suck, but Kumi stopped him. Tarzan looked up, eyes wide with disappointment.

"Tarzan, you want to please us, don't you?" The ape-man nodded quickly. He needed his fix of the twin's magic cock inside his mouth. His craving burned. "Then you must help us. We are the princes of our tribe. We have received word. Our father is dead. We should be chiefs. You want us to be chiefs, don't you?" Another nod from the muscular cocksucker.

"Good boy." Kumi let Tarzan start sucking him. "Yes, good boy. Then it is time for us to return to our tribe, depose the evil council and usher in a new era of peace for this entire region." Tarzan kept sucking as Kumi talked. The black warrior said, "You will come with us and help us kill the council and defeat their warriors, won't you?" Tarzan uttered a muffled a 'oh yes' as he sucked, his mouth fully engorged with the dark manmeat he now lived for.

Enzi moved in and stood beside his brother. Kumi pushed Tarzan off his now hard cock, the Mwotaji powder completely gone, and moved behind him. Enzi moved in front of Tarzan. As the Lord of the Jungle leaned in, Enzi stopped him. He said, "Tarzan, do you want my cock?" Tarzan nodded vigorously. "How much do you want it?"

"Very much, Enzi. Please. I need it."

Enzi smiled. He said, "We are princes who will soon become chiefs. Our manhoods are majestic. I think you should start calling us Master Enzi and Master Kumi, don't you?"

After the dose of Mwotaji powder on Kumi's cock, Tarzan's mind was on fire. He felt the joy these men had brought into his life. He said, "Yes, Master Enzi. Thank you. May I please taste your majestic manhood. Please?"

Enzi let Tarzan suck his cock, unwittingly ingesting another dose of the powerful hallucinogen. Tarzan was flying as he savored the taste of the dominant twins' cocks again. He sucked and sucked. The twins forced him to the floor where they tag teamed him, with Kumi fucking Tarzan's now accepting ass.

Kumi marveled at how easily he had duped the so-called Lord of the Jungle. How easily he had subverted the will of the strongest man in the jungle to do his bidding. The young warrior laughed at how his father had failed to kill Tarzan for years. In mere days, Kumi had found the ape-man's weakness and done much more than kill him - he had turned Tarzan into an ally.

Tarzan was either adored or feared by all in the jungle and he was now their mindless slave, wiling to do anything for another fix of their cocks. Kumi came quickly in Tarzan's ass as he imagined the possibilities. How many tribes would surrender to them just on word that Tarzan was now a member of the Tibor, fighting for them and training their warriors?

Enzi was having similar fantasies as he ravaged the ape-man's willing mouth. He watched as the most powerful man in the jungle accepted the role of a slave girl and serviced him. Kumi had done well. In a way, the Council had done the twins a favor by trying to kill them. The stupid Council who wanted to betray their father and seek peace with other tribes. Fools. Peace would only come when the other tribes were completely enslaved by the Tibor!

Enzi felt himself ready to cum, but he did not shoot down the ape-man's throat. No, Enzi wanted to test his brother's claim of complete control. As he was about to erupt, the black muscle stud withdrew and fired his load all over Tarzan's handsome face. The load was huge and the spray powerful, a combination of no release for days and the identity of his victim. Tarzan's face was soon drenched in Enzi's hot white cum.

The young man waited for Tarzan's response. He was shocked as Tarzan wiped the cum from his face then licked it off his hand. The ape-man cleaned and licked, trying to get every last drop of what his mind perceived was a magic elixir that he needed to feel pleasure. The muscular twin smiled at the sight, knowing that Kumi was right. Tarzan had lost any self-respect or dominance. He was theirs, mind, body and soul.

Enzi laughed at the fact that Tarzan was referred to as King of the Jungle or Lord of the Jungle. How pathetic this "lord" was now that he was their willing slave. Yes, the ape-man was a shell of his former self, but still, with Tarzan's mighty muscles and reputation at their side, things would be better for them.

How the jungle would tremble at their power!

Chapter Six: The Victory

Kumi and Enzi continued training Tarzan for days, always tying his drug high to their members and the subsequent crash to the lack of cock. They made him perform many menial tasks. He didn't mind, because he was rewarded with as much sex than he could handle. The mighty Slave of the Jungle did whatever they asked and passed every humiliating test of servitude. Tarzan called them master. He knelt before them on command. He bowed his head in their presence. He allowed them to wear his loincloths while he was only allowed to be naked. He allowed Kumi to wear his knife. He kissed their feet. He worshipped them as the new Kings of the Jungle in every way possible.

Kumi had caught Tarzan trying to satisfy himself three times. He happily let the ape-man work his cock and fail to achieve the height of ecstasy that he achieved when pleasuring the twins. It was important that Tarzan learned that lesson clearly.

As they fucked their drug-addled jungle toy, Kumi and Enzi filled his weakened mind with stories of the peace they would bring. The ape-man eagerly accepted every word as gospel in order to keep satiating his growing hunger for the royal cocks of Tibor. He knew that he felt terrible pain and confusion when he didn't have their cocks in his mouth or ass for long periods of time.

Image courtesy of Lucky Stallion

The twins kept Tarzan physically fit, making him work hard. They wanted a strong slave, one who could help lead them to victory. The benefit of the Mwotaji weed was that it only affected the mind. All three men actually packed on another ten pounds of muscle while wrestling, running and training together. The former Lord of the Jungle taught the twins how to fight his way. After only a few days, they had nearly become Tarzan's fighting and physical equal.

The twins decided it was time for a field test of Tarzan's power and loyalty.

The next day, back in the Tibor jungle, four warriors were on patrol. They were shocked when Kumi and Enzi appeared before them. The two young black Princes wore only Tarzan's loincloth, with Kumi also sporting his knife. It might have been impressive, except that these warriors didn't know that these items belonged to Tarzan, as they had never seen him.

Three of the four immediately raised their spears. Kumi held up a hand. He said, "Warriors of Tibor. We are your Chief now. Join us in our fight against the evil Council."

The warriors ignored his offer and approached carefully, ready to gut the two young men right here in the jungle. The fourth warrior raised his spear and moved behind the approaching warriors. The warrior made eye contact with Enzi, who looked at him, smiled and shook his head. The fourth warrior backed off slightly.

Suddenly, Tarzan leapt from the trees and stood naked in front of Kumi and Enzi. The Tibor warriors were startled. They knew this had to be the white devil, even though they had never personally seen him. After all, how many muscular white men patrolled the jungle? This must be Tarzan! The mighty white man charged at the three warriors. Within seconds, they were disarmed and defeated. Tarzan looked at the fourth man, who stood in fear of the mighty naked man.

Kumi said, "Tarzan, no! Come here."

Immediately, Tarzan turned and ran back to his masters. He crouched between them as Kumi patted his head and teased his hair. The fourth warrior was stunned at the sight. He approached cautiously. Enzi stepped forward and they hugged. The twin said, "I am glad to see you, Kotto. And to see that you still support us."

Kotto said, "Of course, my Chiefs. I have hoped every day that you would return. But what is this man-beast? I thought that was Tarzan for a moment."

Kumi laughed. He said, "It is Tarzan. Rise up, slave and greet our friend." The muscular white man rose to his full height, towering over Kotto in height and musculature. He bowed to the shocked young warrior. Kumi and Enzi ordered Tarzan into a crouch again and explained that they had conquered and enslaved Tarzan (leaving out the truth about Mwotaji weed, of course).

Minutes later, the three fallen warriors were slapped awake. They knelt on the jungle floor, weapons removed and hands tied behind their back. They awoke to see Kumi and Enzi standing before them, with Tarzan crouched between the twins and Kotto nowhere to be seen. Enzi made them an offer - life in exchange for loyalty. Two immediately agreed, while one hesitated. Kotto was right when he had told them how these three felt. The fourth warrior agreed, but it was too late. The twins only wanted blind loyalty. Kumi drove a poisoned spear deep into the man's heart for all to see.

Kotto, who was standing behind the men, bent down and untied the two who had agreed. They rose, heads bowed, afraid of their new Chiefs. The two Chiefs, three Tibor warriors and the white muscle slave began their trek to find another search party. Before nightfall, nine more warriors had joined them while three more had fallen under the twins' spears. Tarzan had led the battle, defeating all the warriors and watching calmly as they were converted or killed. The ape-man displayed no emotion as the twins assembled their small army.

Enzi could tell Tarzan was crashing, so he pulled Kotto and Tarzan into the jungle with him. He ordered Tarzan to kneel and suck Kotto's cock. The ape-man did so willingly. Having pledged undying loyalty to the twins, Kotto allowed Tarzan to engulf his manhood. He quickly came, as only the third man in the jungle to have been serviced by the former King. When Kotto was spent, he fell back.

Enzi pushed the hair from Tarzan's face and looked into his eyes. He asked, "How do you feel, my warrior slave?"

Tarzan had tears in his eyes. He replied, "It did not work. I still burn for your majestic cock, master."

Enzi smiled. He said, "Then you shall have it." Enzi sent a confused Kotto back to the group while he pulled out a pouch of Mwotaji powder and coated his cock. Tarzan practically leapt at Enzi to get at his cock, the cravings were so powerful. Once he tasted Enzi's cock, he felt better as he always did. As he face fucked the helpless muscle stud, Kumi emerged. He had seen Kotto coming out of the jungle, retrying his loincloth.

Enzi held up and hand and finished with Tarzan, who now felt content. Enzi told Kumi, "Tarzan sucked Kotto." He paused. "It didn't help him. It is true, Kumi, only our royal cocks can truly satisfy Tarzan. Isn't that right, slave?"

Tarzan nodded, wearing his smile of satisfaction. He said, "It is true, Master Kumi. I felt nothing from that other man's manhood. Please, don't make me suck their cocks. I need yours. Please, masters, please always let me have your cocks. Please."

Kumi smiled at his brother's maneuver. Tarzan knew that he could not satisfy himself and now he knew that no other man could either. Kumi stripped, coated and received another blowjob from the willing Tarzan.

With their army amassing, the missing warriors would now be missed. It was time for a full on assault. Kotto and another loyal follower were sent back to Tibor, under the guise of having escaped a raid. They were to secretly recruit more warriors they knew to be loyal. By morning, Kotto was back with over a hundred men, all willing to serve the twins.

It wasn't much of a fight. With the naked Tarzan leading the charge, followed by the muscular twins, Tibor fell quickly. More and more warriors sided with the twins, until they outnumbered the opposition. Within two days, the Council was dead or fleeing and the twins were standing on the dais as Chiefs.

Kumi and Enzi stood tall and proud, with the naked Tarzan assuming his usual position crouched between them. All of Tibor pledged their allegiance to the men who had not only conquered their tribe, but also the white devil known as Tarzan.

Image courtesy of Lucky Stallion

As pleased as the twins were, they knew it was only a start. Now came Tarzan's most important role. Word was spreading that Tarzan was the slave of the new Chiefs of Tibor. All neighboring tribes were ordered to send word of their surrender, along with an offering of food, warriors, male children and slave women.

It was all happening for the twin Kings of Tibor. Soon, the entire jungle would belong to them.

Chapter Seven: Kidnapped

Tarzan tossed and turned on the hut floor beside (one of) his master's bed. The twins took turns keeping Tarzan, which meant feeding him their tainted cocks, fucking his smooth round ass, further brainwashing his warped mind and humiliating him constantly. The most common humiliations included making him kiss their feet, beg for their cocks and sleep on the floor like an animal.

The once mighty ape-man slept restlessly these days, tormented by his increasingly insatiable cravings and moments of lucidity where he realized the horrible reality of his situation. In those moments, he resolved to fight back and resume his rightful place, but he simply could not overcome the hold the twins had on him. Tarzan still didn't know what had happened to him, so he could not even begin to comprehend how to fight it. More and more tribes surrendered to the Tibor. Tarzan knew that he was the reason. He had been forced to lead several raids into the territory of those who chose to fight. Each raid had, of course, been successful and he had been rewarded with the powerful man juice of his young, dominant masters. He didn't want to do it, but the outcome of failure was too much for him to bear.

As Tarzan wept to himself, a combination of remorse and craving, Kumi entered. His cock was already out of its pouch, ready for the ape-man's lips. Tarzan crawled to his master, unable to resist the temptation. He knelt and spread his thick legs. His mighty shoulders slumped in resignation. While this was his lowest point, as soon as Kumi slid his cock into Tarzan's mouth, all was forgotten. Within seconds of service, Tarzan's pain and confusion went away. Sadness was replaced by joy.

Kumi laughed at his trained muscle boy. "Slave. It is time for your next peace mission. You will be convincing the Amuri tribe to join us."

Kumi felt Tarzan pause momentarily then continue. Even with the hypnotic effect of the Mwotaji weed and the weeks of training, perhaps there was still something in the ape-man that remembered. The Amuri tribe were his closest allies, ruled by his friend, the benevolent Chief Amazileah. Despite this, Tarzan moaned his agreement to his new orders without losing his oral grip on Kumi's giant manhood.

The next day, Tarzan led the raid. Things were going well, but then the mighty ape-man froze. The Chief was his friend, one of his allies. Even in his drug-addled mind, Tarzan could not hurt this man. As the confused Tarzan stood there, two warriors seized the opportunity. They tackled him to the jungle floor, mounting him and pummeling him with fists. Tarzan was unable to hurt the Chief, but these men were not his friends. As fists reigned down, Tarzan blocked blows to his face and head, taking the majority of the punishment in his rock hard body.

Tarzan thrust his fists up and kicked out. He scrambled up, using all his strength to rise. Four other warriors ran in to attempt to subdue the powerful muscle stud as he regained control. Soon, it was six on one, with Tarzan being simultaneously tackled, tripped and punched. Tarzan struggled mightily, but the men worked together. The four new warriors wrapped themselves around his legs and arms, immobilizing him.

Tarzan shook and moved, trying to move the men, but the extra 700-lbs of black muscle was holding him firmly in place. Seconds later, Tarzan felt another arm wrap around his neck. As hard as he tried, he was helpless before the sixth warrior who held a tube in his hand. The warrior had a huge smile on his face as he approached Tarzan confidently. He carefully pulled a dart out of the tube.

The warrior grabbed Tarzan's hair and forced his head back, exposing the trapped ape-man's thick neck. He slowly rubbed the dart across Tarzan's neck, tracing a line. Tarzan fought hard to free himself, but the five warriors who held him were unrelenting. The warrior brought the dart over Tarzan's huge left pectoral muscle. Suddenly, the mighty ape-man felt the dart cut into his skin. Blood trickled down his chest.

The warrior said, "Be glad we are not allowed to kill you, White Ape."

Within seconds Tarzan felt the effects of the poison that was laced on the dart tip. His vision blurred and his muscles wouldn't respond as quickly as normal. Tarzan struggled mightily against the warriors, but the poisoned dart had sapped his strength. It took minutes, but Tarzan went limp. The five warriors released their grips on his thick limbs and neck. Tarzan collapsed to the jungle floor in a naked heap.

The six black warriors stood over Tarzan in victory. The Chief approached them to ensure none of them exceeded their orders. On his command, four of the warriors each grabbed a limb, while the remaining two strapped the ape-man's elevated right wrist and ankle to a long pole. They repeated the move with his left ankle and wrist to another pole. Four of them then hoisted the two poles across their shoulders. Tarzan hung limply, stretched out, facing the jungle floor, his legs and arms spread and secure. Tarzan's waist was tied to the middle of the poles to support his midsection, but he still sagged from his weight. The tight bindings around his wrists, ankles and waist held his 240-lbs of muscle firmly. The former Lord of the Jungle didn't stir as his head, cock and balls dangled down towards the jungle floor.

It was a long trek to safety, but Tarzan did not wake. He was helpless and defeated, an all too common experience for him of late.

After nearly three hours, the warriors arrived at their hidden camp inside a cave. Under orders, the warriors repositioned Tarzan onto a large rock deep down one of the passages. Fire burned, providing light, but making the temperature oppressively hot. All the men sweated profusely. They bound Tarzan's wrists and ankles, spread eagle to posts at each corner of the rock. When the elders weren't looking, the warriors took the opportunity to trace and feel the white man's powerful muscles, caressing his tight and hard body. They were impressed by him physically, even though he had proven to be weak mentally.

One of the elders opened Tarzan's eyes and looked at them carefully. He was joined by one of his comrades and together they examined Tarzan's entire body. When they were done, they left the sweltering hot cavern to confer on their diagnosis. However, all knew the truth. They knew the signs. Tarzan was addicted to the powder of the Mwotaji weed.

With the elders gone, the warriors resumed their ravaging of the ape-man's body. Their fingers and mouths ran over him. Several slid their cocks into his wide open mouth and fucked his face with fury. His legs were untied and legs bent back, exposing his ass. Black cocks filled his hole continuously, as each warrior took his turn. Many of these warriors were refugees from conquered tribes. They took their revenge as far as they could, knowing that, for now, Tarzan was under the protection of the elders. The mighty ape-man moaned, but remained unconscious as he was assaulted by the six strong warriors. His ass and mouth were filled with cum as the poison kept him subdued. When the warriors were finished taking advantage of the former Lord of the Jungle, they re-tied his bonds and waited for the elders.

The elders came back and knew what had happened. The smell of cum filled the thick air. The elders ignored the warriors, choosing to focus on the future. One of them had a bowl of brightly colored red paste. He began painting on Tarzan's sweaty naked body. He painted tribal symbols on his chest over his heart. He painted a symbol on Tarzan's forehead over his mind. And lastly, he painted a line down Tarzan's limp cock. Another elder grabbed Tarzan's balls and covered them in the red paste. He carefully manipulated the ape-man's balls to ensure they were completed covered. Tarzan stirred as his cock and balls were coated. The elder ended the ritual by drawing a symbol on Tarzan's lower abdomen. With the three areas covered, the elder spoke a chant to drive the demons from the ape-man. After that, the elders and warriors stood and waited.

Soon, Tarzan awoke to find himself tied down, spread eagle on the rock. He could taste cum in his mouth, but knew it was not his masters' majestic and magic cum. His former friend, the Chief Amazileah of the Amuri tribe, stood over him. Beside him were several other older black men. Behind them were warriors from various tribes. He could hear them talking, but not really process what they were saying. He felt the burning of his craving. He struggled against his bonds, desperate to get back to his masters for another fix.

The Chief said, "Tarzan, you must listen to me. You have been corrupted by the power of the Mwotaji weed. We will help you, but if you cannot fight it, you are too dangerous to let free. We will have to kill you." The ape-man didn't understand anything but his need for his masters' majestic and magic manhoods. He continued to struggle in futility. The assembled elders and their supporters watched the mighty white man with mixtures of hope and disgust.

This would be the fight of Tarzan's life and if he failed, he would die.

Chapter Eight: Confrontation

Days later, Kumi and Enzi were celebrating their supremacy. They were sad to lose Tarzan, but his death wasn't a huge problem at this point. They had conquered enough of the jungle to be the largest and most powerful tribe in the region. They would just have to work a little harder for the rest. They were young, strong and smart enough to do it. In a way, the ape-man's death could be good for them. It removed a potential enemy, in case the ape-man had ever freed himself from his addiction to the powerful Mwotaji weed.

As they surveyed the worshipping crowd of powerful, nearly naked warriors from so many tribes, the twins basked in the glory of their spectacular triumph. Despite his aspirations, their father had never achieved anything like this. Their new subjects were not yet completely loyal to them, but they did respect and fear the twins. Tibor warriors encircled the crowd, ensuring obedience. To not honor the twins meant death and for most, that wasn't a price they were willing to pay. There was no other choice, anyway. The nearest free tribe was many miles away through thick jungle.

Kumi and Enzi wore only their small loincloths, stuffed with their massive manhoods, sandals and a headdress. The assemblage were sufficiently impressed and amazed by their matching colossal bodies, which only got bigger every day. The ever-expanding Chiefs ate mountains of protein, which fed their muscles. They were hands on with training their warriors, which meant they wrestled three and four warriors at a time for hours, building their skills and stamina.

Every bulge and mound of their massive ebony muscles were a reminder of the futility of challenging them. At this point, they were even larger than Tarzan had ever been. They weighed over 250-lbs. Their heaving chests stood hard and proud. Their mighty arms throbbed with power. Their legs were as thick as other men's waists. The twins were the strongest men that had ever walked this jungle.

The Chiefs delivered a rousing speech, celebrating their conquests, welcoming their new servants and reminding everyone that disobedience equaled death. As they railed in victory, they noticed a disturbance. The crowd parted and two loyal Tibor warriors emerged. They held broken spears and they were bloodied. The men staggered up to the dais and collapsed to their knees before their leaders.

One of the warriors blurted out, "Tarzan!" then collapsed unconscious. The other warrior nodded, unable to speak. From the crowd, Tarzan emerged. He stood proudly amongst the assembled throng, staring confidently at the twins. His eyes showed no signs of addiction or confusion, only anger and determination. Red paint was evident over his heart, on his forehead and as a trail into his tiny new loincloth.

The twins knew now that the ape-man not been killed, but somehow cured. He looked even more powerful than when they had met him, but they were also more powerful. And Tarzan had taught them his fighting techniques. They didn't fear the white devil, instead they viewed this as an opportunity.

Tarzan began to speak, prepared to issue a challenge, but he didn't even get a word out before Kumi and Enzi leapt from the dais and charged at Tarzan in unison. He braced for impact and the crowd parted wide, giving the combatants a large circle in which to resolve their conflict.

The twins covered most of the ground between them and Tarzan in seconds. The ape-man was ready. As they ran at him, Tarzan ran at them, but when they were close, he leapt over their heads like a champion high jumper. They ran past him, confused and surprised. The twins quickly stopped. When they turned, Tarzan was already close. He leveled each of them with a killer clothesline across their necks.

The twins dropped, but sprang right back to their feet. They were angry at the immediate humiliation in front of their followers, which made them careless. They charged without thinking. Enzi ran face first into the bottom of Tarzan's extended foot, the super-kick to his jaw sending him flailing down to the ground. Kumi dove on top of the ape-man, only to be flipped onto his back.

Tarzan twisted Kumi's arm hard, but the young Chief was strong enough to pull free and roll to his brother's side. Again, the mighty warriors rose and charged at their foe, still confident in their superiority. The powerful jungle man ducked down, sweeping their legs out from under them. The twins crashed down to the dirt, the light sand coating their dark, ebony muscles. Tarzan jumped up and landed with one foot on each twin's midsection. The young chiefs grunted, but otherwise were unfazed.

Enzi tripped Tarzan off him, but the ape-man easily maintained his balance. Both twins scrambled to their feet, ready to crush the white devil. As soon as they reached their feet, Tarzan leapt at Kumi, driving his knee into the stud's broad chest. Behind the ape-man, Enzi tried to grab the him, but it was like Tarzan had eyes in the back of his head. He kicked back with a donkey kick, surprising the younger muscleman. The kick connected hard with Enzi's abs, forcing him backwards.

Tarzan followed up fast, not stopping. He immediately charged the staggered Enzi, slamming a fist across his jaw. The mighty black warrior raised his fists in defense, but he was too slow against the pumped up ape-man. Tarzan forced in a couple of body shots. The blows hit, but Enzi's body was solid muscle and he shook off the punches. The young stud backed up then put his hands on his hips. He stood there, naked and proud, looking like a mighty chief. Enzi lifted his bulging chest high and flexed his abs. He invited Tarzan to strike his torso again.

Tarzan never turned down challenges, especially from arrogant young muscle men. He moved in to take Enzi down, but his first two punches to the warrior's stomach didn't even move the young stud back. Enzi didn't even flinch from the punches that could knock a normal man out. The assembled throngs were muttering. Enzi smiled. After an embarrassing start to this battle, he had to prove himself.

After another two futile punches, the young chief felt confident. He was showing off for his people, letting them see why he was in charge. Tarzan was losing his confidence. Enzi's toughness was surpassing his expectations. The young stud only grunted from the impact, but Tarzan's face showed that he was visibly amazed by the hardness of the muscles that rivaled his own.

With the ape-man fixated on Enzi, a recovered Kumi snuck up behind Tarzan. Unfortunately for him, Tarzan had fought multiple opponents before. He never lost track of the twin, even as he was playing right into Enzi's hands with the ab punch challenge. Kumi moved in close, but Tarzan immediately turned and kicked him in the abs. Like his twin, Kumi's muscled midsection is nearly superhuman. He is sent backwards, but otherwise unaffected.

While the former king of the jungle knew where the twins were, he had clearly underestimated their resilience. His normal tactics were not working. No sooner had Tarzan turned to kick Kumi than Enzi had moved in behind Tarzan, grabbing him around the throat. Before Tarzan could flip him, Kumi was back with fists of his own.

Enzi held Tarzan around the throat. The ape-man instinctively reached for the arm that choked him, leaving his body wide open. Enzi lifted his knee onto Tarzan's ass, pushing his hips forward. With the ape-man held and presented, Kumi moved in. His first thrusts into Tarzan's stomach were as ineffective as the ape-man's on Enzi, leaving red marks on the tanned white flesh, but not accomplishing anything else. However, Tarzan was still fighting the choke, barely able to keep Enzi from knocking him out.

With Tarzan helpless, Kumi kept beating on the ape-man. He powered his fists into the former king of the jungle. He started to feel a change to match the red exterior. Tarzan's cries became more pronounced and his abs began to soften. Kumi kept up the punishment, feeling the ape-man's body giving to his power.

Tarzan was feeling the change, too. He kicked up, warding Kumi off. The ape-man managed to turn in the choke, making it a headlock. Tarzan drove his elbow into Enzi's body. It didn't hurt, but it did move Enzi slightly, just enough for Tarzan to slip his head free. He staggered back to regroup, but Kumi was already behind him.

Kumi reached around Tarzan, locking him in a full nelson. He used all his mighty power to control the struggling ape-man. The powerful white man may have been able to escape, but not before Enzi was upon him. With all his power, the muscular young stud unleashed a flurry of fists into Tarzan's wide open torso. The fists actually moved Kumi and Tarzan back with the force Enzi put behind them. The ape-man's abs held firm at first, but soon he was grunting in pain and growing limp in Kumi's arms.

Image courtesy of Lucky Stallion

The overbearing strength of Kumi combined with the fury of Enzi ravaged Tarzan, as he was punished in front of the assembled throngs from the Tibor and conquered tribes. For those who hoped Tarzan would be their salvation, it was a depressing sight. But for those loyal to the two young chiefs, it confirmed their right to control the jungle.

Chapter Nine: Conclusion

The twins dominated Tarzan as no other men ever had. As the ape-man grew weaker, their arrogance grew. Kumi threw the weakened white muscleman to the ground. He placed his foot on the back of Tarzan's head and pressed down, forcing his handsome face into the dirt. Kumi flexed his muscles, showing off his total dominance.

Image courtesy of Lucky Stallion

Enzi smiled as his brother humiliated Tarzan under foot. He knew that it was not enough to just defeat the mighty jungle man, they had to destroy him thoroughly and convincingly. Only that would send the message that to oppose them was futile.

Kumi lifted his foot then reached down to grab a handful of Tarzan's hair. He dragged the coughing jungle man to his knees, letting everyone see how weak and pathetic Tarzan was. The ebony warrior forced Tarzan to his feet. The ape-man lashed out with a punch, only to have Kumi catch his hand. The young chief's huge paw engulfed Tarzan's fist as he raised his foot, kicking Tarzan hard.

The ape-man flew back, sprawling on the jungle floor as Kumi pounced onto his back. The black muscleman pummeled the back of Tarzan's shoulders, neck and head until the former king of the jungle went limp from the force. With his opponent subdued, Kumi rose then dragged Tarzan up to his feet. With unmatched power, he lifted Tarzan into the air in a gorilla press. The limp white muscleman hung helplessly as Kumi paraded him around to the cheers of his admirers.

Kumi looked at his brother who gave him a nod. Seconds later, Tarzan was thrown from one brother into the other. Enzi caught Tarzan then immediately knelt as he dropped the ape-man's carcass down across his extended knee. Tarzan almost threw up as his ravaged stomach was demolished by the impact. Enzi threw Tarzan off his knee to the ground with obvious disgust.

The twins circled their prey, who was struggling to rise. Together, they forced Tarzan to his feet. With determination, the ape-man managed to leap at Enzi, tackling him down. Before he could connect with a punch, however, Kwest seized him around the waist and dragged him into a reverse bearhug. Tarzan struggled in the tight squeeze, his aching midsection. The mighty jungle man looked like a rag doll as he was manhandled.

Enzi rose and closed in. He reached out and stripped Tarzan of his loincloth, unsheathing his mighty tool, but more importantly, demonstrating that Tarzan was the lesser man. The naked muscular body flailed helplessly in Kumi's killer crush, arms and legs twisting and hanging like limp noodles and the now loose manhood of the ape-man flopping about. There was no resistance coming from any part of the former lord of the jungle.

Kumi released Tarzan who fell to his knees. He would have collapsed, but his face landed against Enzi's bulging pouch. Kumi circled around beside his brother as they looked at the defeated white devil. He was nothing compared to them and now everyone knew it. Enzi grabbed Tarzan by the hair and forced him back, propping the ape-man up. A hard smack across the cheeks woke Tarzan up and he stared up at his two conquerors.

The crowd of warriors was silent as Tarzan knelt before the twins as he had many times before. Only this time, he wasn't drugged nor was he submissive. Remarkably, the ape-man seemed calm and confident, despite the beating he had just endured. His strange demeanor didn't go unnoticed by the young chiefs.

Kumi asked, "Foolish savage. Did you really think you could defeat us?"

"No," Tarzan responded.

A startled Enzi asked, "Then why come back?"

"They never expected me to defeat you. I doubt they even expected me to survive. They only wanted me to distract you."

"What? They WHO?"

Suddenly, a foul smelling cloud came rolling in from the left, sweeping over the Tibor warrior guards. They began choking and coughing, confusion overwhelming the masses. Warriors emerged from the jungle, men who had escaped capture from every conquered tribe. The entire area quickly devolved into a frenzied battle scene with warriors fighting, allegiances changing and tribe members fleeing. Kumi and Enzi were quickly swallowed in the melee, forced to defend themselves from the throngs who wanted their heads.

Tarzan rose to his feet, bruised and bloodied. He staggered for a moment, unsure of what to do. Fighting was going on all around him as the foul cloud wafted across the clearing. It was pure chaos. The mighty ape-man knew he had to get out of the way. As Tarzan moved, he was tackled, but, despite his injuries, he managed to throw off his attacker. A spear came at him, but he managed to grab the hilt and knock out the warrior at the other end. He slowly advanced forward, engaging in these mini battles, winning each time, as he approached the tree line. Despite his weakened condition, he made it safely to the jungle's edge.

The ape-man climbed a tree, hiding in the foliage and watching the battle unfold. No one looked for him. He was a catalyst for this fight, but no longer important to any of the combatants. The Tibor warriors soon fell, either killed or captured, as conquered warriors were freed and converted back. Tarzan lost track of the twins, but he was sure there could be no escape for them. Many Tibor warriors surrendered, unwilling to continue fighting for a lost cause.

It took hours, but order was restored with the rebels in control. The tyranny of the twins of Tibor was over. Tarzan had fulfilled his purpose, diverting attention from the jungle and allowing the warriors to advance unnoticed. He remained hidden until victory was assured then began the long swing home. He would leave it to his friend and savior Chief Amazileah to work out the peace. He avoided any contact with others along the way. When he reached his secluded home, he stood under the nearby waterfall, letting the fresh clean water wash over his naked body.

As he cleansed himself, he realized that his cock was hard and throbbing. As he serviced himself, the ape-man's mind went to the twins. His mind filled with thoughts of their hard muscular bodies, large cocks, and the total domination and subjugation he had endured at their hands. He tried to block such thoughts, but it was no use. The thoughts of the young musclemen made him weak again. His breath grew short then Tarzan shook as he sprayed his cum onto the rocks.

When he was drained, Tarzan watched his white seed wash into the river, thinking about his future. He questioned why, after everything they did to him and made him do, the twins still controlled his manhood this way. When no answer came, Tarzan quietly returned to his home to continue his life in the jungle.

The End


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