Monday, May 24, 2021

Mindsweeper Monday: Cruel Jungle 2

Chapter 1: Introduction

YYAAWWWNNN! It was just after dawn, time to wake up. As it did every day, the sun woke him up. He stood up slowly and stretched his lean muscular body. Sleep left him and blood flowed through his veins, invigorating him. AAHH! It felt great every morning when he awoke. He looked out from his perch in the treehouse into the trees and listened — silence. This was the quietest time of the day. The jungle was just waking … the creatures of the night were already tucked away in their hideaways and the animals of the day were just stirring. After a few minutes of peaceful reflection, he wrapped his long fingers around a nearby vine and slid down to the ground.

He looked like a young god as he moved smoothly to the ground, his nearly naked body virtually floating down along the vine. He was very defined and mature-looking for an 18-year old — only his lack of body hair and perfectly smooth skin hinted that he was just becoming a man. He was already 6'1" tall and muscular with a swimmer's build. His chest and shoulders were broad, signaling the powerful man he would eventually become, but his waist was still narrow. His pecs were incredibly developed — they stood out high and proud from his thin torso. Each of his abs was clearly outlined and they were as hard as granite.

He bobbed his head back and forth, shaking out the last few kinks. His long dreadlocks flopped from side to side. He swept it from his face, clearing his eyesight. He had been told to cut his hair, but he refused. His `father' had short hair now, but he would keep his long. He felt it made him look like a lion and that's how he wanted to be treated.

He started his morning trip to the river. Every morning, he would begin the day the same way. By the time he reached the river, he had already collected a nice selection of fruits and nuts for breakfast. He stopped and lay down on the jungle floor beside the riverbed. He thought of how lucky he was. He had met many people from outside the jungle and they seemed to envy his life. As he lay on his back, he slowly untied his loincloth and pushed it down his thighs to his knees.

He reached down and idly fondled himself. He thought about the day ahead. He knew exactly what he would do. First, he would swing through the jungle, then he would go over to the Ogapi tribe, hoping to catch a glimpse of Shalla, a girl he liked. As he thought about Shalla he became hard. His member filled and throbbed, reaching its full-size. He worked himself hard, rubbing and rubbing — his powerful hand squeezing hard on his steel rod. UNH … UNH … his breathing accelerated and he began to feel dizzy.

After a couple of minutes he shot a huge load all over his lean stomach and between his big pecs. The cum-trail ran right from his chin to his navel. He enjoyed the feeling of his seed on his torso for a moment, then he stood, letting it run down his body to the jungle floor.

He paused before diving into the river and sighed. He had been alone now for over a week. He was not completely alone of course, but he missed his `father'. Well, not his father, more of a big brother — they were only 14 years apart — but the man who had taught him everything. He clenched his fists and forced himself to get a hold of himself. Despite his father's insistance on calling him Boy, he was a man now — he better act like it. One day he, Korak, adopted son of Tarzan, would be King of the Jungle like his father and the whole jungle would depend on him.

He stretched his lithe form and dove into the river. 30 minutes later, he was returning, nude and wet from the river. His genitals bounced on his legs, swaying as he walked. In his left hand, Korak held his loincloth, still wet from being washed. Korak hated the feeling of wet leather. He would hang this one to dry and put on his spare cloth.

Korak started jogging. He ran faster and faster, racing to get home. He wanted to see Shalla as soon as he could, but he also needed to swing through the jungle to make sure everything was as it should be. He loved the feeling of swinging on the vines — the warm jungle breeze on his body — it was as close as he had ever come to another touching him intimately. He looked down and his member came back to life at its fully erect 8". He slowed and stopped at the base of his tree. He dropped to his knees and began to rub his rock hard member. He had noticed lately that he could shoot his man-milk, as Tarzan called it, several times in a row with very little rest in between.

He remembered back to when Tarzan had taught him about this part of being a man. He was amazed at how Tarzan could release himself again and again. Tarzan seemed to have an endless supply of milk, while he could barely dribble anything. Now, six years later, Korak felt that he was truly a man. Korak kept hoping that one day he would be as great a man as Tarzan and as capable in every way. He still felt dependent on Tarzan for survival and Korak's fierce nature made him hate being second to anyone, even his father.

Korak worked himself back and forth, caressing his erect member with tenderness. When he started to rub his chest, he twisted his nipples and began beating on his chest. He left slap marks on his own chest and picked up the pace. The tender caresses on his tool became a hard tight grip. His forearm pumped up, as every vein on his arm, chest and neck stood out. Korak's breathing became rapid and he started bouncing on his knees. He thrust his hips and started to moan and cry out. Korak closed his eyes and braced for the overwhelming feeling that was his orgasm. It was so powerful that when it first happened, he thought he was dying. "Uh, uh, uh," he moaned. His hips were moving in rhythm, thrusting his member forward as his hand pulled back. His whole body began to shake and he finally erupted.

Oh! Yes! Despite having just cum 30 minutes prior, Korak shot out another man-sized load onto the jungle floor. As the juice continued to spurt, his whole body gave into the pleasure. He leaned back, arching himself on his knees until his the top of his head touched the ground behind him. His nipples were fully erect, sticking out half an inch from his hard chest. His abs quaked independently as they flexed. When he was finished, Korak fell back onto the jungle ground, brought his legs out from under him and opened his eyes. He stared up at the treehouse and smiled. He was getting more powerful and stronger in every way.

He and Tarzan wrestled often and lately, Korak had been holding his own, not winning any matches yet, but not being completely manhandled either. Soon, he would be stronger than Tarzan. Tarzan had told him that when that happened he, Korak, would become King and Protector of the Jungle. Korak loved the idea of fighting alongside Tarzan, who was not jealous or upset at Korak's growth, but encouraged it and seemed to want Korak to become a great King and take his place.

Korak felt his pulse return to normal and he sat up. His body was covered in sweat. He lifted himself up to his feet. Today was the day, he decided. Everything in his life, including his powerful orgasms, was a sign that he was a man. After another swim, he would make his way to the Ogapi and ask Shalla's parents for the right to court her. Stretching his muscular physique, he grabbed hold of the vine to the treehouse.

It was then that he heard the message from the Wakiri jungle drums. At first he stood, frozen and shell-shocked. His mouth fell open and he felt weak in the knees. He fell to the jungle floor. Tears welled up in his eyes and he cried for the first time in 8 years.

The drums said that the great white ape was dead, killed by the great white evil. Korak knew the Wakiri codes — he knew that Tarzan was the great white ape and that the nefarious Coy Banton — jungle enemy number one, the man who had killed many of their men and terrorized their village — was the great white evil.

Korak sobbed for his loss for a long time. When he finally stopped crying, Korak stood. He knew what he had to do. He climbed up to the treehouse. He grabbed his leopard skin loincloth and slipped it up his muscular legs. After tying it in place, Korak secured his knife and grabbed his spear, which he tied across his back. Before leaving, Korak saw one of Tarzan's loincloths on the floor. He grabbed it and held it tight, smelling his fallen father. Korak took one last look around the treehouse, steeled himself for the task at hand and swung out in search of revenge.

Chapter 2: Nick Banton

Korak crept silently through the jungle approaching the camp. It had taken him a long time, but he thought he had finally located his prey. There was no one around, but he knew they could be near. It was then that he heard the sound … a jeep approaching. Looking out, Korak saw a young man step out of the jeep and head to the large tent.

Korak had never seen this man before, but he knew he must be related to the evil hunter Coy Banton. He had the same basic face, but he was much younger … probably a brother or maybe even a son. Korak smiled, knowing that he had found the right camp. Coy the Killer must be nearby. Korak thought the young man was close to his own age and he was roughly the same size. Korak felt confident that he could handle him. Carefully dropping to the ground, Korak stepped forward to the tent. He crouched to the side and waited. He heard the young man talking to himself, but carrying on a conversation. Korak heard only one voice and thought, "Maybe this Banton is crazy?" But he didn't care. Satisfied that his prey was alone, Korak continued to wait.

Within moments, the young man stepped out and Korak stuck his spear in his back. "Don't move!"

"What?" Nick Banton asked, in a shocked tone. Nick spun around and faced his enemy. Nick had never met him, but he knew who this was — Tarzan's Boy. Nick himself was Coy's much younger brother.

Nick was 22-years old, 6' and 170 lbs. He was well-built and muscular, although not as defined like Korak. He had a handsome face, with a square jaw and deep, dark eyes. He had short dirty blond hair and a light dusting of blond body hair on his torso that glistened in the sun. He was shirtless, wearing only loose fitting, low hanging khaki cargo shorts, work boots and socks. His body was tanned golden brown like Korak's. The young man had a confident swagger and was obviously very cocky and self-assured. Like his brother, Coy, he also had charisma and a killer smile, which he flashed at Korak.

Nick spoke to Korak in his deepest, sultriest voice, "Hey guy, what're ya doin'?" Nick licked his lips after he said it.

Korak ignored the come-on. "Who are you? Where is Coy?" Korak snarled.

Nick said, "Coy who?" WHACK! Korak spun his spear around like a staff and knocked Nick to the ground! The blond stud fell onto his back. He propped himself on one elbow and looked back at Korak. He raised one knee, and said nothing.

Korak snarled, "Answer me!"

Nick reached up and felt his face. His jaw ached, but he felt nothing broken. "Okay, okay … no need ta get crazy now … I'm Nick, Coy's younger brother. Coy's out ivory huntin'. He won't be back for days."

Korak paused for a moment, deciding whether this was true. He felt it was and said, "take me to him."

Nick scrunched his face and looked confused, "Huh?"

Korak raised his spear and commanded, "Take me to him! NOW!"

Nick shrugged his broad shoulders. He slowly stood up, wiped himself off and sauntered to the jeep. He sat in the driver's seat, started the jeep and drove towards the edge of the clearing. Korak stood behind him with his spear at his back, watchful for any tricks. As the two young men approached the tree line, Korak heard a noise back at the tent. He turned to look. Nick recognized the opportunity and seized it.

SCREECH! Nick Banton hit the brakes! The distracted Korak flew forward, dropping his spear and smashing his head on the front dash. UHH! Korak struggled to regain consciousness. As Korak groaned, his muscleboy body went limp over the seat.

Nick Banton reacted quickly. He reached across the jeep and slapped Korak's ass, which was propped up on the seat. SLAP! "C'mon Boy, what's the matter? Ya can't be done already?"

Nick chuckled and roughly grabbed hold of Korak's hair and dragged Korak out of the vehicle. He roughly propped the jungle boy on the side of the jeep. Nick drove his knee into Korak's abs. OOF! When Korak doubled over, Nick followed up with an elbow to his back.

Korak fell forward and collapsed on the ground, rolling onto his back. He opened his eyes and saw his enemy, but couldn't muster the strength to fight back. Nick danced back and forth, then placed his boot on Korak's pecs. He flexed his big biceps.

"C'mon, `Boy'," Nick Banton said derisively, mocking his enemy's name. "Let's make a man outta ya like Coy did to Tarzan!"

Chapter 3: Double Trouble

Korak fell forward and collapsed on the ground, rolling onto his back. He opened his eyes and saw his enemy, but couldn't muster the strength to fight back.

Nick danced back and forth, then placed his boot on Korak's pecs. He flexed his big biceps. "C'mon, `Boy'," Nick Banton said derisively, mocking his enemy's name. "Let's make a man outta ya like Coy did to Tarzan!"

At the mention of Tarzan's name, Korak regained his senses. His rage exploded and he threw Nick's foot off him. He leapt at the young Banton. WHUMP! Nick fell back, with Korak's full weight driving him into the ground. The air left his lungs. The two men wrestled on the jungle floor, their young muscles pressing and struggling, each fighting for control.

Neither young man was weak and both were accustomed to dominating men their own age. After only a few moments, both young men's bodies were covered in sweat, the moisture glistening in the hot jungle sun. To an observer, nothing much was happening, but for Korak and Nick, the strain was tremendous. Korak's tackle had given him top position. He managed to get a hold of Nick's hands.

Using his unbelievable power, Korak pushed down, forcing Nick's hands to the jungle floor. Nick was desperate to roll Korak off — his body bucked and turned as he tried to free himself. This battle continued for minutes, each combatant using every man-boy muscle in his body.

Nick fought hard, his body was now literally dripping with sweat from the effort, but despite everything, he could not lift Korak off him. Korak may have been 4 years his junior, but he was stronger and had the better position. Nick cursed loudly when he realized that he had lost.

"LET ME UP! You win, Boy! Just let me up,"

Nick screamed at Korak in hopes that Korak would get off him, but Korak refused to release him from the humiliating schoolboy pin. Korak knew better than to trust a Banton! The mighty jungle teen moved his knees onto Nick's shoulders, pinning his arms with the weight of his body.

Korak remembered Nick's taunts of moments before. Satisfied his opponent was helpless, he lifted his arms and flexed them to emphasize his superiority. His biceps swelled and pumped even more — Nick could only look up, helpless at the impressive muscles that had pinned him.

Korak's youthful enthusiasm and desire for revenge took over from his jungle senses. He looked into Nick's eyes and said, "I'll show you who is a man! And your brother Coy too!"

As Korak lowered his arms, preparing to finish off the fallen Banton, he felt two big hands around his wrists and his arms being pulled back behind him!

"WHAT?" Korak struggled against his unseen foe, but he could not get leverage. He was dragged up to a standing position, with his arms held like chicken wings.

Korak bent his head and used all his strength to flex and pull forward. UNGH! UNGH! Korak strained, every vein in his arms and neck pulling forward against his unseen enemy! He felt the other's grip start to give — like Nick Banton, this opponent was weaker than he was, too!

Just as Korak was about to break free, he heard in front of him, "Hey, Boy … look up!" Korak foolishly looked up only to be met with a roundhouse right to his prominent jaw from Nick Banton. The arms holding Korak let go and the junior jungle stud fell to the ground stunned. He shook out his head and looked up.

At first he thought he was seeing double from the power of the punch — before him actually stood two Nick Bantons — but then he noticed the slight differences between the men! The two Nicks laughed in unison at Korak's stunned face and stood over him with their hands on their trim hips.

The Nick that Korak had fought said, "Now we're even for that cheap shot you gave me to the jaw."

The second Nick spoke in the same voice and cocky tone, "By the way, nice ta meet ya, Boy. I'm Jerry Banton. I think you were saying something about showing Nick and Coy about being a man. How's `bout showing me and Nick first."

Korak swallowed hard, as he realized his problem had just doubled. Nick had not been alone in the tent at all. Korak cursed his stupidity and jumped to his feet. He held out his hands defensively and braced for the toughest battle of his young life.

Chapter 4: Prince of the Jungle

The Bantons immediately moved to either side of their prey. Nick was still sore and sweating from his battle with Korak, but Jerry was completely fresh. He had watched Nick drive off in the jeep and waited to see if his brother could win on his own. When it became obvious he couldn't, he had interfered.

Korak held out his pulsing arms, preparing for the attack. Korak flexed his mighty thighs and sprinted between the Bantons before they could react. He turned to face both of them - he couldn't allow them to surround him.

Korak pulled out his knife and held it out at the young Bantons. His long hair was covering large parts of his face, hiding his anxiety and giving the Bantons pause. Jerry moved back, realizing the danger Korak represented.

Nick was bolder than his brother. He took the charge and feinted attacks with his hands. Korak's attention turned to the attacking Banton. Nick stayed out of range of the knife and said, "So Boy needs a weapon against an unarmed guy. Not very sporting of ya."

Korak laughed, "Well last I heard two-on-one was not considered fair either."

In response, Nick smirked. He opened his arms wide, posing before Korak. Nick was leaving his lightly furry torso unguarded. He flexed his pecs, bouncing them and giving Korak a target for his knife. "Bring it on, Boy … c'mon, ya little shit… attack me."

Korak charged Nick, his mighty legs throwing him forward at the Banton. WHUMP! Before Korak could reach Nick, he was thrown sideways! Jerry had tackled him, landing his own big shoulder into Korak's defenseless side. Korak's knife went flying and Korak fell to the ground with Jerry on top of him. OOF!

Korak's ribs ached but he managed to roll with the momentum and end up standing a couple of feet in front of Jerry, with Nick a few feet behind his brother. Jerry didn't give up the offensive, though. Without the knife, Korak was much less of a threat. Jerry tried to tackle Korak again, but Korak used his lightning quick reflexes to dodge Jerry, leapfrogging the clumsy charge.

Korak landed and spun to face Jerry. POW! ARGH! Korak felt a huge jab into his kidneys at the back. Nick had followed his brother in and sent his fist into Korak's wide open lower back. Korak felt stupid, he had left himself open for this attack.

Nick was laughing again as Korak backed up. The brothers were outwitting and outfighting him, but he didn't know what else to do. He considered fleeing into the jungle, but he was not sure he could out run the Bantons - his head still ached from hitting the jeep's dashboard and his sides ached from the punishment.

Korak charged at Jerry, but before he reached him, he spun and kicked out behind him! WHAM! As Korak had anticipated, Nick had followed him, expecting to land more cheap shots to his back. Korak's foot connected with Nick's chest and sent him flying back. Nick fell onto his ass and clutched his chest, cursing.

Jerry did not have time to react. He had braced for Korak's charge and therefore was leaning back on his heels. He could not charge forward before Korak spun and faced him again.

Korak seized the opportunity - he had to use this one-on-one time to his best advantage! He ran to the side of Jerry, forcing him to spin. Korak could see Nick who was still on the ground. Korak charged Jerry, this time going low on the Banton.

WHOOF! Korak landed his shoulder right in Jerry's midsection. Korak lifted up with his back, hoisting Jerry onto his shoulder. Jerry's body collapsed on itself, and he hung limp over Korak. His head was directly behind Korak's perfect bubble butt.

Just as Jerry regained his senses, he felt himself being thrown back. Korak was powerbombing him - hard - onto the jungle floor! BOOM! Jerry's back was smashed onto the ground, all the air leaving him. Korak quickly stood and saw Nick finally on his feet.

Jerry was writhing on the ground, with one hand massaging his sore back. Jerry's furry chest and stomach rolled from side to side as he moaned in delirium.

Korak stood up straight and looked at Nick Banton. Korak puffed out his chest and held his head high. He raised one hand out, pointed his finger at Nick. Korak looked confident and strong - like a true Prince of the Jungle. He stared hard at the Banton, and confidently said in his deepest, most powerful voice, "Now, Banton, we have some unfinished business!"

Nick Banton swallowed hard and braced for impact!

Chapter 5: Helpless

Korak looked at Nick and raised one hand. He pointed his finger at Nick and said, "Now, Banton, we have some unfinished business!"

Nick Banton swallowed hard and braced for impact!

As Korak ran towards Nick, he felt something at his feet. Jerry had managed to place his feet between Korak's and trip the most powerful teen in the jungle! Korak's incredible sense of balance kept him up, but he still stumbled to the side.

Jerry scurried up, regaining his wind as he moved. Nick was on top of the stumbling Korak in moments. Nick moved in and kicked Korak's feet out from under him. WHAP! Korak's face hit the ground. His bulging pecs landed first, softening the blow.

He pushed himself up, only to be tripped again. As soon as he went down, Jerry leapt into the air and drove his elbow into the back of Korak's head. Jerry stood up and Nick repeated the move on the other side. Korak reached up to defend the back of his head, leaving his underarms exposed.

WHAM! POW! Each Banton boy launched a kick into Korak's armpit with his steel-toed boot, sending waves of pain through Korak. Korak lashed out with his arms and legs, sending each Banton a couple of steps back and giving him a moment to recover.

As Korak struggled to get up, Jerry reached forward and grabbed a handful of hair. He also grabbed a handful of Korak's loincloth and yanked upwards as hard as he could! Jerry gave Korak his first wedgie — the leopard cloth moved up, between his firm ass cheeks, splitting them wide and revealing the firm, round globes underneath.

Korak was still a little stunned and he was held firm, bent over by his hair and loincloth. Before he could even form a plan, Jerry walked forward then spun Korak around and sent him head first into the side of the jeep! CLANG! Skull met metal and the Bantons laughed together. Korak stood up, wobbled and then fell face first onto the ground in a daze.

Immediately, Jerry leapt onto Korak's back and pinned Korak face down on the ground. Jerry spread his legs and straddled Korak's wide, muscled back, placing his own firm ass in the small of Korak's back. Jerry swatted lightly at Korak's head, taunting the fallen Prince of the Jungle. "Hoo Boy, what's the matter? Head hurt? C'mon Boy, talk t'me!"

Korak placed his arms beside his shoulders and pushed up, somehow lifting both himself and Jerry Banton up. Jerry laughed, "Boy, ya tryin' ta gimme a ride?"

As Korak was about to move his knees under him and throw Jerry off, Nick reached down. WHAM! Nick pulled Korak's legs back hard, sending the jungle stud to the ground, with Jerry on top of him. Korak cried out in pain, his back suffering from the weight of Jerry.

Nick kept Korak's legs in the air behind him, preventing Korak from bridging out. Korak thrashed and struggled with his arms, but the two Bantons were relentless. Jerry threw two rabbit punches into Korak's head, sending Korak back into oblivion!

SLAP! SLAP! Korak was awoken by two hard slaps to his exposed ass by Nick. "Wakey, wakey, little Boy! I don't wanna spank ya, but I gotta if you don't stay awake!"

Red welts appeared on Korak's ass and his legs thrashed some more. From his position on Korak's back, Jerry seized hold of Korak's long hair. Korak cried out as he felt his hair pulled back hard by the malevolent Jerry Banton. Jerry leaned back and used Korak's hair to raise Korak's chest off the ground into a kind of camel clutch!

Korak felt his hair coming out at the root … he reached back, desperate to pry his tormentors fingers from his hair. When Korak reached back though, Jerry grabbed under his bulging biceps and trapped Korak's arms over his knees. Now Korak was trapped in a true Camel Clutch. Jerry pulled back mercilessly. Korak felt as though he would be snapped in two!

Nick came around the front and slapped Korak's face lightly. "How's that jungle boy? Ya're really teaching us `bout bein' men now! Why, I feel more like a man already, don't ya Jer?"

"Oh, ya bet I do, bro. But ya know what … I think Boy here wants to teach us lots more."

Chapter 6: Devastation

As Jerry cranked back as hard as he could, Korak was forced to stare up at Nick Banton from the camel clutch. Korak's rage was building, but he was powerless in the hold. After only a couple of minutes, Korak closed his eyes, disgusted by the arrogance on Nick Banton's face. Nick was standing still in front of Korak, legs spread, hands on hips and his blond furry torso heaving as he breathed. Nick was smiling broadly, especially when Korak started to cry out. Korak's young muscular back was giving way and he knew he could not last much longer in this devastating grip.

Jerry released his hold on Korak's chin and Korak's head fell forward, but he was no closer to being free than he was before. He could not gain the leverage to force his arms forward and it was only getting worse. Korak knew that the longer he was in the hold, the weaker he would get. The pressure on his back had made him forget all about his aching head and sore ass, which had been split by a vicious loincloth wedgie and was covered in red welts from Nick Banton's merciless spanking.

Having let go of Korak's chin, Jerry leaned back, taking in the amazing back muscles of the Prince of the Jungle. After another few seconds, Jerry leaned forward again and pulled Korak's head back with one hand on his forehead. Jerry then reached around with his free hand and smacked Korak's chest. "Nice pecs, Boy. Big, like we like `em, but they're too solid. I like my bitches with nice soft tits. Nick, think we can do somethin' about this?"

"Oh yeah, bro, just keep him still!" Nick balled his fists and landed two blows to Korak's exposed right pec. Korak felt the shock go through him, but the muscle held. Nick then reached down and slapped across the pec, leaving a red mark.

"This is one tough titty! I need the heavy artillery!" With that, Nick raised his boot and WHAM! He kicked Korak's right pec with the sole of his work boot. Korak cried out, unable to resist. The kick was like double punishment — both breaking down his rock-hard pec and pushing him further back into the camel clutch! Nick continued punishing the pec with punches, slaps and kicks until it started to sag.

Nick knelt before Korak and using two fingers, he pinched Korak's nipple, causing Korak to grimace. Nick continued to roughly pull, tug and pinch the nipple until Korak cried out. Nick stood and slapped the damaged pec again. This time when he slapped it, he felt no resistance at all. He hooted in victory.

"You wanna take the other one?" Nick asked his brother.

Jerry smiled, "you bet!" Jerry let go of the camel clutch and Korak fell to the ground. Jerry flipped Korak over and moved his hands over his head. Korak lay on his back, unable to move. Nick sat on the ground and rolled Korak onto his right side. He seized Korak's left wrist and left ankle and bent Korak back in a side surfboard move. Korak could not resist, as his back started to give in again to this new torture. Jerry paced back and forth, looking at Korak's wide open left side. He raised his boot and brought it down hard. BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM!

Korak cried out some more, feeling as though his ribs would break. Jerry was even more merciless than his brother was. After kicking Korak until his left pec was crushed, he told Nick to let Korak go.

Korak tried to curl up, but Jerry kicked him onto his back. Korak lay stunned on his back, when all of a sudden, SLAM! Both Banton brothers leapt in the air and came crashing down onto Korak's ruined chest. Korak started to moan uncontrollably — the agony was worse than anything he had ever felt in his life.

SLAP! Korak felt Nick's hand smash across his face. Nick said, "Hey, Boy, we've just started, don't start giving up yet."

Jerry reached down and lifted Korak back to his feet by his hair. As Korak started to fall, he grabbed him in a full nelson. Jerry stood on the side of the jeep, so that Korak would be completely suspended by the hold. The weakened Korak fought the full nelson, but couldn't. His arms flopped from side to side and his feet could not touch the ground. He hung limp as Jerry Banton increased the pressure. Nick sauntered in front of Korak shadow boxing, preparing for his next attack.

POW! BAM! POW! A series of punches landed square in Korak's abs. Korak's abs were as tough as his pecs, but the Bantons had all day. They took turns beating on the abs until finally they too were red and sagging.

Korak was delirious from pain. His back, chest and stomach ached and he could barely focus. He wanted to fight, to shut the Bantons' mouths as they taunted him, but he could do nothing.

Nick was holding Korak up when Jerry was finishing off Korak's abs. Despite their easy victory over the teenage jungle boy, it was hard work. The Banton boys were tiring themselves. Nick was fighting to hold up Korak, who was 180 lbs of dead weight — the muscle stud was nothing more than a slab of beef.

Nick let Korak fall down then wrenched him back up. As he did this, Jerry was throwing a huge right into Korak's abs. Nick hoisted too far and Jerry's fist landed square in Korak's huge package!

ARGH! Korak reacted violently, thrashing and breaking Nick's hold. Korak fell to the ground and curled into the fetal position. Nick looked at his brother in shock. After a moment, the two heels smiled. "I can't believe we didn't think a' this earlier. We ain't done nothing down there!"

Jerry reached down and shoved Korak onto his back. Korak had tears in his eyes from the pain. His young, huge pouch had never been abused before and was very sensitive. Nick stood over Korak's head and pulled Korak's legs back, spreading them. SMASH! SQUISH! KAPOW! Jerry went between Korak's legs and drove his knee on the bottom of Korak's big ball sac, sending waves of pain through the teen musclehunk. Korak felt his balls being driven up and into his body, but he could do nothing. He was like a turtle — completely helpless on his back, limbs flailing, but with no hope of defending himself.

Nick kept hold of Korak's legs and placed one foot over his crotch area. He could see the clear outline on Korak's cock. Nick slowly lowered his size 13 work boot, increasing the pressure on Korak's flaccid tool. In reaction, the cock swelled up, trying to defend itself against the assault, but Nick Banton's boot was more powerful. Korak cried out again and tears flowed freely.

Nick threw Korak's legs to the ground and he and his brother stood over him. They savored their win over Korak as much as their brother had enjoyed beating Tarzan. Neither Tarzan, nor Korak, had fallen in a fair fight, but that didn't matter to the Bantons. All they knew was they had destroyed Korak, Prince of the Jungle. Korak's destroyed musclestud body did not move.

For their final act of this fight and to symbolize their total conquest, Jerry and Nick slowly lowered their zippers. Each of them withdrew their own huge cocks and started to rain piss on Korak's prone body. They coated him, even spilling some into Korak's mouth. In reaction, Korak did nothing. He felt the hot piss on him, but all he could do was close his eyes and let himself fade away.

Chapter 7: Hopeless

Lying on the jungle floor was the once-proud Prince of the Jungle, Korak. Over him, after their final humiliation of Korak, stood Nick and Jerry Banton, authors of his destruction. The Banton twins had witnessed the end result of Coy's destruction of Tarzan - the rape. They had seen what Coy had accomplished with the jungle's mightiest man, Tarzan. Both Bantons wanted to do the same to the piece of meat at their feet. The twins stood over the fallen Korak, admiring their handiwork. Their cover model bodies heaved from exertion and glowed from sweat. Jerry bent down and put his hands on his knees. "Man, that felt good. I can't wait to fuck this punk up some more!"

"Yeah, Coy had Tarzan eatin' out of the palm of his hand before he lost him. I want this one suckin' my cock when Coy and Link get back. Man, Coy'll shit himself if we could do that!"

Jerry nodded, "I want this one at OUR feet, though … not Coy's. No matter what, bro, we stick together."

"Yeah, but that's why we gotta break him fast. If Coy gets a hold of him before he's ours, we'll lose him!" Nick removed the belt from his shorts. As it slid through the loops, his large shorts dropped to the jungle floor. Nick stepped out of the shorts and moved forward. His white briefs sagged from the weight of his hard, heavy erection, which strained against the fabric.

Nick lifted Korak's head by the hair and he dropped the belt around Korak's neck, forming a leash. He then reached over and undid his brother's belt, using Jerry's belt to bind Korak's hands behind his back. Like his brother's, Jerry's shorts were too big, so without the belt, his shorts dropped to the jungle floor. Unlike his brother, Jerry always went commando, finding underwear too hot, too confining and too binding.

Jerry's huge member stood at attention. He picked up the end of the leash and said to his brother, "Can this one yell for help like Tarzan?"

"I dunno know. Let's be safe," Nick replied. He reached down and stripped off his briefs, releasing his engorged member. Nick tied a knot in the crotch area and forced the knot into Korak's open mouth. He tied the briefs behind Korak's head, completely gagging the teenage muscle stud.

The sweaty, smelly briefs were like smelling salts, filling Korak's nostrils and mouth with the disgusting odor of his captor. Korak woke with a start to find himself bound and gagged. Jerry tugged on the leash, which immediately tightened around Korak's thick neck.

Korak struggled, but the belt was like a choke collar, cutting off the air supply if pulled hard. Korak had to stop his struggle or suffocate!

Korak was dragged to his knees and knelt facing the twins. He saw their naked bodies and their erections. He could smell their piss, which had dried on his body, and it sickened him. He had no idea what they intended to do, but their big grins told him it would not be pleasant.

Nick Banton swaggered up behind Korak and pushed him down to the ground. Korak lay on his stomach. The feeling was returning to his arms, but the leather belt held firm. Korak fought against the restraints, but it was no use. Nick and Jerry smiled watching Korak's young muscles tighten and flex. It gave them great pleasure to welcome Korak to adulthood - an adulthood spent servicing them.

Nick placed his feet between Korak's legs and forced them apart. He laid his body between the legs and positioned his member above Korak's ass. "I'm going to give you your first lesson, Boy - never question your betters. Remember that and we'll get along fine." With that, Nick plunged into Korak's ass. It hurt a lot at first, but Korak was able to relax and the pain subsided. Korak was more hurt by the humiliation. The dominant male was taking what he wanted, making Korak feel like a helpless female - unable to resist the stronger animal.

Nick moved in and out of Korak's ass. The move caused Korak's own member to grow, as his crotch was rubbed back and forth in a mound of soft grass on the hard ground. Korak let out a moan - he didn't understand the effects on his prostate and the friction and was confused by his cock's reaction to this assault.

Nick slapped his back hard and grabbed hold of his hair. He was breathing rapidly, loving the feeling of his conquest.

Jerry knelt down and spread his legs. He lifted Korak's head from the ground and removed the gag from Korak's mouth. He moved the gag up on top of boy's nose, forcing Korak to continue smelling Nick's crotch sweat. Jerry held Korak's face up, forcing Korak to look at the rock hard cock in front of him. Jerry smiled and taunted Korak. "Ya're ours now, Boy!"

Meanwhile, Nick continued his physical assault on Korak. He reached under Korak and felt his throbbing, hard cock. He slowed his pace and withdrew, shifting position. He moved his knees under Korak. Korak's cock no longer rubbed the ground. Nick caressed it, working out more pre-cum. Korak was now positioned with his abs and pecs on the jungle floor, his ass in the air, impaled by Nick Banton and his face in the crotch of Jerry Banton.

Jerry said, "Boy, your manhood has realized that we're your master - it obeys our commands. So will you!"

Korak cried out, "No! Never!"

Nick plunged back into Korak, and moved his cock and hand in rhythm. He heard Korak's breathing speed up. Nick felt the pulse in Korak's cock speed up. He knew that Korak was close. Jerry took the signal from his brother, "Ya see, Boy! We decide when ya cum … we're your Masters!" Nick squeezed Korak's balls and stopped Korak from cumming.

"ARGH!" Korak cried out! He had never been prevented from cumming before. It was agony for him! Nick started again. Korak's beautiful body was covered in sweat. Jerry reached out and rubbed his mighty back, digging his fingers into the flesh and muscle. Korak found himself even more aroused when Nick put his hand back on his organ.

"Who controls ya, Boy? Who?" Nick pounded even harder into Korak's ass. He squeezed harder on Korak's cock, increasing the pace.

"No one!" Korak screamed, barely able to get the words out!

Jerry said, "We control ya! Ya do what we say! We'll prove it! Now cum!"

As he said it, Nick moved his finger behind Korak's scrotum and pressed. Korak didn't know what was happening - he had only experienced his own hand before! He started to erupt - harder and longer than he ever had by himself - this was far more powerful than his earlier eruptions. He cried out and his whole body vibrated. Nick came right after, spewing his huge load into Korak's ass.

Korak's body collapsed. His crotch and stomach were covered in grass, mud and cum from his orgasm. When Nick stood up, he walked across Korak's back, driving his muscled torso into the ground. "Get up, Boy!"

When Korak didn't react, Jerry grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Korak up. Korak had no choice but to follow or lose his hair. Jerry propped him again on his knees. Korak was shocked. He couldn't believe these men controlled his manhood. He felt like a boy again.

Jerry looked into his red, moist eyes and smiled. "Now you know true power Boy. It's not what you've got here," Jerry slapped Korak's power-packed biceps, "Here," Jerry slapped Korak's bulging chest, "Or even here," Jerry slapped Korak's flaccid, dirty cock. "It's what you've got up here," he said pointing to his own head.

Korak continued to sob in disbelief. He prayed for Tarzan to rescue him, but his hopes vanished when he remembered that Tarzan was dead … he was on his own. The last bit of Korak's hope left him. He looked his captors in the yes. He was theirs - he knew it and now, seeing Korak, they knew it, too.

Chapter 8: Epilogue

For days, the evil young Bantons tormented their prisoner. They sexually used and abused him constantly. They taunted him and kept him from sleeping regular hours. They told him how Tarzan had submitted in the end and that Korak was no better. Days later, Korak was again on his knees before Nick and Jerry Banton, after a particularly hard and vicious fuck. They stood naked before him and asked again, "Well Boy? What do you say? Who are your Masters?"

Korak swallowed hard and acknowledged his betters. His speech had been prepared and he knew what he had to say. "In the jungle, the strongest rules. You own my body by defeating me - even my manhood obeys you. I will not fight you - I am yours to do with as you please. I swear I will be faithful to you and you alone."

The naked Bantons approached Korak. Nick and Jerry each placed one hand behind Korak's hair and bent over, pushing Korak's face to the ground. "Yer words're pretty, Boy, but we want action. Get down there, Boy. You know what we want."

Korak got the message and went down. He kissed their feet, signifying his submission. Nick commanded him to rise, "Get up on your knees Boy. Prove how much you love us."

Korak looked at them and then at their crotches. The brothers were fully erect again. Korak started licking and servicing his masters. "Oh yeah, Boy, that's it."

Korak's own cock grew to full mast as he worked his masters. His revulsion at having a sword fight in his mouth was suppressed and he relished to moans of ecstasy from the stronger and smarter men who now owned him. The Bantons came again, filling Korak's small stomach with their seed. When done, Korak fell back, exhausted.

The Banton brothers admired their slave's hard body and knew the best was yet to come. "Wait til Coy gets back … he's gonna be jealous."

"Yeah, but we'll let him use Boy … for a price. Hahahaha."


Two weeks prior to Korak's defeat, a somber procession advanced slowly through the jungle. To an outsider, it would have resembled a funeral march, only with animals. At the front, was Tantor, a huge elephant, the largest in all of Africa and leader of his herd. In his tusks, he held the fragile, naked form of his friend. The broken body in his tusks had not stirred since they began their march an hour earlier, heading to the river and a protected cove.

The man in the tusks was Tarzan, former King of the Jungle. Tarzan had lost his title and very nearly his life at the hands of Coy Banton, villainous hunter, trapper and thug. Tarzan was a pale version of the mighty man he had once been. Only hours ago, Coy Banton had attacked nearly every part of his body and destroyed it with amazing efficiency, but his greatest attack had come in the form of a violent, humiliating rape that had devastated Tarzan's mind and noble spirit.

Tarzan approached consciousness for a moment. He felt himself rising and falling. He could not open his eyes or move his limbs. After a few minutes, he managed to look out. He saw Tantor, his great friend. Tarzan tried to speak, but fell unconscious again. When next he awoke, Tarzan was lying on his back on the jungle floor. He felt water hitting his naked body. He heard the monkeys and felt their small hands rubbing leaves on his naked form. When he felt water enter his mouth, he swallowed instinctively. Slowly, after a few more hours, everything came back to him. He moved his throbbing arms, swung his ravaged body around and slowly stood on his mighty legs.

Tarzan stood, surrounded by his worried friends. Within seconds, he fell back down. When he next awoke, it was morning. He propped himself up. In the bright eastern sun, he was able to look his mighty body up and down. Nothing was broken and his muscles had begun to recover slowly. His legs, which escaped relatively unscathed, still looked like they had been chiseled out of granite, but the rest of him was still painfully devastated.

For seven days, the jungle took care of its hero. Tarzan was fed, bathed and protected from any who might seek to exact revenge on the once-mighty Jungle King. Tarzan's body was constantly caressed and, under his experienced direction, covered in leaves and balms of the jungle, healing his wounds with miraculous efficiency.

Eventually, Tarzan felt strong again. He was probably at 70%, but that would have to be enough. Coy Banton could not be allowed to walk the jungle. Tarzan should have killed him right away, but he had promised the Commissioner on his deathbed that he would take him to the authorities. Banton was right - Tarzan's word was his bond. Tarzan stood up and started back to the mud pits. He had to start somewhere. The Bantons would have a big head start on him, but they would travel slowly, not expecting Tarzan to have survived.

Tarzan stretched his glorious body, sending blood through his muscles and pumping them back to their powerful dimensions. OW! He felt agony, but a good agony. It meant he was alive. The pain subsided in moments. He would need to work through a plan. He was sore, outnumbered, weaker than his opponents, naked and weaponless. Not a good beginning, but using stealth, perhaps he could surprise one of them, steal his clothes and weapons. As for the strength, Tarzan would have to hope his adrenaline would carry him through.

Another problem came to mind. Tarzan fought against the memory, but it was true. Banton had broken him, not just physically, but mentally. Tarzan knew that, despite what he tried to believe, he had actually given in to Banton at the end. He had actually agreed to the last rapes. Tarzan remembered the exchange:


Banton looked him in the eyes, penetrating deep into his soul. He opened his lips slowly and licked them. Tarzan's body bucked forward, trying to reach those rough lips. Banton laughed with a deep throaty chuckle, "oh Tarzan … it's too late for that. Are ya ready for another round?"

" … yes …" Tarzan meekly replied, completely lost in his conqueror's power.


If confronted with Banton again, could he count on his rational mind to overcome his base instincts to serve his Master? Even a moment's hesitation when hearing Banton's rich, powerful voice could be deadly.

Tarzan began the slow trek through the jungle. The animals had only carried him a couple of hours away. He was at the site of his humiliation quickly. In his search, he found Coy's discarded briefs. They were dirty and stretched too large, but they were better than nothing. Tarzan broke off the dried mud, washed them in the river and slipped them on. He tied knots in the side until they clung tightly. He looked down at himself. The briefs were tight enough to hold him in place. At the back, he could feel them wedged up his ruptured ass crack, splitting his perfect round glutes and causing pain as he moved. Tarzan felt tremendous shame. Somewhere, Coy Banton, the most ruthless, evil man in the jungle was walking around in his loincloth, a symbol of his power and of his conquest, and using his knife, the last item he had from his lost parents. Meanwhile, he, Tarzan, so- called King of the Jungle, was here, wearing old discarded underwear of his archenemy. Banton was right when he had said Tarzan was not the King anymore. Until they met again and Tarzan could be victorious, Coy Banton was the rightful King of the Jungle and he was merely a pretender. The role reversal was humiliating, but also motivating. Tarzan steeled himself and began tracking the Banton boys.


Monday, May 10, 2021

Mindsweeper Monday: TCCW 8

TCCW are wrestling stories from two different Yahoo! groups from the early 2000's. These entries were part of a much larger universe led by other writers. There are references to characters, events and matches that will not be posted here. Titles change hands, friendships and alliances form and dissolve, all without you ever seeing it. Imagine you are watching an Indy fed sporadically.

Note: You can find ALL (?) the stories by all authors in order in their original versions HERE - thanks for the link, Mangler!

Texas College Championship Wrestling 8

Patrick (MW) versus Noel (MW)

Friday, May 7, 2021

Review: Braden Charron vs. Mike Pitt (BGEast)

I'm back with another review for Big Boy Battles 2. This time, it's Braden Charron vs. Mike Pitt. Like the other BB2 matches, this is from the BGEast vault. You can tell this from the 4:3 aspect ratio and from how young Braden Charron looks. Wow, he's a baby in this video. A beefy bodybuilder baby with a deep voice and Boston accent, but a youngin' nonetheless. I like both these guys, so I was eager to see how it would go down.

Young guns go for it!