Friday, May 7, 2021

Review: Braden Charron vs. Mike Pitt (BGEast)

I'm back with another review for Big Boy Battles 2. This time, it's Braden Charron vs. Mike Pitt. Like the other BB2 matches, this is from the BGEast vault. You can tell this from the 4:3 aspect ratio and from how young Braden Charron looks. Wow, he's a baby in this video. A beefy bodybuilder baby with a deep voice and Boston accent, but a youngin' nonetheless. I like both these guys, so I was eager to see how it would go down.

Young guns go for it!

Adorable Mike Pitt is a tough guy who's been around since catalogue 70. He's also a youngin' but completely different than young Braden. Mike spends less time in the gym and tanning booth than his opponent. He's strong and solid, just more of a working man's build. His body suits his fresh face and cocky blue collar demeanor. The young buck is packed into shiny red trunks and coordinating red and white pro boots. While he calls himself a rookie a couple of times, he doesn't wrestle like one, eagerly taking on the more muscular Braden. 

I don't know if Braden was still a rookie at this point, but he can't be far from it. He's arrogant from the start, laughing at Mike. He runs through his posing routine, emphasizing his impressive gym-built physique. The guy looks amazing in his tiny black poser with pink piping around the waist and legs. I don't know if Braden has ever even been nominated for a BGEast Best Butt award. If not, that's a crime. His ass is so smooth and perfectly formed that I could seriously pause the video and just watch it.

Braden's a proud muscleboy.

Mike proves to be powerful, too.

I've never seen someone block
a clothesline like that.

Things start out in the hall. Mike's talking to someone on his flip phone. Wow, is this THAT old? Yikes. Anyway, Mike's promising that he'll "destroy the kid". Hm, interesting. It made me wonder if this would be a squash? Braden was definitely a jobber in his early days. However, this is back-and-forth. Both guys get multiple submissions and I wasn't sure who would win until the end. The wrestling occurs in the ring and outside of it with a nice mid-video sequence where one guy is mercilessly manhandled. Mike and Braden sell like studs and trashtalk each other.

Oh wow, someone actually remembers
how mirrors work. Go, Braden!

BOOM! Braden dishes out
more than one big bodyslam!

Mike's leaving nothing on the table!

Action-wise, this is a good one. The guys use their power and the wrestling has a feisty intensity to it. There aren't a ton of holds because they use them to wear each other down. The holds are also long because the guys are slow to give (mostly). Braden impresses with multiple body slams, a series of backbreaking bearhugs, incredible torture rack, and a Boston crab. Mike viciously goes after those sculpted pecs that Braden is so proud of. He gets rough and dirty with big boots, a low blow and choke.

Weakened Mike climbs Braden ...
right into another bearhug!

Measure him up,
put him back down!

In the end, this lived up to my expectations. I like both guys and they delivered a good classic match. They look great, wrestle well, and bring a lot of personality to the ring. I don't know if the added story with Mike and his phone call is part of a broader narrative or not, but it adds a little extra tension. And I'll close with one more push for Braden's ass to get nominated in the 2021 Besties.


So that's my take. What's yours?


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