Friday, April 29, 2016

The Cast: Who's Who (April 2016)


No one new wrestled this month, but there were 4 new pics posted, 1 new identity in action, 1 new identity revealed and 1 new stud mentioned.

The Cave Undercard 11: Ram vs. SuperSoldier

Ram = Brad Rowe (Bodybuilder)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Review: Alex Waters vs. Zack Jonathan (RHW 1.0)

It feels like I'm settling into a heavy BGEast/Thunders Arena focus on my blog. It's not intentional, just the way things are happening nowadays. I'm trying to break it up, but I'm bound by what's released and what I want to watch.

I feel like someone with 500 channels complaining there's nothing to watch. UCW would be the easiest to do more on, but Joe is all over their videos. I only do downloads and don't do subscriptions, which impacts Cameron MatthewsJonny Firestorm and BWN. Yes, Cameron and Jonny have offered downloads, but you have to register at Wrestler4Hire and Jonny's VOD's are pricey. My tastes in Movimus are based entirely on the wrestlers, so I don't buy a ton from them. I don't know what's up with Can-Am, but it's all crotch stuff these days. I've bought from Krushco and MDW, but so far they're not really my thing. I've looked at Spotland Scrappers, but I'm not sure where to begin or what I'm really getting. Did I miss anyone?

Oh yeah, Rock Hard Wrestling.

Alex vs. Zack = Classic RHW Action

Monday, April 25, 2016

Quick Hit: Tak vs. Talon (Thunder's Arena)

I made this a quick hit because you likely already know if you will like this match or not. Tak and Talon are established wrestlers in Thunders Arena with strong and consistent track records. I don't think you will be surprised by either of them in this match.

If you like what they do, you will like this. If you don't, you won't. I do, so I did. There, review pretty much done, so enjoy the GIFs and images.

Boys being boys

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Review: Burke vs. Hartley/King (Wrestler4Hire)

*Note: This review was written prior to the launch of Cameron's new site, Wrestler4Hire. I normally include links to the matches, but I'm not sure how that's all working now. Check the new site to find this match.

Whenever Cameron Matthews comes out with new matches, I always give them a good look. I don't always buy, but I think I’ve enjoyed all of his videos that I’ve purchased. On his site, the comments are always revealing as there are a lot of guys with very specific interests and very definite opinions on his content. I’m not that picky. Great action is tops and I find his videos deliver.

Burke faces off against two bad boy pro wrestlers 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Review: #426 Aron vs. Axel/Pvt. Marino (UCW)

When I asked if folks wanted to weigh in on my April reviews, I received two responses. I did the first request - the three Mikey Hanlon vs. Max Anderson matches - so now it’s time for the second one, which is from UCW.

I received the request for a review of UCW’s Aron vs. Axel/Pvt Marino via email. It’s a good thing for this reader that he asked, because I probably wouldn’t have written a review on it otherwise. It’s not a bad video, but it’s not one I’m likely to re-watch any time in the future. In spite of the talent and the intriguing premise, I think it was pretty lackluster.

Axel and Marino are powerless against Aron

Monday, April 18, 2016

Inspiration: Teardrop/Teardrop Suplex

This month's featured move is another favorite of mine where Google won't help you much.

The Teardrop

What I call the "teardrop" is also known as the rocking horse, rocking cradle, pendulum and reverse suspended crab. All of these kind of make sense. In fact, as I was preparing this post, I found the most success searching using "rocking horse" thanks to Alex Shelley using it as a finisher.

Alex Shelley works the "rocking horse"

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Cave 17: The Bat vs. Moneymaker

"Finally! I finally get The Bat all to myself in The Cave ring. Yeah, strip off that cape and show me that sweet ass."

I smile, "Be careful what you wish for, man. Singles is different than tag. Maybe you should've aimed a little lower for your first Moneymaker match."

The muscleheel laughs, "Oh yeah, I love how cocky you are, hero. This is why I wanna beat on you so bad. I'm gonna make this a classic. Guaranteed."

I just nod before I drape my cape over the ringpost. I keep a watchful eye on the big muscleman and his 19-year old 'valet'. In his previous identity, my opponent was more of a hero, but as Moneymaker he's adopted a full-on villain persona. Just two weeks ago, Moneymaker viciously devastated and thoroughly humiliated his long-time tag partner before successfully banishing him from The Cave forever.


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Quick Hit: Kid Karisma vs. Jake Jenkins (BGEast) SPOILERS!

In case the heading wasn't warning enough, this post has a ginormous SPOILER for this match.

After Monday's review, it's a good time to go to a jobber-heel matchup I loved. In fact, I've wanted to review it since I started this blog, but I couldn't figure out how to do it without spoiling the best part. Instead of stressing about it, I'm taking AH's advice. There's a SPOILER warning in the title and I've written this rambling paragraph to give you time to look the other way.

So what's the SPOILER? What's the BIG SECRET? How does it END?

Well, it's NOT the ending I'm spoiling. You can guess how this thing goes. We've got two of the most popular and talented studs in the business in top shape. Outstanding heel Kid Karisma is wearing his sexy black dollar sign trunks. BGEast jobber Jake Jenkins is angelic, barefoot in crisp white gear. Yeah, it's pretty much a one-sided beatdown from start to finish.

It's why this is a "Quick Hit" ... it's an older match and let's face it, you already know if you're going to love this.

Expect a lot of Kid flexing and Jake suffering

Monday, April 11, 2016

UPDATED! Review: Ty Alexander vs. Guido Genatto (BGEast)


I'm going to be potentially controversial here, so be warned!

Demolition 19 from BGEast's upcoming catalogue 113 became my first-ever "Own-to-Arena" purchase. I haven't used the service before this because frankly I think it's clearly designed from a BGEast perspective rather than a customer perspective. The name is misleading, because you never really 'own' the matches. You're paying full price for an extended streaming rental that's only available while you pay for the Arena. Good for BGEast, but not good for you if anything changes with your circumstances (or theirs).

Anyway, I still did it. Why? Well, mainly for this match, but there's also Chace LaChance in a dominant role, which is a match I'll be interested in. I figured that's $20 in VOD's, so I’d go the extra mile and see them now rather than wait until they're released on VOD.

My 2015 Cavey Award winners for "Heel of the Year"
and "Jobber of the Year" in one match? SOLD!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Review: Vinny vs. Talon (Thunders Arena)

As I posted on Sunday, Vinny is back at Thunders Arena and I’m excited about it. I said I’d be first in line for Vinny vs. Talon and here I am. I actually shifted my whole schedule to post this review today.

So let's get to it ... just a warning - I tried not to spoil anything, but you might be able to infer SPOILERS in the text or images below. It's reader beware from this point on.

Vinny's back in Hulk mode

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Review: Mikey vs. Max - World Series (Movimus)

Welcome to the third and final day of my reviews of Mikey Hanlon vs. Max Anderson matches from Movimus. After the first two, which ended in a draw and a dominant win, the guys return for a World Series video. This best 4-out-of-7 match is over an hour with most of that being action.

The boys are back for a third go

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Review: Mikey vs. Max - The Rematch (Movimus)

Mikey: "You ready for a rematch?"
Max: "Oh yeah, I've been ready for awhile."
With those words, we begin the action part of Mikey Hanlon vs. Max Anderson: The Rematch from Movimus. I really enjoyed the first match (reviewed yesterday), so hearing that exchange got me excited. It's nice to see Max tip his hand that this isn't just an ordinary match for him. It feels like something he's thought about and worked towards.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Review: Mikey Hanlon vs. Max Anderson (Movimus)

So I had two requests from my March post where I invited guys to choose a few of my April reviews from the unwatched matches on my iPad. One request came via email for UCW's Aron vs Axel/Pvt Marino. That post is scheduled for 4/21. However, the first request was from MikeySB. He asked for a review of his namesake, Mikey Hanlon against Max Anderson from Movimus.

Now, I meant the World Series match, but the request was for coverage of all three. I'm all about fan service, so here we go - three days of Mikey vs. Max.

It's a Mikey vs. Max extravaganza

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Commentary: Thunders Arena's April Newsletter


So this arrived in my inbox this afternoon ... Thunders Arena's April newsletter. As I read it, I was excited, curious and surprised. What better reaction to launch a timely little blog post?

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Cave Undercard 11: Super Soldier vs. Ram

"Wow, Luke is wrestling tomorrow? That's awesome. As who?"


Ryan says, "Well, Luke likes patriotic heroes, especially Captain America. He's ex-military and proud of his service. He wants to wear his red, white and blue trunks and I have a mask, pads and boots for him. I just can't quite figure out what to call him."

In addition to being best friends, Ryan and me are business partners, co-owning The Cave, a gay-oriented, superhero-themed wrestling video company. I'm proud of my buddy, getting his gorgeous new "friend" Luke to agree to wrestle for us. He'll be a hot addition to the roster as a ripped, muscular hero.

More importantly it's a great sign that Ryan and Luke are advancing their relationship. Since I like Luke, it's working out perfectly. After all, I'm the only reason they actually hooked up.