Saturday, December 19, 2015

The 2015 Caveys: Wrestlers

Welcome to day two of The Caveys!

Yesterday, I awarded the action. Today I award the studs who make the action so awesome. For complete rules and details, see yesterday's post.

And the Cavey goes to ...

Here's Jeff to present the wrestler awards ...

Favorite Wrestler: Dash Decker (Rock Hard Wrestling)

Tough call. I love lots of guys, but I decided that no one deserves this more than Dash Decker. I had to look back to make sure I was evaluating him based on this year, but I am. He had one misstep in KOTR4, but otherwise I enjoyed everything I saw him in. Physically perfect. Amazing when he's dominant. Even better when he's being punished. Dash is the whole package as far as I'm concerned.

Winning selfie

Yeah, that's a champ!

Favorite Heel: Dirty Daddy/Guido Genatto (BGEast, CameronWrestler, Thunder's Arena)

Dirty Daddy was also my runner-up for Favorite Wrestler. I bought his videos from three different companies and every one was a winner. The hairy, beefy bad boy is brash, nasty and loves to use his cock as a weapon. He knows how to entertain and doesn't shy away from being provocative.

Celebration dance for his second Cavey
Sitting pretty as he accepts his award

Favorite Jobber: Ty Alexander (BGEast, CameronWrestler)

Every time I think about reviewing Ty Alexander as a jobber, Bard and Jose beat me to it by a mile. It doesn't mean that I don't love him as one. I do, having watched Ty job multiple times this year. It's great to see a guy who enjoys his role and not only excels at it, but exceeds expectations. Now, let's see the Trophy Boy gear in 2016.

A 2015 Cavey will ease the pain of that backbreaker

Getting walked all over actually pays off!

Favorite New Wrestler: Jersey (Thunder's Arena)

The 'adorkable' Jersey's looks, body, charm and charisma engaged me more than any other rookie in 2015. He quickly became one of my few must-buy guys, which is the highest standing you can have with me. I hope Thunder's Arena can keep him around.

Oh yeah, that's my favorite rookie

Little brother admires his Cavey-winning bro

Just Can't Get Enough Award: Alex Waters (Rock Hard Wrestling)

This award is for a current wrestler from whom I wanted to see more in 2015. It could've been a one-match wonder, but in this case, I went with someone that I'm pretty sure has moved on and I will miss.

I almost gave Alex my favorite wrestler award until I realized I'd only watched one new match with him this year and it was from three catalogues ago. Alex has never disappointed me in 17 matches, which is damn impressive. But one match this year? Not nearly enough for my liking.

I want more Alex!

We'll let you humiliate all the rookies you want if you come back!

Summary of Winners So Far

Congratulations to all the wrestlers. Thanks for all your hard work and the entertainment you provide! I hope you all have long and successful careers. Now, readers, how about you? I only ask that you focus on the positive when commenting. Who would you reward?

Tomorrow are the awards for promotions, including Favorite Promotion of 2015 and the prestigious* Leaders Award!


*Note: Award may not actually be prestigious


  1. Inspired choices/winners as usual! A few upsets though; I thought Marco (even after his non-stop releases towards the end of the year), Chet Chastain or Biff Farrell would have been picked as favorite new rookies!
    That pic of Guido swiveling his hips is truly hypnotizing!
    Don't know if you're going to be doing predictions/wishes for 2016, but I hope that BOTH Alex Waters and Dash Decker both return - cockier and heelier than before

    1. Thank you! All three of your rookie suggestions are great. I didn't think of Chet as a new wrestler, probably because of his indie career. I haven't watched anything with Biff, yet, but he's on the list. And Marco was a little hit-or-miss for me.

      As for my favorite rookie, I bought and watched seven of the Jersey matches. I thought they were all good, which is pretty amazing for a newbie and Thunders. Three were really, really good.

      I'm not planning a predictions post, but I wish the same with Dash and especially Alex. Along with Jake Jenkins, they really made RHW something special for me. Since they left, I've only bought one RHW 2.0 match and I haven't even finished watching it.

    2. I one hundred percent agree w/you AH when you call for Alex and Dash to return to RHW in 2016!

      Also Jake Jenkins return as AlexMiller72 suggests would be wonderful! Here's hoping!

    3. On their Tumblr, Thunders said Frey had tried to bring in Jake, but he wasn't staying in good enough shape these days. They implied (or I inferred) that he's being lazy, but I assume he's just busy and has moved on. He wasn't in Thunders shape last time we saw him, but I still liked him.

  2. Alex R:

    Only guys that I think could be on the list is Bruce Ballard. He just knows how to complain when in pain.

    1. Thanks for the comment. It was definitely hard to choose just one guy in all these categories. I thought about doing nominees then a winner, so I could recognize multiple guys, but it turned into too much of a production. Bruce still won two awards for his match with Alex, so he should be happy. :)